Go: Cards Profit Off The Poor

This is a slick marketing operation to make money off the poorest people, disgusting. Given how much the govt. bailed out the banks and in fact own one they could have put into place regulations that mean people on benefits get free banking, of course they didn’t which tells its own story (even as neoliberalism is being proven not to work).(ht2 The Socialist Way)

People in some of the poorest parts of the country are having benefits paid onto pre-paid cards, but many are not aware of the costs involved. An internal e-mail from the Department for Work and Pensions expresses concern at the lack of customer awareness. One benefit office has received requests to pay benefits for almost 100 people directly onto these pre-paid cards, which incur charges.

The card providers say the cards promote financial inclusion. However when staff at the Clyde and Fife Benefits Delivery Centre contacted customers before processing the requests, they found that the majority of customers were not aware of the charges.

One of the companies mentioned in the e-mail sent 46 applications to the benefit office requesting benefits to be paid on to a GO: Card. The forms were accompanied by a letter from Go Money Solutions sales director, Steve Tobin. In the letter Mr Tobin says the forms were obtained “through face to face marketing” in the local area.

A GO: Card costs £10 to buy and a £7.50 annual management fee is charged after the first month. It costs a minimum of £1.25 and a maximum of £2.50 to have each benefit loaded on to the card and the same charges apply for each cash withdrawal.

Curiouser…Plaid Leader Says Secret Document Proves Blair Did Iraq Deal With Bush

PLAID Cymru’s Westminster leader [MP Elfyn Llwyd] yesterday revealed he has seen a top secret document that he says “proves beyond doubt” Tony Blair did a deal with George Bush to invade Iraq one year before the war.

Meirionnydd Nant Conwy MP Elfyn Llwyd insists he has seen highly confidential documents that prove “incontrovertibly” that the two men reached an agreement 11 months before the invasion.

Mr Llwyd said: “I think other things should have been pursued (at the inquiry), in particular the detailed conversation at the ranch in Crawford in April 2002.

“I do know for certain that the deal was struck, so just to pretend months down the road that no deal had been struck I think is unforgivable. I have offered to give evidence and Chilcot has said ‘I’ll come back to you’.”

Mr Llwyd said when the classified document was leaked to him five years ago the security forces became aware and that led to a visit from the Metropolitan Police. Asked if he still had the document he said: “No comment.”

He added: “I’m sorry I am being cagey about it, I simply don’t want the plod knocking on my door again. It created a huge interest among the intelligence community and a section of the Met came.


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