No, The Other John Major

There are  two John Majors who are Tories (and I suppose possibly more, I haven’t made a detailed study of this), one was the PM who presided over the end stage of Tory rule in a miasma of sleaze, funny how that happens to neoliberal ruling parties… Anyways the other is a Tory councillor in South East Wales who did this-

Mr Watts alleges following the interview with the third candidate of the day, who was of Asian origin, Mr Major said: “It’s a shame he’s black.”

John Major from Caldicot, who represents the Mill ward, made the comment following a councillors’ meeting to appoint a new chief executive at Monmouthshire Council.

A spokesman for the Welsh Conservative Party confirmed Mr Major had been suspended by Monmouthshire Council’s Conservative Group because of the claims, pending further investigations.

I suppose it is progress, he has been suspended, the tories are enough afraid of it damaging their carefully rehabilitated Cameronian image. But as Bojo shows, their true colours are as bigoted as ever. Pathetic. (and well done New Labour for making them electable again!).


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Tory Tax Report

Richard Murphy @ (the splendid) Tax Research Blog summarises-

I have read some of the Arculus Report issued by the Tories, particularly with regard to tax.

It is a repeat of their oft repeated mantra: don;t tax mobile capital or it will go away. Let’s re-write that another way: don’t tax the investment income of the rich, put all tax burdens on working people. Much of it comes straight out of the flat-taxers manual.

Try not to be too shocked. (Link to appaling Tory website to se their launch of this wankfest. Ps. Guess who ‘Sir ‘David Arculus used to advise? Tony Blair, consensus democracy is great ain’t it?)

David Cameron’s Pro-Apartheid Jolly

This is no surprise to those who know Tories for what they really are, but younger peeps might think they hold some difference to the New Labour shower.

David Cameron accepted an all-expenses paid trip to apartheid South Africa while Nelson Mandela was still in prison, an updated biography of the Tory leader reveals today.

The trip by Mr Cameron in 1989, when he was a rising star of the Conservative Research Department, was a chance for him to “see for himself” and was funded by a firm that lobbied against the imposition of sanctions on the apartheid regime. (ht2 Craig Murray who is also worth reading on the Quilliam foundation)

Stop The Welfare Privatisation Bill, Lobby 3rd March


PDF wr-3-march-lobby-leaflet

Details & Map

Mark Serwotka, PCS general secretary, said: “David Freud’s defection to the Conservatives confirms the view that the government are implementing Tory party policy. The government’s welfare reform plans are the Conservative manifesto in sheep’s clothing penalising some of the most vulnerable in society and will lead to the privatisation of a world class public service where profits will be put ahead of people. The government should seize the opportunity of Freud’s move by recognising the chorus of opposition that is gearing up to lobby Parliament and drop its regressive plans.”