Having Your Cake

Read between the lines, this is officers playing a prank on the newbie but of course in polite corporate speak such a thing can’t be acknowledged-

“One of our officers, who is new to his post, received the e-mail internally in good faith and forwarded it on to the schools in West Oxfordshire to warn them. But after checking its veracity, it was found to be a hoax and a retraction was issued the next day.”

Police have sent out a hoax drugs warning to schools over a fake drug called “strawberry meth”. The warning said that the drug was being given to children outside their school gates. At least 80 schools in west Oxfordshire received an e-mail warning, leading to some holding special assemblies.

You know what’s coming…

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Hot Fuzzy

It’s not surprising that a policeman reacts to this-

A pub chef with a long history of sexual violence was sentenced to life yesterday for the murder of 18-year-old aspiring model Sally Anne Bowman and must serve a minimum of 34 years.

…by calling for a national DNA register. He is thinking like a police, not about protecting people, but catching perpetrators, the killer here had a long history of violence and sexual crime, what about intervening with someone who has shown such propensity before they start killing? Because as exhilarating as catching a bad guy may be, it still requires someone to be raped and murdered first (in this case) with better healthcare and removing that British aversion to mental health issues & equal rights this girl might be alive, in fact many women would not have had to be attacked by this man. We keep leaving the failures of our ludicrous capitalist society to be swept up under the catch all category of ‘crime’ and the police end up doing crisis work and social care that they are totally unsuitable for and by that time other people have had to suffer violence. From this man’s long history it is clear yet again prison does not effectively treat sexual predators, until we get that into our thick heads people will be attacked and police will feel self righteous when they finally catch them, but it will never end or improve, ever. I don’t think cross your legs, think of England and keep watching the Bill while our human rights disappear into the memory hole are an effective strategy.

Thankfully though we have the Independent Police Complaints Commission to sort out naughty coppers, except, well they aren’t and they don’t, they keep taking mistakes and good faith as reasonable excuses while corruption and infiltration by criminals is politely, discreetly lost in officialese and dissembling-

The chief constable of Nottinghamshire, Steve Green, accepted the report in full yesterday, but said no officers would be disciplined because the force at the time was “under pressure that most citizens would never experience”. The struggle with the Gunn gang was compounded by fears about information leaking out from the force itself and a detective, Charles Fletcher, was subsequently jailed for seven years for supplying tip-offs.

The Stirlands were ultimately betrayed by two BT staff misusing computer records at the request of the gang, without knowing or asking why they were wanted.

Green said yesterday: “Every one of the officers involved with the Stirlands wanted to save their lives.” He added that seven of the officers had been found to have breached the police code of conduct. Two had now retired.

Every one!..Except…er…. all the ones who erm…’breached the police code of conduct’, shall we say?

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Amnesty On 15 Year Olds Tasering

Relating to this. 

Last night the campaigning charity Amnesty International expressed its concern over the use of the taser weapon by North Wales Police. The organisation’s Welsh director Cathy Owens said: “We don’t know the full circumstances in this case.

“But on the face of it, it seems a young person has been shot with the taser, a very dangerous weapon, for not being reasonable, or non-compliance.

“In our view the taser should only be used as an alternative to lethal force where the situation presents immediate threat of death or serious injury to themselves or others.”

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Police Taser Use In North Wales

The first person in Gwynedd to be tasered by North Wales Police was a 15-year-old youth, a court has heard. A youth court in Dolgellau was told [by the prosecutor] police were left with no alternative as the youth smashed furniture at his Blaenau Ffestiniog home.

Overall as of last month-

TASER guns have been fired six times in North Wales since more police officers were authorised to use them in September last year. The North Wales force is one of 10 taking part in a pilot Home Office scheme in which non-firearms officers are permitted to use the electronic stun guns. Twenty-nine police officers have now been trained in the use of the weapons, which deliver a 50,000-volt shock.

Assistant Chief Constable Ian Shannon told members of the North Wales Police Authority’s professional standards committee that in the three months since the trial began the Tasers had been drawn and aimed in what are called “red dot incidents”, five times by firearms officers and 16 times by others. The guns were actually fired four times by specialist officers and twice by others.

Other than this Police source there is no other information on these incidents, so we’ll just take their word for it….. hmmmm.

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Not Fuzz

Our police chief is facings calls for him to resign, I have mixed feelings about Brunstrom, he has progressive and radical ideas about the de-criminalising of drugs however he has an unhealthy and perhaps pathological obsession with traffic policing. This is what has caused his current problems.

Richard Brunstrom was criticised by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) for showing photos of Mark Gibney, 40, at a private press briefing without telling his family. 

Apologising for his actions, Mr Brunstrom will tell the police authority next week: “Firstly, I bitterly regret the distress that my actions have undoubtedly caused to the Gibney family.

“I have apologised to them in writing, and I do so again now, unreservedly. I placed too much trust in the behaviour and integrity of journalists.

“Some commentators have called this naivety. Perhaps they are right, but personally I think I was just stupid – a single bad decision, taken in haste, with unforeseen and wholly unintended consequences.

“It was an error of judgement, and one I will not repeat. I offer the authority my apologies for this lapse.”

Now one thing to note he does apportion some blame onto journalists (which suggests he thinks the real mistake was getting caught), he seems to be apologising a lot but not actually taking moral responsibility. He doesn’t admit what he did was wrong, only how it was done, it was a ‘mistake’. I think that is problematic in a law officer. Anyway our MP has piled on and is calling for his resignation-

“I wanted to see the report and I have seen the report and it’s clear that he’s broken protocol and he avoided consulting with the police authority after a protocol was set up for him to do so,” Mr Owen said. “So he’s just ignoring them. He’s out of control and I think they [the police authority] should take responsibility for that on Tuesday.”

Shame he wasn’t so forthright over the war criminal Blair, although fair dues he got back to me quickly over Burma and showed his support. I think this push to get rid of Brunstom has been a long time coming and he has handed them the stick to beat him with on this, his Achilles heal as ever- speed enforcement and traffic policing. It would be a shame that a senior officer who sees the uselessness of the drugs ‘war’ is lost because he has become a liability over his obsessional traffic enforcement, but he has done this to himself. A lot of North Wales relies on tourism and he has made the area nationally known for the wrong reasons. Visitors will necessarily not be familiar with the roads yet they find themselves under an enforcement regime that is the strictest in the UK. Numerous fixed cameras, mobile cameras, unmarked cars and speed traps with bikers feeling particularly victimised. You get used to it, patrol cars hiding at the points where the limit drops suddenly and a points system trailed that rewards officers for how many tickets they issue. So a rather ludicrous cat and mouse game ensues where the fine touch of enforcement to promote safety has been usurped by a repressive panopticism.

Not to mention his enthusiastic embrace of Tasers, ‘rapping’ at the launch of North Wales Police’s Black Police Association and an odd scandal (tangentially related to a motorcycle death too) we never really heard the truth about concerning bullying his deputy, where he wanted the entire police authority DNA tested (not quite in his pocket enough). Like ‘Sir’ Ian Blair of the Met he is a bit of NuLabour star and as with him he has revealed an authoritarian streak that we could live without. Ideally he should slope off and work on drug policy where he could excel and leave enforcement to less uptight and more democratically accountable people.

Look At Her Left Leg


A 22-year-old woman remains hospitalized following a violent conflict with police on Saturday at a protest organized by the Industrial Workers of the World labor group in Providence, Rhode Island, reports the Providence Journal.

The woman, Alexandra Svoboda, was “tackled” by police during the protest and suffered a dislocated knee. She has had one surgery to repair the damaged knee and may face another, as well as physical therapy according to the paper.

The group was protesting a restaurant’s use of a New York food distributor they say “is notorious for its slave labor conditions of up to 110 hours per week without basic labor rights.” One of the protesters, Balthazar Ramos, said he worked for the distributor and worked “112 hours per week, was paid $4.90 per hour, and was not compensated for overtime.”

Muscle for the status quo strike again, where are the police tackling the restaurant boss to the ground? No, didn’t think so.

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Torture Airways- Invisible To ACPO Investigations

Via Lenin’s Tomb. (skillfully evading the original responsibility for linking to… The Daily Mail)

Have you seen this plane?

“ACPO have admitted to me in a private letter that their investigation amounted to little more than a cursory review of reports on the issue – which they issued, 18 months after I requested it, to coincide with the Council of Europe’s report,”

Because apparently it possesses stealth capabilities beyond modern science and more amazing still, can make entire people and black ops programs that embarrass the govt. disappear with the swish of a friendly policeman’s truncheon wand.

The row over CIA ‘torture flights’ using British airports has deepened following fresh evidence that a plane repeatedly linked to the controversial programme landed in the UK just days ago.

The plane was logged arriving at RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk last weekend, and watching aviation experts said the aircraft, piloted by crew clad in desert fatigues, was immediately surrounded on the runway by armed American security forces.

Its registration number, clearly visible on the fuselage, identifies it as a plane which the European Parliament says has been involved in ‘ghost flights’ to smuggle terrorist suspects to shadowy interrogation centres abroad.

Records show the plane is owned by Blackwater USA, a CIA contractor described as “the most secretive and powerful mercenary army on the planet”. An eyewitness, who previously worked as an RAF electronic warfare expert, said that as the plane – a CASA-212 Aviocar – taxied to a stop on the runway it was met by a US military Humvee.

The vehicle contained four US security policemen armed with M16 assault rifles, who accompanied the camouflaged crew to the airport terminal.

The man, who did not want to be identified, added: “I thought it was curious that they would give a civilian plane an armed guard.”

Another spotter, who took the picture of it landing, recorded it touching down at 4.36pm on Saturday.

Now the best part is of course in the last few graphs:

Shami Chakrabati, the director of Liberty, alleges that 210 CIA flights carrying terrorist suspects for possible torture have entered Britain since 2001.

She called for a full investigation, claiming the ACPO probe was unsatisfactory.
“ACPO have admitted to me in a private letter that their investigation amounted to little more than a cursory review of reports on the issue – which they issued, 18 months after I requested it, to coincide with the Council of Europe’s report,” she said.
“Maybe now The Mail on Sunday has produced this photographic evidence they will conduct a proper inquiry.”

An ACPO spokeswoman said: “These planes could be empty – there is no evidence that prisoners were on board.” She denied Liberty’s claim that their inquiry had been limited and driven by spin.

“There has been a full examination to see if there was any evidence to suggest criminal activity, and there wasn’t,” she said.

A Foreign Office spokeswoman said: “We have been through the records, and there is no evidence of detainees being rendered through the UK since 1997.” No one at RAF Mildenhall was available for comment.

Please note ‘there is no evidence’ which simply means what it means, it does not mean there were no flights or that the govt. were unaware, it just means there was not a big red post-it note on the FO’s desk saying -Yes, We Let Torture Flights In The UK- The body of the piece is old news about blackwater retards but is probably news to Mail readers and a bit shocking the Mail are printing ‘US Bashing’ articles, anyways… This adds some more meat to the Marty/ACPO/Govt. clusterfuck making it even clearer there was no proper investigation and its conclusions were released purely to refute the damning findings of the European Parliament. The Tomb post also mentions an interview with a former US torturer who is floggin’ his book, I read it last night after hearing him interviewed on Friday’s Rachel Maddow show, he is repentant and does reveal:

Disturbingly for the British military, which has distanced itself from the worst excesses of Abu Ghraib, Mr Lagouranis says the Americans learnt much of their uncompromising approach from British interrogators.

“We heard about interrogators in Northern Ireland who were successful. Some of our interrogators went on the British interrogation course, which was tough. People wanted to emulate that, but we went too far.”

Which does rather show the obvious situation of the MOD doing one thing while swearing our brave boys are beyond reproach which is the reality of the last, oh well, forever.

As Night Follows Day

So the ACPO rush release a statement after Marty’s investigation finds govts. knew and colluded in CIA torture rendition flights, then TA-DA! The NuLabour administration say the ACPO wash de la white ‘tallied with their research into the issue.

So the cop and the govt. both look at the evidence provided by…the govt. and come up with a conclusion that suits…the govt. then the govt. congratulates the cop on finding the evidence exonerates…the govt.

Fuck you, how dare they think we are so stupid as to be taken in by this, it’s one thing to lie, it is quite another to have such a low opinion of your citizens that you think you can get away with this bullshit.

Did ACPO Really Investigate CIA Torture Rendition Flights Thoroughly?

CIA ‘torture’ flights alleged to have taken terror suspects out of Europe did not land at UK airports, senior police officers have said. An 18-month inquiry was conducted after human rights group Liberty claimed such flights were chartered by the US government and landed at British airports over 210 times since 2001.
Liberty has refused to accept the findings of Greater Manchester Police’s chief constable, Michael Todd, who agreed to probe the allegations on behalf of the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo).

A statement released by Acpo said: “There was no evidence that UK airports were used to transport people by the CIA for torture in other countries. There was nothing to substantiate the claims in the evidence supplied by Liberty.” Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti has accused Acpo of “spin” and questioned whether there had in fact been any investigation. She said the group had received a letter from Acpo today “refusing” to investigate.

So wait ACPO say they are not investigating to Liberty, then have a press release saying there is no evidence for the CIA flights amongst ‘available’ evidence. This stinks, we need to know how many officers investigated, who was questioned, what documents were seen and/or requested, how much money was spent on the investigation.

Mr Todd has now examined all of the information available relating to this issue and has concluded that there is indeed no evidence to substantiate Liberty’s allegations. “There was no evidence that UK airports were used to transport people by the CIA for torture in other countries.”

Because at the moment it looks like only one man- Todd, looked into this and he only examined the ‘information available’ whatever that means. Otherwise this stinks of a very dishonest whitewash to cover up the govts. knowledge and subsequent lying about the rendition program. I think the stakes are high because Blair may be found to have lied to parliament as will other senior NuLabour tossers.

This release came out as soon as the results of Marty’s investigation were announced and Todd is very well know for being a media savvy Chief Constable who idolises Norman Schwarzkopf and George Patton!, I think this is spinaganda (and if that term doesn’t exist, I just invented it, maybe it’s sunstroke) by the establishment to protect their complicity in criminal activity. And if you fall for it you are fucking sheeple.

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Police Raid On Brian Haw To Steal Banksy’s Art?

In the dead of night 13 months ago, dozens of police officers descended on the colourful Parliament Square anti-war protest of Brian Haw and tore apart 40 metres of placards – among them two by the graffiti artist Banksy, whose works sell for tens of thousands of pounds.

Haw claims to have since heard nothing of their whereabouts. Now, the Nottingham South MP Alan Simpson has taken the protester’s case to Home Secretary John Reid, demanding to know if the Banksy works “will turn up at auction for the next policeman’s ball”.

One depicts two soldiers painting a subversive CND sign, above. Simpson tells me: “I want to know what’s become of the work – it’s signed by Banksy so will be worth a fortune. And now PC Plod has walked off with it. Has it been liberated on to eBay to boost police morale and funds? Is it in a bin somewhere? I suspect there’s an embarrassing search of police lockers going on.” He has tabled a question for the Home Secretary requiring a formal statement – although Haw will be lucky to hear back from Reid, who leaves office in three weeks.

Haw says he was not given a receipt for the removed property. The Met claims that Haw’s belongings “were placed in sealed containers and he was given instructions on how to retrieve them, so long as they weren’t returned to the site” – something Haw disputes.

A police spokesman adds: “Items are auctioned after a period of time as we can’t hold things indefinitely… I don’t know if that’s happened here. It’s unlikely.”

So not only did it minimise the display and lean on a visible anti-war voice in the heart of Westminster, was it an art heist by investment savvy Met Police art dealer types? What’s next, the Pink Panther diamond?

Freedom IS Slavery


Read how Reuters reported this, makes the UK sound like a police state, go figure-

British Prime Minister Tony Blair plans to push through a new anti-terrorism law before he steps down next month giving “war-time” powers to police to stop and question people, a newspaper reported on Sunday. Blair, who is due to resign on June 27 after a decade in office, wrote in an article in The Sunday Times that his government planned to publish new anti-terrorism proposals “within the next few weeks”.

An interior ministry spokeswoman confirmed the government was looking at including a “stop and question” power in the new legislation. “We are considering a range of powers for the bill and ‘stop and question’ is one of them,” she said.
The “stop and question” power would enable police to interrogate people about who they are, where they have been and where they were going, Such powers had only existed before in other parts of Britain in war time, it said.

Interior minister John Reid is proposing other measures to combat Islamist militants, the report said. These would give police the power to take documents away for examination even if their value as evidence was not immediately obvious and the power to remove vehicles to examine them.

Not forgetting this-

…details of every Briton could soon be on the national DNA database, raising fresh concerns of a ‘surveillance society’. Controversial plans being studied by the government would see the DNA of people convicted of even the most minor, non-imprisonable offences, such as dropping litter, entered on the national database.
The proposals are part of a wide-ranging government review of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (Pace)

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Set Tasers To Laziness

Because they are non lethal, they get used more, because they stop all dissenting discussion they are used more, because you are mentally ill you are gonna get tasered (and the UK police are all gonna have them soon if the govt get their way, woo-fucking-hoo)-

Since officers started carrying Tasers in December 2004, nearly 130 people known or suspected to be mentally ill were shocked by officers responding to calls, according to a Houston Chronicle review of more than 1,000 incidents involving the stun gun.

The department also had its first Taser-related death recently that involved a mentally ill man, the newspaper reported Sunday.

Often, police knew they were responding to calls involving people with mental health issues but rarely called officers who are specially trained to deal with the mentally ill, according to police records.

“Using a Taser is easy,” said Arlene Kelly, who became an outspoken advocate for the mentally ill after her daughter was shot and killed by a Houston police officer in 1999. “There’s no waiting. There’s no need to be patient with someone who may not understand orders. The Taser has represented a step backward in how police deal with the mentally ill.”

The newspaper found that most of the mentally ill people shocked by police were not armed and fewer than one in four were later convicted of a crime.

One case involved a 63-year-old man who needed a metal walker to move around. Another involved Carol Ann Vickery, a 49-year-old woman with a history of bipolar disorder who disrupted a local convenience store. When police arrived, she picked up a can of soda as if to throw it. Police responded with three 50,000-volt shocks from a Taser.

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More North Wales Police Idiocy & Nu-Labour ‘Respect’

Two teenage girls were fined £80 for drawing chalk pictures on a pavement in Bangor, Gwynedd.
Hazel Mercer and her friend Charli Lyth, both 16, were given fixed penalties when a police officer saw them drawing hearts and rainbows.

Their families claimed the pair were told they would be threatened with ASBOs if their graffiti continued. Keith Marsh, Hazel’s father, said he had been told to pay the fine within 28 days. He said North Wales Police had since telephoned him and offered to reduce the fine to £40, but he told them to “forget it”.

A North Wales Police spokeswoman said: “Chalk graffiti has been a persistent problem in upper Bangor for quite some time, particularly around the university buildings. “Whilst on patrol an officer found two teenage girls drawing pictures and symbols on the road. Both were dealt with by means of a fixed penalty.” She added there had been a problem near Bangor’s university where a heavy-duty type of chalk had been used, requiring the use of special equipment to remove it.- 

‘hearts and rainbows’? Thank God someone stopped them before they got to the ponies and unicorns. Hmm, so they phoned up and offered a reduced fine, sounds like they know it’s a wrong un. I’m guessing this was a bit of a jobsworth and the girls rightly protested their position so the plod used his Nu-Labour approved “respect’ powers and fined them. But does this mean hopscotch is outlawed? And what is ‘heavy duty’ chalk? Sounds like Al Qaeda might be involved, quick call in the armed response unit!