When The Master Controls The Tardis- Part Privatising Any Part of the BBC is Criminal

Under threat of fines and a criminal record British people, if they wish to use a television, have to pay the TV licence, that is not ideal (nor is the licensing now being run as a sales operation). The license fee is also unrelated to ability to pay, a billionaire pays the same as someone subsisting on £50 a week. However most people are ok with paying it, because the BBC provides a unique and worthwhile service in a mediascape overwhelmed with banality and does not -overly- engage in profiteering from its captive user base. S0 if any part of the BBC were to privatised and listed on the stock market it simply means the already wealthy share owning section of society (Thatcher’s ‘share owning democracy’ scam) will have their wealth increased by a a public body whose funding is levied by an indirect and hence unfair tax on a population with no other reasonable choice.

Put it this way, does the BBC really want to argue you should pay the licence so private investors can get richer? That private profits are enforced with fines and a criminal record? Just when the US is waking up to this issue through the healthcare debate we are about to somnolently submit to it?

BBC Worldwide should continue to plough its income back into the public service broadcasting of the BBC and ideally the licence fee should reflect the ability to pay. Mark Thompson’s unsurprising floating of this idea further demonstrates the impeccable neoliberal corporatist credentials of the idiot, it’s fine if this leads to his downfall, the atrocity of deferring to Israel over the Gaza appeal should have been enough.

The BBC must be a public service broadcaster with no deference to power or corporatist ideology (especially in the wreckage of its demonstrable failure), it is failing at both under the current post Hutton careerist whelps, for instance broadcasting Metropolitan Police propaganda to protect criminals in the both the police & City. The BBC will remain under attack from the Right and the Murdoch crime family until it is privatised and broken into digestible chunks they can own and profit from while it sows hatred and ignorance as distraction to further corporate interests (the Fox Model if you like). There is no point in giving in to them a single centimetre, in the end they are looking to destroy the BBC and its ethos, which they abhor. As with New Labour the clever way for neolioberal zealots to destroy it is to populate the upper echelons with ideological chumps full of corporate free market libido, Thompson is showing he is the Blair in the infiltration and destruction of the BBC by conservatives (after sterling ground work performed by Dalek Birt).

Worst Pun Ever

bbc settler wine
Oh BBC, the article is not so bad, (even if it glosses over the violent racist extremism of the settlers and the state’s complicity), but who perpetrated that pun atrocity?

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ID Yachts

On the BBC story-Will you sign up for a new ID card? the comments are mostly- No! But one stands out for it’s elegance-

I have nothing to hide so why would I not want to have an ID card.

Now as spEak You’re bRanes makes clear the HYS threads are notoriously fuckwit rich but I’d like to think this was some neat conceptual wit at play.

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…And Then The BBC

So where was I? Oh yeah blogging. Well it seems the banning of the DEC appeal on Gaza was symptomatic of something much more insidious, the BBC now have editorial policy that extends across all aspects of the institution and they are rejecting a play on the same grounds of ‘impartiality’. I sort of understood the DEC thing was angled that if they aired it it would compromise their news operations, which of course was nonsense, but seems they might have been a bit fibby, because now it appears the rapprochement with the Israeli government that began in 2003 is across the entire institution so that creative works will also be censored-

The BBC has declined to broadcast a radio version of Caryl Churchill’s controversial new stage play about Israeli history, claiming it needed to remain impartial ‑ the same reason given for declining to air the Gaza emergency appeal.

In a move likely to resurrect the row over the BBC’s refusal in January to broadcast the appeal to help the people of Gaza, Radio 4 rejected an unsolicited manuscript of the play, Seven Jewish Children, which recently finished a short run at the Royal Court theatre. BBC sources suggest that a significant factor in the decision was awareness of the controversy stirred by Seven Jewish Children during its theatre run and the fact that the BBC has only recently survived the onslaught of criticism for its refusal to broadcast the Gaza appeal. In an email seen by the Guardian, Radio 4’s drama commissioning editor Jeremy Howe said that he and Radio 4 controller Mark Damazer thought Churchill’s play was a “brilliant piece”.

But Howe wrote: “It is a no, I am afraid. Both Mark [Damazer, Radio 4 controller] and I think it is a brilliant piece, but after discussing it with editorial policy we have decided we cannot run with it on the grounds of impartiality – I think it would be nearly impossible to run a drama that counters Caryl Churchill’s view. Having debated long and hard we have decided we can’t do Seven Jewish Children.”

Ironically the author wrote this short letter about the DEC appeal ban-

I couldn’t believe I’d heard right when Channel 4 news said the BBC had refused to broadcast the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal for Gaza. But here it is in the Guardian (BBC refuses airtime to Gaza aid appeal, 23 January). I don’t think the BBC objected to the appeal for Darfur, wondering if they were being unfair to the Janjaweed. Perhaps their problem would be solved if a tiny proportion of the money were spent on the tiny proportion of Israeli wounded. The phone number for complaining to the BBC is 03700 100 222.
Caryl Churchill

The play has already been attacked by the usual suspects who try to equate anti-zionism with anti-semitism (even as shock horror! a mainstream US newspaper actually broaches the subject albeit with subsequent regulation ‘balance’ piece) and has drawn intelligent repudiations. The play ‘Seven Jewish Children’ is being performed (only as a reading, it is radioactive much like the play drawn from Corrie’s diaries/emails which was blacklisted out of theatres)  in New York today on the anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s death (and as another US activist Tristan Anderson has been shot by the IDF). The implications of the BBC now extending its weird ‘impartial’ bullshit to all BBC output is utterly wrong and creatives need to stand up to this censorship. But as the Chas Freeman kerfuffle has also demonstrated the crushing of dissent is all the zionist lobby have left, which sort of gives away they know the strength of their arguments are somewhere between weak and complete rubbish.

Update: Pulse post the script of the play and details should non-profit groups wish to perform it.

UK Army Special Forces Back To Spy In N. Ireland

This story from the Beeb popped up in my RSS feeds-

Special forces monitor dissidents
Today, 06:00 PM
Members of the Army’s special forces are to help gather intelligence on dissident republicans, the BBC learns. Read more…

But clicking it gives a 404, for this url-


the story has been scrubbed and no cache exists that I can find, two other stories relating to it are published on the BBC-

The intelligence service MI5 is still devoting considerable resources to Northern Ireland, according to a report from a Parliamentary committee. The Intelligence & Security Committee Report has revealed MI5 allocated 15% of its resources in 2007/08 to what it calls “Irish-related terrorism”. However, this was down from 17% in 2006/07. The committee reports that dissident republicans continue to pose a threat in NI and the rest of the UK.


The government and security services believe dissident republicans pose a greater threat than ever. The threat assessment has been raised to “severe”, meaning an attack is regarded as highly likely. The decision to upgrade the level was made by MI5 – responsible for gathering intelligence on dissident republicans.

So I guess the Beeb got a phone call, yes big up the fearmongering but No don’t blab our special forces are back doing the do in the occupied territories. After all that worked out so well in the past, if by well you mean collusion with loyalist death squads. The War of Terror, the gift that keeps on giving.

Update: A version has turned up thanks to commenter Watching Them, Watching Us of Spyblog!

BBC Trust Supports DEC Gaza Appeal Ban

Unsurprisingly? Anyway something very sinister seemed to leap at me from this quote:-

Mr Lyons said: “The director general argued that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is deeply divisive and that the suffering of civilians plays a central part in the political case each side makes in the ‘court of world opinion’.”

Mr Thompson had consequently thought it “impossible in this case to separate the political causes from the humanitarian consequences”, Mr Lyons added. “In the director general’s view, the appeal would, by its very nature, have shown only one aspect of the conflict and broadcasting it, he argues would have implied a significant level of the endorsement by the BBC of the appeal itself – thereby putting BBC impartiality at risk.”

Mr Lyons said the Trust had found this to be “a reasonable argument” and that the decision taken was “within the parameters of reasonable decisions open to him”.

No, it is not impossible, it is only impossible if like the BBC you have sought a rapprochement with Israel since 2003 and are now impartially close to it. Also this means the only main UK broadcasters to help the Israeli war effort are Murdoch’s Sky and the BBC. Must make the Beeb proud- look at us, we’re as good as Fox News!!!!!

So if you are sufficiently chums with the UK, US and the Beeb elite you can murder at will and your victims are unworthy of help, that’s what “impossible in this case to separate the political causes from the humanitarian consequences” amounts to, total cowardice, utter partiality. The more the killers have explained their position to us, the more we have elected to listen to them, the less able we are to see clear past that. Mark Thompson, go fuck yourself and take the BBC quisling Trust with you. No nation should get special treatment off the BBC, no casualty of violence should be ignored because the attacker is so awfully good at making their case. Now tell me is there any sign the BBC is now trying to build bridges with those who this decision has appalled? Or are they sat smugly with a shit eating grin the warm glow of victory obscuring the millions now even less accepting of the BBC as a useful source of information. Are they ok with powerful murderous friends and a lowered professional reputation? Silly question, corporate media always are, after all they don’t hang out with us, they hang out with them. Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, they’ll always be a good reason echoed through the media for killing people. Don’t rock the boat, especially when you’re in it and the BBC really are now in it.

Write To The BBC Trust

Well after getting the form reply from the Beeb I wrote back and firstly got an hilarious reply by accident reassuring me about some program called ‘Hunter'(Nah, me either) then I got a proper reply-

[This first bit is about the ‘Hunter’ mix up) Further to our most recent email, we would ask you to disregard that response as it was sent in error.  Our intended response is as follows:

Thank you for your further email about the BBC’s decision concerning the DEC Gaza Appeal.

The Director-General has explained the BBC’s position and is the BBC’s Editor-in-Chief so this cannot be considered at a higher level by the BBC’s Executive.  We cannot therefore add more to our previous response but if you wish to take the matter further you can contact the BBC Trust about the decision.  For details of how to do this please see the information on the BBC Trust’s website at:


Thank you again for your email.

BBC Complaints

Click that link and you get this at the BBC trust-

Arrangements for handling appeals against the Director-General’s decision not to broadcast the Disasters Emergency Committee Gaza Crisis Appeal
28 January 2009
The BBC Trust is responsible for setting standards for the BBC and ensuring that they are upheld. We ensure that BBC management has appropriate frameworks in place to deal properly with complaints from those who feel these standards have not been met. We also act as the final court of appeal if complainants are unhappy with the way their initial complaints have been dealt with by management. One of our overriding principles is that the BBC Trust must act independently of the BBC management in dealing with complaints.
The Trust published a complaints framework which came into operation on 1 August 2008. It applies to all complaints handling within the BBC and sets the principles to which complaints procedures and participants in those procedures must adhere. It allows the BBC to vary the procedures to ensure that complaints covering more than one subject can be dealt with efficiently and effectively. Further information about the new framework and procedures is available on the Trust website.
In the case of appeals against the Director-General’s decision not to broadcast the Disaster Emergency Committee Gaza Crisis Appeal on the BBC, appeals to the Trust will be considered in the first instance by an ad hoc committee consisting of Richard Tait (Chairman of the Trust Editorial Standards Committee), Chitra Bharucha (Vice-Chairman of the BBC Trust and Chairman of the Trust General Appeals Panel), and Sir Michael Lyons (Chairman of the BBC Trust). Richard Tait will chair the committee, which will make recommendations to the full Trust for final decision. The decision to hear these appeals via an hoc committee reflects the probability that appellants will raise a range of issues, which may cut across the Trust’s usual complaints handling boundaries.
The Trust will deal with this matter speedily – while also ensuring that those who wish to appeal have an opportunity to do so and that all sides, including the Executive, are given a fair hearing.
The appeals process involves a number of steps. These are:

  • Receiving the appeals
  • Summarising their contents to ensure that all relevant issues raised are considered by the Trust
  • Receiving a response from the Executive to the points raised by appellants
  • Presenting this with appropriate legal advice to the committee
  • Final consideration by the full Trust.

The decision of the Trust will be posted on the Trust website.
The email address to send appeals (on the DEC Gaza crisis appeal issue only) is: dec.complaintsappeals@bbc.co.uk

So get that, this is beyond the complaints procedure which they allege cannot compete with Mark Thompson’s authority so the Trust is now the place to go.

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