Apply Here For An MA in Blog Reading

Yes for only a grand (USD $2,000) I will make up and print a totally legit looking certificate, the only qualification being if you’re dumb enough to send the money, you’re qualified! (although the real money is in actually having a real university doing real courses in bullshit for profit, y’know like the LSE, ahem.).

Hundreds of people working in the military, government and education are on a list of almost 10,000 people who spent $7.3 million buying phony and counterfeit high school and college degrees from a Spokane diploma mill.

The complete list of buyers, which the U.S. Department of Justice has refused to release to the public, has been obtained by The Spokesman-Review.

Now get ready, here are some of the buyers of fake degrees (feel safer?)-

135 individuals with ties to the military, 39 with links to educational institutions and 17 employed by government agencies. However, the exact number of individuals with ties to the military, government and education is believed to be far greater because many of those buyers used their personal e-mail accounts.

  • NASA employee Timothy Francis Gorman, who bought an electrical engineering degree using his e-mail account at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to correspond with the diploma mill, and U.S.
  • Department of Health oncology expert Frank S. Govern, who purchased a doctorate in health care administration.
  • National Security Agency employees David W. Barden and Barry A. Hester both bought degrees. Hester, who was a computer Web trainer and designer for the NSA with top-secret clearance, paid $1,187 for an information systems and technology degree, the list shows.
  • Eric Gregory Cole, who was a contract employee for the Central Intelligence Agency, paid $3,801 for a degree in information systems management. His top-secret clearance at the CIA was revoked late last year, months after his name was forwarded to the Office of Inspector General, according to one source. “It was like pulling teeth to get them to do anything about this guy,” the source said
  • William R. Church, a senior military adviser working in the White House
  • George Michael Navadel, a U.S. State Department computer systems negotiator, who paid $5,400 for a doctorate in network engineering.
  • Duwayne Huss, an employee of Nuclear Management Co., operator of two nuclear plants in Minnesota, bought degrees in nuclear engineering and accounting.
  • Author Bonita E. Broyles, who has written a series of books about prescription dosages and nursing care, bought a doctorate in education for $2,225, the list shows.
  • Richard J. Caverly, of Colbert, paid $236 for a degree in construction management before getting a job in May 2006 as a building inspector with the city of Spokane.
  • Brett C. Jarmin paid $1,041 for a bachelor of science degree in criminology and criminal justice. Jarmin had worked as chief of police in Edgemont, S.D.
  • Michael J. Hoilien, who worked for the Air Force in Fayetteville, N.C., bought a medical degree.
  • Alan P. Hernandez, a police officer in San Antonio, paid $2,630 for a bachelor’s and a Ph.D. in criminal justice, then went to work as an adviser and counselor for one of the Randocks’ bogus online universities.
  • Remah Moustafa Ahmed Kamel, a 43-year-old Saudi Arabian, bought degrees in obstetrics and gynecology, but investigators don’t know whether he’s practicing in those medical fields in his home country.

Now some are clearly not very wealthy people trying to get on where education is a privilege for those who can afford it, but an awful lot are just management fuckwits thinking money will buy them anything (and the degree -hah- they are correct in that is testament to the resounding success of the glorious Church of the Free Market!).

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