Friday! Chris Morris, Jam- Doctor/Lob Rate

My lob rate should return to normal soon, so blogging should resume in a bit (if there’s any evil left in the world, I’m sure it could all be sorted out by then, good faith abounds).

Funding Mentalism

So Chris Morris’ Jihadi satire (the “Four Lions” film project) got turned down by both Ch4 & the beeb as noted here. Then another bulletin came forth via popbitch-

We told you that Chris Morris’ terror cell comedy had been rejected by a fearful Channel 4 and BBC. It seems they have a history of this. Muslim comedian Omar Mazouk was to present a mockumentary about misguided suicide bombers for BBC but this was also nixed. He took the idea to a TV network in Denmark instead, where it’s getting rave reviews. And putting two fingers up to TV commissioners, Morris is turning his Jihadi sitcom into a film. He’s got producers at Warpfilm and a distributor. All he needs now is enough money to make the film. Which is where we come in. Popbitch readers donating between 25 and 100 quid to help get the film made will get the chance to be in it. So get out your cheque book and burkha and email:

You can also check the warpfilms site. They are not asking for cash just yet but are seeing what the level of interest is to see if this is a viable way to get the film made. It’s ridiculous someone of Morris’ talent is being left in the cold by timid broadcasters but not really surprising. Below is his smackdown of Martin Amis (who is welcomed by the establishment -bad Manchester Uni, bad uni-, hmm funny that) which gives some clues as to where ‘Four Lions’ is coming from and why it should be a vital injection of intelligence and hilarity into our cultural waronterror ™ fog- Read the rest of this entry »

Friday! Jam- Symptomless Coma

Brought to mind by Chalmers Johnson on Our ‘Managed Democracy’ by Sheldon S. Wolin.

“Our thesis … is this: it is possible for a form of totalitarianism, different from the classical one, to evolve from a putatively ‘strong democracy’ instead of a ‘failed’ one.”