Power of Abuse

Naj:- The most newsworthy item of Friday’s 22 Bahman celebrations was Ahmadinejad’s speech (that is before evidence of torturing Karoubi’s 37 year old son were broadcast by his brave mother; who in a public letter to the supreme leader exposed the bruises of his naked son to the world; declaring with all dignity a mother can muster, that her son was threatened to rape! To utter this in Iran requires a LOT of courage; for IRan is a society where the victims of rape or rape threat are more stigmatized than the rapists–yes this is ALSO a metaphore for our post-election times.)

Arguments over the legitimacy of Ahmadinejad’s election rumble on in ego inflected dullness, Iranians are right to deplore a government that behaves this way. Just as we deplore out torturing government (and notice how being bombed by F-16’s does not immediately spring to mind as a solution to Miliband’s lies).

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