New Mark Eitzel Album Klamath

Not just Tom Waits but the wonderful Mark Eitzel of American Music Club fame/infamy has a new album out Klamath, no free tracks but you can Spotify here and buy direct in the US or EU (scroll down) or the usual Amazon, iTunes (UK) suspects. His voice and poetry are as scintillating as ever, the music a warm friend complete with hopes, failures and dreams, heartbreak and wit. And I haven’t even been sent a free review copy (hint)!

Free Tom Waits Tracks!

You want 8 free tracks off Tom Waits new album Glitter and Doom Live? Then Mr. Waits can help you.

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Friday! Radiohead- No Surprises

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A different reading of this song…a highly sensitised microphone, hooked up to a massive amp & speaker. It can pick up the slightest noise, even from far away and every signal can cause catastrophic feedback that destroys the entire system. So to survive it must be wrapped in protective, dampening insulation, making it not much use for its intended purpose but it means it can function to a limited degree. Or it can be switched off.

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Friday! The Cribs- We Share The Same Skies

Well rain storms are lavishing their attention here too, so before the connection goes… here’s Friday and this corking new one from The Cribs and yes, that is Johnny Marr!

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Friday! Efterklang- Mirador

Currently touring the UK, this video is by Hvass & Hannibal who have done all the band’s recent artwork.

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Friday! Jon Brion & Deanna Storey- Little Person

I’m pretty ambivalent about Synecdoche, New York (as with all of Kaufman’s work) but this song is super lovely, enjoy.

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Friday! Bronski Beat- Why

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Oh Jan Moir you reactionary bigot, bit late to this party but it’s remarkable how her apology works only if your definition of apology is- not apologising yet providing further proof you are a heterosexist moron who sees opposition to hate as some shadowy orchestrated conspiracy– Unless…

Vodpod videos no longer available.
No Jan, it’s called common human decency you wazzock. Ultimately this seems to have a positive outcome, people were repulsed by her and the Mail and the pushback was massive. And for my concluding remarks (ht2 Earwicga), this groovy singalong vid to Lily Allen’s ‘Fuck You‘ from Manchester Pride-

Friday! Whipping Boy- When We Were Young

Lovely indie pop choon from one of Ireland’s finest. Seen here entertaining the Nobel Committee.

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Friday! Just A Gigolo, Ain’t Got Nobody

David Lee Roth…

Music starts at about 1.35 but the look to camera at 1.05 is worth the price of admission alone.
And Louis Prima too, why not

And remember, if you have to ask how much, you can’t afford me!

Friday! Wheat- Changes Is

I love me some Wheat (no intolerance) since Hope & Adams, this is from their new album White Ink Black Ink, the video is a bit self consciously indie. I like when they wander off on their albums into their own haltingly, chaotically melodic world. Spotify (sorry to those geolocked out) link to my fave song off the last album (Every Day I Said A Prayer For Kathy And Made A One Inch Square) What You Got. And if you are in the mood for a lot of a kissin’ & a cuddlin’ the classic Don’t I Hold You vid.

PS. Massive Attack, Manchester, 26th Sept – 2 tickets available due to illness – collect from N Wales area, leave a comment or email HAL and I’ll pass it along.

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Friday! Editors- Papillon

As befits a ‘neo post punk‘ band they are grooving it up with some synths, like an alternate universe where Ian Curtis stayed alive and Joy Division discovered pop and synths joined by Gillian Gilbert and New Order didn’t -have to- come into being (but I’m glad they do exist). It’s sort of pleasing that although the sadness of Curtis’ suicide remains, his work goes on and becomes part of a new synthesis of music that in turn suggests what might have been, yes a bit retro but also evocative of possibilities that history denied us. Also, Choooooon!

‘Darling, just don’t put down your guns yet,
if there really was a God here,
he’d have raised a hand by now.’

Friday! Nine Inch Nails- The Hand That Feeds

Seemed appropriate…

Friday! Voice Of The Beehive- I Say Nothing

Vodpod videos no longer available.

As Ash would say ‘Groovy’

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Friday! The Hope Blister- Dagger

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Friday! The Beat- Tears of a Clown

Entertainment note- Island dwellers! Catch the John Lawson Circus as they tour Anglesey, however luxurious your home cinema may be it cannot be as entertaining and slightly surreal as an evening in the Big Top with actual people balancing on wires and twirling around above you. If we don’t support circuses then eventually you won’t be able to run away to one and that would be a terrible loss of life choices!

Or The ‘English’ Beat as they were known across the puddle.