…and again

Sir John Sawers said that poor conditions and possible violent mistreatment of inmates by the US troops running the prison were known within months of the invasion in March 2003. It was not until the Spring of 2004 that cases of physical, psychological and sexual abuse were exposed publicly.

So absent the whistlebower with photographic evidence (now once again suppressed by Obama) our establishment would have kept it secret. And as Ben Griffin is gaged from saying, our special forces continued to capture and turn over to the US people we know would be tortured. Yet today Peter Tobin is being sent to jail, so we can catch some criminals, just not the ones with any power. Don’t have nightmares!


2 Responses to “…and again”

  1. libhomo Says:

    It already is a nightmare.

  2. RickB Says:

    I actually sort of enjoy my nightmares, this is far more prosaic and unpleasant and never seems to end!

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