Q2N Replay

Can I get a rewind?

The UN’s chief weapons inspector, Mohamed ElBaradei, said today he had seen “no credible evidence” that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, rejecting British intelligence allegations that a weapons programme has been going on for at least four years.

The Guardian too spread propaganda and the media frenzy is ludicrous, but the war pimps objective is not so funny.

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The War Pimps Are Up To Something

I don’t buy this-

America’s spy chief was sent on a secret mission to Israel to warn its leaders not to launch a surprise attack on Iran without notifying the US Administration. As Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, prepares to visit Washington, it emerged yesterday that Leon Panetta, the head of the CIA, went to Israel two weeks ago. He sought assurances from Mr Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, the Defence Minister, that their hawkish new Government would not attack Iran without alerting Washington.

Notice at no point does it say ‘Do not attack’ it just says- Hey, tell us first. But that’s not it, why send the CIA head two weeks before Bibi he comes to Washington. Well it was ahead of the AIPAC conference for one (so, co-ordinating a message, friction but not too much), it also meant…well do you trust the CIA? Are they working wholly for the Obama administration or are they working towards an attack on Iran, or is that the true Washington intention. After all we should now be used to betrayals of the campaign rhetoric. We know spying for Israel will not be prosecuted now and Harman also walked, Senators sign any old shit AIPAC give them and this is from a Murdoch paper, an attempt to isolate and weaken the negotiations route? The generally given reason the US would have to green light an attack is Israeli jets would be flying through US controlled Iraqi airspace, so why have to ask to be warned? The conventional wisdom says the airspace question means Israel has to resolve that to mount an attack with permission, so how come now the US thinks it will be surprised? Would US forces confronted with Israeli jets fire or not? This suggest they had a meet up to try and avoid that situation occurring, but not by ruling out an attack, so what did they discuss, scheduling?

Israeli Ambassador To Australia Forgets Cameras Are Still On

D’oh, obviously war pimping against Iran has stages and they are not at the public roll out of their brand quite yet DownUnder.

Update: Haaretz reports it too-

The Gaza operation was merely a “pre-introduction” to the challenge Israel would face from Iran, which will become a nuclear power within a year, the Israeli ambassador to Australia said Sunday.

War Pimps Broke

More good news, as the empire’s elite wrangle over how to fleece the public the blockade of Iran attempt looks to be dead. This combined with the gossip Bush actually chilled out on Israeli plans to attack Iran looks like imperial overstretch, reality and domestic greed have beaten out the bloodlust of the neocons/zionists for now. Also regarding the poo-pooing of the Israeli aggression Socialist Unity has good piece which discusses how this displays a power dynamic neatly summed up with-

Ultimately, then, a stronger case can be made that the nature of the relationship between the US and Israel is akin to that of a vicious bulldog and its master. Whilst the bulldog might be able to pull its master along on the leash for a while, all it takes is for the master to exert sufficient force on the leash to bring it back into line.

If the Guardian story is to be believed, it appears that Israel’s leash has just been pulled.

Update: Jim Lobe on the blockade resolution in detail.

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Con Coughlin/Telegraph Referred To Press Complaints For Lies

The background from yesterday’s post here (including Coughlin being told to fuck off by former colleagues who have as low an opinion of him as I do) . Now today via Cernig @ Atlargely

Payvand– A complaint was issued today to the Press Complaints Commission concerning an article published in the Daily Telegraph on 12 September which claimed that enriched uranium has disappeared from Iran’s nuclear facility in Isfahan. Quoting an unnamed nuclear official the article, entitled ‘Iran renews nuclear weapons development’, alleged that nuclear material equivalent to that of six atomic bombs have disappeared from Isfahan and are believed to have been relocated to covert installations spotted by American spy satellites.

However the report of International Atomic Energy Agency published on 15th September states that there is no missing nuclear material and that “all nuclear material at the Uranium Conversion Facility in Isfahan remains under Agency containment and surveillance”. Responding to the Telegraph article, IAEA’s media head, Melissa Fleming, said that the allegations are “fictitious” and pointed out that “uranium is not enriched at Isfahan as the Telegraph story states but at the fuel enrichment plant in Natanz.”

The complaint issued today from the Westminster Committee on Iran, raises wider issues of media impartiality when reporting on Iran and raises concerns about the use of unnamed sources and sensationalist headlines. It also points out that the co-author of the piece, Con Coughlin, is none other than the journalist who, with the help of unnamed intelligence sources revealed link between the 9/11 hijacker, Mohammed Ata, and Iraqi intelligence which was latter proved to be inaccurate. On 24 January 2007, relying on an unnamed “European defence official” Coughlin alleged that North Korea is helping Iran prepare a nuclear weapons test. In December the Telegraph ran a headline article, also by Coughlin, claiming that Iran was “grooming Bin Laden’s successor”. Both stories were questioned by Middle East and military experts, and neither has since been substantiated. Jeremy Bowen, the BBC’s Middle East correspondent described the Bin Laden claims as “wholly implausible” and pointed out that Al Quaeda, a Sunni organisation would not be supported by the Shia administration in Iran.

Telegraph Caught Printing Outright Lies By War Pimp Con Coughlin

I should add Coughlin is a neocon who does work that so helps MI6 they really should be paying him…Ahem. So (ht2C&L) Arms Control Wonk writes (links at original post)-

A couple of days ago Con Coughlin and Tim Butcher published an article in the Daily Telegraph that stated Iran had diverted some Hex from the conversion facility as Isfahan:

Nuclear experts responsible for monitoring Iran’s nuclear programme have discovered that enough enriched uranium, which if processed to weapons grade level could be used to make up to six atom bombs, has disappeared from the main production facility at Isfahan.

The article smelled fishy to me, and not just because I think that wrapping fish and chips is the only appropriate use for the Telegraph.

The story seemed patently false, but now we have a statement from the IAEA’s Melissa Fleming. The statement is available from an Iranian website, but I confirmed the authenticity of the statement with a colleague:

“The article, entitled ‘Iran renews nuclear weapons development’ published in [Friday’s] Daily Telegraph by Con Coughlin and Tim Butcher is fictitious,” IAEA Spokeswoman Melissa Fleming said in a statement.

“IAEA inspectors have no indication that any nuclear material is missing from the plant,” reads the statement….

The C&L post by Cernig reports how the bullshit WMD war pimp is the proverbial lie that travels around the world before the truth gets its shoes on, with it turning up in the Jerusalem Post, so we see the function of such lies. Openly false propaganda to serve the warmongering of certain factions laundered through a few media outlets, an exact copy of the WMD lies about Iraq. Which is not surprising as MI6’s favourite hack also did that.

As some consolation Private Eye#1216 (please put all your content on line, it’s called the 21st century Hislop!) reported a few weeks back in Telegraph Watch (retyped by my fair hands from the print edition)-

Emotional scenes at the leaving party for Daily Telegraph veterans Paul Hill and Patsy Dryden, who have been axed after serving on the foreign desk for 37 years and 19 years respectively.

Although many former foreign editors came to the Press House wine bar off Fleet Street to drink their health, there was one who had deliberately not been invited. Step forward Con Coughlin- who turned up nevertheless and found himself buttonholed by Robin Gedye, ex-foreign editor of the Sunday Telegraph.

“You’ve got a fucking nerve turning up here!” Gedye snapped. “you were responsible for sacking half the people in this room. Now fuck off.” Coughlin turned even redder than usual, and off he duly fucked.

Dutch Spooks Reckon Iran Hit Coming

Via Monte who posted @ Stop The Second Holocaust a few places have this, Ynet & The Jerusalem Post and other Israeli sites, Tehran Times and Press TV in Iran and… The Daily Telegraph:-

According to reports in the newspaper De Telegraaf, the country’s intelligence service, the AIVD, has stopped an espionage operation aimed at infiltration and sabotage of the weapons industry in Iran. “The operation, described as extremely successful, was halted recently in connection withing US air attack on Iran,” said the report. “Targets would also be bombed which were connected with the Dutch espionage action.”
plans for an impend

“Well placed” sources told the paper that a top agent had been recalled recently “because the US was thought to be making a decision within weeks to attack Iran with unmanned aircraft”. Information from the AIVD operation has in recent years been shared with the American CIA secret service.”

Brig Gen Seyyed Massoud Jazayeri, deputy chief of the Iranian armed forces, warned at the weekend that military attacks against Iran would trigger a Third World War. “The exorbitant demands of the US leaders and the global Zionism which have created the current situation in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and Caucasus are gradually directing the world to the edge of the cliff,” he said.

The US has refused to rule out a military attack against Iran if its government continues to enrich uranium as part of its civilian nuclear programme, which the West suspects has the clandestine objective of developing atomic weapons. Iran has warned it would close the strategic Strait of Hormuz, the entrance to the Gulf and a major oil shipping route, if it is attacked. On Friday, the Israel newspaper Ma’ariv reported that Israel has stepped up preparations for a contingency plan to attack Iran, should diplomatic efforts, via the United Nations, fail to derail Tehran’s suspected nuclear weapons programme.

As a bargaining tactic to pressure Iran this war pimping seems popular but does it mean more…How well connected is AIVD and is this just further ‘well placed source’ bullshit. I have no idea, but we do know many people want to attack Iran and for my money the timing would be either-

  • Before the US election to aid the campaign of McCain, consequently it would be sometime in October probably, (the Russian situation also plays into this, they have not been in favour of a strike but now with relations so strained the ‘West’ won’t much care).
  • After the Republicans losing the US election, worrying Obama would not be belligerent enough (although little sign) they would attack between the loss and Bush’s handover in January, possibly even at the last minute to leave the mess for the incoming administration.

In either case the attack will be coordinated with Israel, with the UK and other security council shills support. Either scenarios might be preceded by an ‘incident’ that stokes nationalist fervour or disapproval of Iranian human rights, ie. designed to provide a moral narrative to the attack for the gullible majority, icing on the nuclear paranoia cake. An attack will cause a massive upsurge in violence particularly in Iraq and destroy any faint withdrawal chances there were and oil prices will skyrocket, low income people globally will be very badly hit and for the north- winter is coming. Radioactive fallout could spread throughout Iran and beyond, there will be casualties in Iran directly from the attack, depending on the target selection facilities in built up areas could be hit as well as the basic fact precision munitions fail. Civilian deaths both among workers and localised residential areas will be unavoidable. Then there is the Iranian government’s resolve to respond in kind to an attack. This isn’t a country that’s been strangled by sanctions for a decade.

The other implications are also serious-

  • A European nation having agents sabotaging another sovereign country’s industry.
  • America being aware and despite its success they are allegedly wanting to strike anyway (no surprise given weapons inspections worked in Iraq but it didn’t deter the warmongers from invading).

I’m sorry, I am ashamed but I see no realistic means for people to stop the ruling groups from doing this. If it is true that the biggest obstacle to an attack is American military opposition then it’s a sad state of affairs and ultimately a soldier of any rank will obey orders, or be fired until they find someone who will (eg. Christianist politically ambitious conservative Petraeus). Democracy so decayed our elites have to answer to their immediate ultra wealthy global constituency, their ‘base’ and no one else.

There is a racist idea Iran is a suicidal nation that will secretly build nukes and then attack with them. It’s absolute bullshit, they recognise Mutually Assured Destruction just as Israel with its 200 nukes and the US with its thousands do. This is not about having nuclear weapons (which even if Iran wanted them they are years off achieving, learn some fucking science retards) it’s about maintaining imperial power for the US and its client Israel in an oil rich region of the earth. And for the future limiting the supply of nuclear fuel to a few favoured nations which the rest have to buy from at cartel determined prices. For the people of Iran an attack would be disastrous as the authoritarian government will exploit an external threat (just as Bush did in the US, Blair in the UK ) and the chance for political change will be lost. America also needs Iran to help it manage Iraq, quite how it thinks it will survive if Iran pursues all possible avenues to counter-attack is a mystery. Iran resisted Saddam backed by the US at his mightiest and by now few Iraqis welcome the occupation troops anymore. Iran and it’s allies in Iraq… it’ll be The Fall of Saigon 2.0

I don’t think -that- many rational people of whatever political outlook favour an attack, but rational people are not in control. In politics and the corporate media, showmen & women, ideologues, loudmouths and sociopaths peddle fictions to achieve their career goals and the viscera of the slain feels as good to them underfoot as sweet meadow grass. Which is why items like this Dutch spookiness cannot be reflexively discounted for what it may signify.

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War Pimp Regatta

Here’s the churnalism-

Gulf Daily News– NAVY ships from Bahrain, the UK and the US are conducting a joint exercise to track and locate hostile vessels in the Gulf, officials confirmed yesterday. Operation Goalkeeper aims to ensure a lawful maritime order and improve relationships between regional countries.

Led by British Royal Navy Commodore and Combined Task Force (CTF) 152 commander Peter Hudson, it involves training marines in maritime security operations. The five-day exercise, taking place in the central and southern Arabian Gulf, ends today. “Exercise Goalkeeper provides coalition and regional navies an opportunity to fine tune their skills in conducting essential maritime security operations,” said Commodore Hudson.

It provides participants with an opportunity to showcase their ability to locate and track various vessels, practice boarding techniques and work with Bahrain’s coastguard. Coalition vessels participating in the exercise include the RBNS Al Fateh (PGGF 20), HMS Montrose (F 236) and USNS Catawba (T-ATF 168) and coalition maritime patrol aircraft.

Commodore Hudson said the operation’s key focus was handling the command and control in locating and tracking specific vessels deemed to pose a threat to coalition nations. The exercise also allows coalition teams to board the vessel and practice the procedures for handing them over to coastguard ships.

The Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) regularly carry out security operations in the Gulf to promote the region’s stability and prosperity. These seek to prevent potential terrorists using the maritime environment as a venue to attack or transport people and weapons.

Also see IHT and Payvand (ht2 Naj). I think we can surmise the newspeak ‘terrorists’ means Iranian forces resisting a coalition attack. And ‘stability and prosperity’ = practice battle plans so if it is ordered we will be better capable of keeping that lovely oil flowing. And once again distance from American mainland to the Straits of Hormuz:- 8,684 miles, UK to there is:- 3212 miles (as the crow flies), distance from Iran:- 0. So yeah, totally normal for the military forces of these countries to be hanging out there, not at all imperialist-y, no sir-eee!

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From the US National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 254, Posted – August 22, 2008

PR Push for Iraq War Preceded Intelligence Findings

The U.S. intelligence community buckled sooner in 2002 than previously reported to Bush administration pressure for data justifying an invasion of Iraq, according to a documents posting on the Web today by National Security Archive senior fellow John Prados.

The documents suggest that the public relations push for war came before the intelligence analysis, which then conformed to public positions taken by Pentagon and White House officials. For example, a July 2002 draft of the “White Paper” ultimately issued by the CIA in October 2002 actually pre-dated the National Intelligence Estimate that the paper purportedly summarized, but which Congress did not insist on until September 2002.

  • The timing of the CIA’s draft white paper coincides with a previously available draft of the British Government’s white paper on Iraqi WMD, demonstrating that the Bush administration and the Tony Blair government began acting in concert to build support for an invasion of Iraq two to three months earlier than previously understood.
  • A comparison of the CIA draft white paper with its publicly released edition shows that all the changes made were in the nature of strengthening its charges against Iraq by inserting additional alarming claims, in the manner of an advocacy, or public relations document. The draft and final papers show no evidence of intelligence analysis applied to the information contained. Similar comparison of the British white paper shows the same phenomenon at work. (ht2 Iran Affairs)
  • Meet Nukie, The Iranian Nuclear Spaghetti Monster

    Let his creator Cyrus Safdari explain-

    I have been thinking of the “Laptop of Death” alleged evidence about the alleged nuclear weaponization work in Iran which (finally) has been selectively provided by the US to the IAEA, to be used to confront Iran.

    The IAEA has now asked Iran about these allegations, but the IAEA wasn’t actually “permitted” by the US to show the documents to Iran.. Iran is nevertheless expected to prove that it doesn’t secretly intend to make nukes as these alleged documents allegedly allege.

    Now, imagine that using my computer, I draw you a picture of a nuclear spaghetti monster. Then, I show it to you – partially — and demand that you prove that you are not secretly intending to make one these things in the indefinite future. How is this any different from what the IAEA is demanding of Iran?

    Meet Nukie!

    Who knew the Bush regime were pastafarians. Meanwhile also via Iran Affairs an Anti-War takedown of the ‘liberal’ media’s war pimping

    What’s NOT in the IAEA Iran Reports
    by Peter Casey

    Peter Zimmerman carries august credentials. He is a nuclear physicist. He has degrees from Stanford in experimental nuclear and particle physics. He was the top scientist for arms control at the State Department for a number of years. He later served as chief scientist for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He has written scores of papers on nuclear arms and arms control. He is currently emeritus professor of science and security at King’s College in London. All in all, he sounds like someone who knows about nuclear technology, including nuclear weapons, and has the time to think carefully about anything he might write on the subject.

    Or so you would think. But on July 6, 2008, Zimmerman published an opinion piece in the Boston Globe entitled “Time for Iran to Face More Sanctions,” a screed that badly misuses the International Atomic Energy Agency’s May 2008 report on its monitoring of Iran’s nuclear power activities. In his piece, which was later republished in the International Herald Tribune, Zimmerman blatantly tries to terrify Americans about an Iranian nuclear menace that does not exist, may never exist, and poses no realistic threat whatsoever to the United States in any case. His commentary is also solid evidence that the New York Times, which owns both the Globe and the Tribune, is intent on once again disseminating the same sort of nonsense that facilitated a “case” for the Iraq invasion. Read the rest of this entry »

    US Opens Iraq to Israeli Warplanes?

    As Lenin ponders the prospect of an attack on Iran one story he links to is this-

    The US has allowed Israeli jets to use US airbases and fly over Iraqi air space for a likely attack against Iran, Iraqi media say. It is more than a month that some Israeli planes belonging to Israeli air force use the US military bases in Iraq to land and take off, Iraqi Nahrainnet news network said Wednesday, quoting informed sources close to Iraq’s Defense Ministry.

    The activities and traffic of warplanes- especially at nights- has lately increased in the US airbases in Nasiriya southeast of Baghdad and Haditha a city in the western Iraq province of Al Anbar, the Iraqi residents and sources said. They said the US fighters, cargo planes, helicopters and unmanned planes have intensified their flights in the last three weeks.

    The US military officials have imposed severe security measures around the bases, they said. They said some aircraft suspected to be Israeli warplanes coming from Jordan, have landed in the US controlled al-Assad airbase near Haditha.  It is believed that these activities are parts of a joint Israeli-US training, preparation and coordination to launch an air raid against Iran’s nuclear plants.

    Now a lot of that I think is referring to the exercise in June where Israel with US support rattled air attack sabres at Iran, but does it represent further and sustained activity specifically by the IAF? At the same time the Whitehouse is trying to pull off its SOFA con so widespread awareness of Israeli warplanes using bases in Iraq would be an unwelcome and incendiary factor likely to stiffen resistance to SOFA. However if this activity is occurring it makes an Israeli fronted US supported attack on Iran a horribly credible possibility. I also see no mechanism whereby we could stop it, a majority of people are too poorly informed either by intention or ignorance and kneejerk nationalism easily replaces deeper investigation even for people who consider themselves intelligent and well informed. Democratic institutions have been stripped of power and relevance over how governing groups behave. The US political class has not welcomed Dennis Kucinich’s impeachment efforts which represents millions of US (and global) citizen’s wishes, wishes that do not coincide with elite interests and therefore are denied. So what now?

    Murdoch Press Threatens Medialens With Lawyers

    Apparently they don’t like having their Iran attack war pimping pointed out to them, they run away like little babies and send the lawyers in, which is odd considering how much they love war. This is a new wrinkle if media watchdogs are to be attacked by deep pocketed corporate entities to silence all dissent well…it’s only to be expected sadly. Full details at Medialens front page (soon to be archived here). And some coverage in the Grauniad here. A taster-

    On June 28 and July 3, Media Lens received repeated threats of both legal and police action from Alastair Brett, legal manager of News International’s Times Newspapers.

    Brett claimed Times journalist Bronwen Maddox had been subject to “vexatious and threatening” emails from Media Lens readers, which constituted “harassment”. If this did not stop, Brett told us, he would notify the police who might wish to investigate the matter with a view to bringing a criminal prosecution. As former New Statesman editor, Peter Wilby, noted in his Guardian article on the Times threat, this was no joke – prosecution for criminal harassment “can lead to six months’ imprisonment or, if a court order is breached, up to five years”.

    The only email NI cite which was troubling is from a nutter-

    As usual, many emails were copied or forwarded to us. We saw precisely one that could conceivably be described as “vexatious and threatening”. The email read:

    “You have know [sic] idea who you are dealing with here. But I do like to help. I suggest that you read this [an inaccessible Facebook website entry] very, very carefully and fully. You have until 4pm Monday to respond to my original email or I will deem you to be fired.”

    This was also the only email offered up as evidence to Wilby for his Guardian piece. Unprompted by us, the offending emailer had earlier written to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, informing one executive:

    “If you take more than 1 working day to reply to this email without a reason that I consider acceptable you can consider yourself fired.”

    He also wrote to around 40 senior UK editors and journalists in June describing Media Lens as “a pack of absolute tossers”.

    Medialens do not have the resources to fight this, various legal advice found NI to be generally ridiculous in their reaction [Another lawyer cited a barrister friend who nutshelled his view of the credibility of the Times’s case: “Tell them to f*ck off.”] but with the muscle to make this ugly, however-

    The happy result of this episode is that a number of high-powered legal minds have offered us their services free of charge should the need arise in future.

    And Medialens reminds us what this is really about-

    In significant part as a result of the actions of the British media, more than one million human beings are now lying dead in Iraq. In fact, the entire country has been subject to unrelenting destruction and slaughter by two decades of Western policy rooted in selfish greed. All of this has been buried in official propaganda, media silence and compromised ’balance’ – it barely exists for the public. And of course there is more and worse. Almost unbelievably, the media’s Iran focus 2008 is near-identical to the media’s Iraq focus 2002-2003. It is entirely possible that hundreds of thousands of people will soon be lying dead in Iran as a result of sanctions and war, just across the border from Iraq.

    So legal nonsense aside, this is guilty parties continuing to war pimp and attacking with any means those who call them out on it. In Iraq that will mean rape, murder and torture, back here they use their wealth and the legal system to attack. But it is a continuum and war pimp hacks and war criminals on the ground overseas all have blood on their hands and will direct their brutality where necessary to achieve their objectives, through means relevant to the context of each situation. Solidarity in speaking truth to power is vital while the rapacious hunger of imperialism is unbound.

    MoD Lies Even As It Admits Lying

    The full truth about the destruction of an RAF Hercules aircraft was covered up by the Ministry of Defence to deny Iraqi insurgents a propaganda victory. The MoD said the C-130J was involved in an “incident” on landing and there was no evidence of hostile action.

    The report makes it clear that planted improvised explosive devices were suspected within an hour of the blasts last year. But defence officials decided to cover up the full truth about the second incident to deny opponents of coalition operations a high-profile propaganda coup.

    The report, published on the MoD website, hails their “sound and well-reasoned approach” to releasing information about the incident and the subsequent aircraft destruction. It notes this resulted in “minimal media interest” and “denied the enemy the opportunity to exploit the situation for the benefit of their IO (information operations) campaign”.

    A spokesman for the MoD said: “It is our duty to protect the security of troops on operations. “At times this means we may need to restrict the flow of information for a period of time to protect that security. We would not deliberately mislead the public.”

    Not unusual for the War Ministry to propagandise us-

    Britain has no statute such as that in the US preventing the military, government or intelligence agencies conducting domestic psyops and disinformation campaigns on their own populace. But it may as well be the case that the US doesn’t either. In the modern information age, a lie can travel around the world before the truth can get its boots on.

    But in this case not misleading the public would mean saying ‘No Comment’ because they knew it was enemy action. But instead they put about the story of an ‘incident” on landing and there was no evidence of hostile action. That is clearly a big old fib, they went over the line, they did mislead, yet again the spokeperson (because it is habitual) lies again “We would not deliberately mislead the public.”

    This isn’t that big a deal, surely most sane informed people take any report by the MoD with a large (huge!) pinch of salt, but what else is a fiction that currently goes undiscovered, what of Ben Griffin still apparently gagged from speaking publicly of his evidence of the UK government, the Cabinet knowingly involved in US torture? There is a terrible traditional preference for secrecy in this country, a classist disrespect for the people by the establishment, a patronising attitude that we are foolish children not to be entrusted with truths. Would this have helped the insurgency? Well they would know they succeeded, the big explosiony things and reports of a Hercules down kinda would have tipped that off. So only as a wider propaganda element is it applicable and in that sense covering it up is saving government embarrassment during a massively unpopular war, the MoD admits this through the medium of jargonese “denied the enemy the opportunity to exploit the situation for the benefit of their IO (information operations) campaign”. And the reports low coverage shows the media isn’t overly keen on reporting how easily it is co-opted in the MoD’s IO campaign. This is not Britain under siege in WWll, journalists doing what the government tells them are not helping the war effort (and in that period that consensus was abused by the establishment)! This was a war of choice where the case was made through massive manipulation of the media, who are largely unrepentant.

    Extremists Plotting in Secret

    He [Bush] holds a “closed door” meeting with Lord Blair of Kut al-Amara – a man stupendously unfit to run any Middle East “peace”, which is presumably why the meeting had to be “closed door” – but tells the world of the blessings of Israeli democracy. As if the Palestinians benefit from a democracy which is continuing to take from them the land which they have owned for generations.

    Also see Bush’s Nazi-Iran Analogy by Jim Lobe.

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    Q2N Relentless: MI6 War Pimp Chums Up With Mossad

    That’s ‘Sir’ John Scarlett (y’know dodgy dossier with Campbell, Knighted by Blair for services rendered…)

    Sir John Scarlett, the head of the British Intelligence Agency MI6 is expected to visit Israel for talks with his Israeli counterpart, Mossad chief Meir Dagan, The Sunday Times reported on Sunday.  In a bid to step up what Israeli officials call “strategic dialogue,” Dagan is expected to brief Scarlett on Israel’s latest information on the Iranian nuclear program, which was described as “a breakthrough”.

    This is another example of why not holding people accountable, prosecuting them, simply means they keep on working in the same bloody and dishonest way and here we are 5 years later, here comes another war. Blair was not impeached, Bush has not been impeached and for that another tide of blood is coming.

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