Fundamentalists With Submachine Gun Assault Germans On Beach

Yes that could be the headline, except the fundamentalists were white neo-Nazis, so no panic and the whole incident treated in a low key way.

According to the police, six men and one woman drove to the lake in a pick-up truck where they yelled racists slogans and verbally abused the families bathing there, most of whom were ethnic Germans who had moved to Germany from Eastern Europe following the collapse of communism. Such immigrants, many of whom speak only poor German despite their background, are often targeted by right-wing radicals.

The extremists some of whom were drunk, then shot a submachine gun into the air at least 17 times, according to the police. The ordeal only came to an end when a few of the men at the beach succeeded in overpowering the neo-Nazis and holding them down until the police arrived. The seven suspects, who range in age from 21 to 29, were charged with breaking firearms law and making the banned Hitler salute.

Meanwhile Mohamed Haneef is in custody for giving a sim card to a relative.

Dr Haneef has been charged with “recklessly” supporting a terrorist organisation, after providing a mobile phone SIM card to a relative later allegedly involved in plotting car bomb attacks in the UK. Dr Haneef said he mentioned to his father-in-law that Ahmed had been arrested over the foiled terrorism attacks in London and Glasgow.

“So (my father-in-law) he said to me ‘Why are you worried about that?’ So I just said ‘keep calm, if we have not done anything, then just nothing to worry’.”

Dr Haneef told the AFP he was told by his father-in-law to call British police and “let them know what’s going on.” Dr Haneef said that he made repeated telephone calls to police officer, Tony Webster, in Britain to explain the SIM card issue, but the calls were unanswered.

The Spin On Terror

I was reading this report on Al Jazeera:

Australian police have reportedly found no evidence to charge an Indian doctor who has been held without charge for 11 days on suspicion of connection to atttempted UK bomb attacks. However, officials still believe Muhammad Haneef played a role in last month’s failed bombings, the Australian newspaper reported citing government documents. Haneef, 27, was arrested in the eastern Australian city of Brisbane on July 2 while trying to leave the country on a one-way ticket to India. The paper said that despite a massive investigation, authorities have failed to uncover any evidence with which to charge him.

The documents cited by the Australian said police do not want to release Haneef because they suspect he “provided support to the terrorist organization responsible for the terrorist acts in London and/or Glasgow.” Investigators have seized several computer hard drives, PDAs, flash drives and computer disks as well as phones and digital cameras belonging to Haneef and his associates, the paper reported.

It quoted officials as saying the inquiry had been complicated by the need to process the large volume of electronic data they had found and check it with material held by British authorities. The Australian said police were likely to urge Brisbane magistrates to allow them to hold Haneef for another 72 hours, adding that investigations could take up to two more weeks to complete. “If Mr Haneef was released from detention, it would be more difficult for authorities to effectively monitor his movements and who he communicates with, either in Australia or overseas,” the paper quoted government documents saying.

Then within a few minutes the story suddenly became:

Australian police have charged a 27-year-old Indian doctor linked to the suspected UK bomb attempts. Mohamed Haneef “has been charged with providing support to a terrorist organisation”, said an Australian police spokesman.

…Dr Haneef is being charged with providing a mobile phone SIM card to his second cousins, Sabeel and Kafeel Ahmed, both of whom are being held in Britain. The BBC’s Nick Bryant in Brisbane says the charges carry a maximum sentence of 25 years in jail.

Likewise on Al Jazeera, so at the last minute they go for a charge (he gave them a sim!) to keep him locked up and avoid going to court for further extensions for ‘dead time’, oh yeah this is all under Howard’s Kafka-esque new laws:

Civil liberties groups complain that he is being held in a legal limbo. Dr Haneef’s case is the first to be practically applied under controversial anti-terror laws that came in to force in 2004, the BBC’s Nick Bryant in Brisbane says. Under the new laws, Australian police are allowed to question him for 24 hours – but this can be spread out over an unspecified period of time.

…The questioning can be interspersed with what is being called “dead time” – a kind of legal time-out which allows police, subject to magistrate’s approval, to keep a person in detention without charge or questioning while they continue their inquiries.

Meanwhile the story of no evidence or police pleading for an extension in court is not the story the public will wake up to this morning and Howard’s strange new law isn’t shown up as unworkable. All these shenanigans will be ignored and it simply becomes- Terrorist Charged!

Which makes up for:

A woman held over failed car bombings in London and Glasgow airport has been freed without charge, police have said.

I have no idea who, what or where except to say the experience with the Birmingham six and Guildford four showed that the impulse to arrest lots of suspects in a frenzy leads to a case being built on the assumption of guilt not evidence and the injustice takes years to be righted, although the personal cost cannot be compensated. It is at a time like this these lessons need to be kept in mind.

Conrad Black Is Going Down!


Media tycoon Conrad Black has been convicted of three charges of fraud and one of obstructing justice by a jury in Chicago. But Black was found not guilty of separate charges of racketeering, wire fraud and tax evasion.The British peer, 62, was impassive as the verdicts were read out.He had faced 13 charges associated with claims he and three colleagues stole $60m (£29.5m) from investors in the newspaper firm Hollinger International.

The guilty verdicts cap a remarkable fall from grace for Black, once one of the UK’s wealthiest and most influential media figures. Legal experts said that although he had been cleared on several charges, the convictions for fraud were damning. “It only takes one fraud charge and the man is disgraced and finished,” said Joshua Rozenberg, legal editor of the Daily Telegraph, once owned by Hollinger.”He is clearly facing a lengthy prison sentence. Black was present in court to hear the verdict along with his wife, Barbara Amiel Black.

I declare it’s Schadenfreude Friday! Funny how right wing ideologues are always corrupt, not to mention anglosphere bigots, oops I just did. How much longer until they start looking at Amiel and her pile of stolen cash?

Bush Thinks Terrorists Have Time Machines

“The same folks that are bombing innocent people in Iraq are the ones who attacked us on Sept. 11,” Bush said.

So, pissed off they were invaded and about a million of their citizen’s killed, they built a time machine and went back to September 2001 and crashed planes into various buildings. Except that means they are dead in the present so how could they go back….oh time travel paradox! Unless, reading it again, he is admitting the US govt. perpetrated 911 (careful with that tin foil Eugene).

But seriously, this sounds stupid and delusional but is actually from the ‘clash of civilisations’ school of batshit agitators for a world war. It’s the level of a rather dull and stupid 7 year old. I know, this is nothing new, but every so often you have to share your amazement at such idiocy or your head explodes.

BNP Bombers Get Off

h/t Korova. The current trial jury fail to reach a verdict so the judge orders them to be found not guilty of conspiracy to cause explosions, except Robert Cottage will still face sentencing because he admitted at the first trial possessing explosives for an unlawful purpose.

A FORMER British National Party election candidate and a dentist have been cleared of conspiracy to cause explosions.

Ex-BNP member Robert Cottage, 49, and David Jackson, 62, were alleged to have stockpiled chemicals they bought on the internet and discussed using them to cause dangerous explosions. The jury at Manchester Crown Court had been deliberating since yesterday morning.

But at 2.30pm today they were discharged after failing to reach a verdict on a charge of conspiracy to causing explosions with intent to endanger life. The judge then ordered that Cottage, of Talbot Street, Colne, and Mr Jackson, of Trent Street, Nelson, be found not guilty of the charge.

It was the second time a jury had failed to reach a verdict following a previous trial. Cottage had admitted possessing explosives for unlawful purpose at the first trial. He was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on July 31. Boxes containing 21 different kinds of chemicals were found by police at Cottage’s home last September.

Officers were alerted to the stash by Cottage’s wife, Kerena, 29. Cottage told Manchester Crown Court he feared immigrants were swamping Britain bringing it to the brink of civil war.

So just a recap because in most reports a lot of detail and past information is ‘missed’-

The 22 chemical components recovered by police are believed to be the largest haul ever found at a house in this country. Cottage is an ex-BNP member who stood as a candidate in the Pendle Council elections in May.
Mrs Christiana Buchanan, who appeared for the prosecution in Jackson’s case, alleged the pair had “some kind of masterplan”. She said a search of Jackson’s home had uncovered rocket launchers, chemicals, BNP literature and a nuclear biological suit.

A former BNP candidate stockpiled a cache of weapons and explosives and spoke of his wish to one day shoot the Prime Minister…In addition to targeting Tony Blair, he spoke of wanting to shoot Lord Greaves, the Liberal Democrat peer.

Now replace BNP with ‘Al Qaeda’ (imagine they are brown, anyone caught with this gear is immediately spun as AQ) and just how much coverage would this have got? And would the jury decision have been the same? Would they have been charged under ancient explosives laws or new terror legislation? Would the case get more than 4 mentions on a Google news search (total new stories reporting the jury decision today, not scientific but a rough guide to media prominence)? And why is this the policy of European govts.?

Right-wing extremist violence is a serious, increasing problem in a number of Member States. However,reporting on right-wing terrorism is random as right-wing violence and other politically motivated crimes are mainly investigated as right-wing extremism and not as terrorist offences. [page 37 Europol Telsat 2007]-

Plus C’est la Meme Chose, Plus ça Change- Same Old Shite

Gordon Brown has said Britain would be under threat from al-Qaeda terrorists “irrespective” of the war in Iraq. The prime minister told the BBC it was not possible to be “secure” against a global group of “extremist” cells with a “dogmatic and vicious” attitude. The UK would be threatened “whatever was happening in Afghanistan or Iraq”.

He also said the “fight for the future” with extremists had to be fought “not just militarily” but also on a “cultural and ideological” level.

Now Gordo, that last bit, y’see one of those ideological and cultural points might be we don’t slaughter close to a million people based on a war built on lies to secure oil for multinationals and indulge moronic American conservatives desire to reshape the middle east into a subservient shopping mall. Maybe this is why I didn’t spend too much time on the ‘changeover’ as I doubted there would be much change. This is utter bilge and everyone knows it, pathetic middle manager for the Empire.

Fearmongering In The Murdoch Press

Larisa Alexandrovna, ace investigative reporter for RAW lays a great smackdown on David Leppard of the Times and shows up some of the tactics used by unscrupulous govt. and media to maintain a climate of fear:-

Leppard breathlessly reports the propaganda handed him, despite UK  officials on the record saying the exact opposite:

“AT least one of the suspects being quizzed over the alleged plot to set off car bombs in Britain was in recent contact with Al-Qaeda in Iraq, senior security officials said yesterday.

Scotland Yard’s Counter Terrorism Command SO15 is understood to have uncovered evidence that in the months leading up to the attacks one or more of the suspects communicated by telephone or e-mail with terrorist leaders in Iraq.

The development has fuelled a theory that the failed attacks in London and Glasgow were designed as a farewell to Tony Blair to punish him for his role in Iraq. Details of the Al-Qaeda role in the three failed car bombings are expected to emerge over the next few days.”

Let me make perfectly clear that it is the reporting that I find bothersome based on clearly fabricated claims. But let us assume this was true for a moment – and it is not – then printing this would put into danger an ongoing investigation into possible terrorist activity. So, what type of source either a). so careless with a serious investigation as to reveal such information to a reporter or b). so willing to lie to a reporter (who is as equally willing to jot down BS and staple it together as “news”.)? Those are the only two options. And given that we know claim to be false – then who is trying to plant this crap in the media for the consumption of what audience, domestic or foreign?

If the Brits for a moment believed they had a good lead on the Al Qaeda front, I assure you, that actual professionals in the SIS would not be leaking it. But we are assuming that Leppard’s sources are SIS and not, for example, a foreign element. By the same token, if UK intelligence believed that they had enough proof to claim an Al Qaeda link – and do so without putting into danger an ongoing investigation, then it would be said on the record, officially – as is always the case.

Let’s consider that when the initial reporting claimed an Al Qaeda link, UK intelligence were very quick to respond to a media “sensational” blitz:

“British officials are concerned over some sensationalized reporting by the media on the recent car bomb attacks in London and Glasgow, RAW STORY has learned.

According to Nev Johnson, a Foreign and Commonwealth Office press officer with responsibility for security and intelligence, media reports of Prime Minister Brown’s comments regarding Al Qaeda have been grossly misrepresented.

“The UK media hasn’t analysed the PM’s statement yesterday sufficiently thoroughly,” Johnson told RAW STORY on Monday. “[The Prime Minister] didn’t attribute blame directly to Al Q’aida, but said the methodolgy was similar, and talked more generally about Al Q’aida worldwide.””

As you can see, this is on the record and clearly speaks of methodology, but not a “direct link” nor in anyway speculates on one.

There is more to the post, click here. But she does mention this:-

 Leppard’s reputation as a mole (quite a few journalists in the UK have told me this in private) for “some group” (which I assume to mean a political group, if you will) continues to prove itself in his work.

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BNP Bombers In False Teeth Shocker!

Well thanks to Korova at MOA who beat me to checking for updates to this story, we now have the strange tale of how suspected bomb making chemicals were to protect against bird flu, clear drains, purify water and clean false teeth!

A FORMER British National Party candidate who is accused of plotting to make bombs claimed that chemicals he bought over the internet were for cleaning his false teeth and unblocking drains.

Robert Cottage, 49, told Manchester Crown Court he thought some of the other chemicals could be used to protect him from bird flu and purify water if supplies were cut off during civil unrest – two of his great fears. Cottage, a bus driver who transported disabled children, feared immigrants were swamping Britain and bringing it to the brink of civil war.

Under cross-examination, Cottage said it was a coincidence he had bought chemicals just days after printing off recipes for explosive devices from the Internet. He told prosecutor Miss Louise Blackwell QC he downloaded the Anarchist Cookbook and printed off sections out of ”idle curiosity” but could not explain why instructions for making a Molotov cocktail, a pipe hand grenade and dynamite were in his possession.

”I can’t explain why I printed them off – I had no interest in making the devices, it was just for interest,” he said.

Cottage told jurors he did not discuss making explosives from the Anarchists’ Cookbook with Jackson. ”I don’t think he even knew the Anarchist Cookbook was in my possession,” he said. Cottage admitted buying a separate batch of chemicals on behalf of his friend, but said he did not know why he wanted them.

Now then, this trial is proceeding, for the last half of this week there were no updates, once the Guardian ran a piece, it went quiet. Today Google shows 4 but in fact only comes up with 3 stories detailing this new testimony, all local papers, no national media print or broadcast is covering this continuously. And you know I don’t blame them, these are two losers who were caught before any bombs were made, except… similar stories where the accused were Muslim get wall to wall coverage and we are meant to shit ourselves continuously at the mere thought of Al Qaeda cells under our beds.

Apart from the institutional bias that treats right wing terrorists not as terrorists but as criminal extremists and publicity on this particular case not serving govt. objectives and the corporate media going along- This is just naked tribalism, in an implicit way this is not treated as that scary because they are our tribe, white, british… racist. Something about how the case is treated I’m afraid reflects on us, meanwhile an ‘alien’ group who do the same things cause massive armed raids and terror alert set to PANIC! There is not equal treatment here, treatment based on the actual threat to life and limb the people represent.

Right wing extremists are treated less harshly than any other group, this might tell you something about our rulers. And the treatment of brown people, rendered, bombed or executed on a tube train says something about our racism, institutional and otherwise. It is sad but not surprising that one group tolerates its extremists better then it tolerates another group’s extremists. And it is sad (and unfortunately not surprising to me) that some seem fine with this state of affairs. It suits wars, it suits conquest, it suits capital. It suits swindlers looking to be leaders, it suits idiot men stoning women to death, it suits shock and awe from an air-conditioned control room with pizza and sushi. It doesn’t suit me though.

Dick Got Fucked

Remember this tortuous bit of nonsense:-

Vice President Cheney isn’t not on the phone records of the alleged D.C. Madam, who is accused of running a high-price call-girl ring in Washington, the accused madam’s lawyer said on Tuesday,”

“isn’t not” so that’s a yes, and now the inlunction is lifted-

A judge in the US district court in Washington, D.C. has lifted the temporary restraining order (TRO) preventing the so-called ‘DC madam,’ Deborah Jeane Palfrey, from selling or distributing the list of phone records from her escort business.

Should be fun.

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BNP Bomber ‘Friendly’ With Leader Nick Griffin

A FORMER British National Party (BNP) election candidate plotted to make bombs because he predicted a civil war between Asians and white people, a court heard.

The wife of Robert Cottage, 49, from Talbot Street, Colne, said her husband’s involvement with the BNP had made him “really radical” and destroyed their marriage…Giving evidence via a videolink, Mrs Cottage said her husband had become friends with BNP leader Nick Griffin during his three-year membership of the BNP.

Boxes of chemicals that could be combined to cause a dangerous explosion were found at Cottage’s house, the court heard. He had bought them online in September 2006 – four months after he stood for the second time as a BNP candidate – on his co-defendant David Jackson’s instructions,

Second day of the proceedings and the Google news count is up to a whopping…er, 12.

US Warned Of Glasgow Threat 2 Weeks Ago

U.S. law enforcement officials received intelligence reports two weeks ago warning of a possible terror attack in Glasgow against “airport infrastructure or aircraft,” a senior US law enforcement official tells the Blotter on

The warnings were kept secret for operational reasons, according to officials. A US official told that the intelligence reports led to the assignment of Federal Air Marshals to flights into and out of both Glasgow and Prague. 

Cui Bono?

National Crisis Broadcast!

Is ruling through fear any less silly…Courtesy of The Day Today.

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Spot The Succesful Terrorist Attack


Hint, it’s not the lead story.

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It’s Always Hard Getting A Lift To The Airport

Craig Murray (h/t Lenin) has some interesting thoughts on the incidents in London. Cui Bono- To whose benefit he asks. (also read his post on Lockerbie which ties in with the investigations in Private Eye that point to Syria, Libya was blamed out of political expediancy).

While these incidents will be played for all they are worth by the war on terrorism industry I hope most people are made of more sense and see this as a price of an iniquitous foreign policy and demand change. Otherwise it is ID cards, cameras, authoritarianism and endless fucking war.

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Which Chavez Story Did You Read?

Was it big oil doing deals to remain involved when the oil industry is nationalised with only Exxon and Conoco refusing?

Or was it the US congress passing a measure to add an extra $10 million to Voice Of America to broadcast into Venezuela?

Or was it Chavez’s speech on an army base where he warned of US operations to destabilise Venezeula? Factually true (re. VOA and much else) & he also increased their wages although this part was left out by AP editors so the story simply paints him as a militaristic paranoid dictator, not redistributor of wealth, (strange I would have thought support the troops Americans would like that part, -if they got the chance to read it …) the piece then detailed his military spending to make him seem like a scary enemy!!!!

I’m guessing it was the scary speech story, not least because Google news shows the speech/military spending story is in the hundreds and the others…well oil gets a few and the VOA propaganda funding story gets, erm 2.

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