By All That Is Holy, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony Blair has been holding discussions with some of his oldest allies on how he could mount a campaign later this year to become full-time president of the EU council, the prestigious new job characterised as “president of Europe”. Blair, currently the Middle East envoy for the US, Russia, EU and the UN, has told friends he has made no final decision, but is increasingly willing to put himself forward for the job if it comes with real powers to intervene in defence and trade affairs. (ht2 at-Largely)

Hell NO! No fucking way! He was instrumental, one of the inner cabal that lied the US & UK into the Iraq war, not only should he not be EU president, he should be prosecuted for his war crimes. His messianic greed for power is astonishing, no wonder he was so close to Bush. Speaking of which-ish

As Bush tries to stave off disaster in Afghanistan, Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, flies to London next week to talk to Gordon Brown — George Bush’s closest ally — to find a way to send more troops to Afghanistan. With UK defence minister Des Browne saying recently that Britain could be in Afghanistan for decades (, Rice will try to get Gordon Brown to commit more troops now, as a lever to get other countries to increase their deployment.

Stop the War Coalition is calling an emergency protest on Wednesday 6 February. We do not yet have details of Rice’s meetings with Gordon Brown but we anticipate that our protest will be at Downing Street, the timing to be announced as soon as her plans are known.

The army have cut basic training by half, to thirteen weeks, to get more soldiers to Afghanistan 

The Secret Atrocity- UK War Crime Cover Up Fails

The High Court today lifted a gagging order stopping the media reporting allegations of torture and brutality by British troops in Iraq.  Soldiers are said to have captured 31 Iraqis following an ambush in May 2004 before killing 22 and leaving only nine injured survivors after detaining them at military headquarters in Abu Naji. However reporting restrictions imposed earlier on by the court have now been lifted following a petition by several national newspapers and the BBC.

It has been claimed the men were seized by the British Army following a firefight on the road from Amara to Basra, near Majar al-Kabir in south-east Iraq. Iraqi families and survivors are seeking compensation and a ruling at a High Court hearing, due to start in the near future, that the Government is legally obliged to set up an independent inquiry into the incident. Death certificates to go before the court are said to state that corpses of Iraqis rounded up showed signs of “mutilation” and “torture”.

Lawyers investigating the allegations say the testimonies of five witnesses to the events “combine to give a harrowing account of what took place”. The Ministry of Defence has denied there was evidence of wrongdoing by soldiers, including the deliberate mutilation of corpses.

Lawyers Phil Shiner and Martyn Day of Leigh Day are representing the Iraqis. They travelled out to Istanbul earlier this month to meet with some of the alleged survivors and the other witnesses to the events. Mr Shiner said today: “The testimonies of these five men taken over five days in Istanbul by myself and Martyn contain shocking material and combine to give a harrowing account of what took place. I have never heard such evidence in nearly 30 years of being a solicitor.”

Martyn Day said: “Phil and I are clear that what took place in Majar is of massive consequence not just for the British Army and the British Government but for the British people. Today is the first step in ensuring what happened in Majar is brought out into the open.”

The fresh allegations of brutality by UK forces come after it was announced that no one will be held responsible for the killing of Iraqi civilian Baha Mousa who was beaten to death in Army custody five years ago. The decision was branded a shameful indictment of the way politicians, the military and its prosecuting authority dealt with the tragic case. And now the MoD faces further pressure after it failed to keep secret these new alllegations of abuse by British troops.

The gagging order blocked the naming of any of the Iraqi claimants, or the telling of their stories, until a final decision was taken on whether there will be any criminal prosecutions against any soldiers. The ban was imposed last December by Lord Justice Thomas, sitting with Mr Justice Silber, after the Ministry of Defence confirmed the possibility of criminal prosecutions.

Lord Justice Thomas said “adverse publicity” arising from the civil High Court case would be “highly undesirable”. But today, in an extraordinary judicial clash of views, another senior judge, Lord Justice Moses – also sitting with Mr Justice Silber – overturned the ban “in its entirety”. He ruled there was “ample material” to support the proposition that the proceedings to be brought in the High Court should be “in the public domain”, and ample authority “for the good reasons why that should be so”.

The MoD had wanted to keep secret the names of the Army regiments allegedly involved. But Lord Justice Moses ruled there was no basis for keeping secret the names of those who were subject to investigation. The possibility of there being any prosecution was “far too remote”, said the judge, and there was certainly no statutory prohibition on the publication of names.

Mr Justice Silber said: “For the reasons given by (Lord Justice Moses), I agree with him.” The BBC’s Panorama programme, which is preparing an item on the Majar incident, welcomed today’s ruling. Deputy editor Frank Simmonds said: “Panorama is very pleased with the judgment as it clears the way for a more constructive dialogue with the MoD on matters of clear public interest.”

During the hearing, Lord Justice Moses said it was “barmy” that it had taken so long for the military authorities to investigate what had happened at Majar in 2004. He said: “It is not fair on them (the soldiers) as well as on everybody else.”

Jonathan Swift, appearing for the MoD, said fresh investigations had become necessary as a result of the witness statements made by the Iraqi claimants in the pending High Court hearing. He said he was only seeking to uphold the gagging order in so far as it prohibited the naming of the regiments involved. The judge said: “It is not the way it works. If you are right then it is one rule for the MoD and another rule for the ordinary citizen.”

Mr Swift said he was not suggesting there should be different rules for different categories, but a no-names order was necessary in the present case “on a precautionary basis” because possible criminal proceedings could be undermined by publicity.

But the judge said: “There is nothing unusual in this case in relation to the disclosure of the identity of someone who is being investigated and where there remains the possibility of future criminal proceedings.” There was no basis for an order that there should not be disclosure of those who were subject to investigation.

So the cover up has failed, what else remains hidden by the establishment? This is war, this always happens. This is what was chosen, this is why Blair must be prosecuted.

(i) Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances;  {Nuremberg Tribunal defined Crimes against Peace}

Why Am I Not Surprised?

Graham Dow, the Bishop of Carlisle, has come to public notice for suggesting that the recent floods were God’s judgement on a sinful nation, but not only is he not alone – perhaps just naive to speak so openly about it to a friendly journalist from the Sunday Telegraph – but they are not his weirdest views. An earlier book he wrote on demonic possession shows he believes devils enter up the anus (something Freudian here perhaps) and the signs of possession include wearing black, inappropriate laughter, inexplicable knowledge, Scottish ancestry or relatives who have been miners. You may laugh – inappropriately – but Dow used to be an Oxford college chaplain, indeed once prepared Tony Blair for confirmation, and has risen to be a diocesan bishop.

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No Iraq Inquiry From Brown Government

The British government has backtracked over demands for an independent inquiry into the mistakes made in the run-up to and aftermath of the invasion of Iraq.

Ministers have hinted repeatedly that an investigation would be held after British forces leave the country. But they have now changed tack in the hope of “moving on” in Iraq rather than looking back at what went wrong.

Mr Blair argued that there had already been four separate inquiries into Iraq, including Lord Butler of Brockwell’s 2004 report on the flawed intelligence on which the case for war was built. But the Tories and Liberal Democrats, who want a full-scale inquiry, argue that there has been no overarching review, particularly into the lack of planning for the aftermath of the 2003 invasion.

In November 2006, Des Browne, the defence secretary, said there would be an inquiry “when the time is right” after the British government defeated a proposal calling for one in the House of Commons.

Margaret Beckett, the then foreign secretary, assured MPs: “I have no doubt there will be a time when we want to learn lessons.”

Asked if an inquiry would take place after British troops withdraw, the British foreign secretary, David Miliband, replied: “I am obsessed with the next five years in Iraq, not the last five years in Iraq. And I think that the best inquiry is putting the best brains to think about how to make sure the next five years in Iraq get that combination of political reconstruction, economic reconstruction and security improvement that are so essential.”

Right on Dave, I’m ‘obsessed’ with the next five years too, how after withdrawal the billions in reparations are paid to Iraq and all those who lead and enabled the war are put on trial for war crimes. Yeah, it’s no good going over the mistakes of the past in some toothless spectacle, we should be prosecuting political leaders for those very deliberate ‘mistakes’. Hey you don’t know where Tony Blair is? We should start with him in your forward thinking future vision, bringing “political reconstruction, economic reconstruction and security improvement” by showing the Iraqi’s we do not tolerate lying mass killers nor those who profit from war and inciting sectarian hatred. And as you seem so all fired up big D let’s go for it, send in the SAS to render Bush and Cheney to the Old Bailey, believe me America will breathe a sigh of relief with that regime change, they might even welcome you as a liberator with chocolates and flowers. ‘Thanks Dave, thanks for looking to the future and showing the world old school imperial war warmongering is simply unacceptable, that in the resource scarcity to come we will cooperate not murder the weaker groups as we face the challenges. We will no longer reason profit being a justification for genocide and a government that only answers to corporations and who lies, spies & steals will be a government that is immediately removed from office and then prosecuted. Golly gosh Dave, you’re just great’

Yes I can see it all now, the best brains improving not just Iraq but the whole world as the criminal justice system finally incorporates the ruling classes into its jurisdiction and the search for clean energy resources is no longer hamstrung by tradition, vested interests and jealously guarded revenue streams. Wealth, resources and land are distributed equitably as is power and psychopathic white men no longer rule the earth as they at last get the hospital treatment they so desperately need. Well Dave it’s a pretty tall order but it seems that is the obsession you are choosing because otherwise I’d have to conclude you are complicit in the covering up of war crimes and that seems a very much backwards looking way to behave. Hiding the past is not dealing with the past, doomed to repeat etc. y’know, all that stuff. Which does make the next five years and the next five years after that and the next five years after that and the next five years after that and the…more likely to look like the past than any positive improvements “that are so essential”.

Ow, I think I broke my sarcasm bone.

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You can’t make this shit up.

Please *God* Make It Stop

I blame Blairwatch for leading me to this article-

The former prime minister’s comments came as he admitted for the first time that his faith was “hugely important” in influencing his decisions during his decade in power at Number 10, including going to war with Iraq in 2003. Mr Blair complained that he had been unable to follow the example of US politicians, such as President George W. Bush, in being open about his faith because people in Britain regarded religion with suspicion.

“It’s difficult if you talk about religious faith in our political system,” Mr Blair said. “If you are in the American political system or others then you can talk about religious faith and people say ‘yes, that’s fair enough’ and it is something they respond to quite naturally.

“You talk about it in our system and, frankly, people do think you’re a nutter. I mean … you may go off and sit in the corner and … commune with the man upstairs and then come back and say ‘right, I’ve been told the answer and that’s it’.”

Peter Mandelson, one of Mr Blair’s confidants, claimed that the former premier “takes a Bible with him wherever he goes” and habitually reads it last thing at night. 

“To do the prime minister’s job properly you need to be able to separate yourself from the magnitude of the consequences of the decisions you are taking the whole time. Which doesn’t mean to say … that you’re insensitive to the magnitude of those consequences or that you don’t feel them deeply.

“If you don’t have that strength it’s difficult to do the job, which is why the job is as much about character and temperament as it is about anything else. But for me having faith was an important part of being able to do that… Ultimately I think you’ve got to do what you think is right.”

Which bible was it? Because the one I have read and had to study came off as a tad disapproving of liars and warmongers but clearly that was the bad bible, no Tony had the good bible where geopolitical game playing and resource grabs are noble godly pursuits especially when you get to kill a million people. And so glad to see he can divorce himself from the magnitude of the consequences of his actions, it does rather prove that those with psychopathology’s either end up in jail or at the top of business or politics. Except I’m not so sure about Anthony, this sounds like an ad hoc assemblage of platitudes to fend off the screaming demons he sees closing in on him sometimes from the corner of his eye. This is a man grabbing at straws and happy American christianist dominionism passes him a big handful, but he’s on the run, he’s put thought into this defence which means he thinks he needs one, which means somewhere he knows he has done great wrong. Although it looks like his aim now is to hunt down that shred of conscience and waterboard the motherfucker to oblivion, which explains why he looks to Bush and his messianic sadism with such admiration.

Hagiography Of A War Criminal

In the words of Ian Brown- So what the fuck is pro-war hack Aaronovitch doing being paid by the BBC to interview Blair? So we get further iteration of what we already knew, but erm… we already knew that. For all the fanfair it is too soon, his influence still entails truths are concealed and what this mostly does is swell idiots bank balances and probably will be used to embed fictions that still obscure the only thing worth broadcasting, (and it won’t take several hours or episodes)- Anthony Blair broke international law, he chose a preemptive war and he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The other detail is over on the right, which today stands at 1,112,745 murdered humans. See? I managed all that in less than a minute and it didn’t cost a fucking thing, but then the establishment always was about getting rich by lying…and killing.

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