Junkie Offers To Mind The Pharmacy

David Cameron seized on public anger over MPs’ lavish pay and perks yesterday, as he attempted to put the Conservatives at the heart of attempts to clean up Parliament.

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The Poverty Of Ideas

On the same page a NuLabour minister says-Unemployed council and housing association tenants should seek work or face losing their home– there is a link to a story from last year saying income gap at it’s widest for 40 years, this after 11 years of a supposedly Labour government.


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Perhaps a BBC minion has a sense of humour and even outrage to put that link on this story’s page, I hope so. The reactions show the conservative dominance of politics, the official opposition, the tories, do not disagree they just needle her by saying it might be hard to enforce. It is left (ha!) to trade unions and NGO’s to voice opposition to this charter for homelessness. Clearly we need representation as neither main party are anything but tools of the elites, and quick, before the workhouses come back.

Lockdown Addicts

Never mind the hoo-hah of the tories wanting more armed police, because-

Overall, the number of authorised firearms officers went down from 6,738 in 1997 to 6,584 in 2006, with reported firearms offences rising more than 10%.

So less than 200 and 10%, is reporting uniform over the years, population growth blah blah, effect of statistical targets? And they all now have Tasers to satisfy you law ‘n’ order freaks but…so we still haven’t grown past responding to every instance of crime with calls for yet more police with greater firepower, because y’know nothing could go wrong with that and it has certainly worked in the past, ahem.
The more unequal a society becomes the more crime will happen (far beyond that inevitable base level due to the human condition in all its complexities) and the tories would increase that inequality (as Nulab have done) so no wonder they want better guards to keep the peasants from their gold piles. And after all ambitious gun owners are simply following the dog eat dog capitalist environment in which they find themselves, usually the gun violence is overseas against state targets, these people are just bringing it home. An elite that prospers by war sends a message to those at the bottom with comparable levels of ruthlessness. Wanna get ahead? Get a gat.

Repeatedly progressives measures in drugs, gangs and prostitution have been rebuffed by the government as going off prejudice and ignorance, they think, gets them more votes. Again with a conservative administration in power the tory opposition is actually criticising them not for going against their policies but by not implementing them extremely enough. A race to the bottom, a race to the lockdown state.

Shocked I tells Ya, Shocked

The art market is corrupt, full of shady accounting practices and manipulates demand to inflate prices in a celebrity obsessed clientèle? Whatever next? Will the sun rise tomorrow? Best send a reporter to the horizon to report back in case it does.

Also tories raise money in dodgy ways!!!

And the nuclear industry concentrates on issues of carbon emissions to back a huge subsidy and increase in Britain’s nuclear infrastructure.

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Major Chutzpah

Well yes, but um, pot & kettle with it coming from you Johnny boy-

Former Prime Minister Sir John Major has accused Labour of presiding over “systemic sleaze” during its 10 years in government. 

He acknowledged that “lots of people misbehaved” when he was prime minister, but said they did so as individuals rather than members of the government. It was not institutional sleaze, he said.

Sir John warned that the good economy that Labour inherited from the Conservatives “is now beginning to unravel”. He blamed government policies on pensions and too many taxes for a drop in competitiveness and productivity.

Or short version- Whine, whine, whine, why can’t we be the ones in power fucking over the people. You get so much bigger bribes when you’re in power…or looking like you might reacquire it.
No, I’m sorry but Nulabour are scum because they are exactly the same as you, you tory wanker. This is utterly pathetic, two groups offering the same basic policies with minor cosmetic tweaks and a few crossed words so we all feel the warm glow of ‘democracy’, just two gangs fighting over territory in an unchanging utterly immoral system, arse biscuits! Fuck off Major and take the rest of the conservatives of NuLabour with you. How’s that for back to basics, you cretin.

How about telling the interviewer how exciting it was to cheat on your wife while under a campaign of family values your party shat on single mothers, the disabled, the unemployed, gave us clause 28 and piled as much cash into you and your business friends pockets as the mathematically illiterate chancellor of the week would allow. Of course removing any barriers to the elite hording all the wealth while destroying unions clearly is the way to alleviate poverty, it worked so well NuLab uses it too! Pensions? Oh because of course no old people froze to death under your benevolent regime you ineffable dullard, not that you meant that, you meant can’t my City chums have all the welfare cash and um, when the time to payout comes, oh dear, it was here somewhere, the bloomin’ market must have mislaid it, dearie me. Tony Blair is an appalling war criminal but if we have to take lessons on government morality from John fucking Major then we are truly screwed. The Conservatives would have lied us into Iraq too except they would have enjoyed it more, I’ll at least give them that, they are not so ashamed of their evil, their wilful ignorance makes them proud of it.

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This Is What You Get

This crime happened almost 20 years ago and only now is the official cover up, that was put in place to aid the conservative’s water privatisation policies, unraveling. However all of our water supplies remain privatised with no prospect of regaining public control, crime pays.

We have also been handed an explosive letter which reveals how officialdom set out to downplay the Camelford disaster and any wrong-doing by the water authority, which was about to be privatised by the Conservative government of the day.

The letter from a water official to Michael Howard, then Minister of State for Water and Planning, states that a police investigation into the poisoning incident was viewed as “very distracting”. It goes on to say that any subsequent prosecution of South West Water would also “be totally unhelpful to privatisation . . . and render the whole of the water industry unattractive to the City”.

Cross, who believes both deaths were linked to the pollution, today said there had been a cover-up from the beginning.

“Probably the worst part has been that the medical establishment has hidden information which would have changed the course of the investigation. People would have been looked at and treated if possible,” said Cross, who now lives in Cumbria.

He served on the government’s committee on toxicity, set up to look into the health effects of the pollution disaster, and claims it had been forbidden from looking at medical records and had to rely on anecdotal material.

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Tories Fail To Blag £8.3m Out Of Madman

It is possible they are simply a job creation program for satirists-

“In 1984 my father became mentally ill. He was diagnosed as suffering from paranoia,” he said. “He was tormented by delusions that I and other members of my family were part of a worldwide conspiracy of terrorists and criminals who were trying to kill him. My father refused medical treatment, because he also feared that doctors would harm him. In the grip of his delusions, my father turned to the Conservative Party for help to fight the conspiracy that he imagined. He gave them donations and eventually made two wills leaving them everything that he owned.”

The court heard that Mr Kostic had made the will after saying Margaret Thatcher was “the greatest leader of the free world in history” and that she would save the world from the “satanic monsters and freaks”. 

But of course the conservatives were bastards as ever-

Following the judgement, Zoran, [his son] who lives in Edinburgh, said in a statement that he was “relieved” the case was finally over. But he said he was “disappointed that the Conservative Party Association made it necessary for my family to come to court and to give evidence on private matters that we found deeply distressing”. 

But baby, the money quote (and let’s face it the judge knew he was spinning out some gold with this)-

Handing down his judgement, Mr Justice Henderson, said Mr Kostic would not have left the money to the Tories if he had been “of sound mind”. 

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