Miliband Once Again Claiming Torture Is The Price Of US Intel

Efforts will be stepped up tomorrow to suppress evidence of British involvement in the unlawful treatment of a UK resident, Binyam Mohamed, who says he was tortured in Pakistan, Morocco, and Afghanistan before being secretly rendered to Guantánamo Bay.

The foreign secretary, David Miliband, is appealing against six high court judgments ruling that CIA information on Mohamed’s treatment, and what MI5 and MI6 knew about it, must be disclosed.

In a case which lawyers on all sides agree is unprecedented, counsel for the Guardian and other media organisations, Mohamed and two civil rights groups, Liberty and Justice, will argue tomorrow that the public interest in disclosing the role played by British and US agencies in unlawful activities far outweighs any claim about potential threats to national security.

Miliband’s lawyers will tell Britain’s three most senior appeal court judges, led by the lord chief justice, Igor Judge, that if the CIA material is disclosed the US might cut off the supply of intelligence to the UK, thus harming national security.

I am a little sick of the he said she said shuffle the two governments do, much like the laundering of fake intelligence to pimp the Iraq war, both are in fact colluding in this charade, neither want to let out evidence of their war crimes and both will tell different stories to their domestic audiences. You can bet Obama is not making a big speech about threatening to cut off intelligence, 1.Because he likes to do his Bush-shit quietly but really… 2. Because there is no threat. They have both agreed on this defence to cover up their crimes. Now if Washington could not rely on New Labour’s acquiescence then the threat might be real, but they can, so it isn’t, dig? Pantomime done, release the evidence and let’s get these torturing scumbags into court…I wish.

Cruel Britannia

Human Rights Watch- British Complicity in the Torture and Ill-treatment of Terror Suspects in Pakistan

Guardian on it (ht2 D-Notice)

• It is inconceivable that the UK government was unaware of the systematic use of torture in Pakistan.

• UK officials engaged in acts that virtually required they knew about the use of torture in specific cases.

• UK officials supplied questions and lines of inquiry to Pakistan intelligence sources in cases in which detainees were tortured.

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Like Bush Never Left

Pursuant to new powers delegated to him by Congress, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has executed an order blocking the release of photos depicting the torture of detainees. In doing so, it becomes highly unlikely that the Supreme Court will further consider making the photos public, as a lower court had ordered.

Tortuous- MOD To Investigate… MOD

I’m sure the truth will out… also notice how occupation meant such crimes would go unreported and continued, wanna take a a guess what we are getting up to in Afghanistan? And what the US does at Bagram? But it’s ok, prisoners can be waterboarded 183 times and everyone will still celebrate the justice™ of having him on trial in New York. Let the Inquisition commence. Meanwhile back to the allegations I am sure we can trust the MOD to investigate-

The Independent:- Claims that British soldiers recreated the torture conditions of Abu Ghraib to commit the sexual and physical abuse of Iraqi civilians are being investigated by the Ministry of Defence.

The fresh allegations raise important questions about collusion between Britain and America over the ill-treatment of Iraqi prisoners during the insurgency. In one case, British soldiers are accused of piling bodies of Iraqi prisoners on top of each other and subjecting them to electric shocks, an echo of the abuse at the notorious US detention centre at Baghdad’s Abu Ghraib prison.

One claimants says he as raped by two British soldiers, and others say they were stripped naked, abused and photographed. For the first time, British female soldiers are accused of aiding in the sexual and physical abuse of detainees.

The 33 new cases, which form part of a pre-action protocol letter served on the MoD last week, include allegations of other torture techniques widely employed by the Americans, including mock executions, dog attacks and exposure to pornography.

In one of the most disturbing cases, Nassir Ghulaim, a young Iraqi, says his torture was based on the photographs taken from Abu Ghraib. He says he was playing football with friends in April 2007 when he was approached by British soldiers in Jeeps. Their interpreter told two of the Iraqis the soldiers wanted them to go with them to a British base.

When he arrived at the camp his blindfold was removed and he was surrounded by six to eight soldiers, he says. “The soldiers asked us to pick fights with one another, or fight them. The soldiers were laughing and taking photos. The soldiers then made us squeeze together in a pile, while a soldier stood on top of us and shouted and laughed.”

Mr Ghulaim says the soldiers then forced a younger Iraqi male to strip naked and started playing with his penis and taking photographs. When Mr Ghulaim refused to fight, a soldier kicked him hard on his back and he fell on the floor. “A soldier started hitting me with a baton on my knees and used an electric baton on various parts of my body,” he adds. After three days of detention, Mr Ghulaim was freed without charge.

Hussain Hashim Khinyab, 35, who has three children, was arrested in April 2006. He claims that he was badly tortured at the British camp at Shaaibah and later sexually abused by female personnel. He alleges that when he was moved from solitary confinement to the camp’s detention halls he saw male and female soldiers engaging in sexual intercourse in front of the prisoners. He says this was done to deliberately humiliate the inmates.

In May 2003, a 16-year-old Iraqi was among a group of Iraqis taken to the Shatt-al-Arab British camp to help fill sandbags. When the Iraqi youth, who wishes to remain anonymous, and his friends had filled the available sandbags, a British soldier indicated that he should enter a room, from where he assumed that he was to retrieve more sand bags, he says.

On entering the room, he claims he saw two British male soldiers engaged in oral sex. As soon as the two men saw him enter, they started to beat and kick him, he alleges. When he fell to the floor, one of the men held a blade to his neck while the other soldier stripped him naked. Although he screamed in protest, the two British soldiers, one after the other, raped him.

In the legal letter to the MoD, Phil Shiner, the lawyer representing all the Iraqis, said: “Due to the wider access of information and disclosure in the US, we do know that sexual humiliation was authorised as an aid to interrogation at the highest levels of the US administration. Given the history of the UK’s involvement in the development of these techniques alongside the US, it is deeply concerning that there appears to be strong similarities between instances of the use of sexual humiliation.”

Mazin Younis, a leading Iraqi human rights activist working in the UK, said a lot of the new cases he had seen included allegations of sexual humiliation techniques which were part of what he said was a wider culture of abuse. He added: “This is very similar to what was happening at Abu Ghraib and was clearly employed to try to break the will of the detainees. Hundreds of soldiers must have witnessed this abuse but must either think this was acceptable behaviour or were told by their superiors to turn a blind eye.”

Mr Shiner says that the new cases became known after the British withdrawal from Iraq this year. He added: “Many of these Iraqis were frightened to come forward and only now have been able to gather the courage to do so. That is no mean feat given what they have been through.”

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Lack of Courage

(Reuters) – A former British soldier told an inquiry on Monday into allegations of abuse by British troops in Iraq that he saw two of his colleagues kick and hit a handcuffed Iraqi detainee shortly before he died. Baha Mousa, a 26-year-old hotel clerk, died some 24 hours after he and six others were arrested by the British army in 2003 during a sweep of hotels in the southern Iraqi city of Basra looking for weapons.

In 2007, British soldier Corporal Donald Payne was ordered out of the army and jailed for a year after he pleaded guilty at a court martial to inhumane treatment of Mousa and other Iraqi detainees. His lawyer said he was carrying out orders. A public inquiry was launched in London earlier this year to establish exactly how Mousa came to die and to examine the British military’s use of techniques to attempt to break prisoners during interrogation. In a statement to the inquiry, former Private Garry Reader said for the first time that he saw Payne and another soldier kicking and hitting a struggling Mousa as they tried to drag him into a detention facility.

“I don’t believe he was a threat. I just think he was injured and wanted to get help,” Reader said. He said Payne and the other soldier, a private, had both been “very aggressive”.
“They did anything within their power to get him back into the room. As I left I could hear screaming coming from the room. There was no way that Baha Mousa could escape, he was in a compound full of soldiers, he looked a bit dazed and wouldn’t have got anywhere.”

Reader said he later returned to the detention room and found Mousa slumped and unresponsive, and had tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate him. He said he had not spoken out about the incident before as he had been a serving soldier and “didn’t want any repercussions”. He added: “Six years on I do feel able to say what was true and give my best recollection of what happened. I believe that Corporal Payne and Private Cooper caused the death of Baha Mousa.” Last year, Britain’s Ministry of Defence agreed to pay nearly 3 million pounds ($5 million) compensation to Mousa’s family and other Iraqis beaten by British troops in 2003. (Reporting by Michael Holden; editing by Tim Castle)

My Offer To Naiara Amselem, Lewis W. Amselem’s Daughter

On Friday evening I got three comments on this post about Lewis Amselem purporting to be from one Naiara Amselem, Lewis W. Amselem’s daughter. They were silly and insulting and not a little entertaining, perhaps alcohol or other drugs were involved, just a little drunk trolling. However, given indications that she genuinely is Naiara Amselem, I am making her this offer:-

I will pay and have shipped to the address of your choosing the book The Blindfold’s Eyes by Sister Dianna Ortiz. This comes with two simple conditions:

  1. The address must be a legitimate one perhaps c/o a place of employment or university, I don’t want the book to be wasted (and neither should young ladies give their home addresses out to all and sundry on the internet).
  2. Within 4 weeks of the book being sent you show some evidence of having read it, a review, a reaction or whatever, you can post that or a link to it in comments here.

Contact me through your Facebook account so I know you are genuine, I am at So there you go, that’s my offer Naiara (a lovely Basque name if I may say so) one generation does not have to continue the misdeeds of a previous one, the truth will set you free! Please avail yourself of the offer to read the book, know what was done in your name by, among others, your father. A lifetime of not being able to look yourself in the eyes is no life at all.

Monterrico Metals Majaz Torture Case Comes To Britain

I do trust they will be hauling ‘Ambassador’ Richard Ralph up before the court too (ht2 Otto)-

Hundreds of people had converged on the mine from communities scattered across the region. Some had walked for several days to reach the site. Once there, they say, they were attacked by the mine’s security guards and by contingents of the Peruvian federal police firing teargas.

Two protesters were shot in their legs, one man lost an eye to gunshot wounds and a farmer called Melanio Garcia, 41, suffered a fatal gunshot. Photographs allegedly taken by a Monterrico supervisor, which the protesters say support their allegations of abuse by the police, show Garcia lying on the ground, apparently alive but badly injured. Several other pictures taken 30 hours later, according to their time and date stamps, clearly show Garcia to be dead.

The protesters – who have launched a multimillion-pound claim for damages at the high court in London – claim Garcia was left to bleed to death at the mine site. Monterrico says Garcia was shot some distance from the mine and it vigorously denies that any of its officers or employees were in any way involved with the alleged abuses at Rio Blanco.

Richard Meeran, of Leigh Day, the London law firm bringing the high court case, said the evidence of torture was incontrovertible and that it was inconceivable the company could have been unaware of what was happening on its site.

One of the former mine employees said in his statement that before the protest began the manager of the mine’s security force gave orders to the police “pointing out strategic points of the operation on a map, for instance, geographical points, the rotation of the police personnel and the dangers they could encounter in each area. He also explained that they had to report every 10 to 15 minutes via the Motorola radio to the management of the mining company.”

When the protesters arrived, he added: “The police shot teargas immediately. I saw the community members who wanted to talk but this was immediately denied and they were teargassed. After this clash the community members, who were about 500 or 600, retreated and stopped at about 15 metres from the police. It could be observed that among the protesters there were some children, young ladies, and elderly people. The community members raised the national flag, and sang the national anthem.”

See previous posts.

The Nobel Prize For Covering Up Torture

And note this judge is a former member of the US military and a Reagan appointee.

A federal court upheld Friday the US government’s decision to censor statements made by Guantanamo Bay detainees about their treatment at Central Intelligence Agency-run prisons.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a human rights group, had argued that the government should declassify redacted information contained in statements that detainees made before tribunals at Guantanamo Bay.

But Judge Royce Lamberth of the US District Court for the District of Columbia on Friday declined the ACLU’s request, which was made under the Freedom of Information Act.

“The court finds that defendants have shown that damage to national security would reasonably result if the detainees’ statements were disclosed, and that defendants did not classify portions of the detainees’ statements to conceal violations of the law or prevent embarrassment,” Lamberth wrote.

Ben Wizner, a staff attorney with the ACLU’s National Security Project slammed the decision and the US government’s insistence on fighting declassification of the material.

…and Now Their Torture Cover Up Is Failing

The High Court has ruled that US intelligence documents containing details of the alleged torture of a former UK resident can be released.
Ethiopian-born Binyam Mohamed, 31, who spent four years in Guantanamo Bay, claims British authorities colluded in his torture while in Morocco.

Mr Miliband said the government stood “firmly against torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment”, but he vowed to continue to challenge the court’s ruling “in the strongest possible terms”. “I am determined that the vigour with which we fight this case will maintain the confidence of and send a clear message to all our intelligence partners across the world,” he said.

“The United Kingdom will protect the information that you share with us and uphold the principle that it is for you, not us or our courts, to decide if and when to release such material in to the public domain.”

The US also denies any allegations of torture concerning Mr Mohamed.

Miliband, the cognitive dissonance is strong in this one, he will go far in the Sith New Labour.

Baha Mousa & The Rotten Barrel

Baha Mousa was tortured to death by British troops. There is little need to wonder about whether our forces were given the green light to torture,they were-

[June 2007] The Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, is facing accusations that he told the Army its soldiers were not bound by the Human Rights Act when arresting, detaining and interrogating Iraqi prisoners.

Such were the concerns of legal advisers on the ground over the Attorney General’s views that the MoD arranged for the senior legal adviser at the Foreign Office, Gavin Hood, to visit Permanent Joint Headquarters to settle any worries. Crucially, the emails make clear Lord Goldsmith’s legal opinion was not shared by Colonel Mercer, who contacted his superiors in London to ask for guidance after he had witnessed the hooding of 40 Iraqis at a British PoW camp in March. The men were all forced to kneel in the sun and had their hands cuffed behind their backs. Worried this could leave the soldiers vulnerable to prosecutions, he told the MoD that in his view soldiers should behave in accordance with the “higher standard” of the Human Rights Act.

But the response from the military’s Permanent Joint Headquarters in Qatar was that Lord Goldsmith had told the MoD the human rights law did not apply and soldiers should simply observe the Geneva Conventions.

When Colonel Mercer said he disagreed with the Government’s most senior law officer he was told that “perhaps you should put yourself up as the next Attorney General”. Colonel Mercer also asked for a British judge to be flown out to oversee the procedures for the detention of Iraqi prisoners, but this also was blocked at a high level.

Furthermore Ben Griffin is still gagged from speaking publicly on UK forces role in torture and their knowledge of US torture.

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Translating The Government On Torture

Dr Kim Howells, Labour chairman of the intelligence and security committee, told Today it would examine any claims of UK complicity in torture. “I can tell you that we found no evidence that there’s been collusion between the intelligence services, any government department and governments that torture their individuals. We can’t give a guarantee, and no government on earth can give a guarantee that somebody who’s picked up and held in another country hasn’t had their… human rights abused in some way.”

‘Dr’ Kim Howells- “I can tell you we succeeded in averting our eyes from all the evidence of torture, and just as a get out clause when we can no longer suppress the evidence- Oh gosh we can’t guarantee the World doesn’t torture, so when we have detainees deliberately moved to a nation we know tortures and like totally surprisingly they get tortured that is in no way our fault just because that was the express reason we and our US masters, I mean ‘allies’ situated the detainee there. It’s called deniability, put some layer between you and the dirty wet work and ministers will never see the inside of a court room PS. Yes I am a compete twat.”

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s programme MI6: A Century in Shadows, Sir John Scarlett defended the actions of his organisation, the Secret Intelligence Service or MI6. “Our officers are as committed to the values and the human rights values of liberal democracy as anybody else,”

“They also have the responsibility of protecting the country against terrorism and these issues need to be debated and understood in that context,” he added. He denied that British intelligence services had been compromised by their close relationship with counterparts in the US. “Our American allies know that we are our own service, that we are here to work for the British interests and the United Kingdom. We’re an independent service working to our own laws – nobody else’s – and to our own values.”
He insisted there has been “no torture and there is no complicity with torture”.

‘Sir’ John Scarlett- “Hello I’m a famous liar that helped get over a million people killed in Iraq, but hey why not throw sanity to the wind and believe what I’m saying now, Terrorism whooooaaaa scary innit, you need us otherwise Al Qaeda will rape your childrens’ eyes out with anthrax jihad dildos. So like Kim boy I’m saying we don’t torture, then adding this strange- but the World’s a dangerous place proviso which means -Yes of course we collude in torture and do anything the US says. Now have I told you what this nice Mossad chap said to me about Iran, they have a nuclear Mecha-Godzilla poised to attack Finchley!”

Torturers & Their Excuses

Wonder why it’s the Torygraph that Miliband and Jonhson print their denial of guilt. But don’t waste your time reading their carefully obfuscatory bullshit, this is all you need to know-

MI5 and MI6 officers who question terrorism suspects they know are being tortured, are acting in line with a secret government interrogation policy, drawn up after the 9/11 attacks. The policy states: “we cannot be party to such ill treatment nor can we be seen to condone it” and that “it is important that you do not engage in any activity yourself that involves inhumane or degrading treatment of prisoners.” It also advises intelligence officers that if detainees “are not within our custody or control, the law does not require you to intervene” to prevent torture.

Or Craig Murray-

David Miliband gave evidence on UK complicity in torture two days ago to another parliamentary committee, and not one MP mentioned the eye witness testimony I had just given, which contradicted much of what David Miliband had said.

You can only believe New Labour’s lies if you exist in a bubble that excludes all the available evidence, the Joint Human Rights Committee consistently pulled their punches-

Chairman Labour MP Mike Gapes– “we strongly recommend that the government should continue to exert as much persuasion and pressure as possible to try to ensure world-wide that torture is not employed as a method of interrogation.”

Andrew Tyrie, the Tory MP who chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group on Extraordinary Rendition, said an inquiry should be held immediately. “Neither the investigation by the police into the Binyam Mohamed case nor the other civil actions brought should stand in the way of getting to the bottom of this,” he said. “It is the only way to give the public confidence that we have got to the bottom of all of this, to draw a line under it and to move on.”

I am sure every violent criminal would like to receive a sentence of -you are so ordered to draw a line under this and move on, you are free to go. What Milband & Johnson refuse to put in plain language is this- if you are in some torture dungeon and British officials visits you, you have no hope of this meaning your torture will stop, it will only pause until they have asked their questions then the mutilation of your genitals will recommence, once they are out of the room. They are colluding in this with the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton helped advance the plot in May. And now Reprieve has found our agents misled the Intelligence and Security Committee (I wouldn’t be so polite, I would say the committee is criminally credulous, it takes two to tango)-

Last week, British judges revealed that the British Secret Services fed questions to the CIA in the full knowledge that the Agency was systematically using torture in interrogations; a clear violation of international law.

It has now emerged that Secret Agents attempted to cover these crimes by neglecting to inform the Intelligence and Security Committee – to whom they are accountable – of any of the damning evidence subsequently extracted by the Court.

By comparing the judges’ revelations with the ISC Renditions Report 2007, Reprieve has drawn the Committee’s attention to the following misinformation:

1) The Secret Services falsely informed the ISC that they were ‘unaware’ that Binyam Mohamed was suffering torture in a secret prison from 2003. In fact, they knew Binyam was being held in CIA ‘covert detention’, and the judges make clear that the British knew as early as May 2002 that Binyam was being tortured.

2) The Secret Services falsely informed the ISC that all contact with Binyam Mohamed ended in 2002. In fact, the Secret Service continued to feed questions and/or receive information from the CIA on BM until at least March 2004. No questions were asked about BM’s welfare despite clear knowledge that he was in a secret prison and almost certainly being tortured.

3) The Joint Committee on Human Rights and international lawyers have clearly identified this as unlawful state complicity in torture, a serious crime of which the ISC was not informed.

It is now clear that the Intelligence and Security Committee, charged with policing Secret Service activities, was very seriously misled by its own Service on this and other matters. The conclusions in its report on Rendition are therefore erroneous and must be re-evaluated from scratch.

Reprieve’s director Clive Stafford Smith said: “British agents seem to have committed perjury when telling the court that all efforts to question Binyam ended in February 2003 – and they also misled the Intelligence and Security Committee, to whom they are supposedly accountable. In fact, the shameful co-operation with Binyam’s torturers was still going on 15 months later –when Binyam had left the Moroccan torture chamber and arrived in the Dark Prison in Afghanistan.

“And why did the British agents not tell the ISC that their man was visiting Morocco at the time Binyam was being tortured there? We can surmise that the agent wasn’t on a Club Med vacation, so he needs to explain what he was doing.”

Instant Show Trials

From Naj

The parliament was not informed of this trial. Even the accused were not aware of this; their families and lawyers were unaware, although they were not even given a chance to seek counsel regarding their charges. This is a rare display that can only find parallel in the forgotten medival times, and after the June Coup d’etat of 2009. (22Khorda, 1388). [I have to add something similar to this happened in 1987; which led to the rift between Khomeini and Montazri, as the latter protested the diversions from both Islamic and the constitutional law when hundreds of leftist political prisoners were executed without trial]

What occurred to me is this is an entrenched power bloc defending its position, and is supporting it a bit like defending Stalin because you liked Lenin?!?! But Naj also wrote something that relates to the dynamic the West’s strategies present-

…I have been silent about MANY things because your American and Zionist leaders were saber rattling at my country; at people of the story who were lashed, who were raped, who stayed to make that country better. I have been silent about the atrocity of the IRI BECAUSE of your atrocious McCains and Clintons, because of your criminal Cheneys and your Netanyahus!

Whatever the professed aim of the Western elite’s its effect is chilling human rights in Iran, now they are not stupid, they know this is the case. So you can deduce there is another agenda which roughly I might characterise as regime change to a submissive US client that does not threaten Israel’s place as regional enforcer. In all of that at no point is there real concern for human rights, for the currently imprisoned and tortured, after all we can see both UK and US attitudes to torture in Binyam Mohammed’s case, they torture, conspire to hide evidence and laughably refuse to stand by their own words from a signed letter read out in court by their lawyers! I wonder is the struggle that emerges in this century is by people against governments who refuse democratic control and are in effect authoritarian management on behalf of capital/corporations, a reality kept in the dark by the media, not least ‘liberal’ media (and I told you Richard Wolffe was a wanker). Which is to say help for Iranians resides in us not our governments, and our struggle must also be to gain control of our own affairs.

Update: Some detail from a Mousavi consultant on the factions involved in the torture, they are letting loose previously arrested violent criminals on political detainees [Parliament News; Azam Veisameh- Alireza Beheshti. He, the son of the martyred Ayatollah Beheshti, is one of the close consultants of Mr Mousavi and has been by his side since his days as prime minister.]-

AV: do you have more details on what happened in Kahrizak?
AB: what we hear is not official but stories of people who are released and their families. The reports indicate that people are gradually moved to this center after detention. Those involved in arrest, interrogation and torture are not of the same ilk! we have information that some of the people involved in interrogation and torture of the detainees have a history of being previously arrested during the execution of “public security task force” as thugs.

AV: you mean thugs who have a record in violation of the “public security”? [there was a task force “Tarhe Amniyate Ejtemaii” to confront robbers, thieves, and gangsters harassing women. Those who have a criminal record under that plan are used to torture detainees… ]
AB: They used them in protests, in arrests and in detention centers …

AV: do you have concrete evidence on people who are exercizing violence on detainees?
AB: other than the profiled thugs who are now hired, some of these are official in the government. Some belong to Basij. Some are the Plain Clothes who cannot be considered part of Basij. Some belong to The Guards intelligence; and different groups. This is important for people and media to recognize this is not the entire government who is involved in this; rather it is a segment of the government that acts in this way both internally and externally. Not all of the Basij is involved. They may even be critical of this. Same holds for the Revolutionary Gaurd. It’s a specific segment of the guard that is involved while the majority are unhappy and criticize the current situation.The minister of Intelligence is not very involved. The whole ministry has been kept out. The attorney general enters the game in a later stage. The security forces were involved at the beginning but their roles have been cut back. Truth is, when we know our victims are arrested by the intelligence service or by the security forces we are happier because we know their case is handled in a more or less legal channel. But those who are in the hands of these others are worrisome. We cannot follow up or know where they are

Thugs & Child Kidnappers Charge Gray Lady of Bagram

Several former detainees at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan have said they heard the screams of a woman, who’s been dubbed “The Gray Lady of Bagram.”

Ok, quick recap, are you ready?- Aafia Siddiqui is taken by US forces and disappeared for FIVE YEARS, she then miraculously reappears in the US where she is being charged with trying to kill American interrogators in Afghanistan. So first this current report (in)complete with memory hole-

(Reuters) – A Pakistani woman charged with trying to kill American interrogators in Afghanistan is fit to stand trial, a U.S. judge ruled on Wednesday after months of examination of her mental state. The U.S. government says Aafia Siddiqui, 37, a U.S.-trained neuroscientist, had links to al Qaeda.

“The Court finds that Dr Siddiqui is competent to stand trial by a preponderance of the evidence,” U.S. District Judge Richard Berman in Manhattan federal court said in a written order. “Dr Siddiqui has sufficient present ability to consult with her lawyers with a reasonable degree of rational understanding and she also has a rational as well as a factual understanding of the proceedings against her.” Prosecutors say Siddiqui grabbed a U.S. warrant officer’s rifle in mid-2008 while she was detained for questioning in Afghanistan and fired it at the interrogation team, which included two FBI agents, but no one was hit. The warrant officer then shot and wounded her with his pistol. Siddiqui was transferred to the United States and charged with attempted murder and assault of U.S. soldiers. She has pleaded not guilty. No one has been able to verify her whereabouts for the five years before her arrest. At a hearing this month Siddiqui, wearing a white hijab covering all but her eyes, interrupted a doctor’s testimony to say, “Please take me seriously, I am not psychotic.” Judge Berman found that Siddiqui “understands the nature of the charges and can assist counsel with her defense.”

Ok, so from this you might think ‘what an evil woman’, that is what the US authorities want you to think, or maybe her five years in a ghost site made her mentally ill, but you certainly won’t be informed of the different story of the incident-

The complaint says that she got hold of an officer’s M-4 rifle in an interrogation room and fired two shots, which missed. The officer used his pistol to fire back and hit her at least once in the torso, according to the charges.

Afghan police, however, said that U.S. soldiers demanded that local police hand over Siddiqui, but they refused, according to a report from Ghazni by the Reuters news agency. When the Americans disarmed the Afghan police at gunpoint, Siddiqui approached the Americans, complaining of mistreatment by the police, according to this account.

The U.S. troops, according to an unnamed Afghan police officer, “thinking that she had explosives and would attack them as a suicide bomber, shot her and took her,” Reuters reported.

Sounds a lot like when cops brutalise someone they then charge them with resisting arrest just in this context it’s amplified by The War on Terror™ to five years in secret prison then renditioned to the US to be charged with attempted murder. Is this a woman fearing torture (including rape) being shot by US forces then held for five years in secret before being charge with crimes, not say- the shooter and the people who held her for five years being charged- this is state gangsterism. While in US custody she is repeatedly sexually assaulted-

Aafia remains in a US detention facility in New York, in poor health, subjected to degrading and humiliating strip searches and cavity searches whenever she receives a legal visit or appears in court. She has subsequently refused to meet with counsel. It has been reported that she may suffer from brain damage and that a part of her intestine may have been removed. Her lawyers say her symptoms are consistent with a sufferer of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

She might have also been distraught at the time of her arrest kidnapping because they also kidnapped her three children…

All 3 of her children were detained by a shadowy mix of ISI/US forces-

2008 Human Rights Network president, Intikhab Alam Suri had filed the petition in SHC through Iqbal Aqeel Advocate, making a plea that Aafia Siddiqui along with her three children was abducted and they were being kept at separate unknown places and tortured, while Dr. Aafia Siddiqui in sub-conscious state was handed over to US although no evidence against her exists. The petition further said, “She is a Pakistani citizen, her security was the government’s responsibility and, therefore, the respondents—federal interior and foreign ministries and the federation should be ordered to recover and bring back Dr. Aafia Siddiqui and her three children by fulfilling their constitutional responsibilities.

The FBI admitted they held Ahmad since 2003-

2008 The United States has confirmed that Dr Aafia Siddiqui’s 12-year-old son has been in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) since 2003, reported Channel Five. Michael G Garcia, the US attorney general of southern region, in his letter addressed to Dr Aafia’s sister Dr Fozia Siddiqui, has revealed that Dr Aafia’s son was in the FBI’s custody.

Ahmed is now under the care of his aunt-

Dr. Fauzia Siddiqui sister of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui has refused to allow media to talk to Ahmad Siddiqui son of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui saying that he was yet in a state of shock. While talking to Private TV Channel she expressed Ahmad’s profound happiness on return of Ahmad Siddiqui and said that Aafia’s son name was changed many times. “Though, Ahmad had matured but he was mentally disturbed, therefore, Ahmad cannot be allowed to talk to media, “ She maintained. In response to a question she said that Ahmad Siddiqui would be shifted from Islamabad within two or three days and government was also assisting them in this connection. She also thanked the government for making efforts for return of Ahmad Siddiqui, and expressed her gratitude to media, civil societies and people for projecting the issue, hoping that Dr. Aafia Siddiqui would soon return to Pakistan along with her two other children. Similarly, in letter addressed to President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani, Interior Minister and other officials she has thanked them for helping Siddiqui family at all fronts.

No one knows where the other two children are. More at Caged Prisoners

‘the law does not require you to intervene’

A businessman who was held and mistreated in the United Arab Emirates following the London bombings believes he has evidence that British consular officials asked permission from the UK’s own security services to visit him while he was detained. Heavily redacted documents seen by the Guardian appear to indicate that the request to visit Alam Ghafoor was made to an unidentified British intelligence officer and not to officials in the UAE.

Ghafoor is one of several British men who allege there has been British complicity in their detention and torture while abroad. The businessman, who is 38 and from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, was detained and tortured while on a business trip to Dubai following the London bombings in July 2005.

Ghafoor and his business partner, Mohammed Rafiq Siddique, flew to the UAE on 4 July. They were dragged out of a restaurant as they dined on 21 July. The two British Muslims say they were threatened with torture, deprived of sleep, subjected to stress positions and told they would be killed and fed to dogs.

Ghafoor has obtained copies of correspondence from consular officials to the Foreign Office in London while he was in custody that show those officials were asking someone other than the UAE authorities for permission to see him. Who that person is, and who they represented, is unclear, as their name was censored before the copies were handed over. Some of the reports were so heavily redacted by the time Ghafoor received them that the only words not blanked are his name.

MI5 and MI6 officers who question terrorism suspects they know are being tortured, are acting in line with a secret government interrogation policy, drawn up after the 9/11 attacks. The policy states: “we cannot be party to such ill treatment nor can we be seen to condone it” and that “it is important that you do not engage in any activity yourself that involves inhumane or degrading treatment of prisoners.” It also advises intelligence officers that if detainees “are not within our custody or control, the law does not require you to intervene” to prevent torture.