Aw, Bless

That he thinks this isn’t the point…

Dr Jones also launched a stinging attack on the Government’s failure to make key reforms to the intelligence services in the wake of the Butler review, carried out in 2004 to examine the failures on Iraq. Its refusal to do so, he said, meant that the breakdown that led to the decision to invade Iraq could happen again. “As a result of previous inquiries, I don’t think there’s been the sort of fix that produces a permanent protection against what happened then not happening again,” he said.

failure‘ , ‘breakdown‘ no one ever says -intent- the government always fails when it commits crimes or perpetrates evil, that’s how people live with working in the establishment, it’s always failure never that they actually did something because they intended to do it, because they are criminals. Also see Medialens- Chilcot Inquiry – The Establishment Goes To Work – Part 1 (soon to be archived here)


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  1. libhomo Says:

    The intelligence certainly was valid and told the political leaders the opposite of what they told us. “Bad intelligence” has become a euphemism politicians use for fraud.

  2. RickB Says:


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