Washington Getting Worse At Hiding Its Allegiances As 101 Killings Attributed To Coup Regime

A senior US official on Monday branded last week’s return to Honduras by President Manuel Zelaya following a coup in June as “irresponsible” and said it would not help restore democracy.

“The return of President Zelaya to Honduras, absent an agreement, is irresponsible and serves neither the interests of the Honduran people nor those seeking a peaceful reestablishment of a democratic order in Honduras,” said Lewis Amselem.

“Those who facilitated President Zelaya’s return… have special responsibility for the prevention of violence and for the well-being of Honduran people,” said Amselem, the second-highest ranking US representative to the Organization of American States.

But what words for the coup regime

At an emergency meeting of the Organization of American States to discuss the Honduran face-off, Lewis Anselem, the U.S. ambassador to the OAS, also criticized Honduras’ de facto government for its “deplorable” action in barring entry of an OAS mission and declaring a state of siege on Sunday.

Oh how nice, how about the killings and the siege on Brazil’s embassy Lew baby? Of course strikes me what Washington likes is the deposed party in a coup to slink away, be polite dear chap, (especially when they are involved in the coup) so the coup leader can take power …with his Vice President Dick Cheney. So what would help restore democracy, this?-

With Executive Decree PCM-M-016-2009, the dictatorial government has taken off its mask and really outdone itself by keeping Honduras and the Honduras people kidnapped through its use and abuse of the State’s weapons and its desire to manipulate the Constitution and the laws of the Republic.  

This executive decree, signed by the de facto head of state Micheletti in a meeting with his equally de facto cabinet, establishes a curfew for 45 consecutive days, during which practically all rights and individual freedoms are annulled, leaving the Honduran people completely defenseless before the usurpers.

From the moment this dictatorial edict went into effect, inalienable rights such as personal freedom, the right to free thought, the right to organize and meet, the right to free movement, rights to privacy in one’s own home, and protections against arbitrary detentions ceased to exist in Honduras.

But hey Micheletti asked for forgiveness and said he’d lift it ‘soon’, apparently. Now a different US official has stressed attacking soveriegn Brazilian territory, their embassy, might be a Bad Thing as Zelaya speaks at the UN…by cellphone-

Honduras’ ousted president addressed the United Nations General Assembly by cellular telephone from the Brazilian embassy in his country’s capital, where he is holed up.

Manuel Zelaya said Monday that a June military coup that toppled him has subjected Honduras to a dictatorship.

He called on world leaders to guarantee his safety and those of Hondurans who have taken to the streets to demand his return to power.

Zelaya spoke via a phone brought to the podium by his foreign minister, Patricia Rodas. His brief words drew sustained applause from assembled diplomats, some of whom stood.

Rodas also spoke for half an hour claiming the coup-installed government has clamped down on civil liberties so much that “Honduras is becoming an enormous prison.”

But it seems to me Washington is reacting, it keeps hoping the coup regime will get away with it and not outrage the international community but then the fascist chump Golpistas perpetrate another atrocity of authoritarian arrogance, so some US spokesperson has to trot out how such a thing is bad, for the record. It’s a bit like Obama saying the attack on Gaza is a tad naughty once it is over, talk for the record but the walk tells another story. The reality-

Last Friday the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in Honduras (CODEH) issued a report blaming the de facto president of that country and putschist leader, Roberto Micheletti, for the more than 101 extrajudicial murders and summary executions perpetrated from June 28th to the current date.

Yeah and Zelaya returning to his country is the ‘irresponsible’ act that won’t help democracy.

Golpistas Maintain Form, Close Media Suspend Constitution

It would be fascinating to hear, no strike that, tedious in the extreme to hear how coup supporters argue this is a democratic regime, expelling OAS reps, closing media and suspending the constitution so that –The measure empowers police and soldiers to arrest without a warrant “any person who poses a danger to his own life or those of others”

Not to mention assassination of journalists and the death of a protester from being gassed by police. English speaking corporate media (shall we say anglosphere) are not falling over themselves to translate this news and report it…funny that.

Honduras Monday

Tensions rose in Honduras on Sunday in anticipation of fresh unrest after ousted leader Manuel Zelaya urged his supporters to stage a final offensive and coup leaders responded with a harsh warning to Brazil.

Raising the stakes further, meanwhile, five members of the Organization of American States were detained for six hours at the international airport in Honduras Sunday and four were expelled as they were attempting to enter the country, John Biehl, the only OAS official to enter the country, told AFP.

Farm workers from across Honduras were descending on the capital to voice support for Zelaya, religious leader Andres Tamayo told AFP from inside the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, where the deposed president has been holed up since he made a surprise return almost one week ago.

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Honduran Golpistas Are Using Sonic & Chemical Weapons

As the Peruvian government threaten to sue Narcosphere for reporting what appear to be Peruvian police munitions used by the Honduran coup regime more detail of the weapons being deployed against the Brazilian embassy (and for that matter G20 protesters in Pittsburgh) even after the UN condemned them-

Narco News and its team of technical engineers and counter-surveillance consultants has identified the apparatus as the LRAD-X Remote Long Range Acoustic Device, manufactured by the American Technologies Corporation.

The coup regime held a “cadena nacional” (mandatory broadcast on all radio, TV and cable channels) this afternoon to deny having engaged in any chemical warfare and to say it would allow the international Red Cross and Dr. Andres Pavon, a human rights leader, into the embassy to check the health of those inside. A group of doctors, including Pavon, just emerged from the examinations and reported the following:
That the symptoms were definitely caused by some kind of “contaminant.” Upon review of the photos of the unidentified device in the final photograph above, Pavon concludes that it is a humidifier and that the plastic bag contained some kind of liquid to put where water usually goes, and that it was the likely cause of the contamination of the embassy. It was not concluded whether the contaminant weapon was chemical or biological.
The doctors also confirmed, for Radio Globo, that UN officials had entered the Embassy with them to participate in the investigation.
The coup regime has just called a military curfew for most of the country’s population from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. tonight.

And as for those claims of Israeli mercenaries (used, along with the mention of sound and chemical weapons, to discredit Zelaya in articles painting him as losing his mind), it has basis in fact-

Tegucigalpa – August 2, 2009 – We’re facing the COPEMH building, which is the professional association for middle education, and we also are speaking with Dr. René Andrés Pavón, who is the President of the Honduran Human Rights Commission (CODEH).

Dick Emanuelsson (DE): Yesterday CODEH put out a news release denouncing a variety of things, among them that Micheletti’s de facto government has contracted with Israeli commandos or people to train the Honduran military/police forces. What we know from the civil war in Colombia is that these commandos have also been advising the Colombian military forces. What are the Israelis doing here?

Andrés Pavón (AP): Until now what we know is that their mission is to prepare the Armed Forces and the police to aggressively and violently dissuade the demonstrations, by committing crimes of a selective nature in order to build fear, staged terror, and achieve a dismantling of the resistance. Other actions they are undertaking involve certain employees of private security firms putting on police uniforms and acting aggressively against the demonstrators. The police have already sort of been trained to dissuade demonstrations and are a bit fearful about attacking the demonstrators so that it’s as if a bit of their human rights training lingers. On the other hand, the security guards are being paid double and their immunity is guaranteed. These are the practices that they are developing, using the experience of the conflict in Palestine and after having put into practice some of these actions in Colombia.

A Nation Under House Arrest

The Field

The Honduran coup regime’s 26-hour martial curfew upon the entire country effectively places 7.5 million Honduran citizens – men, women, children and elders – under house arrest. They are prohibited from going to work, to the store, or to walk down the street to visit a neighbor. Anybody on the street is subject to arrest, for violation of the curfew.


Meanwhile, at least two popular barrios in and around Tegucigalpa have defied, en masse, the curfew order and chased National Police out of their communities: El Pedregal and Colonia Kennedy. They’ve erected barricades and declared the coup regime and its security forces non grata.

It also seems Micheletti has realised invading the Brazilian embassy is not such a good- act of war- type idea. Hilariously he talks of democracy in the Washington Post (the increasingly go-to-place for tyrants and elite criminals to sell their faeces masquerading as thought) even as a normally supine press ridicule him and Micheletti also encourages others to stage their own coups, clearly not getting the whole contradiction in terms thing. But what he is clear on is- violence, he loves it-

“Early this morning, military forces attacked those of us outside the Brazilian embassy. There are no words to describe the brutality of the attack,” reported a member of the group Feminists in Resistance. “They chased us, threw bombs, beat us, and now are hunting down everyone who took refuge in the surrounding area.”

The women say there are 65 members of their group “under siege,” hiding in houses as military squads search the neighborhood.

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Honduran Coup Links

Big list here, latest is the military have shut down various media and have occupied the building next to the Brazilian Embassy, meanwhile US rightists are supporting the coup regime, lying through their teeth to support a military dictatorship whose members in the past raped, murdered and tortured people with US support. Make no mistake this is struggle of democracy against fascism, of Latin America against the torture regimes the US historically installed as proxy rulers. No surprise the Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal peddles misinformation and supports the torturers, as it did for the coup regime of George Bush, see how that works?

Honduras Fighting The Coup

The must read Al Giordano’s The Field @ Narconews, latest-

5:50 p.m.: The coup regime has just cut electricity to entire neighborhoods surrounding the Brazilian Embassy and Channel 36 TV. How long do you think it will take the people to install a generator in each place? The same will happen when the regime cuts the water, the next likely step coming from that form of logic. And the people will usher in water trucks to refill the tanks. Hell, they’ll bring it cup by cup if they have to! This is a losing gambit by the Micheletti regime because it does not have control of the street.
6:52 p.m.: As predicted in the previous update, the regime’s attempt to cut electricity to the Brazilian Embassy is already an epic fail. Tim Russo just reported live on that Flashpoints radio show from inside the Embassy as the electric power went back on! A discussion about a half hour prior, on Radio Globo, included a call for generators and a pledge by the head of the electrical workers union to send technicians to set them up. A half hour later, there was light. An organized people can never be beat. That is the lesson of Honduras.

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