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The inestimable Naj offers her personal insights on the Islamic Revolution in Iran of 30 Years Ago, excerpt-

Those who fought for this revolution were the first to be killed or exiled from Iran. They were killed either in the prisons of the Islamic Republic; or in the war fields. The rest went on self exile. Those who were rich, managed to build happy Western lives. Those who were not, those who hung to their idealism, continued to live in a bubble, in a nostalgia for a great democracy to come, someday, to this land of Iran, which we all love and take pride in, no matter how much we hate its Monarchist or Mullahrcist governments.

Statement by Iranian Bloggers on Hossein Derakhshan

I wrote about this back in November, now pressure is being organised, (via Yoshie)-

Statement by Iranian Bloggers on Hossein Derakhshan

We, the undersigned, view the circumstances surrounding the Iranian authorities’ arrest of Hossein Derakhshan aka Hoder, one of the most prominent Iranian bloggers, as extremely worrying.  Derakhshan’s disappearance, detention at an unknown location, lack of access to his family and attorneys, and the authorities’ failure to provide clear information about his potential charges is a source of concern for us.

The Iranian blogging community is one of the largest and most vibrant in the world.  From ordinary citizens to the President, a diverse and large number of Iranians are engaged in blogging.  These bloggers encompass a wide spectrum of views and perspectives, and they play a vital role in open discussions of social, cultural and political affairs.

Unfortunately, in recent years, numerous websites and blogs have been routinely blocked by the authorities, and some bloggers have been harassed or detained.  Derakhshan’s detention is but the latest episode in this ongoing saga and is being viewed as an attempt to silence and intimidate the blogging community as a whole.

Derakhshan’s own position regarding a number of prisoners of conscience in Iran has been a source of contention among the blogging community and has caused many to distance themselves from him.  This, however, doesn’t change the fact that the freedom of expression is sacred for all not just the ones with whom we agree.

We therefore categorically condemn the circumstances surrounding Derakhshan’s arrest and detention and demand his immediate release.

Signed, in alphabetical order:

Arash Abadpour
Niki Akhavan
Hossein Bagher Zadeh
Sanam Dolatshahi
Mehdi Jami
Jahanshah Javid
Abdee Kalantari
Sheema Kalbasi
Nazli Kamvari
Nazy Kaviani
Peyvand Khorsandi
Nikahang Kowsar
Omid Memarian
Pedram Moallemian
Ali Moayedian
Ebrahim Nabavi
Masoome Naseri
Shahrnush Parsipur
Khodadad Rezakhani
Leva Zand

This statement first appeared in Pedram Moallemian’s blog Eyeranian.net on 18 December 2008.  The links to the text of the statement are added for informational purposes.

A Peaceful Heart

Hamed Saber has a new baby daughter, you can see her at his flickr page.

Delaram in Persian means “Peaceful heart” or better to say “Who has a peaceful heart”.

So World meet Delaram, Delaram meet World, and World…be nice!

Jadi Reviews Persepolis

Maybe if some enterprising publicist wants me to review it they could send me a copy, {hint}. An excerpt from Jadi-

But is Marjan Satrapi defending the Islamic Regime or hiding the truth? I don’t think so because she talks about one of most kept secrets in Iran: Mass executions of 1988 (also check the RSFs report: Pour-Mohammadi and the 1988 Prison Massacres). This shows that she is not defending anyone or hiding anything. She is just telling her story which is sad but not a shocking, anti-regime one.

I watched this movie with 4 friend and all of us were telling “wow.. very realistic.”, And it was. It showed many of our concerns during our childhood; the war, the anti-party police, the shortages on imported goods, the death of relatives in war or executions, etc. .

Go to his site Inside Iran for full post with included links.

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Olof Palme Prize For 2007 Goes To Parvin Ardalan

Ok I admit I had to do some research after Jadi wrote about this, so Olof Palme -assassinated Swedish socialist politician and all round impressive man (so of course he got whacked. Bush, healthy as a frickin’ horse -which he is scared of)- has a foundation in his honour and each year they award a prize conferring much honour and a fair wodge of cash too! Previous recipients include Aung San Suu Kyi, Hans Blix, Kofi Annan & Mossaad Mohammed Ali, Hanan Ashrawi, independent media in the Balkans, Swedish anti-racists. So very good company and this year it goes to Iranian Parvin Ardalan-

Parvin is a great person. She is my close friend and she is one of the bravest people whom I know. She used to be active for around 15 years despite of her health problems (she has MS). We are really glad that she’ve got this prize and to be honest, we believe her prize belongs to all of the active women and in general all of human rights activists in Iran. We adore Parvin’s courage as much as we adore other human rights activists just as we adore people like “Rahele Askarzade” and “Nasim Khosravi” whom were arrested yesterday while they were talking with people in a park about unequal rights of the women.

Through constantly more ingenious methods, she and her fellow sisters have managed to increase the support for equal rights. The ongoing campaign for a million signatures against discrimination is an excellent example. Their intensive work deserves international recognition as a path to democracy and peace in this region of turbulence and conflict.

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Zanan, Disappearing Women


Much to the annoyance & exasperation of both Jadi & Naj the Iranian authorities forced the closing down of Zanan magazine by cancelling their license, the only women’s mag in Iran-

Jadi- Zanan (means Women) used to be a “moderated” magazine. It never wrote anything extreme to prevent it’s closing but now, after 16 years the only Persian Women’s Magazine is closed.

Naj “I am distressed. This is depressing.
and I am in tears for the hurdles Iran’s best friends, the writers, the journalists, the filmmakers, the historians, the philosphers have to put up with … because a gang of ugly, wicked, low-life, socially-immature, STUPID, PETTY, IDIOTS ARE RUNNING MY COUNTRY ….”

 Zanan’s founder Shahla Sherkat is considered a prime example of Islamic Iranian feminism. She has been accused of ‘offering a dark picture of the Islamic Republic through the pages of Zanan’ and of ‘compromising the psyche and the mental health’ of its readers by providing them with ‘morally questionable information.’ The magazine, has for years been considered a place where controversial topics in Iranian society have been discussed, ranging from domestic violence, to cosmetic surgery and relationships. It has been at the forefront in the fight for fundamental women’s rights in Iran. The magazine has also used very subtle and creative language in order to avoid being shut down.

I think we can all empathise with the feeling of stupid petty idiots fucking up one’s country, ahem. And in case a person of low intelligence has stopped by to read this- criticising the government of Iran does not mean the country should be bombed by America, only a retard thinks bombs improve lives and/or neo-cons/pro-war ‘liberals’ have any motives that could conceivably be considered ‘pure’ in regards to Iran- no this is a stupid bit of authoritarian male chauvinism that I wish could be reversed, that the situation were not so tense that conservative demagogues can get away with this nonsense and that it might be used by other demagogues to advance their blood soaked imperial agenda. I sincerely think that what hope the human race has does depend on women taking power away from men until an equal situation is achieved. So retrograde actions like this not just impoverish the people of Iran but the whole earth.

Here’s a quick slide show of 7 Zanan covers from which the top image is taken.

Vote Jadi, Vote FreeKeyboard (& Jotman)

Jadi of Inside Iran has had his Persian blog nominated for The Reporters Without Borders Award at the BOB’s (Best of Blogs) awards, woohoo! So go here to vote for his blog [scroll down to Reporters Without Borders Award category and pick FreeKeyboard], you will also see Jotman is nominated so share the love if you wish…(a joint win would show some global solidarity).

He also has some good news, Delaram Ali was dues to go to prison just for demonstrating for women’s rights but now-

Great news. Delaram’s 30 months of prison seems to be suspended for a while. This is due to lobbying with the Head of the Judicary and a Reformist leader (Karrubi). As I said before, I think this is a positive step and I wish it works for a long time or totally suspend the prison for her.

Delaram is among human rights activists who live INSIDE Iran and as I know her she is another ANTI-WAR person. She should be able to say “I am an Iranian, I live in Iran and I work for human rights, AND I AM AGAINST THE WAR”.

Yes. Against the usage of ANY kind of MILITARY FORCE against Iran. We believe that CHANGE should happen but WAR can not make the change. Iran is not a harsh dictatorship. Iran is not Iraq. We are working here, we are trying to enrich the civil society but a WAR will stop all the activities.

To which I can only add -in the words of the the suddenly late Norman Mailer – Fuck Yeah!

Iranian Union Leader Still In Jail- Updated

Mask of Anarchy has long been on this case and today the International Transport Workers’ Federation has a new video telling the story of Mansour Osanloo-

“the only crime he committed was to create an independent trade union in Iran”. Ebrahim Madadi, Vice-President of the union is also detained in Evin Prison. Their health conditions are deteriorating.

Amnesty action resources here.

Update: Monday 22/10/07

Following major protests last week the ITF is delighted to have learned that on Saturday Mansour Osanloo received the emergency eye treatment that it, Amnesty International and trade unions worldwide demanded. The ITF says that it hopes that this may be a first step towards more humane and just treatment of the prisoners. The campaign for their release continues. 

Hell Yeah!

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Happy Ramadan

Courtesy of the inestimable Hamed Saber


Click pic for his Flickr entry. Also was reminded by View from Iran

Btw… L’shana Tova and Successful fast to my readers who celebrate Rosh HaShana or Ramadan… 

So have a ball or a fast or a feast or something, whatever works for you.

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IAEA Report On Iran’s Nuclear Program

Thanks to Naj, here is her post with her emphasis because as she makes clear the corporate US media is distorting the report to produce the impression Iran is not complying with the IAEA. As September is Iran War Pimp month fighting spin with the truth is going to be crucial (more at MOA), here is the report:-

Understandings of The Islamic Republic of Iran and the IAEA on the Modalities of Resolution of the Outstanding Issues Tehran – 21 August 2007

Pursuant to the negotiations between H.E. Dr. Larijani, I. R. of Iran’s Secretary of Supreme National Security Council and H.E. Dr. ElBaradei, Director General of the IAEA, in Vienna; following the initiative and good will of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the agreement made, a high ranking delegation consisting of the directors of technical, legal and political departments of the IAEA, paid a visit to Tehran from 11 to 12 July 2007 during which “Understandings of The Islamic Republic of Iran and the IAEA on the Modalities of Resolution of the Outstanding Issues, Tehran 12 July 2007” were prepared.

A second meeting took place in Vienna on 24 July 2007 followed by a further meeting in Iran from 20 to 21 August 2007. The Agency’s delegation had the opportunity to have meetings with H.E. Dr. Larijani during both visits to Tehran. Following these three consecutive meetings, both Parties reached the following understandings:
I. Latest Developments:
Based on the modalities agreed upon on 12 July 2007, the following decisions were made:
1. Present Issues:
A. Enrichment Programme
The Agency and Iran agreed to cooperate in preparing the safeguards approach for the Natanz Fuel Enrichment Plant in accordance with Iran’s Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement. The draft text of the safeguards approach paper, and the facility attachment of IRN- were provided to Iran on 23 July 2007. The safeguards approach and the facility attachment were discussed during technical meetings in Iran between the Agency and the AEOI from 6 to 8 August 2007. Further discussions will be held with the aim of finalizing the facility attachment by the end of September 2007.

B. Heavy Water Research Reactor in Arak
Iran agreed with the Agency’s request to visit the heavy water research reactor (IR40) site in Arak. A successful visit took place on 30 July 2007.

C. Designation of new inspectors
On 12 July 2007,
Iran accepted the designation of five additional inspectors.

D. Issue of multiple entry visas
On 12 July 2007,
Iran agreed to issue one year multiple entry visas for 14 inspectors and staff of the Agency.

2. Past Outstanding Issues:

A. Plutonium Experiments
In order to conclude and close the file of the issue of plutonium (Pu), the Agency provided Iran with the remaining questions on 23 July 2007. During a meeting in Iran between representatives of the Agency and Iran,
Iran provided clarifications to the Agency that helped to explain the remaining questions. In addition, on 7 August 2007, Iran sent a letter to the Agency providing additional clarifications to some of the questions. On 20 August 2007 the Agency stated that earlier statements made by Iran are consistent with the Agency’s findings, and thus this matter is resolved. This will be communicated officially by the Agency to Iran through a letter.

B. Issue of P1-P2:
Based on agreed modalities of 12 July 2007,
Iran and the Agency agreed the following procedural steps to resolve the P1-P2 issue. The proposed timeline assumes that the Agency announces the closure of the Pu-experiments outstanding issue by 31 August 2007, and its subsequent reporting in the Director General’s report to the September 2007 Board of Governors.
The Agency will provide all remaining questions on this issue by 31 August 2007. Iran and the Agency will have discussions in Iran on 24-25 September 2007 to clarify the questions provided. This will be followed up by a further meeting in mid-October 2007 to further clarify the written answers provided. The Agency’s target date for the closure of this issue is November 2007.

C. Source of Contamination
Based on the agreed modalities on 12 July 2007 and
given the Agency’s findings which tend, on balance, to support Iran’s statement about the foreign origin of the observed HEU contamination, the only remaining outstanding issue on contamination is the contamination found at a Technical University in Tehran. Iran and the Agency agreed on the following procedural steps to address this issue, starting once the P1-P2 issue is concluded and the file is closed. The Agency will again provide Iran with the remaining questions regarding the contamination found at a Technical University in Tehran by 15 September 2007. After 2 weeks of the closure of the P1-P2 issue Iran and the Agency will have discussions in Iran on this issue.

D. U Metal Document
Upon the request of the Agency, Iran agreed to cooperate with the Agency in facilitating the comparison of the relevant sections of the document. Iran is presently reviewing the proposals already made during the first meeting on 12 July 2007. After taking this step by Iran, the Agency undertakes to close this issue.

II. Modalities of Resolution of other Outstanding Issues
A. Po210
Based on agreed modalities of 12 July 2007, Iran agreed to deal with this issue, once all the above mentioned issues are concluded and their files are closed. Iran and the Agency agreed upon the following procedural steps: regarding this issue, the Agency will provide Iran in writing with all its remaining questions by 15 September 2007. After 2 weeks from conclusion and closure of the issues of the source of contamination and U-metal, reflected in the Director General’s report to the Board of Governors, Iran and the Agency will have discussions in Iran where Iran will provide explanations on the Po210.
B. Ghachine Mine
Based on agreed modalities of 12 July 2007, Iran agreed to deal with this issue, once the issue of Po210 is concluded and its file is closed. Iran and the Agency agreed upon the following procedural steps: regarding this issue, the Agency will provide Iran in writing with all its remaining questions by 15 September 2007. After 2 weeks from conclusion and closure of the issue of Po210, reflected in the Director General’s report to the Board of Governors, Iran and the Agency will have discussions in Iran where Iran will provide explanations to the Agency about Ghachine Mine.

III. Alleged Studies
Iran reiterated that it considers the following alleged studies as politically motivated and baseless allegations. The Agency will however provide Iran with access to the documentation it has in its possession regarding: the Green Salt Project, the high explosive testing and the missile re-entry vehicle. As a sign of good will and cooperation with the Agency, upon receiving all related documents, Iran will review and inform the Agency of its assessment.

IV. General Understandings

  1. These modalities cover all remaining issues and the Agency confirmed that there are no other remaining issues and ambiguities regarding Iran’s past nuclear program and activities.
  2. The Agency agreed to provide Iran with all remaining questions according to the above work plan. This means that after receiving the questions, no other questions are left. Iran will provide the Agency with the required clarifications and information.
  3. The Agency’s delegation is of the view that the agreement on the above issues shall further promote the efficiency of the implementation of safeguards in Iran and its ability to conclude the exclusive peaceful nature of the Iran’s nuclear activities.
  4. The Agency has been able to verify the non-diversion of the declared nuclear materials at the enrichment facilities in Iran and has therefore concluded that it remains in peaceful use.
  5. The Agency and Iran agreed that after the implementation of the above work plan agreed modalities for resolving the outstanding issues, the implementation of safeguards in Iran will be conducted in a routine manner.

How CNN Spins Women Only Taxis & Students Released

Iran Blogapalooza- Naj at Neo Resistance has a post about the growing women only taxi business in Iran and links to various sources to illuminate her point. There are two youtube clips, one from an independent documentary company one from CNN. So I watched them both (independent here, CNN here– Wolf ‘friggin’ Blitzer). Now women only taxi services are popular here in the UK where it is an issue of women’s safety from drunk leery men and worse, yet CNN act like the women only taxi idea is kind of wacky (Iran paranoia meets white male corporate crap). In Iran (& Bolivia -and probably others now I think about it- apparently, here is an excellent guide by David at ddmmyyyy) there are two types of taxis, one is the regular hail it and go to your destination. The other type are sort of like a bus service but with a taxicab, a fixed route and stops, so you end up sharing with other people like on a bus.

The independent documentary is an almost 10 minute piece and tells the story of women who are enjoying the new service and not missing the old cab services where men would crush up to them, take up all the seat etc. CNN however tell the story strictly from the point of view of a theocracy insisting women separate from men and conservative (although not called that of course) husbands pleased this service means their wives do not mix with strange men. Now obviously there will be some people for whom that is the situation but CNN fails to show the strong independent women that the other documentary shows, a doctor, a blind teacher who use the service and the driver herself who is working her socks off but enjoys the relative freedom cab driving offers over dull office jobs. CNN’s short (under 3min) clip shows where their editorial bias remains, although they get a brown reporter to front it, that’s just the sugar to mask the bitter US corporate nonsense. The women’s only service is not contextualised with the women only services around the world, and it is used to report on possessive husbands and a ‘those crazy Iranian dames, driving cabs, whatever next’ sexist/nationalist frame. The women who work for and use the firm get little time to tell their stories, such is the rapid fire soundbite culture of 24 cable news. Both clips point out the company is owned by men, but erm, no male CEO’s in feminist paradise America then? A country where fascist multi-millionaire junky and sex tourist Rush Limbaugh coined the term femiNazi and broadcasts daily his hate filled lies, drooling at the genocide the Empire engages in. A half truth is as good as a lie in an able editors hands and applying stricter standards to other countries than your own is a patriotic disease that enables lies that enable wars. No surprise from Wolf Blitzer, last heard of lying about Micheal Moore’s Sicko.

And in better news from Jadi, some students are released including his friend Amir Yaghoub-ali, although-

He was hanged from his handcuffed hands to the ceiling for two hours and spend most of the time in a individual cell, colored in green with 24 hours lights on and he had to wear blindfolds all the times outside of the cell.

I think this is why Bush hates Ahmadinejad, they are so similar, it’s competition.

Imprisoned Iranian Students


Via Jadi:

Today is the day of coherence(?) with these students in Iran. Everybody is putting the above photo in their weblog and asking for their release. We do not have any news from Amir for 587 hours and Amir is among latest people who were arrested. Many reports claim that they were tortured. I think a state who answers IDEA with TORTURE, knows that he will be the looser in the field of LOGIC.

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Iran Gas Rationing


Straight from Jadi:

Yesterday they just announced that “Each car will have a 100 litre per month limitation and the prices are arises too. And if you are going to use more than your coupon, the price is 50 Euro cents per litre!” this means about 5 times more!!! People were mad. At first they went into the long ques to get petrol and after waiting hours and hours there, the riot started. Fire+Petrol+Angry people resulted to armed police and then guards standing in front of each pump!

I can not understand this government. They have to guard pumps, they have to use armed police against women, they have to use secret police against students and the prisons are full of dissidents; even dissident mullas. They should be ashamed. They can not kill everybody. They can not force anybody to believe what they believe.

One friend from a newspaper told me that they’ve got an order which says “you may nor write anything about oil prices or last nights uncalms in the newspapers”. But we have weblogs, we have internet and we have mobile phones. Here are some photos.

Click here for photos and the full post.

Blogger.com Blocked In Iran

Jadi at Inside Iran is finding blogger.com where a lot of Iranians have their persian weblogs is being blocked by the govt. after trouble logging onto his account he looked around and confirmed from other bloggers they are having the same problem:

Today ITNA | Iranian Technology News Agency published (in Persian) : ….
One of the managers of the filtering system confirms that they’ve got the request of the “beta.blogger.com”s blocking from the authorities and as it’s IP shares with the whole blogger.com, we blocked both

Blogger.com was the host of many Iranian bloggers who wanted to be safe. We also have domestic blogging system but they are strictly controlled by the government and your blog might be DELETED for a political sentence or a criticism. This way – by blocking Blogger.com – I think the authorities are going to restrict the blogging community to the domestic servers and have a full control on what people publish in their weblogs.

Dammit, quite apart from issues of censorship does this mean the IRI are not fans of Iran Blogapalooza? This does seem to tie in with some stories of a more than usually strict crackdown by a paranoid govt. fully aware the US are breathing down their necks. Not good.

Women’s Field Bulletin To Stop Stoning Today

Update: Women’s Field confirm reports it has been temporarily stayed!

Iran Blogapalooza: Via Jadi at Inside Iran:

URGENT: A Man and a Woman Schedule To Be Stoned on Thursday, June 21

The news about the scheduled stoning of a man and a woman in Takistan, Ghazvin, was spread through mobile phone messages and the Internet. The office of Showraye Tameen of Ghazvin province has issued the order to stone and man and a woman in public.

The judge of Branch 1 of the Criminal Court of Takistan will be present in person to throw the first stone. This was scheduled to be done on Sunday, June 17, but the Office of Showraye Tameen of Ghazvin province postponed it to Thursday, June 21.

Mokarrameh Ebrahimi is a 43 year old woman and mother of an 11 year old who has spent the past 11 years in Choubin prison in Ghazvin after being sentenced to stoning. The father of the child has also been in prison for 11 years and is scheduled to be stoned with her.

According to the Meydaan, the official site of the Stop Stoning Forever Campaign, an informed source has verified the news and added that “the pits are dug and prepared in Behesht Zahra cemetery to implement the sentence.”

This source also added that the sentence has been issued solely based on the judge’s knowledge, and there have been no witnesses to the so called crime of adultery and having a child out of wedlock. It seems that the couple have lived together for a while and shortly after been imprisoned. There are different rumors about the woman’s past. Some say that her husband had thrown her out of the house and she had been living with her mother for two years. Both the man and the woman have children from their previous marriages. Mokarrameh, who is the mother of three children, is very distressed and in sever disarray in prison.

It seems that after the appeal to the Judicial Commission for Amnesty and Clemency had been rejected, it is going to be carried out as the result of the perseverance of one of the judiciary officials in Ghazvin.

The official announcement about the stoning is going to be posted at the site of execution in order to invite the public to participate in the process in Takistan. This is while the Iranian officials continue to deny any stoning sentence.

The Stop Stoning Forever Campaign activists plea to the citizens of the world to take any actions they possibly can in order to stop the stoning of this couple from taking place.

Email to: info@iran-embassy.org.uk

Ambassador Rasoul Movahedian,
Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran
16 Prince´s Gate
London SW7 1PT

Also the UN Ambassador is Javad Zarif email-

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