The Loan Sharks of War

I guess this is inflation, the Friedman unit is played out, it’s time for the McChrystal unit, c’mon just another 12-18 months-

The general overseeing the US military campaign in Afghanistan has warned that the offensive against the Taliban in southern Helmand province’s Marjah town is just the start of an operation that could last 18 months. General David Petraeus, the commander of US Central Command, said on Sunday that the months ahead will be “tough”.

Petraeus said the campaign, which started on February 13, would not stop with Marjah and nearby Nad Ali.  “This is just the initial operation of what will be a 12 to 18-month campaign as General [Stanley] McChrystal [the head of US and Nato forces in Afghanistan] and his team mapped it out,”

The Faces Change, Imperial Foreign Policy Remains The Same- Obama’s War Pimps

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Vice President Joe Biden said on Sunday the United States expects to gain China’s support for imposing sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program.

US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has told an international conference that Iran has left the world little choice but to take harsher action to contain its nuclear program. Clinton told the US-Islamic World Forum in Doha, Qatar that Iran has not lived up to its nuclear obligations.

See Simon Jenkins Imposing idiot sanctions on Iran is a direct route to war and below Alistair Crooke (former spook so be advised) in Asia Times Online assessing the terrain wrote in December-

But if sanctions on Iran are widely acknowledged – at least in private within the US administration – as destined to fail, this must be provoking some interesting self-questioning within the White House: The US is in the process now of withdrawal from Iraq, it is looking for the exit in Afghanistan and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is getting messier. None of these events seems likely to become particularly glorious episodes for the administration.

It is not hard to imagine White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel and White House senior adviser David Axelrod asking themselves, “why the president should want to risk another perceived failure” – as sanctions on Iran surely will be. “Why”, they may ask, “do sanctions and open ourselves to persistent Republican jeering at their inevitable failure and then ultimately force us to have to ask … well, what do we do next, Mr President”?

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Cry Me A RIver

Madeley’s a wanker, Campbell had direct power in conspiring to kill a million plus people and remains unrepentant (ht2 Harpy). There is no way in which Campbell is acting out of good faith, he was instrumental in concocting the media lies to move us into war. Why the media waste our time giving these lying scum air time is a lesson in who the media consider worthy of their and our attention and as they were also part of the process they keep returning to this apologia for their own shortcomings, to convince themselves they are not such risible hacks. A plague on both their houses.

Wanker Of The Week

He always was a total wanker, Richard Madeley defending Blair’s war crimes (ht2 AD). This is just waiting for the comedy remixes which I expect are already being made. Also I hear that Hitler was a nice chap (hey Madeley started it with the V2 nonsense, somehow Iraq becomes Nazi Germany to Dickhead).

Of course the serious point is he is an important part of the popular media establishment, who think they are well informed if they read a newspaper or two then some minister gives them some ‘insider gossip’ and verily they know the truth, they then pimp it out to viewers of varying levels of gullibility. Less seriously it’s the style they have chosen for this awful clip, like a mid 90’s educational film about the need to wear condoms by a celebrity, or Hitler will win, Churchill wore condoms and no one hauled him up before an inquiry. Or something… It’s almost as funny as the disingenuous nonsense -dealt with by Though Cowards Flinch–  by the Young Fabians (sadly there is crossover with Left Foot Forward). The witless are really oozing out of the woodwork now their idol risks his halo being dislodged in the popular memory.

The Secret Of How To Stay Delusional

Make sure even your biographer Anthony Seldon is similarly in-fucking-sane. Yes clearly Tony Blair committing to Bush’s invasion of Iraq to alleviate ‘Iraqi suffering’ was really just the parable of the good Samaritan writ large. Um, just to be clear when you were alleviating this suffering why did you precede it with sanctions that killed half a million children and deliberately destroyed Iraq’s water system, then when the ‘shock & awe’ began (was that to alleviate suffering? Of course it was!) bombed infrastructure so food, power and sanitation was destroyed. I mean I really want to know how this alleviates ‘Iraqi suffering’ and is evidence of great concern for the Iraq people. I think it aids regime change by weakening a nation through collective punishment so when the opportunity to attack comes it is a walk over but that is not the same thing. Saddam Hussein=bad so anything we do to Iraq=good is about as retarded as you get, but nice try though you mad evil fuckos.

Tony, Tony, Tony…Andrew, Andrew, Andrew

Is it worth responding to the shit eating grin of Britain’s premier war criminal? What he has said here is what all of us who were against the war and who knew the rationales were bullshit (please, anyone who say how could we have known either cannot read or are clinically dumb as a spoon, the info was there at the time) yet he says it in such a way as if he were stating- Look I was right all along! In other words he is a motherfucker, he will do anything, ANYTHING, and spout specious shit about it afterwards and not care that he subsequently contradicts himself or proves himself a liar, after all in his position he is pretty well much assured there will be no consequences for his actions absent a concerted plot by capable snipers. So he is scum, sociopathic bulging eyed messianic scum. The real problem is media who continue to give him a platform and here we see hard news internationally respected independent investigative journalist John Pilger Fern Britton…um what? It can only be a matter of time before he appears In The Night Garden to defend his record BUT he need not run from the supposed real journalists at the BBC, on Start The Week Andrew Marr while talking with Tariq Ali did this-

I have puzzled quite a while in between sweary rants about what exactly this was, he was correcting Ali’s widely acknowledged figure for the casualties of the Iraq war with a lower figure which came from…well he said UN but I think he means the Lancet study figure that is now 3 years out of date (plus he lowballs it to exclude those dead from degraded health and sanitary conditions which the war created), because there is no UN total figure. But really what it put me in mind of more than anything else was a teacher’s pet or class prefect repudiating a fellow pupil who said something he knew his master would not like to hear. He then pushes the conversation onwards so there is no argument over his moronic interjection, because y’know 600,000 is like fine and ok and only loonies think it was a million or more and therefore it was a bad thing. Why fucking say it unless he has deeply internalised lower figures, why do that unless you fundamentally side with the establishment, I cannot say it made me glad I had not wasted time on his history vanity project because there was zero prospect of me bothering to watch it anyway. I presume he records the numbers killed by the Nazis as roughly half of what respected and sourced studies say and await the righteous fury for his Holocaust denial as he is fired from the BBC…oh look that hasn’t happened, I guess we’ll have to wait for a Nazi to present a show where they can interject into the conversation with a guest saying “6 million Jews and another 6 million victimised minority groups were killed”.

“Actually” Oberleutnant Marr will correct his guest, knowing his superiors are listening and his access to them for career enhancing interviews will dry up if he sides with this deranged lefty trouble maker, “it was only 3 million of each. But let’s leave that there, what about this new show my other guest has out, lets promote that, and later why big ears and looking like a deformed Gelfling formed through the unholy union between Gollum and Prince Charles is sexy.”

No wonder Anthony is so assured in his smug superiority to those who object to war crimes. And you know what, when he dies, it’ll be like when Reagan kicked it, he’ll be fucking canonised, if not by these actual hacks than by their following generation of arse lickers. And when some terrible act of violence rooted in what we did in Iraq occurs here, they absolutely will publish articles asking Why Do They Hate Us?

How could they not?

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Q2N Replay

Can I get a rewind?

The UN’s chief weapons inspector, Mohamed ElBaradei, said today he had seen “no credible evidence” that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, rejecting British intelligence allegations that a weapons programme has been going on for at least four years.

The Guardian too spread propaganda and the media frenzy is ludicrous, but the war pimps objective is not so funny.

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