Save Bita Ghaedi From Deportation

Update: European Court of Human Rights has overturned UK govt on case of Bita Ghaedi! Deportation May 5th has been cancelled.

NB. This is not an endorsement of the PMOI/MEK/MKO who I find reprehensible, but there is no doubt Bita Ghaedi if returned to Iran would be at severe risk of human rights abuse (which makes this attempted deportation against the stated policy of the government, try and act surprised).



1) Make Bita’s case VISIBLE: the media refuses to cover these illegal deportations to Iran. Ensure that the world knows what the British government is doing. Bita is but one case: there are many lined up behind her in the UK alone, including Nadia Arzane & Bashir Foris, and Kiana Firouz. What happens to Bita paves the road for the others. Post about Bita in every blog, in every comment section that you can. Raise the visibility.

2) SEND EMAIL. Send a clear, strong message to the responsible parties. Sample text and addresses are below:

To whom it may concern, regarding Bita Ghaedi, HO Ref G1149090/5:

As a citizen of xx, I am disgusted by how Britain is handling Bita Ghaedi’s asylum case. I am appalled that despite global outcry, the UK Border Agency has chosen to cold-bloodedly pursue the deportation of Bita Ghaedi now set for May 5.

Ghaedi sought refuge in the UK with viable grounds for establishing refugee status. In Iran, Ghaedi’s life was circumscribed, bound, tortured, and scarred by pervasive gender-based violence. Her refusal to submit to gender-based oppression in Iran ensures that she will be under threat of the barbaric practice of stoning if she is returned to Iran. Furthermore, her political activities with PMOI/MEK/MKO mark her as an opponent of the present regime; thus it is also on political grounds that she will face certain execution upon return to Iran.

Your office received over 2700 petition signatures to stop this atrocious human rights violation, and you have been the target of protests in the UK and the US. The UK is very well aware of the current human rights crisis in Iran, marked by a rapid rate of executions occurring over the past few weeks. Your response has been to deport Ghaedi in clear violation of the law. This is criminal.

I demand that this illegal act by the UK, which violates international principles of non-refoulement, be halted and Bita Ghaedi be granted asylum and refugee status.

Understand that England will be held publicly accountable for the fate of Bita Ghaedi.


Mail to:

UKBApublicenquiries -at-
CITTO -at-
Privateoffice.external -at-

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6 Responses to “Save Bita Ghaedi From Deportation”

  1. earwicga Says:

    NCADC have tweeted this:

    European Court of Human Rights has overturned UK govt on case of Bita Ghaedi! Deportation May 5th has been cancelled. Details later.

    So it takes the ECHR to get the UK to be humane. Sickening.

  2. RickB Says:

    Top news!

    Shows the decision was not even close to being legit, but it was no mistake, the govt is engaged in illegal abusive practices against migrants daily. Sickening indeed.

  3. gary Says:

    RE. European Court of Human Rights has overturned UK govt on case of Bita Ghaedi! Deportation May 5th has been cancelled.

    *** Still awaiting Official Confirmation on this ***
    The National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns is still the single source of this. Have searched various linked European Court of Human Rights websites with no results return, even it having been a ‘pending case’.

    I want this to be true. I’ve posted the news myself but we need official conformation.

    The demo at Heathrow is still set to go ahead. Until we have an official statement from either Bita Ghaedi or her partner Mohsen Zadshir.

  4. gary Says:

    HI RickB,

    I’m sure we’re all aware the news is now official. Similarly we’re all overjoyed.

    Here’s some of the text and source link from said, official statement.

    The below is a mail sent by Mohsen at 9:27pm EST on May 4 2010: | Source: Maria Rohaly Mission Free Iran

    Dear all

    Bita’s flight has been cancelled at 6.30pm. Home Office had to cancel Bita’s removal direction after it had been ordered by United Kingdom High Court(5pm) and EU Human Right Court(6pm).

    I use this opportunity to express our gratitude to all who support us in different occasions all the time. Even though Bita is still in detention centre and it seems there is a long way to get our aim but it is the hardest step that we could successfully pass with your help and I am sure you will support her till the end.

    The solicitor Mr Vasoodoven has already asked Home Office to release her and as we are sure they are not going to do that so he will ask for bail court.

    We have to collect and prepare all the documents for Oral Hearing set on 21 July.

    In the end, thanks for all who had planned to join us for tomorrow demonstration, there won’t be any at the moment.

    Your sincerely
    Bita & Mohsen

    Source: Maria Rohaly of Mission Free Iran

    Maria’s site is well working bookmarking if you wish to help with other current and future possible illegal deportations. :)))

  5. RickB Says:

    Hey Gary, thanks for the statement & links, yes I will blogroll MFI, I do expect our government will continue with inhumane and illegal deportation.

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