Sorting the Imperialists From The Liberals

This is risible. What Moore is doing is giving Obama the benefit of the doubt and hoping (foolishly but still) he might live up to the peace prize winning rhetoric, so to attack him on grounds of pedantry belies the utter poverty of the pro-escalation policy. Just as New Labour going along with the wars of aggression this seems it will split ‘progressives’ or to be more precise it will reveal those whose beliefs had more to do with hating Republicans than actually objecting to violent US domination of earth.
It’s the imperialism stupid.

Stereotyped Conspiracy Myths & Their Uses

Many are attracted to the relaxing & fashionable casual attire while playing with a large horn.

After my comment I thought it best to expand based on a personal story-

It began innocently enough, a small slice of emmental in the corner of the fridge, who could object to some tasty fermented dairy product (well ok vegans but nevermind). Then an old cuckoo clock from an elderly relative found its way onto my wall, fair enough we all need to tell the time. For practical matters a multi-bladed penknife multi-tool is ideal so no objections were raised when the handy pocket implement made an appearance. Then needing to launder some proceeds from drug smuggling, child pornography and arms sales, a secret and private bank account was called for, a solution presented itself. Soon the profits and my tax avoidance allowed for overpriced skiing holidays and yodelling lessons, it all seemed so innocent. I even found myself particularly enjoying the finale of the Sound of Music. But then an offhanded cryptic comment from an acquaintance as he made to leave for his Nazi gold appreciation society- Had I ever thought of the of joining the Swiss Caliphate? What did he mean? Puzzled, that night I lay awake tossing and turning (stop that), then with a dawning realisation the horror crept throuhg my whole body. I dropped the executive model penknife with scissors I was idly trimming my fingernails with, rushed to the fridge and yes, there was the sliver of emmental balefully glaring back at me, but by now it was joined by half a kilo of gruyère, some raclette and a slab of appenzeller. Tripping over my skis I yodelled in surprise as my head hit the floor only regaining consciousness with the mechanical cuckoo-ing of the clock, checking the time by my Swatch, yes, it was accurate. Yet the nightmare I had awakened to continued, I ran to the computer, searched for help and eureka, a solution was at hand, like garlic and stakes to a vampire the menace of the Swiss could be counteracted with minarets. I telephoned my local Islamic architect and set the plans in motion and before long a low minaret of a Tatar aspect filled most of my flat, I was safe. So dear reader I urge you to be vigilant, the Swiss will not rest until they control the planet, keep a minaret at hand at all times and foreswear the over hyped cheese, over priced watches and crime enabling banking.

I can only hope our government informs the populace of this menace and a referendum is held to allow such important factual matters to be addressed. It is the only sane and informed thing to do and not at all pandering to reactionary fantasies constructed to facilitate further bigoted oppression…or anything.

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Belén Fernández on The Honduran Pantomime

The Virtual Observer had been advertised by the TSE as a way for the international community to witness Honduran democracy; as for non-virtual election observers, these included Israeli Ambassador to Guatemala and non-resident Ambassador to Honduras Eliyahu López and organizations such as the International Republican Institute, which in addition to supporting the 2002 coup against Hugo Chávez happens to have also cooperated in election-related projects in Venezuela and Nicaragua with Hagamos Democracia.


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World Aids Day

“When I was looking for primary schools for my daughter, I met with the head teacher. When I told her that my daughter had HIV she immediately sat back and physically pulled away from me. Her body language shouted at me and gave her thoughts away, with utter disbelief on her face. She said: ‘We haven’t had one of those before’ and I was horrified. She said she’d have to tell the teachers and dinner ladies. Later she said one of the teachers wasn’t happy teaching my daughter. In the end we had to find a different school and we haven’t felt able to tell the new school.” Mother of HIV positive daughter.

Despite international promises to make HIV treatment universally available to everyone in need by 2010, the UK government still denies treatment to refused asylum seekers and other vulnerable groups who have no way of paying for treatment whilst in the UK.

So it was the early 80’s and I used to read, amongst other things, New Scientist in the school library and so learned about AIDS & HIV pretty early compared to most (clearly not an intended outcome for a conservative all boys catholic school, yet science and arts were where light could get in). Then with early Channel 4 when they actually fulfilled a remit for experimental and alternative tv they showed art video, films off the beaten track and unedited debate it seemed we might address the issues with some intelligence and creativity, alas a tory government full of bigots, a tabloid press full of bigots meant that was not to be at the time. Things have moved on, but not enough. For example, did your MP sign EDM 47? Find out here (mine did). As GLH reminds me thing like needle exchange programs are a great help in reducing risk yet fairly predictably nimbys and chumps get their panic on if they hear of one in their vicinity, support exchanges and fight opposition if the issues arises in your locale. And as the above shows stigmatisation and treatment of migrants remains a huge problem, so when the govt, immgrationwatch and tabloids carry on their bigotry it also is relevant to AIDS & HIV. Wearing a ribbon is easy, being part of the solution and not adding to the problem with apathetic ignorance is more important.

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One Law For Us…

“Family limited partnerships” were being publicized to lawyers and accountants in November 2007 at the time Blair’s lawyers started to set up his structures. Known in the trade as “Flips”, family limited partnerships are a way of getting round stricter inheritance tax rules in the 2006 budget, imposed by Gordon Brown while Blair was still prime minister.

To be precise it is the same law but only the rich have access to the means to get around it, so we can appear a modern democratic, rule of law nation blah de blah, when in fact it’s war crimes and class war 24/7. Oh yeah and this was the New Labour party.

PS. Richard Murphy with more on Anthony’s ill gotten gains.

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