Atlanticists Eyeing The Blogoshpere

NATO hosts first ever briefing for bloggers organised by the Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom which is NATO’s PR arm-

The Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom is an independent non-governmental organisation based in London. Its mission is to explain and promote the benefits the UK enjoys from its membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and the constructive role the nation can play in ensuring global peace and security.

Gordon Brown
“NATO has emerged from the Cold War with a new sense of purpose, and I am keen that the UK is a driving force behind its continued development and strong leadership role; the
Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom has an important part to play in spreading this message”

David Cameron
“I am delighted to be a Partron of the
Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom and am wholly supportive of both theCouncil and its mission”

Nick Clegg

“I fully support the work of the
Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom in promoting and explaining the role of NATO and am delighted to act as Patron”

Mmmm, smell the party political consensus in the 51st state. So blogs are a taken seriously in NATO’s information operations we may now conclude. Interesting.

Miliband Once Again Claiming Torture Is The Price Of US Intel

Efforts will be stepped up tomorrow to suppress evidence of British involvement in the unlawful treatment of a UK resident, Binyam Mohamed, who says he was tortured in Pakistan, Morocco, and Afghanistan before being secretly rendered to Guantánamo Bay.

The foreign secretary, David Miliband, is appealing against six high court judgments ruling that CIA information on Mohamed’s treatment, and what MI5 and MI6 knew about it, must be disclosed.

In a case which lawyers on all sides agree is unprecedented, counsel for the Guardian and other media organisations, Mohamed and two civil rights groups, Liberty and Justice, will argue tomorrow that the public interest in disclosing the role played by British and US agencies in unlawful activities far outweighs any claim about potential threats to national security.

Miliband’s lawyers will tell Britain’s three most senior appeal court judges, led by the lord chief justice, Igor Judge, that if the CIA material is disclosed the US might cut off the supply of intelligence to the UK, thus harming national security.

I am a little sick of the he said she said shuffle the two governments do, much like the laundering of fake intelligence to pimp the Iraq war, both are in fact colluding in this charade, neither want to let out evidence of their war crimes and both will tell different stories to their domestic audiences. You can bet Obama is not making a big speech about threatening to cut off intelligence, 1.Because he likes to do his Bush-shit quietly but really… 2. Because there is no threat. They have both agreed on this defence to cover up their crimes. Now if Washington could not rely on New Labour’s acquiescence then the threat might be real, but they can, so it isn’t, dig? Pantomime done, release the evidence and let’s get these torturing scumbags into court…I wish.

The Secret Of How To Stay Delusional

Make sure even your biographer Anthony Seldon is similarly in-fucking-sane. Yes clearly Tony Blair committing to Bush’s invasion of Iraq to alleviate ‘Iraqi suffering’ was really just the parable of the good Samaritan writ large. Um, just to be clear when you were alleviating this suffering why did you precede it with sanctions that killed half a million children and deliberately destroyed Iraq’s water system, then when the ‘shock & awe’ began (was that to alleviate suffering? Of course it was!) bombed infrastructure so food, power and sanitation was destroyed. I mean I really want to know how this alleviates ‘Iraqi suffering’ and is evidence of great concern for the Iraq people. I think it aids regime change by weakening a nation through collective punishment so when the opportunity to attack comes it is a walk over but that is not the same thing. Saddam Hussein=bad so anything we do to Iraq=good is about as retarded as you get, but nice try though you mad evil fuckos.