Mr. David Eton-Murdoch is Prime Minister

Here comes the 32nd year of neoliberalism, this time in toff(ee?) flavour. Surprisingly I have a Tory acquaintance, one Mister Degby Reardon who when he has sobered up I shall invite for his views on the Blue Reich, last I heard from him he was chanting ‘Cameroooooonnnnnnssss Komandos!’ and urinating on a cowering LibDem. I think he is pleased. This is often a bad sign.

Hague Reacts Badly To Clegg Compliment During Negotiations

Situation deteriorates when Aschcroft interrupts and asks for his money back.

Tories Are Bigoted Authoritarians, There Is Nothing Liberal Or Democratic About Them

To prove they are not Tory-Lite and as duplicitous as any other party the Lib Dems have to reject any deal with Cameron, instead they and Labour should agree a coalition that works towards an election under a new PR system within two years. Tories supported apartheid, they legalised homophobia, they are backed by non dom financiers who profit from crisis. They are home to Christian fundamentalists and anti-science, anti-choice irrational, dishonest, Machiavellian grifters. 56.4% of voters want progressive government, to make a deal with minority conservative rule betrays every one of the Lib Dems supporters progressive ideals and democratic instincts. Unless it’s all about power and being comfortably middle class while cuts rain down on the poorest and infirm. We are about to see what Nick Clegg is made of.

Vote To Deny A Working Tory Majority

It’s rearguard action time and at best all we get is the lesser of neoliberal evil but as Greece is showing corporate capital plans to attack and refusing to go quietly might mitigate their ambitions. Tory target seats, Grauniad Tactical voting guide, if you are in one, vote for the appropriate party to deny a Conservative victory (if your conscience allows). If the price of the war crimes engaged in by New Labour is a Tory government then to be honest we still get off a fuck of a lot lighter than around 1.2 to 1.5 million Iraqis and Afghans, so y’know have some perspective in your wailing and gnashing of teeth, because whoever wins welfare & healthcare will continue to be privatised & the ‘clients’ treated appallingly and migrants will still be imprisoned without trial. Torture will continue to practised and covered up, global capital will still be genuflected to and my brother will still be shipping out for Afghanistan this weekend.

The Human Centipede Model For Leadership In A Hung Parliament

Human Centipede is a schlock horror movie whereby a mad doctor who specialises in separating conjoined twins creates a… The clue’s in the title, he surgically attaches three hapless victims together, anus to mouth, to form an organism with one digestive tract, biologically implausible as that may be. Nevertheless such high concept body horror meets torture porn hijinks is doing its job causing sensation and gasps of horror which should translate into a healthy profit for the producers. It’s not called Showart, it’s Showbusiness people! Here below is the mad doctor with a helpful diagram for victims and viewers on his overhead projector (this immediately sets off alarm bells as to his competence, it’s 2010, Keynote, Powerpoint? Hello?)-

I say Cameron for the -worst- middle position, after all he already has that shit-eating grin…Clegg for front and Brown bringing up the rear, with Miliband following with the bucket & spade and a Look, you’ve punished us enough about Iraq, all right? So don’t start punishing yourself.’ T-shirt.

The question then arises for the consensus state, could this creature be mated with a suitable female host to produce a new super race of neoliberal politician? Or are plans already afoot?

An antidote to such horror.

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National Not Voting Conservative Day

From the mighty pen/graphics pad/stone tablet of Beau Bo D’Or

I sort of love the story of Rebekah and James running around the Mail & Indy offices enforcing omertà. In a contest of lesser evils we can all agree the one outcome to be worked against is the ruling class cocktail club known as the Conservative Party getting in. I mean this is what they think is a positive ad, and Pol Pot removed life from those who refused to live. Neoliberalism is all we are being offered so at least let’s get the brand that doesn’t delight -quite- so much in destroying lives… and then blaming the victims.

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Green Candidate Wins Colombian Debate, Clegg Is An Alien

Via Otto @ IKN

Green party candidate Antanas Mockus was also interrogated by the other parties’ representatives.

Asked by Cambio Radical’s Vargas Lleras how he would tackle guerrilla activity, especially drug-trafficking, on the border with Venezuela, Mockus replied that a “pedagogical process” was needed and that action should “always be respectful.”

A question posed to all candidates was whether they would permit a repeat of the Colombian army’s attack of FARC guerrillas on Ecuadorian soil two years ago, which resulted in the death of the group’s second-in-command Raul Reyes. Sanin and Santos replied that they would consider similar action.

The remaining candidates said that they would not authorize such a bombardment, which killed 25 people and sparked a diplomatic row with Ecuador.

According to Mockus, who is a self-proclaimed pacifist, the action was “unacceptable” and “the results [of the attack] did not justify the means.”

“At the time I said that the actions had damaged international rights,” said Petro on the raid, while Vargas Lleras admitted that he had supported the operation at the time but would not authorize any such attack on Venezuelan territory.

Closing the debate, Mockus – who was voted the debate’s winner by readers of El Espectador – spoke of his education policies as a means to national prosperit

Meanwhile in the UK, the main two parties are so panicked by Clegg’s popularity a birther movement has been started. No really it is that dumb, unlikely as it is I would not mind Clegg as PM of a Lib/Lab coalition not because I think he will be that much better (he is a Little Orange booker), but because once in power he will behave as all others have, supporters will get disappointed and then the mass of people who realise that what is wrong is not down to which party is in power will grow. The consensus triangulated centre right/right neoliberal corporatocracy can keep up this pantomime indefinitely as long as the supply of chumps = the tiny percentage needed for a party to win an election. Having experienced some more mass media today I see little chance of that small number being threatened as they appear to have replaced journalism with W.C. Fields 3 laws of the grift

“You can’t cheat an honest man; never give a sucker an even break, or smarten up a chump”

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