Iran Will Defend Itself, Well Duh!

If Israel attacks Iran, Iran will retaliate. Some headlines report this as Iran threatens to attack Israel!!! Shock Horror!!! Only once you read on is it contextualised as a statement about retaliation for an attack by Israel. Now of course Tweedledee & Tweedledum, the Israeli govt. and the Whitehouse have responded-

“Unfortunately we hear all too often belicose, extreme and hateful statements out of the Iranian leadership,” Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Mark Regev told AFP.

“I can’t tell you why someone in Iran would say something like that about Israel. It’s totally unprovoked and unnecessary,” she added. She had earlier called the Iranian comments “unhelpful.”

Hmmm, ‘belicose, extreme and hateful’

Regev added: “A nuclear-armed Iran is a danger to the very survival of Israel, to stability in the region and to global security.”

The specter of an Israeli strike was raised in recent days in a statement by the former head of the Israeli military, Moshe Ya’alon.

Speaking at a seminar at the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC entitled, “Stopping the Iranian Nuclear Program: Is There an Israeli Option?” Ya’alon opined that Israel had the military capability to deal with the Iranian nuclear threat.


the Bush administration is even considering the use of a tactical nuclear weapon against deep Iranian bunkers

A British newspaper reported Sunday that Israel has drafted plans to strike as many as three targets in Iran with low-yield nuclear weapons, aiming to halt Tehran’s uranium enrichment program. The Israeli Foreign Ministry denied the report.

Citing multiple unidentified Israeli military sources, The Sunday Times said the proposals involved using so-called “bunker-buster” nuclear weapons to attack nuclear facilities at three sites south of the Iranian capital.

Look fellas you are all spewing macho rhetoric so let’s not pretend you have residence on the moral high ground although, ok I know when you try that bullshit the enabling corporate media plays along so that’s why you do it. But really, how do keep a straight face?

Update: And this-

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton has declared the Bush administration would support an Israeli attack on Iran. In an interview with an Israeli newspaper, Bolton said: “We’re talking about a clear message to Iran — Israel has the right to self-defense — and that includes offensive operations against WMD facilities that pose a threat to Israel. The United States would justify such attacks.” 

IAEA Report On Iran’s Nuclear Program

Thanks to Naj, here is her post with her emphasis because as she makes clear the corporate US media is distorting the report to produce the impression Iran is not complying with the IAEA. As September is Iran War Pimp month fighting spin with the truth is going to be crucial (more at MOA), here is the report:-

Understandings of The Islamic Republic of Iran and the IAEA on the Modalities of Resolution of the Outstanding Issues Tehran – 21 August 2007

Pursuant to the negotiations between H.E. Dr. Larijani, I. R. of Iran’s Secretary of Supreme National Security Council and H.E. Dr. ElBaradei, Director General of the IAEA, in Vienna; following the initiative and good will of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the agreement made, a high ranking delegation consisting of the directors of technical, legal and political departments of the IAEA, paid a visit to Tehran from 11 to 12 July 2007 during which “Understandings of The Islamic Republic of Iran and the IAEA on the Modalities of Resolution of the Outstanding Issues, Tehran 12 July 2007” were prepared.

A second meeting took place in Vienna on 24 July 2007 followed by a further meeting in Iran from 20 to 21 August 2007. The Agency’s delegation had the opportunity to have meetings with H.E. Dr. Larijani during both visits to Tehran. Following these three consecutive meetings, both Parties reached the following understandings:
I. Latest Developments:
Based on the modalities agreed upon on 12 July 2007, the following decisions were made:
1. Present Issues:
A. Enrichment Programme
The Agency and Iran agreed to cooperate in preparing the safeguards approach for the Natanz Fuel Enrichment Plant in accordance with Iran’s Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement. The draft text of the safeguards approach paper, and the facility attachment of IRN- were provided to Iran on 23 July 2007. The safeguards approach and the facility attachment were discussed during technical meetings in Iran between the Agency and the AEOI from 6 to 8 August 2007. Further discussions will be held with the aim of finalizing the facility attachment by the end of September 2007.

B. Heavy Water Research Reactor in Arak
Iran agreed with the Agency’s request to visit the heavy water research reactor (IR40) site in Arak. A successful visit took place on 30 July 2007.

C. Designation of new inspectors
On 12 July 2007,
Iran accepted the designation of five additional inspectors.

D. Issue of multiple entry visas
On 12 July 2007,
Iran agreed to issue one year multiple entry visas for 14 inspectors and staff of the Agency.

2. Past Outstanding Issues:

A. Plutonium Experiments
In order to conclude and close the file of the issue of plutonium (Pu), the Agency provided Iran with the remaining questions on 23 July 2007. During a meeting in Iran between representatives of the Agency and Iran,
Iran provided clarifications to the Agency that helped to explain the remaining questions. In addition, on 7 August 2007, Iran sent a letter to the Agency providing additional clarifications to some of the questions. On 20 August 2007 the Agency stated that earlier statements made by Iran are consistent with the Agency’s findings, and thus this matter is resolved. This will be communicated officially by the Agency to Iran through a letter.

B. Issue of P1-P2:
Based on agreed modalities of 12 July 2007,
Iran and the Agency agreed the following procedural steps to resolve the P1-P2 issue. The proposed timeline assumes that the Agency announces the closure of the Pu-experiments outstanding issue by 31 August 2007, and its subsequent reporting in the Director General’s report to the September 2007 Board of Governors.
The Agency will provide all remaining questions on this issue by 31 August 2007. Iran and the Agency will have discussions in Iran on 24-25 September 2007 to clarify the questions provided. This will be followed up by a further meeting in mid-October 2007 to further clarify the written answers provided. The Agency’s target date for the closure of this issue is November 2007.

C. Source of Contamination
Based on the agreed modalities on 12 July 2007 and
given the Agency’s findings which tend, on balance, to support Iran’s statement about the foreign origin of the observed HEU contamination, the only remaining outstanding issue on contamination is the contamination found at a Technical University in Tehran. Iran and the Agency agreed on the following procedural steps to address this issue, starting once the P1-P2 issue is concluded and the file is closed. The Agency will again provide Iran with the remaining questions regarding the contamination found at a Technical University in Tehran by 15 September 2007. After 2 weeks of the closure of the P1-P2 issue Iran and the Agency will have discussions in Iran on this issue.

D. U Metal Document
Upon the request of the Agency, Iran agreed to cooperate with the Agency in facilitating the comparison of the relevant sections of the document. Iran is presently reviewing the proposals already made during the first meeting on 12 July 2007. After taking this step by Iran, the Agency undertakes to close this issue.

II. Modalities of Resolution of other Outstanding Issues
A. Po210
Based on agreed modalities of 12 July 2007, Iran agreed to deal with this issue, once all the above mentioned issues are concluded and their files are closed. Iran and the Agency agreed upon the following procedural steps: regarding this issue, the Agency will provide Iran in writing with all its remaining questions by 15 September 2007. After 2 weeks from conclusion and closure of the issues of the source of contamination and U-metal, reflected in the Director General’s report to the Board of Governors, Iran and the Agency will have discussions in Iran where Iran will provide explanations on the Po210.
B. Ghachine Mine
Based on agreed modalities of 12 July 2007, Iran agreed to deal with this issue, once the issue of Po210 is concluded and its file is closed. Iran and the Agency agreed upon the following procedural steps: regarding this issue, the Agency will provide Iran in writing with all its remaining questions by 15 September 2007. After 2 weeks from conclusion and closure of the issue of Po210, reflected in the Director General’s report to the Board of Governors, Iran and the Agency will have discussions in Iran where Iran will provide explanations to the Agency about Ghachine Mine.

III. Alleged Studies
Iran reiterated that it considers the following alleged studies as politically motivated and baseless allegations. The Agency will however provide Iran with access to the documentation it has in its possession regarding: the Green Salt Project, the high explosive testing and the missile re-entry vehicle. As a sign of good will and cooperation with the Agency, upon receiving all related documents, Iran will review and inform the Agency of its assessment.

IV. General Understandings

  1. These modalities cover all remaining issues and the Agency confirmed that there are no other remaining issues and ambiguities regarding Iran’s past nuclear program and activities.
  2. The Agency agreed to provide Iran with all remaining questions according to the above work plan. This means that after receiving the questions, no other questions are left. Iran will provide the Agency with the required clarifications and information.
  3. The Agency’s delegation is of the view that the agreement on the above issues shall further promote the efficiency of the implementation of safeguards in Iran and its ability to conclude the exclusive peaceful nature of the Iran’s nuclear activities.
  4. The Agency has been able to verify the non-diversion of the declared nuclear materials at the enrichment facilities in Iran and has therefore concluded that it remains in peaceful use.
  5. The Agency and Iran agreed that after the implementation of the above work plan agreed modalities for resolving the outstanding issues, the implementation of safeguards in Iran will be conducted in a routine manner.

America Waging War In Somalia

America is waging a war in Somalia, it is using Ethiopian troops so the craptastic media report about the Ethiopian-Somali conflict, but it is another front of the Empire’s wars. Now some quick history-

2003 Eritrea joins the coalition of the willing, America invades Iraq.

2007 America invades Somalia using Ethiopian forces as a proxy, the global media rarely mention US involvement and characterise the war as just between Ethiopia and Somalia.

2007 Eritrea threatened to be added to America’s list of state sponsors of terrorism.

And now the coup de grace, ladies & gentlemen just savour the nerve of the empire and savour the hacks who accept it-

Eritrea is the archrival of Ethiopia, and diplomats say the two have been waging a proxy war in Somalia since last year.

American exceptionalism is just so wonderful isn’t it? And such wonderfully co-operative journalists, gosh it makes this post from earlier today look almost psychic.

War Pimps, Manufacturing Consent & Kucinich

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), one of the most anti-war members of the House, accused the Bush Administration’s labeling of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization a prelude for war there. “The belligerent Bush Administration is using this pending designation to convince the American public into accepting that a war with Iran is inevitable,” Kucinich said. “This designation will set the stage for more chaos in the region because it undercuts all of our diplomatic efforts.”

This is an ominous move and of course the excellent Dennis Kucincih nails it as such, but already he is being made invisible by mainstream media to manufacture the limits of acceptable debate to suit elite consensus. Last Sunday the New York Times published a story declaring the potential Democratic presidential candidates all expected leaving Iraq to take many years or as an honest person might put it, occupation to continue. On it’s face that is depressingly true, the dem front runners are nothing if Read the rest of this entry »

US Missile Base Document Dump Not Dying

Just before the recess NuLab dumped a shitload of written answers and announcements and ran away before anyone had to chance to blink, one of the most important was the submitting to US missile basing plans. The Independent isn’t going to let it lie & there are calls for a debate which Brown/e denied in the dump and run-

Smuggled in among the 46 ministerial announcements in the days before the end of the last Parliamentary term was one that on any normal day would have dominated the news agenda. The Defence Secretary, Des Browne, announced that he had given his approval for the RAF Menwith Hill monitoring station in North Yorkshire to be used as part of the United States missile defence system.

This is something with profound implications for British security. Our involvement in the US missile defence shield goes way beyond normal transatlantic military co-operation. It would undermine the nuclear deterrent between Russia and the West, which is the reason Moscow is getting so exercised about the plan. Nor, it should be noted, is there any serious suggestion that Britain itself would be protected by the shield in the event of a nuclear strike from the east.

The fact that such a controversial policy was rushed through in a written statement reflects poorly on Gordon Brown. Upon taking power, the Prime Minister announced that he wanted to restore Parliament to its role as prime scrutiniser of the executive. But then he pushes this measure through in the full knowledge that there was insufficient time for MPs to debate the policy. It looks suspiciously like the old practice of burying inconvenient news.

A cross-party group of MPs are now calling for a full debate in Parliament on the matter. It is essential that they get it. Otherwise, Mr Brown’s promises to be a champion of Parliament risk being undermined only a month after he made them.

BNP Bomber Sentenced By A Friendly Court & Police

A FORMER BNP candidate who stockpiled chemicals and food because he feared the country was heading to civil war has been jailed for two-and-a-half years. But Robert Cottage, of Talbot Street, Colne, could be out of prison within six months due to the time he has spent on remand, police said.

But, boys and girls get what the judge says-

She added there was a low risk of him committing further offences.
“I am satisfied it was Cottage’s views on how he put it ‘the evils of uncontrolled immigration’ would lead to civil war which would be imminent and inevitable… I accept the intention was to hold these chemicals until the outbreak of civil unrest. That was a criminal and potentially dangerous act.”

And the Police-

“He has already spent a long time on remand, and that coupled with the early release scheme means he is likely to be out within six months. After that, he will be monitored closely by parole officers. He is a man of previous good character and his life has dramatically changed because of this investigation.”

“His marriage has broken up and he has lost his job so when he comes out of prison he has got to rebuild his life. His experience will perhaps have a sobering effect on the more radical elements of his views. We feel the sentence justifies the way in which the matter has been handled by the police and the prosecution authorities. He was a very eccentric man with very eccentric views that most people would not agree with, although it’s probably fair to say they were honestly-held views.”

Blairwatch also compare how this sentence compares to those given to Muslims with brown skin (can you guess who gets the heavier sentences, by 10 or 20 years at times), now maybe it’s just me but doesn’t the judge accepting his word seem a little odd and the coppers spiel is virtually a love letter. His far right racist views that lead to him arming himself were ‘honestly-held’ is that code language for -Ok by me, what d’you say white people, we have to stem the tide of immigrant filth somehow-  ‘eccentric views’, ‘of previous good character’, he was a BNP candidate,  a white supremacist political party with a history of violence. What The Fuck? Well it’s a clear signal on which side the law rests in Burnley, white & right wing, and the treatment of the case by the media and the sentence handed out to Muslims for lesser offences shows the rule is good for the UK too- White & Right is Okay. The tribe looks after its own. And Brown (oh the irony) wants to extend detention without charge to 56 days which is 8 weeks, almost 2 months, with no charge at all, just interrogation for a solid 8 weeks. While the security services go through your entire life, and if they don’t get a full confession or charge, they might get some embarrassing personal info or a criminal confession they will keep on file to ‘persuade’ you to be an informer. Don’t think that isn’t part of the reasoning for the 8 week proposal, to create intelligence assets in communities where they have none. And they need them to control people with relatives in countries we bomb or will soon be bombing under orders from Uncle Sam, they’re worried they might get a bit peeved, or better yet get them nicely set up on more terror charges to destroy their case for opposition to the Empire’s wars. If you’re against the ‘War on Terror’ ergo you must be a terrorist. Which is what is said politically already- opposition helps the enemy, demoralises the troops, shows we are weak and will be overrun by ‘islamofascists’. Govts. are never stronger than in a long war, when they can paint their leadership as of life or death importance and dissent as treason. But this isn’t WWII, we are the aggressors here and our enemy is self created (well by the Empire, but we are the monkey to that organ grinder), after decades of meddling to secure assets and influence. You can’t solve a problem without first accurately identifying it, but there is no political will to admit the problem (after all show me a humble and contrite elite and I’ll show you my moon surfing unicorn pony), because our tribe is always right and ‘they’ are the bad guys.

Stop Thinking & Let The Greed Virus Prosper

Nicolas Sarkozy seeks to shift emphasis away from intellectualism and towards “working hard” with the hopes of getting rich. Says Finance Minister Christine Lagarde: “Enough thinking, already. Roll up your sleeves.”Mr. Sarkozy and his team hope to persuade the French that it is in their interest to abandon what some commentators call a nationwide “laziness” and to work longer and harder, and maybe even get rich. France’s legally mandated 35-hour work week gives workers a lot of leisure time but not necessarily the means to enjoy it. Taxes on high-wage earners are so burdensome that hordes have fled abroad. (Mr. Sarkozy cites the case of one of his stepdaughters, who works in an investment-banking firm in London.)

In her National Assembly speech, Ms. Lagarde said that there should be no shame in personal wealth and that the country needed tax breaks to lure the rich back

The satirical weekly Le Canard Enchainé, meanwhile, mocked Ms. Lagarde for praising the sheer joy of work and quoting Confucius’s oft-cited line, “Choose a work that you love and you won’t have to work another day.” Such “subtleties have escaped the cleaning lady or the supermarket checkout clerk,” a commentary in the newspaper said Wednesday.

“We are seeing an important cultural change,” said Eric Chaney, chief economist for Europe for Morgan Stanley. “Working families in France want to be richer. Wealth is no longer a taboo…

The fundamentalists of the Church of the Free Market are pleased indeed. The NY Times seems to suggest France has no opulence, that there are no wealthy BMW or Mercedes driving elites with huge country houses to compliment their valuable city homes. Or at least that’s what they want their audience to think, such low opinion of their readers, well they did lie them into war, respect must be hard to come by all round. And I don’t think that the fact Sicko shows France as an example of universal healthcare is unrelated to this representation of a country beset with oppressive taxes and low achievement obsessing over intellectualism while high earners flee the voraciously punitive taxes. Such is the Empire’s culture wars, its clash of civilisations, it wants the whole earth under it’s idea of utterly cruel free market fascism. The Priest economists claiming faith as fact (free markets work brethren!) and poverty as the punishment for sinners of low enterprise. A 35 hour working week? What with all that spare time one might have a real family life or time to enrich mind and body away from ones toil. What kind of fool would want that? Heresy!