Friday! Theme From TenPercent

It’s the last Friday on before the move on Monday to and just in the nick of time the decision as to the theme of the blog has been reached. It was not easy, there were some long nights, vinyl rummaging and acts of terror. It’s been a hard fought battle and the path here is littered with the very excellent choices that didn’t quite make it, maybe next year. The decision invigilated by an international committee of Nobel laureates and also people who aren’t war criminals, was made infinitely harder by the fact that the blog has two theme tunes…at least. First, it has made a Friday before but it endures, it abides, as I said then-

It forms some of the parameters of my soul.

Karl Hyde’s poetry is so evocative yet pleasingly playful with ambiguity yet you know just what he means, you identify with the experience that is both recounted in the track and is the track itself, the shards of memory, images, thoughts, feelings, flashing through the track resonate (pun!) with my own long memories of eternal summers on Welsh beaches and more contemporary sensations.

walking in the wind at the water’s edge
come closer covering my rubber feet
listening to the barbed wire, hanging

The rhythm and mantra like revelations within the lyric enriching your own understanding of even everyday speech and meaning, the need and frustration to communicate that is both aided and hindered by language.

sugarbox sugarboy handheld candle sugarboy
your rails your thin your thin paper wings

And the reason why wandered-in-from-the-wild-as-a-kitten Mogwai’s middle name is Juanita.

homeless strays gathering outside your window
bootleg babies call to you
lying amongst the mosquitoes
this summer fever’s coming

The music’s a twisting turning epic under the genius of Rick (excellent name, obviously) Smith and grooves wrestled (at the time) by Darren Emerson. At times muscular, then quiet, loud, large having and transcendent, it’s a love song -sometimes- for people, places and feelings as its final movement in the original triptych suggests –Juanita/Kiteless/To Dream of Love, it is music made of the mysterious matter that makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts. There are many versions, this is a live one from the Everything Everything release, each have their differences and all continually reveal new aspects, new collisions of rhythm, melody and language.

resonator resonator resonator resonator


And, Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen, perhaps a controversial choice in light of his non boycotting by playing in Israel, but I can disagree with the decision yet admire the art and after all it is a tactic not an ideology, plus it’s a corking song. Perhaps a theme of ennui for the world weary cynicism of the thwarted romantic and idealist and also maybe holds a special place for those of a certain age when Pump Up The Volume came out. It gets covered quite often and the conceit of the lyric does lend itself to newer iterations as every age finds new lies, hypocrisies and crises that are lied about, which of course is all over now…

OK, now I’ve got it to those two I find that intolerable and want to add loads more, dammit!

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Friday! The Sundays- Can’t Be Sure

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Friday! Malcolm McLaren & The Bootzilla Orchestra- Deep In Vogue

So we know Madonna was a fan!

PS. Should have said this sooner, as vid clips can be embedded in comments and commenters started doing it spontaneously, which is most splendid, please add clips when you get the urge.

Friday! Siouxsie & The Banshees- Hong Kong Garden

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A couple of songs I heard in the last month kept bugging me until I realised it was because they were reminding me of this. Some much needed context for the lyric.

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Friday! The Fall- There’s A Ghost In My House

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A bloomin’ corker. Also works too if you replace ‘Ghost’ with ‘Cat’ (or use your own substitution).

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Friday! Vivaldi- Nisi Dominus, RV 608, IV. Cum Dederit


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Friday! The Young Gods- She Rains

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Friday! Soft Cell- Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

My favourite Soft Cell song (although a close run thing, a tie really with ‘Where The Heart Is’) and a shout out to Otto, keepin’ it real for the Soft Cell Massive (Attack) in Peru. Where will these dedications go next…?

Friday! Portishead- Mysterons


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The shame, the ignominy, the  first Friday of the year, the first Friday of the new decade, the first day of the NEw Year…a Friday! and what happened? Nothing, absolutely fuck all. My addled brain overcome with the disorientating effect of holiday weeks where the days become mutable utterly failed to realise that New Years Day, January the First was also…a Friday, who knew?

What a terrible start to the year/decade, have I jinxed us all? I can only apologise in abject contrition and beg forgiveness with the hope that the Holiday spirit allows better late than never…

We know our governments are not ours, we know human and planetary needs are subordinated to capital’s, we know the assault on our freedoms and rights will not relent, this decade demands of us, each and everyone that we stand together and take control of our future-

‘we can beat them, forever and ever’

Friday! Sergei Prokofiev- Troika from Lt. Kije

And there’s always The Waitresses

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For Shelter & The Free Gig

I have my doubts about the reasoning for the RATM for Xmas thing being as I love the song but this seems to trivialise it while simultaneously validating the Xmas Number One…but…. as they are giving their windfall income from the song selling to Shelter and promise a free gig if it makes it to No. 1, beating the X Factor drivel, it is worth a go (although surely a seasonal version with ‘Bah Humbug I won’t do what you tell me’ alternating with ‘Fuck You’ should be on the cards with jingle bells added, what?). Details at the Facebook page, cheapest place to buy that figures in charts is Tunetribe (no bulk purchases that will be ignored) at 49p or this arcane way of doing it for free. This is them this week doing a live performance for Radio 5-

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Friday! Dark Star…

Dark Star the band with the indie dance-tastic Graceadelica, bass is in the place!

And RIP Dan O’Bannon

Dan O’Bannon as Pinback in Dark Star, (yes a beach ball with feet became this)

Friday! Vegas- Possessed

Terry Hall (look his wiki page has a pic of him smiling, this is good as reports from those who have met him are that he is a lovely chap) & Dave Stewart’s project that produced (or overproduced, not sure about Stewart on this) a nice pop album and this great single, with a big expansive pop chorus, luverly.

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Friday! Front Line Assembly- Digital Tension Dementia

Hey what’s it like in the 21st century with your internet and all? Posted from the past with a tin can and a piece of fucking string.

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