Mr. David Eton-Murdoch is Prime Minister

Here comes the 32nd year of neoliberalism, this time in toff(ee?) flavour. Surprisingly I have a Tory acquaintance, one Mister Degby Reardon who when he has sobered up I shall invite for his views on the Blue Reich, last I heard from him he was chanting ‘Cameroooooonnnnnnssss Komandos!’ and urinating on a cowering LibDem. I think he is pleased. This is often a bad sign.

4 Responses to “Mr. David Eton-Murdoch is Prime Minister”

  1. otto Says:

    I smell a tune by The Jam coming up on Friday!

    Betcha a tenner there’s a new General Election by end 2012.

  2. RickB Says:

    Eaten Rifles…

    I would bet that too, so we need to find someone to bet against! Well it might take a bit longer for the LD supporters to get pissed off at what is bound to happen, already seen the proposed electoral changes are AV at best, which is rubbish. And unless the ‘new’ bit of Labour gets dumped the opposition will be in name only, full of sound and fury etc. If Dave goes for his six month window of opportunity it could be a summer of discontent. And someLD’s have gone public with their red lines on what the coalition must produce, this looks to be a very profitable time for politics hacks and hack political comedians, not sure what it will entail for the rest of us though even as Eton (and the upper class twit fraternity) is feeling its oats again.

  3. earwicga Says:

    I think Degby Reardon lives near me as there was some twat setting off an impressive firework display earlier.

  4. RickB Says:

    Ooh, that sounds just the kind of thing Degby would be doing, that’s one celebration barbecue I am happy to miss.

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