Instant Asshole: Just Add Money


People huh? I mean if you match common sense to wealth it looks like many people are shit over the limit with a twenty in their hand-

His younger brother, Jefri, whom the Sultan introduced to polo, has for decades been one the world’s most notorious playboys…He once owned a 50-metre yacht called Tits, replete with tenders named Nipple 1 and Nipple 2.

…the 61-year-old Sultan spent £7.3m and £6.59m on two house supervisors, and £5.86m on each one of his five public relations officials, named Janet, Prall, Shelly, Vicky, and Yoya. He also spent £1.26m on a badminton coach and £1.25m on masseuses and acupuncturists, as well as £48,859 on the guards for his exotic bird cages.

But won’t someone think of the supermodels? London fashion week has to ensure their good health yet violent eating disorder enabling emetics are even now being considered for the marketplace-

Tony Blair has signed a deal to write his memoirs of life in Downing Street,…Mr Blair has strong ties with Random House: its UK wing is headed by Gail Rebuck, who is married to Mr Blair’s close ally and former pollster Lord Gould. Both the publisher and Mr Blair’s spokesman refused to disclose his fee. But publishing experts suggested the deal was worth as much as £5m. The single volume memoir will be published under the Hutchinson imprint in the UK.

Oddly though he was the only Prime Minister (Gordon Brown and two former PM’s – Baroness Thatcher & Sir John Major- Sir? Baroness? Give me fucking strength, can’t wait for Grand Poobah Wizard Duke Oberlieutenant Blair) missing from the unveiling of a Lloyd George statue-

Harold Pinter, along with the campaigning journalist John Pilger and former UN humanitarian co-ordinator for Iraq Denis Halliday, had crticised the decision to honour Lloyd George – the Welshman who served as Prime Minister from 1916 to 1922 – because he had ordered British troops to bomb Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran and Iraq during the First World War.

Lloyd George’s record of selling honours to boost party funds, which led to the introduction of the 1925 Honours (Prevention of Abuses) Act, may also have made some people at the unveiling in Parliament Square feel uncomfortable. That legislation led to the abortive “cash for honours” investigation of Tony Blair and his aides.

Oh, still it’s not like they took bribes from arms dealers…oh-

A Labour peer has admitted taking money to introduce an arms company lobbyist to the government minister in charge of weapons purchases.

But it’s not like the representatives of the people are a wealthy elite whose privileged financial position insulates them from the real life concerns of us people (yeah, no points for guessing what’s coming next, not an entirely subtle comedic conceit is it?)-

The total payments of £87,622,957 in 2006-07 were in addition to the £60,675 annual salary received by MPs, bringing the average cost to the taxpayer of a member of the House of Commons to almost £200,000. Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary, who was paid £157,076. He and his wife, Yvette Cooper, the Housing minister, claimed between them more than £307,000, including a combined £32,000 for the London home they share. They have been accused of breaking the spirit of the rules by using allowances to buy property in the capital.

And of course that’s just what we pay them, not their total income including directorships, consulting etc. y’know- bribes. Thing is, even crooks aren’t bothering anymore, it’s more profitable to use the capitalist system as it now operates than buck it with old school mafia shit-

The Mafia, memorably described as “bigger than U.S. Steel” by mob financier Meyer Lansky, is more of an illicit mom-and-pop operation in the new millennium…Things are so bad that mob scion John A. “Junior” Gotti chose to quit the mob while serving five years in prison rather than return to his spot atop the Gambino family.

Still it’s not like a vicious system of capital based filters is stopping people from attaining their potential-

If you are wondering which university is the cheapest in the United Kingdom, you now have your answer. It is Bradford University in Yorkshire, where students pay an average of only £40.51 a week for rent, according to a cost-of-living index survey published exclusively in The Independent today. The most expensive is the Royal Academy of Music in London, on Marylebone Road, a stone’s throw from Madame Tussaud’s, where accommodation costs a staggering £147.07 weekly.

Well over three times the weekly rent, should keep those northern types out of the lovely rich peoples places in the south, after all if you educate clever people they’ll stop worshiping, aspiring and realise rich people aren’t like us, they are way, way bigger assholes and then pull down the whole sorry corrupt mess. Or…they’ll just watch Pop/X/Big/Dancing/Factor/Idol and find paying to vote on who gets to be exploited by corporations the most satisfies their atrophying desire for self determination. One of the two…

Blair For President?

As Davide Simonetti at Blairwatch puts it- For The Love Of God, NO!!

Tony Blair would be a “great candidate” for any big international job, Gordon Brown said today amid speculation over who would be the first president of the European council. It follows a claim in the Financial Times that Mr Blair was being “heavily promoted” for the job by the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy.

This would be a very empire friendly elite ruling the EU plus y’know that whole war criminal thing, is it that hard to distinguish between- should be in jail or hugely powerful President? Wow, that would make us really like America.

Black Site Ghost Prisons Still Operating, Blair Knew & Dems Support them

Hidden in the long article that showed the Bush administration lies completely about their torture program, (shock horror!)-

The secret CIA overseas detention program first exposed by the Washington Post remains active, according to a senior US counterterrorism official who went on the record in Thursday’s New York Times. Little attention has been paid to the revelation, aside from a Reuters story late Thursday.

RAW STORY‘s Larisa Alexandrovna revealed the exact location of a CIA black site in Poland in February of this year.

Intelligence officials identified the site as a component of a Polish intelligence training school outside the northern Polish village of Stare Kiejkuty. While previously suspected, the facility had never been conclusively identified as being part of the CIA’s secret rendition and detention program.

Only the Polish prime minister and top Polish intelligence brass were told of the plan, in which agents of the United States quietly shuttled detainees from other holding facilities around the globe for stopovers and short-term interrogation in Poland between late 2002 and 2004.

According to a confidential British intelligence memo shown to RAW STORY, Prime Minister Tony Blair told Poland’s then-Prime Minister Leszek Miller to keep the information secret, even from his own government.

“Miller was asked to keep it as tight as possible,” the memo said.

My posts on Blair here, now the Dems, the loyal opposition puppets and cave in professionals-

Democrats also dropped a demand for the Director of Central Intelligence to identify and hand over documentation related to secret prisons run by the US government around the world and operations involving extraordinary rendition.

Sources tell RAW STORY that although Director of National Intelligence John McConnell was not willing to provide the information to relevant oversight Senate committees, the Committee felt comfortable in removing the requirement from the authorization bill because the Director of Central Intelligence, General Michael Hayden, had given them “everything we needed.”

And being lied into a genocide causing war? Nah, don’t bother-

Sources close to the Senate Intelligence Committee say one of the compromises Democrats made to ensure the bill’s passage was to remove language demanding the White House turn over all Presidential Daily Briefings on Iraq prior to the 2003 invasion. Democrats are said to have been hoping to establish whether President Bush mischaracterized intelligence in the lead-up to the conflict.

Your Imperial Senate at work, All Hail the Empire!

Over 1 Million Killed In Iraq Further Confirmation

Via Lenin’s Tomb

More than 1,000,000 Iraqis murdered since 2003 invasion.

In the week in which General Patraeus reports back to US Congress on the impact the recent ‘surge’ is having in Iraq, a new poll reveals that more than 1,000,000 Iraqi citizens have been murdered since the invasion took place in 2003. Previous estimates, most noticeably the one published in the Lancet in October 2006, suggested almost half this number (654,965 deaths).

These findings come from a poll released today by O.R.B., the British polling agency that have been tracking public opinion in Iraq since 2005. In conjunction with their Iraqi fieldwork agency a representative sample of 1,461 adults aged 18+ answered the following question:-

Q How many members of your household, if any, have died as a result of the conflict in Iraq since 2003 (ie as a result of violence rather than a natural death such as old age)? Please note that I mean those who were actually living under your roof.

None 78%

One death 16%

Two deaths 5%

Threedeaths 1%

Four+ deaths 0.002%

Given that from the 2005 census there are a total of 4,050,597 households this data suggests a total of 1,220,580 deaths since the invasion in 2003.

Detailed analysis (which is available on our website) indicates that almost one in two households in Baghdad have lost a family member, significantly higher than in any other area of the country. The governorates of Diyala (42%) and Ninewa (35%) were next.

The poll also questioned the surviving relatives on the method in which their loved ones were killed. It reveals that 48% died from a gunshot wound, 20% from the impact of a car bomb, 9% from aerial bombardment, 6% as a result of an accident and 6% from another blast/ordnance. This is significant because more often that not it is car bombs and aerial bombardments that make the news – with gunshots rarely in the headlines.

As well as a murder rate that now exceeds the Rwanda genocide from 1994 (800,000 murdered), not only have more than one million been injured but our poll calculates that of the millions of Iraqis that have fled their neighbourhoods, 52% have moved within Iraq but 48% have crossed its borders, with Syria taking the brunt of refugees.

And for those left in Iraq, although 81% may describe the availability of basic groceries such as bread and fresh vegetables as “very/fairly good”, more than one in two (54%) consider them to be “expensive”.


The opinion poll was conducted by O.R.B. and the survey details are as follows:

• Results are based face-to-face interviews amongst a nationally representative sample of 1720 adults aged 18+ throughout Iraq.

• The standard margin of error on the sample size is +2.4%

• The methodology uses multi-stage random probability sampling and covers fifteen of the eighteen governorates within Iraq. For security reasons Karbala and Al Anbar were not included. Irbil was excluded as the authorities refused our field team a permit.

• Interviews conducted August 12th – 19th 2007.

• Full results and data tabulations are available at

• O.R.B. are full members of the British Polling Council and abide by its rules


Johnny Heald Munqeth Daghir

Managing Director, ORB Managing Director, Baghdad

+44 207 611 5270 +962 799672229

07973 600308

Juan Cole has this to say-

Tina Susman reports the results of a recent British poll done in Iraq, which concludes that as many as a million Iraqis have died in war-related violence since late March of 2003. This estimate is higher than that in the Lancet study of last fall, since that study simply looked at excess deaths from all kinds of violence above what one would have expected from the baseline of 2002. That is, the Lancet study included criminal violence, tribal feuding, etc., not just military or guerrilla actions. The combination of the two, however, makes the Lancet study’s conclusions seem unassailable and if anything conservative.

It also ties in with the Just Foreign Policy widget in my right sidebar which confirms a slightly lower but nevertheless over 1 million figure. So far blogs are picking up on this but mainstream reporting is (somewhat predictably) virtually nil, so copy and distribute. Staged theatre of the Petraus sham get a lot of covergae, so the real cost of the invasion needs to be known far and wide. Simply people must know that Iraq has cost 1 million lives (plus) no more low balling from govt. figures, time for everyone to wake up to the consequences of letting these war criminals get away with it and demand withdrawal, reparations and prosecutions.

Oi! Blair, Talk To Hamas You Muppet

A British parliamentary committee has released a report that is highly critical of the country’s foreign policy in the Middle East. The foreign affairs committee report said sanctions against Hamas were “counterproductive”, and that the failure to lift the boycott of Gaza led to the collapse of the Palestinian unity government. The all-party report, published on Monday, said the government should “urgently” talk to Hamas.

It said Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, should personally engage Hamas to help reconciliation in his role as envoy for the Middle East Quartet – the UN, the EU, the US and Russia.

The committee also criticises Blair for not calling for an immediate end to the war between Israel and Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement last summer, concluding that his failure to speak out damaged Britain’s reputation and led to high casualties among civilians.

Or will he do what Washington tells him to? Oh why did I even bother asking that.

More Evidence Of The War Lies

Now some of this will be hindsight ass covering, but it does show that all of us who were against the war were absolutely 100% right, not just about the wrongness but about how our govts. were lying us into it.

In the run-up to war, senior British security and intelligence officials as well as diplomats made it clear that they were strongly opposed to the invasion of Iraq – Read the rest of this entry »

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Simpering, Whining, Pampered Crooks

The wife of Downing Street’s former chief of staff, Jonathan Powell, has lifted the lid on the private fury felt by Tony Blair’s inner circle over the cash-for-peerages inquiry, accusing the police of ‘Gestapo tactics’. In a remarkable intervention, which contrasts with the measured language of the former Prime Minister, Sarah Helm singled out a dawn raid on the former Number 10 aide Ruth Turner as a sign of police heavy-handedness.

Helm, a journalist and author, writes in today’s Observer: ‘I know one shouldn’t make these comparisons, but I was writing about Nazi Germany right then and I couldn’t help think: Gestapo tactics! Pick on the vulnerable, preferably a single woman, living alone. No matter that you may have nothing on her that will ultimately stand up in court – give her a scare.’

Un-fucking-believable, a govt. that has covered up torture flights, chose a war of aggression and whose inconvenient opponents turn up dead in the woods and this whining little moron thinks their being treated in exactly the same way as any member of the public is ‘gestapo’ nazi-like tactics. Fuck me, the police have been shooting brown people in raids for the last few years, whither your outrage there Sarah my dear? Not surprising in a culture that rehabilitated Marie Antoinette via a crappy biography written by a tory ariostocrat (then filmed to further excuse imperial capitalist decadence to it’s credulous audience of facile retards) this entitled bleating cretin thinks they are the victims. Boo-fucking-hoo, what next? A global series of concerts to raise awareness of the terrible shortage of wardrobe space in penthouse apartments? Or a searing idictment of developing country’s diet where because of poor nutrition the organs we harvest are not as organic and healthy as the bodies of the elite they are implanted into? Cry me a fucking river.

Blair & Murdoch & Goering

Tony Blair had three conversations with the media magnate Rupert Murdoch in the nine days before the start of the Iraq war, the Government has disclosed.Details of the former prime minister’s contacts with Mr Murdoch have been released under the Freedom of Information Act. After trying to block disclosure for four years, the Government backed down in a surprise change of heart the day after Mr Blair resigned last month.Yesterday the Cabinet Office said there were six telephone discussions between Mr Blair and Mr Murdoch in 20 months, all at crucial moments of his premiership. The subject of their calls was not revealed.

In 2003, Mr Blair phoned the owner of The Times and The Sun on 11 and 13 March, and on 19 March, the day before Britain and the United States invaded Iraq. The war was strongly supported by Murdoch-owned newspapers around the world. The day after two of the calls, The Sun launched vitriolic attacks on the French President Jacques Chirac. The Government quoted him as saying he would “never” support military action against Saddam Hussein, a claim hotly disputed by France.

Mr Blair and Mr Murdoch spoke again on 29 January 2004, the day after publication of the Hutton report into the death of Dr David Kelly. Their next conversation was on 25 April 2004, just after Mr Blair bowed to pressure led by The Sun for him to promise a referendum on the proposed EU constitution. They also spoke on 3 October that year, after Mr Blair said he would not fight a fourth general election.

“Of course the people don’t want war. But after all, it’s the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it’s a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger.”- Herman Goering

Saddam has plans to use the weapons even against his own population and some are deployable within 45 minutes of an order to use them. – The Sun

Like a cheap tart who puts price before principle, money before honour, Jacques Chirac struts the streets of shame. The French President’s vow to veto the second resolution [on Iraq] at the United Nations – whatever it says – puts him right in the gutter.- The Sun

Time has run out for Saddam Hussein. His day of reckoning is at hand. The war on Iraq has begun… The courage and resilience of Tony Blair and George Bush will now be put to the ultimate test.- The Sun

Being anti-war won’t save you …it will give comfort to those fanatics who think the West is too soft to resist and has no stomach for a fight. -Richard Littlejohn, The Sun-on Spain’s election after the Madrid Bombing.

THE million who marched through London are an embarrassment to Britain. Would they rather wait until Saddam attacks us first?- The Sun.

Godwin’s law can go fuck itself. Welcome to the Fatherland.

390 CIA Torture Flights In Germany Alone

When air traffic controllers hear the code words “ATFM exempt,” they know to expect something drastic. Airlines use the code to report a flight when it has sick or severely injured passengers — or heads of state — on board. The code is the air-traffic equivalent of flashing blue lights on a city street.

On July 19, 2002, a Gulfstream business jet took off from Frankfurt am Main bound for Amman, Jordan. The flight received an ATFM exempt, although it carried neither patients nor politicians. Instead, the jet was carrying a CIA team that took a Mauritanian terrorism suspect into custody a short time later and eventually flew him to Guántánamo.

This camouflaging of an illegal kidnapping as a rescue flight was no isolated incident. SPIEGEL has obtained complete lists of the flight plans of secret CIA flights in German airspace, which reveal 390 takeoffs and landings of CIA aircraft at airports in Germany between 2002 and 2006. The documents also show that mis-identifying the flights was part of a system designed to dodge compliance with complicated approval regulations.

These deceptive maneuvers by the CIA have become the subject of intense scrutiny and debate within German political circles — from the Ministry of Transportation and the LBA to the Chancellery. Soon a parliamentary committee set up to investigate the German foreign intelligence agency (or BND) will also take up the matter. On Thursday the committee appointed Joachim Jacob, a former federal data protection commissioner, as special investigator on the issue of secret CIA flights. Jacob’s job is to determine how much the German government knew about the flights, which European Council investigator Dick Marty has called a “series of illegal acts” by the CIA.

Jacob will also investigate why the German government has been so tight-lipped on the flights.  According to internal documents, former Interior Minister Otto Schily was “directly presented” in February 2005 with various press reports about US intelligence agents. At the time Bernhard Falk, the deputy head of Germany’s Federal Office of Criminal Investigation, was apparently so concerned about the questionable flights that he wrote to the interior ministry: “I recommend … that you inform your senior officials.” Falk also suggested that the reports be “made available to other departments that could be involved with such procedures or accusations.”

 Under German aviation law, the false declaration of flights is an infringement subject to fines ranging from €10,000 to €25,000. All told, the 390 CIA flights would have incurred fines of between four and 10 million euros.

So very correct of them, to add up the fines that should be imposed! It is remarkable the Germans have this level of information when here we are still far from any govt. accountability or investigation. How about all the attention given to a liar’s shitty book could be better spent finding out about Blair’s complicity. Seems our airspace is owned by the US.

BAE, Saudis, Arms Deal? Couldn’t Be More Corruption Could It?

Well probably…

British arms manufacturer BAE Systems is locked in negotiations for a new multibillion-pound deal to sell military aircraft to Saudi Arabia, just six months after the Government scrapped a corruption inquiry into a huge arms deal between the firm and the Saudis.

The arms industry bible Jane’s Defence Weekly reports that BAE and the Saudi government are negotiating a new £1bn contract for 60 Hawk trainer jets. If that goes ahead, it will lock the Saudi air force, BAE and Britain’s Royal Air Force into years of training co-operation that would be worth billions of pounds.

The decision by the SFO to drop its investigation was criticised by the OECD as having been against international anti-corruption agreements. The US Department of Justice is now looking into the deal.

Liberal Democrat MPs said yesterday that it was possible the Saudis had dangled the current deal during representations to drop the corruption inquiry.

Of course the US investigation might be fun, but it is most likely only happening so Lockheed or some such can steal the business. Arms dealers, Blair, Bush no honour amongst thieves & scumbags. Still at least we only sell gear to countries with sound human right records…

At least 86 men and two women were executed. Almost half of them were foreign nationals. The authorities did not disclose the number of death sentences, which may have significantly exceeded those known by AI. Defendants in capital cases often do not have legal representation and are not informed of the progress of the proceedings. There was concern that some defendants were convicted and sentenced to death solely or largely on the basis of confessions obtained under duress, torture or deception.

Government forces arrested scores of suspected Islamists but disclosed little information about those detained, not even their names. The Interior Ministry reportedly stated that many of those arrested would be tried. However, the secrecy that surrounds the criminal justice system meant that no trials were reported. There was concern that those prosecuted would not receive fair trials. 

Women remained subject to discrimination in law and practice and were not adequately protected against domestic and family violence. The exclusion of women from participation in the municipal elections was widely criticized by women’s rights activists.

Flogging remained a routine corporal punishment imposed by courts as a main or additional sentence for a wide range of offences, including in cases involving prisoners of conscience.

Blair, The Crook & The Crook’s Son

Lord Levy will be charged in the “cash for honours” affair, according to close aides of Tony Blair. Members of the former prime minister’s inner circle, who were closely involved in the nomination of millionaire Labour donors for honours, have told friends that they believe the peer will not escape prosecution.

The Crown Prosecution Service has said it has enough evidence to make a judgment on pressing charges. It has consulted independent barristers about whether Lord Levy was guilty of conspiring to pervert the course of justice and if he broke the law which prohibits the granting of honours in return for cash or inducements.

Lord Levy has been arrested and questioned by the police on several occasions. He has hired his own lawyers and an experienced PR expert to represent him.

So that’s the crook, now for the son:

They are also concerned about the evidence that Lord Levy, who as the former prime minister’s personal fundraiser had access to top-secret files, could give. The Foreign Office’s decision to host a lavish party for Lord Levy when he retired as Middle East envoy was seen by some at Westminster as an attempt to keep him on side. Lord Levy’s son, Daniel, an expert on Israeli politics, has recently been given a job advising Tony Blair in his new role as Middle East peace envoy for the Quartet – the UN, US, EU, and Russia.

I’m sure he was just really good at interview. (h/t Blairwatch)

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War Was Blair’s Hardest Decision, Whines Campbell

Hey and guess what? He got it wrong. Meanwhile Alistair sweety, do fuck off won’t you. You know that thing about wearing out your welcome? Well that was about ten years ago, fyi. And Dr. Kelly? I’ll let the Right Honourable Norman Baker answer that:

“I am convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that this could not be suicide. The medical evidence does not support it and David Kelly’s state of mind and personality suggests otherwise. It was not an accident so I am left with the conclusion that it is murder.”

Now seriously Ally, Fuck right off. And take your shitty lying book with you.

I said good day sir.

Terrorism & Its Supporters


Nobody is oppressing you. Your sense of grievance isn’t justified- Anthony Blair.

The civilian death toll from a NATO bombing in Afghanistan Friday could run as high as eighty. The attack came on a village in Helmand province where NATO says it was ambushed by Taliban fighters. Witnesses reported the bombing lasted up to three hours, with dozens of women and children among the dead. NATO has faced growing criticism for a series of attacks that have killed Afghan civilians. Afghan President Hamid Karzai has criticized the U.S.-led coalition for “use of extreme force” and viewing Afghan lives as “cheap.” More than two hundred Afghan civilians were killed in NATO attacks last month. Earlier today Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission said it now believes more Afghan civilians have been killed in NATO attacks than by the Taliban so far this year.

U.S. Accused of Killing 8 Civilians in Sadr City Raid
Meanwhile in Iraq, U.S. forces are being accused of blindly firing on innocents in an attack on Sadr City. Local hospital officials say eight civilians were killed in their homes. Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki renewed his call for the US military to seek his approval before carrying out similar raids.

The Iraqi Islamic Party, a Sunni political faction in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s cabinet, published a statement on Sunday alleging that more than 350 people have been killed by a US military operation in Baquba to hunt down al-Qaeda-affiliated members.
They termed the operations ‘collective punishment’ in Baquba, the capital of Diyala province which lies 57 kilometres north-east of Baghdad.
‘Neighbourhoods in western Baquba have witnessed, since last week, fierce attacks by occupation forces within Operation Arrowhead Ripper,’ the party said in a statement received by the independent news agency Voices of Iraq.
‘The forces shelled these neighbourhoods with helicopters, destroying more than 150 houses and killing more than 350 citizens, their bodies still under wreckage, in addition to arresting scores of citizens,’ the statement added. (h/t Lenin)

Oh and this-

Lieberman: UK Incident Should Drop Spy Opposition
Meanwhile here in the United States, Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut said the bombing plots should encourage lawmakers to drop opposition to the Bush administration’s domestic spying on U.S. citizens. Speaking on ABC’s This Week, Lieberman said: “I hope these terrorist attacks in London wake us up here in America to stop the petty partisan fighting going on about…electronic surveillance.”


Terrorism & Context

A foreign military air strike in southern Afghanistan killed 30 civilians, including women and children, a district mayor said Saturday, citing initial investigations.
“Our initial investigations show that 30 civilians, including women, children and men, have been killed,” said Dur Alisha, the mayor of Girishk district in the southern province of Helmand.


Detectives hunted Saturday for suspects who abandoned two explosives-packed cars in the heart of London’s nightlife district, reviewing closed circuit television footage and scouring the vehicles for clues.

Counterterrorism officers at Scotland Yard briefed Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Saturday, and the British leader later chaired a meeting of top spies, police and senior officials in COBRA, the government’s emergency committee, his office said.

Detectives said they were keeping an open mind about the suspects, but terrorism experts said the signs pointed to a cell linked to or inspired by al-Qaida. Police would not comment on an ABC News report saying police had a “crystal clear” picture of one suspect from CCTV footage.

Now I’m sure the flight logs will also give a crystal clear identification of the pilots and the chain of command will show who ordered the strike, so will detectives be swooping on these perpetrators? I mean this mob actually succeeded unlike the moron and his car bomb. Now then if only someone could find out why people are driven to attack us in any way they can…clearly I’m nowhere near intelligent enough to work that one out. Hey wait a minute I just read those reports again, you don’t think…nah couldn’t be.

War Of Choice- No Blasts From The Past

On the day before it is due to be shut down, the U.N. unit that found no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq but failed to stop the U.S.-led invasion said on Thursday time had justified its methods and work.

In a voluminous report detailing the history of Iraq’s banned weapons programs and U.N. efforts to dismantle them, it said the episode had shown that on-the-ground inspections were better than intelligence assessments by individual countries.
The report by the U.N. Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission, or UNMOVIC, did not name its targets but several of its conclusions appeared aimed at the United States and Britain, which invaded Iraq in March 2003. Washington and London said despite UNMOVIC’s inability to find evidence, they were acting in the belief that Iraq was pursuing chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programs begun in the 1970s. No such weapons have been found.

“The UN’s verification experience in Iraq also illustrates that in-country verification, especially on-site inspections, generate more timely and accurate information than other outside sources such as national assessments.” UNMOVIC was in Iraq only from November 2002 until it was pulled out on the eve of the invasion, but its predecessor, UNSCOM, spent seven years there scrapping Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and facilities after the first Gulf War of 1991.

It said that during its brief stay in Iraq, UNMOVIC carried out 731 inspections covering 411 sites, but it implied that U.S. and British anxiety to invade Iraq had hampered its work. “Had UNMOVIC not been under such a stringent time constraint, the inspections could have been more detailed and thorough and many issues which emerged could have been pursued to a conclusion allowing greater confidence in the inspection process,” it said.

Not exactly news, and I question how many of the agitators really believed their own propaganda about WMD. That is the lie we must always contend with, the mistaken belief framing, the myth of good faith. Various paranoiac ideologues may have, but for the most part the ‘dark actors’ in the invasion coolly and deliberately lied to achieve their desired objectives. The people who chose this war go unpunished and that is news of our civilisation failing every day until they face trial.