Jean Charles de Menezes Permanent Memorial Unveiled

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More @ Harpymarx and her Flickr stream. Almost lost in the seasonal fog was the news that Cressida Dick was awarded a Queen’s Police Medal for distinguished service, yes really. Such is the level of sincere contrition from our establishment at executing Jean Charles, ie None. RIP Jean Charles de Menezes, and sorry to his family, Britain is not the country it should be, much to our shame.

Permanent Memorial To Jean Charles deMenezes Unveiled 7th Jan

UPDATE: For any of you who were planning to come to the unveiling of the mosaic tomorrow morning, the time has now changed to 10am due to the snow. We hope you can still make it if you live nearby – it will be a short and sweet ceremony. Please come and show your support if you can, as this may be the last public event for some time.
Happy new year from all at the Justice4Jean campaign.

Just a quick note to let you know some very exciting news. The family of Jean Charles de Menezes will be unveiling a permanent memorial to Jean Charles at Stockwell tube station at 9am on Thursday 7 January 2010.

After a public campaign by the Menezes family last year, Transport for London agreed to mark the Menezes shooting by installing a mosaic in Jean Charles’ image outside Stockwell station. Your support during the public campaign to get the memorial last year made a massive difference – thank you all so much!

Vivian Figueiredo, cousin of Jean Charles said today,

“The 7 January would have been Jean’s 31st birthday. We will be marking this day by unveiling a mosaic which will serve as a lasting legacy to the injustice that took place at Stockwell. We hope generations to come will remember Jean Charles through this memorial and it will act as a public reminder that police officers should not be above the law”

We would love to see you down there on Thursday for the big unveiling – 9am, Thursday 7 January, Stockwell Tube

Jean Charles de Menezes Gets Permanent Memorial

I see Harpy also posts this, some good news-

Today, on International Human Rights Day, the family of Jean Charles de Menezes can announce that permission has been granted for the official installation of a permanent memorial to Jean outside Stockwell tube station.

After hundreds of signatures were collected in support of a petition backing the mosaic and following discussions between the family and London Underground, agreement was reached to place it on the wall outside of the station.

The mosaic will serve as a permanent reminder of the Menezes family’s fight for justice and will replace the shrine that has been maintained for four and half years outside Stockwell tube station.

The mosaic was created by artist Mary Edwards with help from Jean’s cousin Vivian Figueiredo and Chrys Vardaxi.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Vivian Figueiredo said:

“All of our family are so happy this memorial has been approved and we thank London Underground for their support. The pain of never achieving justice for Jean’s killing continues to haunt us everyday. But knowing his memory will be kept alive in the local community through this memorial is a tribute we could not have dreamed of. We thank all the members of the public who have supported us from the bottom of our hearts”

Jean’s family will be joined by special guests to unveil the beautiful locally-designed mosaic at 9:00am on January 7th 2010 to mark what would have been his 31st birthday. Further information on this event will be issued in early January.


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4th Anniversary of Jean Charles De Menezes Murder

Join us at Stockwell Tube tomorrow morning at 9:45am to mark the 4th ANNIVERSARY OF THE SHOOTING OF JEAN CHARLES DE MENEZES

AT 10AM THE FAMILY OF JEAN CHARLES WILL UNVEIL A BEAUTIFUL NEW MEMORIAL MOSAIC that it hopes can form a permanent memorial outside Stockwell Tube.

The family will be launching their petition entitled ‘Never Forget’ calling on the Mayor of London and Transport for London to allow the mosaic to remain outside Stockwell Tube.

The family needs your support to make this a reality by signing the petition.

Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead on 22nd July 2005 at Stockwell tube station during a pre-planned police anti-terror operation. Four years on from his brutal killing no-one has been held accountable for his death.

The family will be unveiling a beautiful mosaic memorial of Jean Charles which they have helped make and have requested be allowed to remain as the permanent memorial to him outside Stockwell Station. The Mosaic would replace the current memorial which has been at Stockwell Tube for the last four years and has been carefully looked after by the family and supporters.

We hope you can join us for a short while tomorrow morning to commemorate Jean’s death and support the mosaic.

Jean Charles De Menezes Family Campaign

Theatre Tackles The Jean Charles deMenezes Killing

This appears it will be considerably better than the ITV ‘docudrama’ which came off like a 24 copy, overwhelmed with a melodramatic score and deference to the establishment. Imagine using the public execution of an innocent man to sell advertising to an action friendly audience demographic, ain’t commercial teevee grand.

Via Justice4Jean

Directed by Tom Mansfield
Cast: Matthew Duggan, Susanna Fiore, Charlotte Flintham, Benjamin Peters

16 June – 4 July
Union Theatre, 204 Union Street, London SE1 0LX
Tues-Sat 7.30pm

Tickets £12 full/£10 concessions
Gala Night Saturday 20 June – call Box Office for info
Box Office 020 7261 9876

“They should know that people are forcing us to take sides. That our paper is susceptible to whichever pressure group shouts the loudest, to the point where it changes facts and stops us doing our jobs.”

 21 July 2005. James Fisher’s news team are struggling to report the day’s events in time to meet their evening deadline. When police marksmen shoot a man dead at Stockwell underground station the next morning, the team are caught between the need to report the truth and a combination of political pressure, professional rivalry, and personal resentment.

 Written after extensive research and interviews with working journalists, Oh Well Never Mind Bye is a daring, compelling and darkly comic political drama exploring the workings of the media and the rise of “churnalism” in the era of 24-hour news, set against the background of the July 2005 terrorist attacks on London and the shooting by police of innocent Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes.

In the offices of a fictional newspaper, news editor James Fisher is struggling to keep his team on task as they report the failed bombings of July 21st, 2005. Charlotte, his most talented reporter, has been taken off essential duties after a report she sent from the occupied West Bank angered a pro-Israel pressure group. The team’s new addition, George, is beginning to ask awkward questions about the accuracy of the reports coming in off the wire. Only the cynical Fin seems to actually get the job done. When news comes in the next morning of a police shooting at Stockwell underground station, the divisions within the team become even more pronounced as Charlotte seeks to bypass the paper’s pro-security editorial line and report the unpalatable truth.

Facebook           Upstart Theatre

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The IPCC’s Inexhaustible Supply Of Whitewash

The police officer, who was granted anonymity at the inquest (because who wants an accountable non secret police force) did these things-

Before he gave evidence, he revealed that he had made a note on the Metropolitan police computer in late July 2005, before he made his original statement in November 2005. He had then accessed and altered the note in October 2008 before handing it to the Met’s lawyers.

Owen had been present in New Scotland Yard’s room 1600, which was under the direct command of Commander Cressida Dick on 22 July 2005, although he was not within the nucleus of senior officers commanding the operation, the IPCC said.

The text he deleted read: “Management discussion. CD [Cressida Dick]: can run onto Tube as not carrying anything. Persuaded otherwise by UI [unidentified] male amongst management”.

The independent investigation found Owen had acted alone both in failing to disclose his note, as required by the IPCC in 2005, and in redacting it on 7 October 2008.

So today the IPCC concluded-

But the IPCC said today there was no evidence of deliberate deception in this instance by the Met as a whole or any individual within it.

Bear in mind he is a Special Branch officer, they liaise with the intelligence services, they are literally secret police, he gave evidence anonymously and is now found to be blameless while Dick has been promoted. What does this note suggest? That prior to Jean Charles de Menezes being shot at point blank range multiple times the officer in charge was thinking he was not carrying anything, ie. not a bomb threat. The common refrain of the killers (the coached and rehearsed testimony they were able to collude on) was they were acting in self defence because they claim to have believed he could have been a suicide bomber.

That she was dissuaded or failed to communicate her judgement to the armed personnel means the ‘UI [unidentified] male amongst management‘ bears great responsibility for the killing, as does Cressida Dick who is shown to make weak & faulty judgements and bad communication shows up these professional paramilitaries to be utter chumps. Clearly evidence was concealed then altered to protect senior officers. But no such issues will be addressed because the IPCC doesn’t think it important or that any malfeasance has occurred in relation to the note. They are as capable at investigating abuses of power by the police as Tony Blair is at not lying a country into war.

Best case: The armed security forces, licensed to employ state violence couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.

Worst case: Execution by state paramilitaries protected from legal responsibility by the establishment.

Yasmin Khan, spokeswoman for the Justice4Jean campaign, accused the IPCC of failing to hold police officers to account. She said: “It doesn’t matter if you are a policeman fiddling notes after a shooting or a politician fiddling expenses on the sly, no-one should be above the law. This latest decision is one of a long line of IPCC decisions which have led every police officer involved in the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes off scot-free. This weak and woefully poor excuse of a watchdog must now be overhauled and replaced with a robust body that can actually hold police officers to account.”

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Crown Prosecution Service Refuses To Pursue Jean Charles De Menezes’ Killers

You’ll never guess, the Crown Prosecution Service, the government agency which works closely with the police in constructing prosecutions has found no reason to prosecute any Police involved in the killing of Jean Charles De Menezes. Apparently next week they plan on donning bear costumes and going for a shit in the woods. In response the Justice 4 Jean campaign have expressed their disgust and note how the family were not informed about the media release that came coincidentally just as they prepared detailed representations to the CPS of reasons why a prosecution of certain officers should be considered. Funny that, eh?

Vivian Figuierdo

“Today’s decision is deeply upsetting to my family. The CPS have not met with us or our lawyers about this, we have been totally shut out of the process again. We are all in shock and simply cannot understand how the deliberate killing of an innocent man and an attempt by the Metropolitan police to cover it up does not result in a criminal offence. We condemn the CPS decision and reject the logic of their argument.

The inquest put the truth out there for all the public to see, but the authorities want us to forget the truth to stop us getting justice. But we will never forget.

After almost four years of tireless campaigning by my family and a struggle which has disrupted all of our lives in unimaginable ways, it is clear to us that the state will continue to block any of our attempts to achieve justice through the legal system. We have therefore decided not to continue with our legal challenges. We now turn our efforts to parliament. Justice for Jean will be done one day and we are determined to follow any route to get it”

A spokesperson for the Justice 4 Jean Campaign said

“The decision by the Crown Prosecution Service today marks another low point in appalling way the British legal system has dealt with the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes. Last year, the jury at the inquest found that Jean was not lawfully killed; rejected the police’s versions of events and found that the police lied. How can the public have faith in the police service if they know officers can literally get away with murder? The Menezes family, their lawyers and supporters now call on parliamentarians to act on repairing the failing legislative framework around deaths in custody and police accountability and we will be stepping up their campaign in this area.

Almost exactly 10 years from the publication of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry today’s decision makes it clear that there has been no progress in achieving any sense of a decent system of police accountability in the UK and while the shoot to kill policy remains in place, another family could go through the same horrendous ordeal as the Menezes family “

Yasmin Khan of the Justice 4 Jean campaign described the CPS decision as “morally reprehensible and legally wrong”.
She said: “It’s unbelievable that the CPS had taken this decision without talking to the family or their representatives.” The de Menezes family said they would now turn their energy to lobbying parliament on the laws surrounding police accountability.

The family’s lawyer, Harriet Wistrich, said the legal action would not continue because of the significant cost to the taxpayer. She said if they were successful it would lead to a fresh inquest which they believed would have little benefit.
But she said they have made fresh representations to the CPS about the possibility of bringing a prosecution against officers and were seeking a meeting with the Director of Public Prosecutions. The family will also be asking the Independent Police Complaints Commission to reconsider disciplinary action against the officers involved, she said. An application has already been lodged with the European Court of Human Rights about the issue of prosecutions in cases where someone is killed at the hands of the state.