The Capone


The Capone is when notorious criminals are finally brought to justice, not for their worst crimes, but for ancillary smaller crimes (Al Capone was jailed for tax evasion not murder). In the US ‘Scooter’ Libby is on trial for leaking the identity of a CIA spy, part of a Bushco conspiracy to punish her husband for pointing out a big lie about Iraq’s nuclear ambitions in their war pimping. Here Blair plc. is up shit creak over loans/gifts/bribes for peerages. And the 3/4 million murdered in Iraq? That’s just the price of doing business, as Al would say.

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HAL’s Links

HAL small I’d rather be permanently disassembled Dave than have Vista installed, even if it comes with a free Daisy mp3.

Gordon Brown (don’t mention honours, I mentioned it once and I think I got away with it) wants more compulsion to make 16-18 year olds stay in school or train for work, fine. My oldest niece gets paid to pursue her A-levels, but when it comes to university you will enter a world of huge debt. Of course the people who made University so pricey got huge grants, could claim benefits and rent payments, they consequently left with little or no debt. So what they want is people trained enough to serve them, in shops, restaurants, garages but not educated enough to threaten their superior position. And this from a Labour govt. Pish.

Germany issues warrants for the arrest of CIA rendition spooks, you see Germany is trying to learn from its history my American chums.

BBC downloads good, crippling DRM restrictions not so good, they say if you don’t watch something you downloaded in 48 Hrs you won’t watch it period. This is not true, ( I watched a documentary at the weekend that I’d had for some months) why should the hard drive in my mac be treated differently to the hard drive in a set top recorder? Or even my VCR? UPDATE: From the commentsAlso note that the proposed BBC iPlayer will be Windows only.

Remember: Heavy publicity over arrests is a terrorist tactic indulged in by governments to make people scared and pliable. Compare with the BNP eejits arrested with NCB suits and a rocket launcher, Oh you didn’t hear about that? Read that first sentence again.

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DO NOT Go To Florida!


So you get raped, but the Florida cops find a warrant on an unpaid fine, so you are arrested, denied a morning after pill because the medic is a loony right to lifer (thus misunderstanding how the morning after pill works) and the hunt for the rapist is delayed and you spend two days in jail to add to the trauma of the rape. These are the same Florida cops who intimidate you if you try to request a form to report police misbehaviour and who went paramilitary on fair trade protesters. That would be Florida that Jeb Bush runs giving the election to brother George in 2000, are we seeing a pattern here? DO NOT go to Florida!

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Casino Crazy!

What happens in Manchester stays in Manchester!

For some reason (loyal NuLabour nest?) Manchester gets the super casino. Now while I’m glad my home city gets things I do think that Blackpool needed it more although there is a good question just what regeneration means. Connected businesses prosper (construction, lawyers, land owners) but mostly there is little sharing of the wealth, because this is capitalism after all. Sort of fitting it is all about gambling, where the house always wins.

UPDATE: Blairwatch dissects the choice, think -Labour electoral strategy. [link fixed]

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Meet ‘James’ the new CIA Baghdad Station Chief

America seems to be pursuing the strategy that the murderous way it has conducted itself in the past, creating millions of eager enemies, is the way to go in the future:

-James is close to Cofer Black, the CTC’s director from 1999 to 2002 and currently vice-chairman for the private security contractor Blackwater. It was Black who famously said, “After 9/11 the gloves came off,” and several people with whom I spoke said that James shares Black’s enthusiasm for tough methods. James was a key advocate for the increased use of renditions after 9/11-

He’s already helped stage a military coup in Algeria, ran the unit that didn’t catch Osama bin Laden and was in on the evolving Gonzales torture regime that he then put into action kidnapping and torturing people. As Gandhi said about western civilization, it would be a good idea.

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Mooching The Web


Mooching round the web, (the non trademark verb for Googling, like vacuuming rather than hoovering) looking for ‘Ambrosia Sings the News‘ clips from early Air America radio I came upon this blog (The proprietor also made a feature film which you can download -for free- which I will watch and review soon). One of his entries was a ‘while I was looking round the web’ post (we are getting so meta these days, in the old days they barely cared about ontological ironies… or rickets) about this photo essay on the locals salvaging space rockets that come down around them after the launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakstan. With some additional mooching I also got the dark side to this story, of the pollution from the launches ruining peoples lives, (many of the payloads are now satellites for large corporations, so satellite TV really does cost the earth). Real life is more interesting than *Borat*.

I then concluded that this reminded me a lot of both Tarkovsky’s ‘Stalker’ and the story of its making and subsequent deaths largely caused by the pollution they were exposed to while shooting. I plan a much bigger post about ‘Stalker’ and the tales around it but for now, enjoy the pics and the bitter after taste of the consequences.

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Tory Wandsworth Council Vow to Destroy Culture

The nest of free marketeer retards that exist in Wandsworth council want to destroy the Battersea Arts Center, a taste of what will come when Cameron slimes his way into office because Blairboy destroyed Labour, sigh.

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HAL’s Links

HAL smallThe 9000 series is the most reliable computer ever made. No 9000 computer has ever made a mistake or distorted information. We are all, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error.

100,000+ Protest War In Washington DC.

Fascist Italian Police continue their vendetta against the protesters they framed, attacked and killed. And I don’t say ‘fascist’ lightly. Mussolini coined the term, and the influence of Berlusconi and far right groups running the (particularly the paramilitary squads) police is now beginning to show up.

Like Al Capone will the Bush gang get caught for smaller crimes rather than the big obvious ones?

Ok, I couldn’t resist. When you’re a 26 year old man and you TASER a 79 year old woman (and your grandmother-in-law) you do need psychiatric attention.

The Kiwis catch Japanese whalers up to no good in the Ross Sea. In solidarity with the whales I resolve not to think about Rina Sawaguchi for a whole 24 hours. Damn, starting from now, damn, ok from now, oh this is going to be hard.

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Holocaust Remembrance Day

And Bush uses it to pimp the attack on Iran, nice, real nice:

-On the eve of the memorial, the UN General Assembly on Friday adopted a resolution condemning Holocaust denial.

The resolution, proposed by the United States and co-sponsored by more than 100 countries, says “ignoring the historical fact of these terrible events increases the risk they will be repeated”.

The resolution does not mention any particular country, but diplomats said it was aimed at Iran, which has cast doubt on the Nazi genocide of Jews during World War ll.-

That would be the administration that denies the Iraq casualty figures of 3/4 million dead by their war of choice, a pre-emptive war (which is described by the Nuremburg tribunal as the ultimate crime against humanity, you know, what the Nazi’s were guilty of). Iran doesn’t deny the Holocaust, some asshole politicians do, we really shouldn’t blame (and then attack) a whole country for the cunts that currently run it. Should we my American chums?

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BlairWatch- Kicking Ass & Taking Names

BlairWatch is on top of the discovery of the Blair gangs secret shadow email system that looks like they used it for their naughty money raising scams and who’s to say what else, apparently it has Israeli military grade security protocols.

Which explains why Palestinian users were immediately shot by snipers while trying to log on. Thank-you, I’ll be here all week, try the crab cakes.

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Dennis Kucinich Outing The War Pimps

Dennis Kucinich is one of the few American politicians you could leave some money and a child with safe in the knowledge that when you returned the money would still be there and the child would still be a. alive & b. a virgin. Which is to say if all Democratic congress people were like him well.. Bush may not even of gotten to steal his first election in 2000. He is often ignored by the MSM because he actually represents people and not the ruling class. He has put out this statement-

“The degree to which this President continues to take steps to go to war against Iran without consulting with the full Congress is the degree to which he is increasingly putting himself in jeopardy of an impeachment proceeding.”

– which all Dem pols should be backing. Read the full piece at his website here.

Where you can also find out why Cleveland is the capital of Polka, Bowling and Kielbasa.

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Me Too


H/t Drumster.

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Wot, No Gay Dad?


The Church Of The Anus Of Christ has some new members over at ‘Love God’s Way’ (I’m not linking to it because, well y’know, they’re idiots. They love The Right Brother’s who sing – Bush was right, stop global whining & enemy within- they iz nice nazi boys) who have compiled a list of dangerously gay pop stars that might destroy the world or something. The long, unorganised and sloppily edited list is puzzling indeed and I include some picks and my comments below, apparently bigots don’t understand alphabetising or spread sheets.

The Spores (endorse suicide): Suicide is gay now? What will us depressed straights do?
Ravi Shankar: Endless solos, he’s still playing a song he started in 1969.
Wilco: What is Billy Bragg up to these days?
Bjork: Really not gay and I’m not just saying that ‘cos I live in hope, Icelandic chicks are hot!
Tech N9ne: You see there’s a 9 instead of an ‘i’ clever, it’s also a gun.
Ghostface Killah: Ghost Dog is Jim Jarmusch’s best movie (Broken Flowers a close second, then there’s a real big drop off).
The String Cheese Incident: I don’t know who they are and string cheese disturbs me.
Eagles of Death Metal: Janeane Garofalo really fancied their lead singer, I wonder if they got it on *jealous*.
Interpol: They have a song called PDA, it’s great, maybe they’ll make an album called iPhone now.
Tegan and Sara : Tegan was my favourite Dr Who assistant.
Le Tigre
: Apparently there is a stereotype of lesbians being bad dancers, what?
The Doors: Val Kilmer’s gay?
Queen: I used to live round the corner to Freddie’s pad, he never tried to fuck me, true story.
The Strokes: Is this an ‘overrated’ list?
Morrissey(?questionable?): Questionable? In a good way, fanboy clones are sad though.
The Pet Shop Boys: Go West young man.
Metallica: Well they entered the Sandman,
Judas Priest: Halford!
The Village People: in the Navy…
The Rolling Stones: Sympathy for the Anal? Performance is such a great film, Roeg, Cammell and BAD’s E =MC2 samples it so well too and Jean luc Goddard made a film with them, but why is Mick such a wanker now?
David Bowie: Is probably God, so get worshipping now you religious wackos.
Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Welcome to the Pleasuredome, I love Trevor Horn production.
Jay-Z: On the down low?
Depeche Mode: Is it the French name?
Kansas: What is the matter with Kansas?
Rufus Wainwright: Well duh!
Ani DiFranco: You go girl!
Fischerspooner: Overated but still a funny appearance on TOTP.
John Mayer: Is this the guy who plays at Macworld?
Velvet Underground: Are you just trying to prove gender ambiguity and sexual experimentation are good for art? Because its working.
Madonna: Corporate US imperial artistic vacuum, will be her next 5 stolen adopted kids.
Barry Manilow: Copa Cabana is simply a great song. There I said it.
Indigo Girls: Are in this twice, is it ‘cos they’re a duo?
Melissa Etheridge: Did Lou Diamond Philips send you this one?
Eminmen: Is that spelt right? Hmm?
Nirvana: Keeping up on the latest crazes aren’t you?
Boy George: And Kirk Brandon sent you this one.
Motorhead: Don’t poke the Lemmy.
Jill Sobule:
I’d give her my jetpack.
Wilson Phillips: And they split up when?
Lisa Loeb: Fake glasses I heard.
Ted Nugent (loincloth)
: This is the one all the Lib blogs picked up on, he loves his guns, so he’s sublimating something.
Dogstar: Did Keanu send you this?
Lil’ Kim: No talent midget.
kd lang: Oh, so the ‘d’ stands for dyke.
Frank Sinatra: Ole blue eyes liked the one brown eye?
Nickleback: In every sense of the word, huh?
Bob Mould: I liked my Sugar. ‘Standing on the Edge of the Hoover Dam’; Damn!
Clay Aiken
: Cowell stooge, now Cowell..
Arcade Fire: I liked that single.
Bright Eyes: Take that Leno! (Was actually the title of the first single I owned, bunnies!).
Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Like the Stones they have had more sex than a flock of prostitutes (who are a much less well known band).
Elton John(really gay): He’s in it twice, is that because he’s bisexual?

UPDATE: Jesus General may have a hand in getting Nugent on the list, plus the wackos are using this to get publicity for their shitty music, so laugh but ignore.

UPDATE UPDATE: “Pastor Donnie Davies” has been exposed as Dallas-area actor Joey Oglesby .

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My Name Is Tony Blair & I Am A Neo-Conolic

Anthony ponces off to Davos to watch protesters getting punched while the global elite swap jokes about how many poor people it takes to sign a petition to be allowed to request the relevant bureaucracies to commission a study into the need for light bulbs. And while there he takes the opportunity to demonstrate fellatio to the assembled reporters, he shows how your dominant partner surges into your mouth, suppressing his gag reflex Anthony then grinds his mouth back and forth over the shaft. The odd thing about evil black spiritually cancerous Imperial semen and the blood of innocents is they taste exactly the same and are both highly addictive, he quips to the journos.

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Friday Night Treat- Big Train, Wanking

Is this why John Reid’s Home Office is in disarray?

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