Jim Haynes Employs Torture, Chevron Employs Jim Haynes

Philipe Sands recent articles and interviews preceding his book- Torture Team have revealed the large group of Whitehouse operators who proposed, drew up and instigated torture including Bush and Cheney, one leading advocate of torture is Jim Haynes. Chevron has now employed Jim Haynes. Draw your own conclusions.

Jim Haynes emerges as a central player in The Torture Team. He was involved throughout, at each stage of the decision-making. I have come to appreciate that he has–at best–a semi-detached relationship with truth. His propensity to mislead was evident from his first public intervention on the issues I have addressed, in June 2004, when the administration relied on him and Alberto Gonzales to spin a false narrative on the beginnings of the abuse at Guantánamo, and its relationship to Abu Ghraib. The catalogue of untruths was added to during his appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee, in July 2006, when he was still trying to get himself nominated to a federal Court of Appeals.

Korova @ Mask of Anarchy has been posting about Chevron’s activities in Ecuador and their recruitment of Haynes and he has enjoyed visits from both the Pentagon and Chevron.

It seems to me that employing a man who drew up and implemented a torture program that has led to over a hundred people being tortured to death may…how can I put this…reflect badly on a corporation. I’m sure the huge profits help but when these war criminals are brought to justice those institutions who choose to associate with them will come under a great deal of scrutiny too. In the UK Chevron is Texaco, maybe they like alliteration Torture Texaco, Texaco Torture. A lot of people need to buy fuel, but they do not want buy fuel from an organisation that employs torturers and is aggressively attacking attempts to find redress for massive environmental damage in Ecuador. Now of course it is awfully hard to find an ethical oil corporation but make an informed decision and steer your custom elsewhere.