I’m so great! Now to be honest I think perhaps I was a bit British and stand offish about web awards that pass along blogtopia, while they do have the aspect of a chain meme they also mean something else- a degree of peer approval- Kudos from a fellow intertubes scribbler, and it is silly and British & stiff upper lippy to ignore because they are a friendly passing on of respect. So I added a section down the sidebar called it Peer Approval and displayed my treasure and O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! I have another! From Godless Liberal Homo, the Brillante Weblog Award. Now then as with many such awards there are a package of rules that mean I am meant to pick other blogs to award which is where I run aground, in this case you are meant to pick ‘at least‘ 7. Now I don’t think I will make any hard and fast rules here, sometimes I will obey the rule, sometimes not all based on how I feel at the time (flighty ain’t I?) and right now, this being Saturday night an’ all, I feel like passing it on. So just right now ‘at least‘ 7 blogs (and yes, consider me bribed by their comments, consider this entire exercise conceptual satire of Iain Dale-ism if you like) that get a wave are –

  • Abiding in Bolivia, Inca Kola News (aha! the ‘at least‘ 7 bit is played, but after the recent events these two kicked arse)
  • Complex System of Pipes (hey I first typed ‘Pies’ there, which would also be a good blog. Keeping the Republic of Manchester radical, salut!)
  • HarpyMarx (The feminista shining the light on govt. attacks on welfare and the most vulnerable, plus art and other good stuff)
  • Jotman (because he keeps track of things and does research and is a one man media empire)
  • NeoResistance (A Persian Princess of culture, resistance and edification)
  • NoBorders S.Wales (doing hard essential work fighting the migrant gulag)
  • Ruins of Empire (cos Rafael has a new podcat out, yes folks a blog that talks!)

Please don’t feel aggrieved anyone, this is just right now and of course day to day peer approval is evidenced in blogrolls.

And as a side note to be honest I’ve got a micheivous yen for a worst blog awards which is quite easily decided: pro-war, conservative, bigoted, church of the free market? – You Won!

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10 Responses to “Brillante!”

  1. harpymarx Says:

    Ahh bless ya comrade to include me. I am very flattered. Btw: you’re not so bad yourself..!


  2. otto Says:

    So who’s Iain Dale?

  3. RickB Says:

    Harpy- You’re only saying that cos it’s true! Did I say I was modest too?

    Otto- A good question, he’s a tory party blogger who has appointed himself expert on the uk blogosphere, he runs polls top blogs etc and appears in the media. However to the actual blogosphere he has a somewhat less salubrious reputation and indulges in the usual ragbag of of stuff right wing blogs (and some naughty lefties) are infamous for. However his genius is self promotion and being in with the establishment which I find somewhat negates the point of new media.

  4. ralfast Says:

    Thanks for the send up. It is good be back surfing the ether.

  5. libhomo Says:

    Pagan Sphinx worded this particular blog award in a smart way I wish I had thought of. She described it as building solidarity.

  6. RickB Says:

    That’s a good description, those ancient Egyptians weren’t just all mummies and cat worship.

  7. noborderswales Says:

    Cheers for the support!

  8. RickB Says:

    My pleasure NBSW, fight the power!

  9. Dave (The Void) Says:

    Thanks Rick 🙂

  10. RickB Says:

    No probs Mr Dave!

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