EU Negotiating With Honduran Coup Regime

Caroline Lucas via Socialist Unity

The military coup which took place in Honduras on 28 June this year was 2009’s first such Central American coup. Following the installation of a de facto government, the EU firmly condemned the and made it clear that all negotiations for a preferential trade pact were to be suspended until the return of the ousted President Zelaya.

I was therefore shocked to learn that the COLAT (Committee on Latin America of the EU Council) has now decided to include Honduras in the negotiations on a future Association Agreement. Along with Jean Lambert and fellow members of the Greens/EFA group, I have signed an open letter to the European Council demanding that these negotiations are not resumed.

If the General Affairs Council (GAERC) confirms the COLAT decision, it would send out completely the wrong signal; basically, that we are happy to normalise relations with an antidemocratic military-imposed government, despite the fact that no Latin American country has recognised the Honduras coup administration, with the US also freezing its budgetary and military aid.

Until democratic order under the Honduran Constitution is reinstalled, the Greens want to suspend all economic, political and diplomatic relations with the de facto government of Honduras.

Several international human rights organisations working in Honduras have reported that the human rights situation has deteriorated during recent weeks, with the de facto government refusing to accept any of President Arias’ mediation proposals. If the EU decides to return to the negotiation table with the de facto government under these circumstances, the message is that the EU does not care about human rights and democracy, for the sake of business interests in the region.

You can find your MEP’s here and contact them.

Comedy Gold- US Ambassador To Honduras Hugo Llorens

Not Hugo Llorens

I mentioned China once, I think I got away with it

Frankly the best evidence yet the US are saying several things while doing several different things regarding the coup, a truly brilliant piece by Belén Fernández, an excerpt (but do go and read it)

After stressing that “we realize that there is a time constraint here” and that “time is running out,” Llorens responded to a question regarding the cut-off date for Zelaya’s restoration to power by announcing that “Washington does not have deadlines. All I’m saying is that there is a sense of urgency.”

The US embassy’s role in the dissemination of information had meanwhile been covered earlier that morning with Henshaw, whose announcement that “we’ve been reporting for weeks” on violent police repression in Honduras led to the following dialogue with Maria Robinson of Global Exchange:

ROBINSON: You’re reporting to who?
HENSHAW: To the State Department.
ROBINSON: Oh, so internally.
HENSHAW: That’s what we do.
ROBINSON: Because it [the report] wasn’t up on the website.
HENSHAW: We don’t put our reports on the web.

Llorens expressed a different interpretation of embassy policy when Judy Ancel later asked him about information on current human rights violations:

LLORENS: It’s on the web page, isn’t it?

The elimination of evidence again surfaced as a theme when Llorens requested that certain contents of this morning’s meeting not be published on the internet, apparently as an indication of the level of confidence the ambassador enjoyed with us. He later reformed the request, perhaps in deference to the earlier discussion of freedom of the press, and consented that the meeting’s contents were allowed moderate exposure on the internet “but I don’t want to see it, you know, picked up in China.”

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Attempt To Be Surprised, Washington Sneakily Funnelling Cash To Honduran Coup Mob

A taxpayer funded US foreign aid agency, chaired by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, earlier this year inked a multi-million dollar contract with a company controlled by one of the ringleaders of the recent coup d’état against the democratically elected president of Honduras, according to documents obtained by Narco News.

Despite representations to the contrary by the State Department, that foreign-aid agency, called the Millennium Challenge Corp., has continued to funnel money — some $6.5 million in July alone — into Honduras since the coup, money that is going into the coffers of the companies it contracts with in Honduras.

More @ NarcoNews (ht2 Otto)

Would Obama Have Supported Pinochet?

Honduras, from the Quixote Center (ht2 Otto)-

In Tegucigalpa, the Teachers University resembles a military base. Large numbers of people remain detained and missing. The use of 1980’s torture centers as detention sites raises concerns that people are being tortured. COMAL and COPINH report that members of their organizations are missing and fear they may be disappeared.

There is more detailed witness testimony from the assault on the university here. Predictably the regime are claiming to have found a bomb making facility, ie. they are establishing the rationale for targeting any and all opposition, (Old School?)

the police are now claiming that the National Pedagogical University stored, and the UNAH produced, bombs, producing rows of devices lined up for photo opportunities as “evidence”. The highly-respected sociologist, Julieta Castellanos, rector of UNAH, denies this in an article published in La Tribuna. Ironically, her main argument that the charges of bomb-making were inaccurate comes from the fact that the laboratories are unusable, never having been repaired after an explosion during the course of use. As anyone who has visited UNAH knows, it suffers from an entirely unmaintained set of facilities. Now they also have to contend with police rumor-mongering which, in the present atmosphere, could set up conditions for militarization as has already taken place in the Pedagogica, which trains the teachers who work in Honduras’ under-funded, challenged schools.

The most disturbing stories, besides the violent beatings which were commonplace yesterday, were the reports that many people are being taken to places like the Cuartel General de Las Cabañas, an infamous torture center from the 70’s and 80’s.  It leaves the feeling that the military is stuck 25 years back in history; that they believe that they can continue to act with the same kind of impunity that they enjoyed back when.  Others were allegedly taken to another death squad outpost in the Colonia 21 de Octubre.  We were told by a credible source that the person in charge of that house of horrors, Commissioner Madrid, as a way of threatening his own mother, had a casket delivered to her house.   Even members of the Honduran Congress were not exempted from the violence.  Marvin Ponce, a Congressman from the left wing UD party was brutally beaten in front of the Congress, is in the hospital with multiple injuries, and reportedly will have surgery today on his arm which was broken by state forces.

please call the U.S. State Department (202-647-4000) and Ambassador Llorens 011-504-236-9320 ext. # 4268 and demand that the U.S:

  • Publically denounce the extreme and widespread violations of human rights on the part of the coup government.
  • Publically state that it will not recognize elections sponsored by the coup regime.
  • Revoke U.S. tourist visas and freeze bank accounts of those involved in the coup.
  • Cut off all U.S. economic assistance for the coup regime in Honduras.

The situation is deteriorating, powerful people with close relationships to the current Whitehouse are acting on behalf of the coup government in Washington. Citizens of the United States can make their government end their tolerance/support of the coup regime.

Send a message to your representative by clicking here.

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Honduran Coup Leaders Contracting Israeli Special Forces

A good example of how the web networks and spreads information, I read Borev, posted about it, IKN included me in a post and in that round up was also Machetera with an interview with René Andrés Pavón, President of the Honduran Human Rights Commission (CODEH) by Dick Emanuelsson, excerpt-

Dick Emanuelsson (DE): Yesterday CODEH put out a news release denouncing a variety of things, among them that Micheletti’s de facto government has contracted with Israeli commandos or people to train the Honduran military/police forces. What we know from the civil war in Colombia is that these commandos have also been advising the Colombian military forces. What are the Israelis doing here?

Andrés Pavón (AP): Until now what we know is that their mission is to prepare the Armed Forces and the police to aggressively and violently dissuade the demonstrations, by committing crimes of a selective nature in order to build fear, staged terror, and achieve a dismantling of the resistance. Other actions they are undertaking involve certain employees of private security firms putting on police uniforms and acting aggressively against the demonstrators. The police have already sort of been trained to dissuade demonstrations and are a bit fearful about attacking the demonstrators so that it’s as if a bit of their human rights training lingers. On the other hand, the security guards are being paid double and their immunity is guaranteed. These are the practices that they are developing, using the experience of the conflict in Palestine and after having put into practice some of these actions in Colombia.

More including audio @Machetera

In a way it’s touching, militarists becoming like one big global happy family, anywhere where there’s a population to oppress they’ll heed the call. Just shine the ‘counter insurgency’ signal in the sky and they respond, all cattle prods, sniper rifles and war/rape stories. And y’know, collect a nice sack of cash, life is good when you get paid for doing what you love.

To Date 10 Killed In Honduras Coup Reuters Describes As ‘Bloodless’

Borev notes

Reuters: “The June 28 coup was bloodless and since then only two protesters have been killed in demonstrations.”

See, bloodless! Of course, this “only two” designation might come as a surprise to the grieving families of teenagerIsis Obed Murillo Mencias, journalist Gabriel Fino Noriega, teachers Roger Abraham Vallejo and Martin Florencio Rivera, construction worker Pedro Magdiel Muñoz Salvador, lesbian activist Vicky Hernandez Castillo, driver Pedro Pablo Hernández, political activists Caso Ramon Garcia and Roger Ivan Bados, and the unidentified dude found dead wearing a pro-Zelaya T-Shirt and buried in a part of town once used as a “clandestine cemetery for extra-judicial executions during the 80’s.”

And ‘killed in demonstrations’ sounds like a tussle ensued and unfortunately injuries led to deaths, whereas ‘shot by paramilitary snipers’ is not so easy to sell. And sell is what many parts of the US establishment are doing with this coup Lanny Davis being the prime example, but not the only one.

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Honduras Coup (and the General & the Christian Fundamentalists)

I learned at Al Giordano’s The Field that Honduran coup General Romeo Vásquez Velásquez (two-time graduate of SOA/WHINSEC) is the special guest of the Miami Covenant Church at a special convention (at Miami convention centre) titled- The Kingdom Government in Miami, in association with IV Congress MIGA partners, July 22-25.

Erin Rosa– MIGA in Spanish iniatials stands for Ardent Glory Intercontinental Ministry, founded in 1995 by Jaime Chavez, who bills himeslef as the “spiritual counselor” to the Honduran Armed Forces and General Romeo personally.

Here’s the promo vid, Romeo appears at the 19 second mark-

And here’s the poster with him  in his military uniform (second row, at left)-

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

So what is this Christianist Kingdom government stuff, well it is how it sounds, it’s theocracy, rule by fundies- government according to God’s Law (and of course it has its white supremacist offshoot). So another example of Christianists chumming up with the military to impose their rule. If the general appeared at the loony fest it would mean the US allowed him entry and did not arrest him….It might not be Obama’s coup but it is looking to be Washington’s coup. More at this DK diary, hopefully someone can confirm whether he was in Miami or not. Also via a comment there-

Truthout– On July 9, US Ambassador Hugo Llorens in Tegucigalpa told an emergency School of the Americas (SOA) Watch delegation that the US had suspended military aid to Honduras as of the moment that Micheletti swore himself in as president. However, three members of the delegation had stopped by the Palmerola military base where over 500 US soldiers are based and “witnessed an apparently normal buzz of activities, including helicopter flights and interchange of Honduran and US soldiers.” The delegation spoke with a US official on duty at the base who told them that nothing had changed since the coup.

About that base, because of air safety issues with the civilian airport Zelaya wanted to use the US base as a civil airport-

Throwing fuel on the fire Assistant Secretary of State John Negroponte, a former U.S. ambassador to Honduras, said that Honduras could not transform Palmerola into a civilian airport “from one day to the next.” In Tegucigalpa, Negroponte met with Zelaya to discuss Palmerola. Speaking later on Honduran radio the U.S. diplomat said that before Zelaya could embark on his plans for Palmerola the airport would have to receive international certification for new incoming flights. According to Spanish news agency EFE Negroponte also took advantage of his Tegucigalpa trip to sit down and meet with the President of the Honduran Parliament and future coup leader Roberto Micheletti

Oh yes Negroponte! Chavez said Obama was a prisoner of empire, is it not time a President asserts his authority and stops those in Washington from fomenting coups if he is really against such activity?

However the people of Honduras are perhaps not going to to so easily misruled-

Al Giordano:- There is a three-ring circus distracting the global media from the authentic struggle – the one waged by the Honduran people, from below – and today none of the ringmasters dressed themselves in glory.

In ring one, we had Coup “president” Roberto Micheletti, who blinked when his troops did not arrest President Manuel Zelaya, who set foot on his country’s soil today at the border crossing – Los Manos – where we suggested he would yesterday.

In ring two, we had Zelaya, who himself blinked – inexplicably, from this community organizer’s lens, objectively viewed, a setback for his cause and his people – by not continuing his walk toward Tegucigalpa after the coup regime blinked. A few more steps forward and he would have either called the regime’s bluff, and continued marching, or he would have ended up in prison, inspiring the people to go the extra yardage necessary to topple the coup.

And in ring three, we had US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who claimed that Zelaya’s actions today were “reckless.” Today Clinton proved, once and for all, that she is not competent to do the job of foreign minister. What an asshole. It is Clinton who demonstrated that she is reckless about democracy. The actions she called “reckless” were those of a Honduran citizen and elected president doing no more than trying to rejoin his own feet with his own land. What makes her behavior today so obviously inept and deserving of eternal contempt is that she used such strong words to criticize a guy who, when push came to shove, did exactly what she had recommended, when Zelaya backed down. The only reckless thing he did was shrink from putting the next foot in front of the other.

Obscured from view by the circus: the mobilizations of an increasingly organized Honduran people. Today’s saga underscores that, in the end, the outcome is up to them, and from this pen we will redouble our efforts to make sure that their courage and sacrifice do not go unseen or unheard.

And he also reports the latest revelations on Radio Globo, is the coup unravelling?

Earwicga has a statement from Central America Women’s Network (CAWN), excerpt-

Honduran women’s organisations and individual women from rural and urban areas have come together to resist and protest peacefully in response to the coup and the events that followed. On 29 June they released a public statement calling for the return of the rule of law and respect for human rights by peaceful means, and they have not stopped their communications, despite frequent power cuts. The mainstream news channels are strictly controlled, so their reports provide crucial information by their immediacy and by giving a voice to ordinary people, especially women.

Chiquita & The Honduran Coup?

Nikolas Kozloff says-

When the Honduran military overthrew the democratically elected government of Manuel Zelaya two weeks ago there might have been a sigh of relief in the corporate board rooms of Chiquita banana. Earlier this year the Cincinnati-based fruit company joined Dole in criticizing the government in Tegucigalpa which had raised the minimum wage by 60%. Chiquita complained that the new regulations would cut into company profits, requiring the firm to spend more on costs than in Costa Rica: 20 cents more to produce a crate of pineapple and ten cents more to produce a crate of bananas to be exact. In all, Chiquita fretted that it would lose millions under Zelaya’s labor reforms since the company produced around 8 million crates of pineapple and 22 million crates of bananas per year.

When the minimum wage decree came down Chiquita sought help and appealed to the Honduran National Business Council, known by its Spanish acronym COHEP. Like Chiquita, COHEP was unhappy about Zelaya’s minimum wage measure. Amílcar Bulnes, the group’s president, argued that if the government went forward with the minimum wage increase employers would be forced to let workers go, thus increasing unemployment in the country. The most important business organization in Honduras, COHEP groups 60 trade associations and chambers of commerce representing every sector of the Honduran economy. According to its own Web site, COHEP is the political and technical arm of the Honduran private sector, supports trade agreements and provides “critical support for the democratic system.”

Hmmm… Chiquita

Honduran’s Right To Resist

The United States is now offering support for mediation efforts to be led by Costa Rican president Oscar Arias. The Obama administration tried to discourage the exiled Honduran president from his attempt this past Sunday to return to his country and has apparently succeeded, for the time being, in preventing him from trying again. Clinton pressed this point on Tuesday in pushing for mediation, arguing that it would be a “better route for him to follow than attempt to return in the fact of the intractable opposition of the de facto government.”

Clinton also said, “Instead of another confrontation…let’s try the dialogue process.” What this ignores is that while the coup plotters have no legitimate standing, the Honduran people have a constitutionally guaranteed right to rebel under such circumstances. According to Article 3 of the Honduran constitution:

“No one owes obedience to a government that has usurped power or to those who assume functions or public posts by the force of arms or using means or procedures that rupture or deny what the Constitution and the laws establish. The verified acts by such authorities are null. The people have the right to recur to insurrection in defense of the constitutional order.”

Although I wonder, are constitutions really just there to provide the illusion of democratic governance, real power resides in capital and the willingness and capacity to use violence, from killing to torture, (or to the structural violence of ‘welfare reforms’). In short it is all just window dressing that obscures a better name for Planet Earth might be- Bullyworld.

Here the Hondurans have the constitutional right to stage an insurrection, but absent the means and with the Empire’s -at best- ambivalence, it is all just words. Unless words are enforced with violence they are immaterial for a savage species. Sorry my misanthropy is showing. (ht2 Left Eye on the News)

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Honduran Coup Authorities Have Snipers Ready At Airport For Zelaya Return

From Otto @IKN

Now read the translation below, as tomorrow President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras and an entourage that is supposed to include Argentina’s Fernandez, Ecuador’s Correa, The OEA head Insulza and perhaps others will walk onto the tarmac at Tegucigalpa airport.

The de facto government led by our dinosaur coupmonger has placed his snipers around the area of the Toncontin International Airport, Tegucigalpa. The sharpshooters were seen today when protestors approached the area. They have maintained their position throughhout and we only hope they do not receive an order from the coupmongers and aim their rifles in the direction of the people and do what the Catholic church (which more than a church seems to be spokespeople of the government, they even get TV airtime) forecasted; “If Mel returns it will be a bloodbath”. CONTINUES HERE

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Honduras Coup Just Got Chile

As in torture regime Old-cold(war)-School, first we have Battalion 316 (y’know John Negroponte’s fave gang of cowardly butchers) ghoul Joya in charge of repression-

The de facto government of Roberto Micheletti in Honduras named Billy Joya as ministerial assessor, known for coordinating and directing tortures and assassinations in the country during the 1980s

Then we have the US ambassador who was mysteriously unavailable

Foreign Minister Rodas has stated that she has repeatedly tried to make contact with the U.S. Ambassador in Honduras, Hugo Llorens, who has not responded to any of her calls thus far.

Y’know Hugo-

a Cuban refugee who served as President Bush’s security advisor to the Andean region during the 2002 Venezuelan coup,

And now the coup de grace (ha fucking ha) they just suspended key constitutional protections-

The Honduran congress has given police expanded powers to move against opponents of the military-backed interim government in the wake of a coup which deposed the elected president. Congress passed laws on Wednesday which will allow police to arrest people in their own homes without a warrant during a nightly curfew that has been in place since Manuel Zelaya was ousted. “The deputies have decided to suspend several liberties, among them the liberties of free movement and association – people can be arrested for 24 hours without having any rights,” Al Jazeera’s Mariana Sanchez, reporting from the capital, Tegucigalpa, said.


SUSPENDED, Article 71: No person can be detained for more than 24 hours without being presented to the orders of the competent authority for judgment. Judicial inquiry detention cannot exceed six days from the moment of detention.

That’s Habeas Corpus done with.

SUSPENDED, Article 78: Freedom of association and reunion is guaranteed as long as it does not contravene public order and good custom.

No protests.

SUSPENDED, Article 81: All persons have the right of free passage, to leave enter and stay in national territory. No person can be forced to move from their domicile or residence, except in special circumstances and when the requisits of law allow.

Checkpoints and ‘cleansing’.

SUSPENDED, Article 84: No person can be arrest or detained without the virtue of a written mandate of the competent authority, expidited with legal formalities and for a motive previously established by law. However, in-fragranti criminals may be apprehended by any person in order to deliver them to authorities. The arrested or detained must be informed in the act and with total clarity of their rights and the reasons for the arrest; also, the authority must communicate theri detention to a family member of choice.

Ad hoc state militias get to arrest anyone and disappear them.

SUSPENDED, Article 88: No class of violence or coercion may be exercised on persons to force or make them declare. In a penal, disciplinary or police issue, nobody can be made to declare against themself, against a spouse or living companion, or against family members inside fourth grade of bloodline or second of affinity. Only in front of a competent judge make statements be taken. Any decalration obtained by infringement of these dispositions is null and void.

Torture for fun and false confessions.

SUSPENDED, Article 99: The domicile cannot be violated. No entry or register can take place without the consent of the person who resides in the domicile or without a resolution from acompentent authority. However, the domicile may be searched in the case of emergency to impede the commission or the impunity of a crime or to avoid serious harm to person or property.

Summary house invasions by thugs, you are not safe in your home.

What of the Empire, civil war in Washington? Although it’s not encouraging one of Obama’s heroes is Ronnie Raygun.

Honduras Coup ‘President’ Micheletti Brags- “won’t mind using children as a human shield”

Dario an eyewitness in Honduras writes again to Otto @IKN (click here to leave a comment in support)-

Look, I can tell you that the situation is still along the same lines as yesterday, with a strong media blackout and violent repressions that are still happening, especially against fellow citizens that have wanted to mobilize from their communities to try and get to the capital. They’ve been forced to leave the main highways and take old roadways in bad condition, but they all have the conviction to defend what they and us consider to be just and correct.

The order from Micheletti is to block international news channels such as Telechile, Caracol, Alyazera (or something like that (ottonote: I think he means Al Jazeera)) Guatevision and Telesur. This is contrasted with the minimal and conditioned opening of certain local channels, without any permission to communicate anything against the de facto government.

It’s hoped that as the day progresses the capital will be totally stopped with the arrival of all the committed protestors. Even though they were threatened with bullets (that miraculously only hit the bus tires) and beatings and were forced to retreat, with blisters on their feet after walking a long way some groups have arrived in Tegucigalpa.

This is the context of uncertainty and tension we Hondurans are living, totally subjugated by this powerful, seditious group of politicians who not only pressurize the media so as not to allow free speech but also restrict the limited possibility of mobilization that the military allow us under the curfew.

This self-proclaimed President, in nationwide radio and TV broadcasts yesterday and today, told us about the sums of L. 50million plus U$3m that are being moved to other social programs. This is seen by everyone as nothing more than an insulting attempt to make the population believe that its de facto goernment is working, when the people know that all state workers are on indefinite and irrevocable strike. The state is not working, the only people working are the coupmongers.

At this point we hope that we don’t need the intervention of the UN ‘Blue Helmets’ peacekeeping force, but as our favourite dinosaur has threatened he won’t mind using children as a human shield to protect himself against any attack that tries to put a end to his coupmonger government.

Up to now this is the news I’ve managed to uncover. If destiny permits and they don’t cut off the internet of electricity supply I’ll keep informing about what’s happening in San Pedro Sula.

From Honduras, Yours Dario.

Eyewitness in Honduras

Otto@ Inca Kola News posted this, please go there for more posts on Honduras, what I found very interesting and alarming is the conscription.

Yesterday a Honduran named ‘Dario’ left a comment on this post at IKN. I sent him a mail and asked him if he’d like to reply giving a bit of information about the situation in his part of the country. I asked him to write in Spanish and that I’d translate. Here below is what he’s just written back to me, faithfully translated. He left me his cellular phone number. I’m not going to publish it here, but if any accredited journalist would like it then send me a mail. Here’s Dario:


Hello and thanks for answering the message. Look, I want to tell you that the situation is still precarious and that the repression from this de facto government led by dinosaurs is getting bigger. Last night (Tuesday night) and a few minutes ago the red dinosaur Michelleti and his cavemen subalterns addressed the nation on all TV and radio stations, giving out totally false information. Of course we know, those of us who are here know the true story. We have no access to communications and the only information presented is that which helps the coupmongers.

I inform you that in communities such as El Progreso, department of Yoro they have ordered forced military recruitment aimed mostly at youths (to use them as a barricade in any confrontation). Also, in the department of Olancho (the biggest in the country and the home territory of Zelaya) they have repressed people who were travelling to the capital in buses, beating them and forcing them off the buses and shooting through the bus tires.

In San Pedro Sula, the place where I live, they have given an order to depose the mayor of the city (who was one of the mayors allied to Zelaya) and have issued an arrest warrant for him. They are trying to replace him with one William Hall (strangely the cousin of Michelleti).

I hope this is useful to you, and anything else I have I’ll inform you. All the same, if you need something send a mail or phone me, my number is open 24/7, (504) 9*******

Yours, Dario

Clearly this is a full on military coup with intent to repress democracy, not as the plotters and their familiars laughably claim ‘democratic‘. And while the Whitehouse has been fairly good on this in public statements, other elements in the Empire’s apparatus particularly military and intelligence must have been aware and approved this coup. It would only be polite of Gen. Romeo Orlando Vásquez Velásquez to let his former SOA tutors know (is there a struggle in Washington, or is Obama again saying one thing while doing business as usual? Either way the near unanimous condemnation of the coup promises a chance for a better outcome than in the past). However Roberto Micheletti & the military are doing what they have been trained/know best. From SOA Watch

– The people are resisting, beginning to take the streets, block the roads
– dozens of buses of people coming to the capital from other parts of the country
– over 10,000 people gathered yesterday in the Honduran capital Tegucigalpa to protest the illegal military coup, and they were violently dispersed by the military, using tear gas and guns (not clear if rubber bullets or otherwise). More protests are planned for today.
– There are wounded and dead, but numbers are still unclear
– our friends in Honduras have been to hospitals and have documented some cases
– A new cabinet was named by the coup leaders, and they tried to bring them to be sworn in at the presidential palace, but lights were cut and phone lines downed, and this did not take place.
– Two army battalions have declared that they will not be loyal to the coup government
– A crew from TELESUR was detained and beaten, but released, after international public pressure
– Electricity is constantly being cut off, then comes again
– Censorship of the t.v. media, only channels of rightwing media being shown
– Coup govenrment is using well-known human rights abusers and their spokespersons
– Strike of schools and workers taking place

The Uniforms in Honduras

You can’t do better than Inca Kola News coverage [label Honduras] from which these stills are taken-

Oh and guess where the coup leader Gen. Romeo Orlando Vásquez Velásquez went to school…Yep.