Fascists’ War On Nipples


La Verità svelata dal Tempo

La Verità svelata dal Tempo by Giambattista Tiepolo


As well as codifying in law discrimination against the Roma and his supporters open celebration of Mussolini, Berlusconi is fighting that most dangerous of enemies to the fascist- beauty!-

The painting depicts “The Truth Unveiled by Time,” and the original is in the Palazzo Chiericati in Vicenza, which houses the civic museum. A few years ago Berlusconi saw the work, liked it and asked for a digital copy that was later blown up, said Alessandra Bertuzzo-Lomazzi, a manager there. The painting became the backdrop for news conferences this year after Berlusconi became prime minister for the third time.

It was retouched in recent weeks to cover an exposed breast, which “might have upset the sensitivity of some viewers,” Paolo Bonaiuti, the prime minister’s spokesman, told the Milan newspaper Corriere della Sera over the weekend. “That breast, that little nipple, ends up right in the shots that TVs make during press conferences,” Bonaiuti said.

Much like the Bush regime who covered a statue’s breasts while they worked on codifying torture into law. What so scares them about the human form depicted artistically? (although fare dues the painting is a bit rubbish such is Berlusconi’s lamentable taste). Is it because they prefer to see the human body like this-

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MOD Admits…A Little Bit Of Torture, Then Keeps Lying

Britain’s Defence Ministry is to admit that its troops tortured and breached the human rights of nine Iraqi men they detained in southern Iraq in 2003, opening the way to potentially large compensation claims. The decision follows years of legal wrangling in which the family of Baha Musa, an Iraqi hotel worker who was beaten and died in British custody, and eight other Iraqis who survived the beatings, have sought justice.

Seven officers and soldiers were court-martialled in the case of Musa and the others, but only one was found guilty after admitting mistreatment of prisoners.

Well first, it’s not a Ministry of Defence, it’s the Ministry of War, or Violence, or Military. Defence? Newspeak bullshit it is time to abandon. Now then can you spot the effectiveness of the Military investigating itself? And how long did the establishment deny this treatment, ie. lie? And what about the gag order on Ben Griffin who says British complicity in torture was widespread and from the top? In other words this is a tiny admission while they work furiously to keep the truth of the extent of involvement in torture top secret. After all they make sure to state this was tiny number, isolated incident, rotten apple blah blah blah-

“I deeply regret the actions of a very small number of troops and I offer my sincere apologies and sympathy to the family of Baha Musa and the eight others,” armed forces minister Bob Ainsworth said in a statement issued along with the ministry’s admission of its breach of human rights.

Contrast with the last thing Ben Griffin was allowed to say before the same people who have just made that statement gagged him soviet stylee-

As UK soldiers within this Task Force a policy that we would detain individuals but not arrest them was continually enforced. Since it was commonly assumed by my colleagues that anyone we detained would subsequently be tortured this policy of detention and not arrest was regarded as a clumsy legal tool used to distance British soldiers from the whole process.

The joint US/UK Task Force has broken International Law, contravened The Geneva Conventions and disregarded the UN Convention Against Torture. British soldiers are intimately involved in the actions of this Task Force. Jack Straw, Margaret Beckett David Miliband, Geoff Hoon, Des Browne, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown. In their respective positions over the last five years they must know that British soldiers have been operating within this joint US/UK task force. They must have been briefed on the actions of this unit.

Seems like Bob is looking to be added to the list. I think Amnesty put it well-

Rather than seeking to silence people who might have credible evidence of alleged human rights violations, which may include war crimes, the UK authorities should be seeking to investigate those allegations.’

It has taken 5 years and constant fighting to get the government to admit to the torture of Baha Musa and 8 others which makes it clear they are not remotely interested in transparency or human rights.

Fuck Your Militarist Propaganda

Only a short time ago the government was making noises of a review of whether to encourage the military to wear uniforms while out in public, well it seems that review is ongoing but the government has already concluded to encourage uniforms. And just in time for stories of personnel getting some aggro for wearing uniforms off base of RAF Wittering. What is the source of these reports? The MOD, are they spinning some weekend drunken shouting into patrio-porn enabling militarism? Vietnam vets being spat on redux? No police record of abuse just reports via the government and the CO (officers!) that claim verbal abuse. ‘Churnalism‘ in service of the establishment. Up pops Gordon and before you know it we have the ‘Queen & country’ spiel, combined with the recent well staged Prince Harry media campaign. This is clearly a coordinated push to use the respect and sympathy we have for troops who have been used to support America’s imperialism (and keep memories alive of ours) to quash dissent towards these wars (and mention of the lies perpetrated) as the 5th anniversary approaches. But the worship of empty uniforms does not extend to Ben Griffin, he is still gagged, one report today said the gag had been extended but the link to that story comes up error ridden.

Gag bid against ex-SAS man
TeleText – Scotland,UK
At an earlier hearing an interim order granted to the MoD in relation to Ben Griffin was continued by consent pending further argument in the case. …

Link (not working as far as I can see, the above text is from the email alert I got)
So the fascistic fetishising of the military is about forcing us to identify with the agenda of the ruling class by means of our feelings for those in the military. When a soldier speaks truths that conflict with establishment narratives he has the entire legal might of the government’s apparatus gag him under threat of prison. Where is their respect for the service of that soldier? This country was manipulated to show solidarity with a Royal Prince who revelled in his role in killing people while an exceptional soldier (both in his professional abilities and in his character and personal morality) from a more humble background is attacked and silenced, hidden from view lest people start to…God, Queen & Country forbid…identify with something other than the elite’s simulacrum.

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Amnesty On Ben Griffin, Avaaz On Gaza

Following the injunction granted on 28 February 2008 by the High Court of England and Wales to prevent Ben Griffin, a former member of the UK Special Forces (UKSF) Special Air Services (SAS), from making any further disclosures relating to the work of the SAS, Amnesty International’s Senior Adviser, Anne FitzGerald, said:Rather than seeking to silence people who might have credible evidence of alleged human rights violations, which may include war crimes, the UK authorities should be seeking to investigate those allegations.’

‘Amnesty International repeatedly makes calls for the UK to ensure that full and independent investigations are carried out wherever there are credible allegations that agents of the UK, including members of the armed forces, may have been responsible for grave violations of human rights law or for war crimes. Those calls all too often go unheeded: only last week Amnesty International repeated its call for such an investigation into the UK’s alleged involvement in the US-led programme of renditions and secret detention, following official confirmation, after years of denial, that rendition flights did indeed touch down in the UK territory of Diego Garcia.’

‘There can be no accountability without transparency: people – including former soldiers – who have information that may constitute evidence of war crimes or of grave human rights violations must be reassured that they can safely make that information public, without fear of punitive legal action against them. If the government of the UK succeeds in gagging Ben Griffin and burying any significant information he may possess, it risks preventing others from coming forward who may have evidence of serious violations.’

And AVAAZ have a petition should you feel it might have an effect on any parties involved-

The Gaza-Israel crisis is out of control. It’s come to this: bloody full-scale invasion, or a cease-fire. With rockets raining down on both sides, Israel launched a ground assault into the Gaza Strip this weekend. Over a hundred combatants and civilians from both sides lie dead. The next 48 hours are crucial — Israel’s cabinet will discuss a larger invasion Wednesday. But Hamas floated a Gaza ceasefire months ago, and 64% of Israelis support the idea.


Another Journalist Swallowed Into The Gulag

Jawed Ahmad. A journalist for a Canadian TV network who has been held for four months without being charged has been designated an unlawful enemy combatant, the U.S. military said Wednesday.Ahmad, 22, who is also known as Jojo Yazemi, was detained Oct. 26 at a NATO air base in the southern city of Kandahar, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, a New York-based group. He was later transferred to a detention center at the U.S. military base in Bagram, north of Kabul.

“CTV news continues to be deeply concerned about Jojo Yazemi’s well-being and we are continuing to work all diplomatic channels available to find out additional information and get Jojo his due process,” Robert Hurst, president of CTV News, said in a statement.

PJ, which said Tuesday that it received a letter from the Pentagon on Feb. 22 about Ahmad being held as an enemy combatant, demanded that U.S. authorities disclose evidence and specify charges against him.

“Although the Pentagon has made a very serious assertion, it has yet to disclose any supporting evidence. And despite holding Jawed Ahmad for four months, authorities have yet to charge him with a crime,” said CPJ Executive Director Joel Simon. “We urge military officials to either charge Jawed Ahmad with a recognizable criminal offense or, if they have no intention of doing so, to release him immediately.”

One moment he was a human being with rights, now he is an”unlawful enemy combatant” some mysterious undefined state of unbeing the Empire uses to turn human beings into…what exactly? Puppets for the rack? Gulag livestock? What stops them from doing it to us?

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Gitmo Torture Tapes Not Wiped

The claim they were wiped was a deliberate misdirection, the tapes wiped were standard CCTV security tapes not the recordings of interrogations, but the Admiral they wheeled out deliberately blurred the distinction to give the impression the torture tapes were wiped.

Cernig @ Atlargely:-

Just over a week ago, the Seton Hall Law’s Center for Policy and Research published a report that said military records and statements showed over 24,000 tapes had been made of interrogations carried out at Guantánamo Bay. The same day, a Washington Post article following up on that report said that many of those recordings might have been taped over, destroying valuable evidence. That article was based upon a court filing “by Guantanamo’s commander, Rear Adm. Mark H. Buzby, who said video surveillance recordings in several areas of the facility have been automatically overwritten and no longer exist”.

However, in an email and a comment to my posts on the subject, Michael Ricciardelli – one of the co-authors of the Seton Hall Law report – wrote –

There seems to be some confusion stemming from the Military (there’s a surprise) and the press concerning the “automatic over-writes” on the video recorders in hallways and common areas in Guantanamo. These cameras (think in terms of the video cameras in convenience stores– but more sophisticated) were said to have recorded “day-to-day” “mundane” life at Guantanamo. According to the Military, every certain number of days these “hallway” and “common area” monitor recording systems automatically taped over themselves( i.e., were “overwritten”).

These statements came from a declaration of Rear Admiral Mark H. Buzby, United States Navy on February 8, 2008 (case 1:05-cv-00023-RWR Document84-4; Washington Post, February 14, 2008). Importantly, these “hallway” and “common area” monitor recordings are specifically NOT video recordings of interrogations– And the Rear Admiral is exceedingly careful to NOT say that they are in his declaration; though, perhaps, it could be anticipated that because of the way the declaration was made the media would confuse the two separate and distinct issues. Which is to say, that the responsive statement’s by Rear Admiral Buzby have misdirected and now obfuscate the issue. As such, some of the media reporting has failed to make clear this distinction between the “day-to-day” video recording and the video recording of interrogations. This distinction, however, is readily apparent if one looks to the partially redacted text of Rear Admiral Buzby’s declaration.

So copious evidence of war crimes exists in the possession of the perpetrators, if they are not seized soon and investigated (and impeachment of the Commander in Chief and the co-conspirators in creating the legal ‘gray ‘ framework for torture and the medical professionals who also took part) then they get away with war crimes previously the United States has convicted people for. And the journey into the abyss continues.

There are key stages in a descent into this depravity, points at which the correct action, pressure applied, leverage utilised can turn course, points that once you go beyond it becomes much harder to change course. Iraq was a key one, a tipping point of the project and let’s forget the 911 excuses, it was planned before that, the warrantless wiretap program began before that, American torture manuals were written before that. All the tools were available, the empire was already far reaching and corrupt when the Bush project took power through his brother’s state Florida and a biased packed Supreme Court. And with the means, the motive & the opportunity, they got to work. Time to make some choices people. Time for action.

Suu Kyi Barred From Standing In ‘Elections’

Aung San Suu Kyi will be barred from running for elections in Myanmar under a draft constitution proposed by the country’s military government, because she has been married to a foreigner. The Myanmar opposition leader and Nobel peace laureate was married to Michael Aris, a British citizen who died of cancer in the UK in 1999. The government’s announcement comes ahead of a May referendum on the new constitution which, if approved, will pave the way for democratic elections in 2010.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean), which includes Myanmar among its 10-nation membership, criticised the move on Wednesday but said it was powerless to do anything.

Sore losers I suppose.

In 1990, the military junta called a general election, which the National League for Democracy won decisively. Being the NLD’s candidate, Aung San Suu Kyi under normal circumstances would have assumed the office of Prime Minister. Instead, the results were nullified, and the military refused to hand over power. 

Um, at this point the most constructive thing I can say is fuck ’em, exactly how remains to be worked out.

Minijust Buggery

Apparently the media prefer Gitmo show trials and Archbishop bashing to y’know Big Brother ‘n’ shit, well the real Big Brother not the sadistic ‘reality’ teevee gameshow. Did you know Scottish lawyers treat this as routine?

LEADING Scottish criminal lawyers believe their conversations are routinely bugged by the security services and some have resorted to interviewing clients in streets and parks to avoid eavesdroppers, it emerged last night. Lawyers admit they have no hard evidence for their claims but simply assume MI5 is listening in to their conversations with terror suspects and other major criminals. Such is their level of cynicism about state surveillance, lawyers have told Scotland on Sunday there is no point complaining because the security services will simply find another way to spy on them.

This article from the Times suggests a conflict, the courts consider legally privileged discussion off limits, the government and the police think otherwise-

This weekend there were further claims that hundreds of lawyers had been bugged during visits to see their clients in British prisons. If it could be proved legally privileged conversations had been taped, then defence lawyers might move for cases to be retried.

While the extent of the surveillance might be surprising, it was not illegal. Under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, senior police officers can authorise such bugging without a warrant from a government minister.

It also says this-

THE public are led to believe that surveillance and bugging are strictly controlled in Britain. Warrants must be obtained, permission given by ministers and safeguards met. A number of important-sounding watchdogs, such as the surveillance commissioner, report annually that the rules are being properly met and all is well.

The truth is that the law and standards for different types of surveillance vary enormously.

To bug your home telephone or e-mail in the UK, spies need a warrant authorised by a secretary of state, usually at the Home Office. About 1,800 such warrants are issued each year.

Many other methods of spying are permitted with far lower safeguards. Your car can be bugged on the authorisation of a senior officer in the security services or the police. Covert surveillance in a public place can be conducted just on the say-so of a senior officer. Informants can also be recruited on the authorisation of a senior officer.

There is more, it finishes with a roundup of UK surveillance where it says “the many forms of surveillance that make Britain ‘similar to Russia” (trust a Murdoch rag to get in a dig at the Soviets, decades out of date though it is!). I think maybe we are more like…well it looks like we might be world leaders in this. No one is like this, the technology makes this evolving authoritarian culture unique. Is this the British net curtain twitching tendency writ large into a totalitarian surveillance state? And there’s no denying Nulabour’s clear enthusiasm for this Panopticonism. Paddles, lack thereof, canoe, shit creek. Hello! George Orwell, he was British, we should be up on this shit. And what the fuck else is going on we don’t know about? They can shove their ID card up their fucking arse, this has to be stopped. Bring it Paddy my boy-

Amnesty Reports Increased Arrests In Burma

Amnesty International’s research completely contradicts the assurance that arrests had stopped and that no more would take place given to UN Special Representative Ibrahim Gambari in early November by Myanmar’s Prime Minister Thein Sein.

“Four months on from the violent crackdown on peaceful demonstrators, rather than stop its unlawful arrests the Myanmar government has actually accelerated them,” said Catherine Baber, director of Amnesty International Asia-Pacific programme. “The new arrests in December and January target people who have attempted to send evidence of the crackdown to the international community, clearly showing that the government’s chief priority is to silence its citizens who would hold them to account.”

Gambari has visited twice and was promised a third visit soon, as part of what Myanmar, which was formerly known as Burma, said was a policy of cooperation with the United Nations. But the junta now says it will not be convenient for him to come until April.

“This is business as usual for them,” said U Aung Zaw, the editor of Irrawaddy Magazine, an exile magazine published in Thailand.

“When they are under siege, they always create such a smoke screen to keep away international pressure,” he said. “They postpone, they say they are restoring normalcy, they keep arresting people.”

Then there are the recent bombings which the regime blame on the Karen National Union and hint at the CIA while opposition groups deny knowledge and think the regime might be behind them to allow for further repression. If it is armed resistance, it’s understandable. At Davos the UK, USA & France put out a joint statement, while Total put out leaflets to justify their trade with the regime. Oddly the most attention Burma will get in the next month will probably be because of the Rambo film, um, which kind of makes Baudrillard’s simulacra arguments look rather convincing (and with added explosions & botox), ho-hum. The Asian Pacific People’s Partnership  excellent round up for last week is here.

  • Thailand’s PTT and Korea’s Daewoo are putting more investments into Burma’s oil and gas
  • During this week, the regime’s hospital stops providing medical assistance for people living with HIV/AIDS

And India, Bangladesh and Burma are meeting about maritime boundaries and gas rights, as the business friendly regime also oversee people being forcibly moved off corporate developments & Skoda eye the developing market.

I think there are some fine words spoken but when it comes to a buck being made, talk is cheap. Business as usual.

Bastard Dead

Thanks to Chicken Backup I learned Suharto is dead, I hope there’s room for a big dancefloor over his grave. John Pilger-

 In 1965, in Indonesia, the American embassy furnished General Suharto with roughly 5,000 names. These were people for assassination, and a senior American diplomat checked off the names as they were killed or captured. Most were members of the PKI, the Indonesian Communist Party. Having already armed and equipped Suharto’s army, Washington secretly flew in state-of-the-art communication equipment whose high frequencies were known to the CIA and the National Security Council advising the president, Lyndon B Johnson. Not only did this allow Suharto’s generals to co-ordinate the massacres, it meant that the highest echelons of the US administration were listening in.

The Americans worked closely with the British. The British ambassador in Jakarta, Sir Andrew Gilchrist, cabled the Foreign Office: “I have never concealed from you my belief that a little shooting in Indonesia would be an essential preliminary to effective change.” The “little shooting” saw off between half a million and a million people.However, it was in the field of propaganda, of “managing” the media and eradicating the victims from people’s memory in the west, that the British shone. British intelligence officers outlined how the British press and the BBC could be manipulated. “Treatment will need to be subtle,” they wrote, “eg, a) all activities should be strictly unattributable, b) British [government] participation or co-operation should be carefully concealed.”

Judging from the BBC obit, the whitewash is still going strong. Via Chicken Mark Curtis-

In early October 1965, a group of army officers in Indonesia led by Suharto took advantage of political instability to launch a terror campaign against the powerful Indonesian Communist party (PKI). Much of the killing was carried out by Islamist-led mobs promoted by the military to counter communist and democratic forces. Within a few months, nearly a million people lay dead, while Suharto removed President Ahmed Sukarno and emerged as ruler of a brutal regime that lasted until 1998.

 The declassified files show that Britain wanted the Indonesian army to act and encouraged it to do so.

British policy was “to encourage the emergence of a general’s regime”, one intelligence official explained. Another noted that “it seems pretty clear that the generals are going to need all the help they can get and accept without being tagged as hopelessly pro-western, if they are going to be able to gain ascendancy over the communists”. Therefore, “we can hardly go wrong by tacitly backing the generals”.

What does the beeb say-

In 1965, a botched coup attempt eventually propelled him to power.

Exact details are sketchy, but on the morning of 1 October, six senior right-wing generals were captured and murdered. Suharto himself was not at home at the time, and was not caught up in the sweep.

As one of the few surviving top generals, Suharto played a key role in the political turmoil that followed.

Communist sympathisers were blamed for the killings. In a wave of retribution that swept across Indonesia, hundreds of thousands of apparent communists and leftists – as well as members of the envied Chinese community – were massacred.

Back to Pilger-

  the Foreign Office opened a branch of its Information Research Department (IRD) in Singapore.

The IRD was a top-secret, cold war propaganda unit headed by Norman Reddaway, one of Her Majesty’s most experienced liars. Reddaway and his colleagues manipulated the “embedded” press and the BBC so expertly that he boasted to Gilchrist in a secret message that the fake story he had promoted – that a communist takeover was imminent in Indonesia – “went all over the world and back again”. He described how an experienced Sunday newspaper journalist agreed “to give exactly your angle on events in his article . . . ie, that this was a kid-glove coup without butchery”.

These lies, bragged Reddaway, could be “put almost instantly back to Indonesia via the BBC”.

With British-supplied Hawk jets and machine-guns, Suharto’s army went on to crush the life out of a quarter of the population of East Timor: 200,000 people. Using the same Hawk jets and machine-guns, the same genocidal army is now attempting to crush the life out of the resistance movement in West Papua and protect the Freeport company, which is mining a mountain of copper in the province. (Henry Kissinger is “director emeritus”.) Some 100,000 Papuans, 18 per cent of the population, have been killed; yet this British-backed “project”, as new Labour likes to say, is almost never reported. 

Yeah, sketchy huh?

Turkish ‘Gladio’ Fascists In Trouble & State Terror

About frickin’ time-

ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkish authorities charged on Saturday 13 ultra-nationalists, including retired army officers, with involvement in plans for a violent uprising against the government, Turkish media said.

The court decision followed the arrests of dozens of people this week in a police investigation into a far-right group known as Ergenekon. Turkish media say the group had been plotting a series of bomb attacks and assassinations.

Retired brigadier general Veli Kucuk, retired major Zekeriya Ozturk and lawyer Kemal Kerencsiz were among those facing charges of inciting people to armed revolt, private broadcaster CNN Turk said.

Kerencsiz is well known in Turkey for prosecuting writers and journalists, including Nobel Literature Laureate Orhan Pamuk, under article 301 of the country’s penal code that makes it a crime to insult “Turkishness”.

Officials have declined to comment on the Ergenekon case, which began with the seizure of explosives and weapons at a house in Umraniye, Istanbul, last summer.

Turkish newspapers said this week the group had been planning to kill Pamuk, author of novels such as “Snow” and “My Name is Red”, as well as several Kurdish politicians.

The newspapers also said the group was preparing a series of bomb attacks aimed at fomenting chaos ahead of a coup in 2009 against Turkey’s centre-right government, whose European Union-linked reforms are opposed by the ultra-nationalists.

The Ergenekon group may have been behind the murder last January of Hrant Dink, a prominent Turkish Armenian journalist, outside his office in Istanbul, newspapers have quoted police sources as saying.

Some commentators have seen in the Ergenekon case the workings of a “deep state”, a phrase used to denote ultra-nationalists in the security forces and state bureaucracy who are ready to subvert the law for their own political ends.

Police have been observing Ergenekon, which is named after a valley in Turkish nationalist mythology, for several years and have compiled a 7,000-page dossier on the group and its activities, newspapers say.

But please ladies & gentlemen notice how these ‘ultra-nationalists’ do not get tarred with the ‘terrorist’ brush and the case is not exactly headline news. Interestingly one Turkish site says-

Turkey determined to purge its Gladio: The prime minister has said a police inquiry resulting in the arrest of dozens of people, including ex-army officers and lawyers, shows the determination of Turkey to bring an end to state and military-linked gangs.

No wonder this is not a big item, the right are always excused their terrorism as a matter of European policy, instead it is called extremism. Gladio and the left behind program where America and Britain funded Nazis & right wing nationalists to perpetrate terror attacks to be blamed on the left is still a much denied open secret, yet the evidence abounds of state sponsored terrorism, except they are our states doing the false flag sponsoring. Thus the mainstream press is extremely reluctant to broach the subject, for example this from the Independent recently headlined How Britain plotted coup d’état to topple Italy’s Communists yet no mention of Gladio at all in the article, an oblique reference to Kissinger is as far as the writer will go (ooh that connects Gladio, Turkey, Pakistan, BCCI etc etc Sibel Edmonds and nuclear proliferation! Oh my, lions and tigers and bears! The tales ‘enry could tell). A sort of insider tip, if you know the history the story ads something to it, if you don’t it is unlikely this will enlighten you much. Gladio is also important because neo-cons who helped lie us into Iraq and are doing the same with Iran were cutting their teeth in these programs, (hello Michael ‘yellow cake‘ Ledeen). And now another state within the state of right wing terrorists is revealed in Turkey, ostensibly because Turkey wants to play nice with the EU, but what is for sure is yet again the story is not going to lead to a full revelation of the extent of right wing terrorism in Europe and governments involvement in it. Which reminds me, can you imagine you had a story that connected the British government, with terrorists and a multi-million narcotics kingpin, imagine the splash that would make, yeah ok you see where this is going, a handful of reports on local Northern Irish news, otherwise silence.

An ex-RUC reservist who had 40 properties worth about £5m confiscated by the Assets Recovery Agency has said he is happy with what he kept. In an out of court settlement, Colin Armstrong, 40, from Tullynewbank Road, Glenavy, retains four properties, including a house in France.

It’s hilarious, out of court and he keeps a King’s ransom anyway-

…retains four properties, including a house in France…He also keeps a motorbike, cars, including a Porsche, and bank accounts… The Assets Recovery Agency has agreed to pay Mr Armstrong’s legal costs which amount to £175,000.

Hmmm, buying silence perchance? No one wants to get into loyalist collusion with the government’s security forces especially where drugs are concerned. No, only the bad guys on the other side do that. Meanwhile the government expects us to trust it with a 4 week -and if they get their way 6 week- detention without charge or evidence in ‘terrorist’ cases. Oh yeah, nothing to worry about there. Go back to sleep, everything’s fine…

Update: Part 3 of Sibel Edmonds Times interview and analysis without fear of UK libel (ie. “State Department official” come on down Marc Grossman!). Still a corporate news blackout in the homeland. The ‘war on terror’ the biggest grift going.

Omagh In The Memory Hole

Today Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde has said it is “highly unlikely” anyone will be convicted for the Omagh bomb.

Now then, this is like coming home to find your dog (should you have one) has been through all your kitchen cupboards and eaten everything and stands before you licking crumbs of his/her lips with a quizzical expression as if to say- I wonder if we’ll ever find out what happened to all that food?

Well not precisely, if we run Hughie’s words through the newspeak translato-matic™ it gives us:- Foiled once again at framing some dupe we will certainly now never tell what we know about our involvement in the bombing. 

Let’s just thrill to some news retrieved from the misty past via the wonder that is the intertubes (I think it’s sort of endearing these coppers & there govt. masters think we still live in a time that their past lies are forgotten and cannot be easily referenced by the great unwashed) –

Michael McKevitt, the founder of the terrorist group behind the Omagh bomb atrocity, is likely to serve less than two more years in jail in a deal designed to cover up MI5’s role in Ireland. The Real IRA, the organisation McKevitt formed five years go, was responsible for carrying out the massacre in 1998, the single biggest loss of life in the Northern Ireland Troubles.

Relatives of those killed in the bombing condemned any deal last night and claimed it was in place to prevent ‘dirt coming out about events surrounding the bombing’.

McKevitt had been facing up to 15 years in prison over charges of directing acts of terrorism. He has been held on remand for two years in the run-up to this week’s trial. But The Observer has learned that the Irish authorities have decided instead to charge him just with membership of the Real IRA.

There is mounting concern within the Republic’s Department of Justice and the Garda Siochana (Irish police) that a large-scale trial on directing acts of terrorism would expose MI5 involvement in the state.

The state’s main witness against McKevitt is David Rupert, an American citizen who claims to have infiltrated the Real IRA. Rupert, who is in protective custody in the US, not only worked for the FBI but also, unknown to the Garda’s senior command, MI5.

Garda sources admit that Rupert’s testimony would ‘open up a can of worms’ regarding British intelligence’s recruitment of informers in Ireland.

Sir Ivor Roberts, Britain’s ambassador to Ireland, is to appear at Dublin’s Central Criminal Court this week to oppose the disclosure of documents which McKevitt’s defence team allege link Rupert with MI5. He will argue that disclosure could put agents’ lives at risk.

And this-

The British security service, MI5, withheld vital anti-terrorism intelligence just months before the Omagh bombing in 1998, it has emerged. According to security sources in Northern Ireland, MI5 failed to inform Special Branch of the threat about the bomb plot. The details have only just emerged as part of an investigation into an FBI agent who infiltrated the Real IRA, which carried out the attack.

Relatives of some of the 29 people killed in the bombing have said they are astonished by the disclosure. SDLP leader Mark Durkan said: ‘Allowing MI5 to have a lead role in intelligence in Northern Ireland would be like appointing Herod as children’s commissioner.’

Michael Gallagher, whose son Aidan, 21, was among those killed, said: ‘At best, this is criminal negligence. At worst, it’s assisting a terrorist murder plot.’ (ht2 United Irelander)

And here is the pdf of the Statement by the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland on her Investigation of matters relating to the Omagh Bomb on August 15,1998. If you are easily surprised I suggest some kind of cushion under your jaw to lessen the risk of injury as you read. The worst case scenario is the British state and its familiars allowed the bombing to go ahead, possibly making it worse than it was intended to be, because an attack at that time suited political objectives of loyalist factions within the state and security services. It is already clear that the state sought to maintain it’s control in Northern Ireland by colluding with paramilitaries. Something the war OF terror is helpful at covering up and excusing. That’s why governments the world over just lurve it ever so very much.

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Work For The Secret Police Or Else…

 I continued saying that in the event of a successful attack in the UK, it was not possible to predict the government’s reaction. It was quite possible that he could find himself swept up in a further round of detentions. He did, however, have a choice…

 …he could either continue as at present, with the risks that entailed, or he could start a new life with a new identity, new nationality, money to set himself up in business and to provide for his family, and an opportunity to move to a Muslim country where his children could be brought up away from the bad influences in western society.

I again returned to the choice he had: if he chose to help us by providing details of all his activities and contacts, we would assist him to create a new life for himself and his family. I told him that I did not expect him to give me an immediate answer, it was an important decision and he needed to think carefully about it. 

-MI5 & Special Branch to Jamil el-Banna a few days before CIA agents kidnapped him.

When he turned our secret police down, he was kidnapped by US operatives and spent 5 years in Gitmo. Just remind me again about our wondrous ‘free’ society. So now he is back in the UK, guess what? The government is fucking him over again-

A UK resident released by the US from Guantanamo Bay has been granted bail after appearing in court under a Spanish extradition warrant. Magistrates are considering whether to extradite Jamil El-Banna to Spain to face allegations of terror offences.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said he had not been charged under UK law, but the European Arrest Warrant, issued on behalf of the Spanish authorities, meant it was their duty to arrest him and present him to court.

His lawyer, Edward Fitzgerald QC said there would be massive issues as to the lapse of time over extradition and his human rights. Protesters against his detention gathered outside court. Among them was Liberal Democrat Sarah Teather, MP for Mr El-Banna, who described Spain’s move as “extremely distasteful and very insensitive”.

Earlier, Clive Stafford Smith, another of Mr El-Banna’s lawyers, accused the government of lying about the three men’s release.

“To do this when they are so close to home and their families, I think, is reprehensible,” he said. “It would have been fine if that was what they [the government] had told us was going to happen. I have no problem with them questioning my clients but they lied.”

He said he had previously tried to encourage a Spanish extradition request as a means of getting the men out of Guantanamo, but said the authorities in Madrid had never showed any interest.

“For quite a long time, we tried to get the Spanish to demand their release because we thought it was an elegant way to get them out of Guantanamo. The Spanish weren’t interested,” he told BBC Two’s Newsnight.

In 2002 he agreed our secret services were unlike Egypt’s-

Anas asked me to repeat who we were and I said that I was from the Security Service – Scotland Yard? he queried; so I explained that Andy was from Scotland Yard and that I was from the mukhaberaat [Arabic for secret police] although it was important for him to understand that we were not like the mukhaberaat in most Arab countries. He immediately agreed with this comment. 

Not any more. And the involvement of our spooks is not, shall we say, writ large in stories about him, funny that. So imagine for a moment MI5 and special branch roll up to your place and put the hard word on you, what protections from them and the CIA do you have? You have none. That is tyranny, that is a police state. Merry Christmas suckers. The war of terror continues apace.

Human Rights Day: UN Talking Tough On Burma

Speaking in Bangkok on Monday, Ban Ki-moon said a return to the status quo situation before September’s anti-government protests was “not acceptable and politically unsustainable”. 

“Our patience is running out fast,” Ban told reporters. “I urge Myanmar’s leadership to be more pro-active in realising democratisation while fully protecting human rights and allowing Madame Aung San Suu Kyi to be engaged in a dialogue with the senior level in the leadership in Myanmar.”


 The world has started to celebrate this year’s International Human Rights Day – December 10. Yet, for the people inside Burma, to join the rest of the world to celebrate this day seems still far to realize. Democracy and human rights activists and Buddhist monks from September protests are still being searched, arrested, detained, and tortured in prisons, or still on the run and in hiding…

Since September, a number of monasteries in cities like Rangoon and Mandalay have been empty. Monks from the rural countryside have been banned from entering Rangoon unless they can show recommendations at train and bus terminals for medical treatment from the hospitals or doctors, the name of the monastery where they intend to stay, and also credentials from the monks of the monastery where they want to put up. If the recommendations are incomplete, they are not allowed to enter the city and they are sent back in the bus they came. A local news group, IMNA, reported last month that about 50 Monks from Arakan State were turned back after the authorities checked their recommendations at Rangoon station.

Meanwhile, more than half a million ethnic minority population continue to live in hiding and running away from the Burma army in remote areas of Karen, Karenni and Shan States, with lack of basic needs and fear for life, and an estimated 150,000 people are living in refugee camps while another estimated two million Burmese continue to struggle for their survival as undocumented migrant workers in countries like Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia under harsh conditions with lack of security and protection. Free Burma Rangers reported that in the last three weeks, the Burma Army has killed three people and forced hundreds more into hiding in separate attacks across northeastern Karen State.

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Friday! Rex The Runt- City Shrinkers

I love me some Rex, the anarchic bastard love child of Aardman animation, do not buy the UK video or DVD get the nominally Region 1 but region free DVD box set. Series 1 is the real deal, series 2 is not quite as good as it is minus half the original core people.

PS. Still naughty YouTube, they restored access, but not really his account, from Wael Abbas’s blog-

It was a hoax
YouTube restored an empty account
removed my 181 videos
along with all comment, ratings, video responses and statistics of numbers of visitors
the hard work of almost three years
they wanted only to save face at my expense
what more context would they ever want than what was already there

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