Carnival of Socialism- Halloween Special!

cshhSoil yourself in abject terror! For while the Godly forces of good, common sense neoliberalism feed public wealth into the hands of kindly capitalists to keep their financial houses going EVIL lefties gather and plot such horrors as -Healthcare, Welfare, Social Justice, Peace and Human Rights. Come with me on a terrifying journey into the heart of darkness of this global conspiracy that threatens bankers’ multi million dollar bonuses, every friendly arms dealer’s priceless collection of snuff porn and threatens the very business of Earth upon which we depend with its dangerous ideas of ecological ‘facts’. And remember if you hear a whisper from behind you of ‘People Not Profits’ run as if your very life depended on it and never, ever look back for no-one can gaze upon the face of Satan and live!

Hark but who is that stumbling through the graveyard, it is Zombie Lenin and rustling through the eaves the wind whispers debates of democratic centralism, Louis Proyect muses about John Molyneux on party democracy, previously Harpymarx had thoughts and discussion. While David Semple gets all Five Point Plan-y. And The Soul of a Man Under Capitalism.

Quick run to the television and turn it off, like Halloween 3 The Season of the Witch or Pulse,there is a dangerous signal coming from it- Equal Rights for Palestinians! Don’t whatever you do visit Jews Sans Frontieres and write a letter in support of The Daily Show!

But be careful that letter doesn’t get into the hands of The Postman (well it terrified me at least), in fact any Posties, male or female may be filthy trade unionists, attempting to serve the public instead of help corporations make greater profits as is our Holy Duty. Socialist Worker went to a depot Socialist Unity had A Striking Postal Worker speak out! A Very Public Sociologist had the Socialist Party’s leaflet- Victory to the Postal Workers!

And then more co-operation, or should we call it what is- conspiracy! Like an invading hive minded alien presence the Green Party and Respect won’t pointlessly fight each other-

…the fact that both Caroline Lucas and Salma Yaqoob have indicated that if both were elected to Parliament they could work closely together was extremely persuasive. Salma’s support for Green candidates in the North West and West Midlands at the recent European elections trumped concerns that others in Respect campaigned against us.

The Green Left welcome it, Oh Noes!!!! Will divide and rule fail to stem this tide? They’ll start admiring human dynamo Evo Morales next and his Ten Commandments (of evil!). And like a Cannibal Holocaust even noble coups are not running to plan anymore but the odd resolution is…odd and *Gulp* lefty subversives are showing the IMF they can run countries better than neoliberals! (But hey Hugo, better to be a character in Michael Moore’s jokes than hang with Ahmadinejad). And here’s Matt Sellwood Green Parliamentary candidate for Hackney North and Stoke Newington further showing how green lefties work (at work)! Quick buy a Hummer now and eat lots of meat before they save the planet from us!

Stei091008What of the Haunted House of Horrors of Afghanistan? Have demons possessed our brave boys™ they admire and agree with war resistor Joe Glenton, it’s a liberal conspiracy!. And like a bad sequel what have we done to Pakistan? Analysis by Muhammad Idrees Ahmad. And Poppies, Third Estate, Harpy, Me.

Luckily our wise leaders have ensured the dangerous masses are correctly labelled, Domestic Extremists and given top assasin propagandist a job protecting the Thick Blue Line.

Now beware a Marxist Zombie, muse on Feminism and Vampires and while Manchester saw off the EDL, Wrexham needs you or canvas for John McDonnell.

And finally beware lefties with allen keys this night…


The Bigger Picture

While some US liberals are rejoicing at the findings of this Pew poll that Fox news is seen as the most ideological network,


A larger point may be being missed, therefore I have helpfully added a corrective-

pewchomskyForest, trees, you get the picture. Gotta love the ‘Neither’ answers.

Friday! Efterklang- Mirador

Currently touring the UK, this video is by Hvass & Hannibal who have done all the band’s recent artwork.

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Science Defeated By Drug War Hysteria

The UK’s chief drugs adviser has been sacked by Home Secretary Alan Johnson, after criticising government policies. Professor David Nutt, head of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, criticised the decision to reclassify cannabis to Class B from C. He accused ministers of devaluing and distorting evidence and said drugs classification was being politicised.

Well I told you so ‘Which means they will be ignoring this yet again‘ almost two years ago. But really I do love well paid professionals who are all surprised when New Labour turn out to be scumbags, What no WMD, well I never! To be honest I think they know but I refer you back to the ‘well paid’ bit. The consultation scam is a fig leaf over our lack of democracy and a great employment program for those involved, and that -very apparently- is all it is.

So in the absence of …erm science what shall we have inform drugs policy now we are going down the faith based route? (Faith in reactionary establishment hypocrites that is). How about Jeremy Kyle throwing darts at tabloid stories to decide things ‘He’s scored a double red top, The Suns says lock up these evil drug fiends. Home Secretary… he say Yes!‘ Or class it up a bit (a tiny tiny tiny bit) when Cameron comes along and have Noel Edmonds picking ideas out of little cases while Simon Cowell decides sentences all the while smirking at all the drugs he has *never* taken. This is as ridiculous as government by fundamentalist Christians who reject evolution and have creationism taught in schools, when will we ever have an adult, informed drug policy as opposed to a quasi mystical fear that keeps authoritarians in salaried employment (and banks liquid), authoritarians who -as I am sure many of us have observed- use drugs too.

Malalai Joya on Democracy Now

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Eloquent Protest IV

Cyrus Thatcher was a teenager from Reading who joked that his atrocious spelling was typical of a young infantryman. Yet this Remembrance Sunday his words will echo out across a West End theatre alongside those of the noted poet Wilfred Owen – another soldier who died in battle.

Actor Jason Isaacs, famed for his roles in the Harry Potter films, will be reading out Rifleman Thatcher’s letters at Eloquent Protest – a powerful piece of theatre fusing poetry, music and drama to honour the fallen.

The actor, who worked extensively with soldiers while filming Paul Greengrass’s thriller Green Zone alongside Matt Damon recently, said he had developed a nuanced understanding and enormous respect for the men and women of the forces and their pride in putting their training into action. But he said it was also important to remember the toll war took on those coming home. Among others appearing will be actor Sam West, who will be reading Wilfred Owen’s “Futility”, and former SAS soldier Ben Griffin, who will be reading Siegfried Sassoon’s, “A Soldier’s Declaration”.

8 November at Duke of York’s Theatre in London. Proceeds from the £18 tickets will go to the Mark Wright Project, set up in honour of the 27-year-old Corporal from the 3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment, who was killed when British forces first went into Helmand in 2006 to help ex-servicemen and women overcome the mental wounds of war.

PDF with more details and full cast, good to see Ben Griffin is involved even if he can’t use his own words.

Domestic Extremists

I think the essence of the current expose of our police state is in Mark Thomas’ piece-

The Metropolitan police circulated the card specifically for the Docklands biannual arms fair in London to help its officers identify “people at specific events who may instigate offences or disorder”. Which is such a flattering quote I am thinking of having it on my next tour poster. While being wanted outside the arms fair, I was legitimately inside researching a book on the subject, and uncovered four companies illegally promoting “banned” torture equipment. Questions were later asked in the Commons as to why HM Revenue & Customs and the police didn’t spot it. Though, in fairness, none of the torture traders featured on the spotter card.

It’s all about who is perceived as the enemy and who is not, and who has power and who does not. That we expect more of the police is testament to the effectiveness of corporate media and their incessant cops shows that eulogise mythic heroes with badges. They are doing a job and the job is what the people with the most capital tell them it is, now that shouldn’t be the case in a democracy.

All three units divide their work into four categories of domestic extremism: animal rights campaigns; far-right groups such as the English Defence League; “extreme leftwing” protest groups, including anti-war campaigners; and “environmental extremism” such as Climate Camp and Plane Stupid campaigns.

So as a vegetarian, anti-imperialist with an eco-socialist bent, it’s suspicious I get 3 out of 4. If I was pro-war, loved vivisection and ran a hedge fund this new secret police project would work out just peachy for me. A political secret police force, are we sure when the Berlin Wall came down that wasn’t actually a successful invasion by the Stasi? Seems only the EDL makes it as unacceptable right wing behaviour (although to be fair surely they would also qualify as special needs too? An issue for social workers as well as the police).

Concern about the environment (y’know that thing we all live in and without we’d sort of die) the beasties within it (that includes us) and a disliking of the propensity for some of the human beasties to kill and torture others so they can steal their stuff makes me a dangerous subversive, a domestic extremist. My conscience can sit a whole lot better with that than it could if say… I were a policeman. The warning from recent history is Neoliberalism leads to a police state, it can only survive through an authoritarian repression of the disempowered, poor and disenfranchised, dissent is necessarily crushed. The challenges that face the human race are vast, our own life support system is in danger but those who cause the worst damage also hold the most power and Change is naught but a brand for election marketing purposes. The repression of those with a vision of the future that is not just Mad Max writ large is suicidally stupid, but that’s not even in contention. What happens now happens because it keeps the ruling class & corporatocracy where they believe they should be and if that leaves the vast majority of the human race utterly fucked, well that’s where the whole police thing comes into play (and internationally the military). These reports show they are just diligently laying the groundwork to maintain control on behalf of the criminals who are causing this crisis, through ACPO & their familiars they are choosing to do this more enthusiastically then ever. As Chief Constables socialise with corporate CEO’s it is inevitable they identify with them, their world view and their solutions, not to mention the big wodges of cash to be had. I don’t think most people want it this way, I don’t think people of good conscience want to have to treat the police as a hostile occupying paramilitary force, just as rank and file ought to realise this is inevitable if this continues.