Raúl Alfonsín

Shortly after entering the Pink House presidential palace, he stunned many by ordering the trial of nine members of the former ruling military junta, on charges ranging from kidnap to torture and disappearance of thousands of people.

The trials, unprecedented in Latin America, were conducted by a civilian court and ended in December 1985 with the conviction and imprisonment of five former military rulers, including two ex-presidents. Four others were acquitted.

Imagine a newly elected leader holding the old regime to account for its crimes. As Otto notes

It said that the ultimate ambition for any Argentine President is to be able to walk down the street safely once their term is over. Alfonsín was the only one who could do that.

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With our police currently threatening demonstrators with violence and possibly invoking anti-terror legislation to repress protest. And the privately owned Association of Chief Police Officers labelling 200 children as potential terrorists. Argentina can give us a lesson in what state repression supporting ‘free’ market fundamentalists and backed by the US can become (of course the good news now is worker owned factories). From Otto @ Inca Kola News, he has thirteen pairs of photos, below is just one pair. Each shows an old photo of family, lovers or friends and then a current recreation but missing the people ‘disappeared’ by the right wing dictatorship.

Update: As per Otto’s request I am posting all the images, there is now some more detail about them-

UNESCO: Argentine photographer Gustavo Germano’s exhibition, “Absences”, explores the universe of the victims of “disappearances” during Argentina’s “Dirty War” (1976-1983). Photos are juxtaposed in pairs, one old and one recent. On the new one, a person is missing. Disappeared for ever, without leaving a trace.

And from Taringa! the orginal post, I’ve paired up the pairs that were posted as separate images and added the text from Taringa where there was some, (the short interview from UNESCO with Germano is posted below the fold after the photos, his site gustavogermano.com), click each for larger image:-

AbsencesGustavo Germano



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