War Criminal is Coward Shocker

Goldsmith threatened to resign at least once. He lost three stone in that period. He is an honourable man and it was a terribly stressful experience.’

Before not resigning and making up some spurious reasons why it might sort of be legal… um not understanding the definition of ‘honourable’ being used here. Do they mean as in a ‘careerist coward’ hmmm, that definition is not listed in any dictionaries I have seen, is there a New Labour one with all these New Meanings? I expect under Lies it says- anything people who disagree with us say, and nothing else!

PS. And terribly stressful experience. This is conspiring to prosecute an illegal war of aggression, the supreme international war crime, not a fucking polo match being rained off or being gazumped on that des res in Holland Park. I’ll tell you what, get in the queue behind the over a million dead, their families & friends and 6 million displaced, the deformed babies and tortured survivors and when your turn comes in about a thousand years, yes we’ll all feel sorry for you and your awful, awful stress. Fuck Me!

More On The Iraq Deportation Flight

From NoBorders South Wales, somewhat jumbled accounts but clearly this was a shameful episode-

The Stop Deportation Network together with The International Federation of Iraqi Refugees have issued a press release with the following statements from those who have been returned to Brook House detention centre, Gatwick:

“when we landed in Baghdad an Iraqi man got on dressed in army uniform, with seven other guards with Kalashnikovs. He asked the immigration officers why they brought us here then asked us if we wanted to come back. He said those of you who want to come back you get off, the rest of you stay where you are.

He told the immigration officers to go away and not try to send people back by force again.

So they took us back to Italy and we had to change planes there. About three people refused to move plane and they were beaten by security guards. They’ve got injuries from that. There were 130 security guards on the plane. Why did they need so many? There were even some arguments between the British and Italian securities.

‘K’, who did get off in Baghdad, said this morning he did not do go voluntarily and did not want to be there, so more details are needed regarding how voluntary was the process through which the ten people who are now in Baghdad were taken off. He said this morning:

‘They forced ten of us to get off in Baghdad. They said the British Embassy would help us but they just gave us $100 and left us. I’m too scared to go to where I used to live. Everything they told us is a lie.’”

New Labour Host Accused War Criminal

A United Kingdom court on Tuesday deferred until further notice an appeal by local pro-Palestinian groups to issue an arrest warrant against visiting Defense Minister Ehud Barak. It is not yet clear whether the issue will be raised for deliberation while Israel’s top defense official is still in Britain. According to sources close to Barak, the British Foreign Ministry recommended to the London court that it treat the current appeal in the same manner it did when a similar appeal was issued in 2004 against Israel’s then defense minister, Shaul Mofaz.

A group of Palestinians in Britain sought earlier Tuesday to obtain the warrant for Barak as he visited the United Kingdom for talks with senior officials. The Palestinian group made the request at the Westminster Magistrates Court, the British paper The Daily Telegraph reported, regarding alleged war crimes perpetrated by Israel during its winter offensive against Hamas in Gaza. Barak’s bureau relayed in response to the move that the defense minister did not intend to change his plans.

“No arrest warrant has been issued, and in any event, he has immunity due to his being a minister in the government,” the bureau said in a statement. “Therefore, his program will continue without disturbance.” Barak was due to speak at Britain’s Labour party’s annual conference on Tuesday, at a fringe event for the Labour Friends of Israel lobby. He was also set to meet with Britain’s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and foreign secretary, David Miliband, during the trip.

The appeal to arrest the defense minister comes as Richard Goldstone, the author of a United Nations report on Israel’s Gaza offensive, told the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Tuesday that the lack of accountability for war crimes committed in the Middle East is undermining any hope for peace in the region.

Miliband’s Torture Cover Up Faltering

The High Court has announced that it will re-open its original judgment that details of the torture of former Guantanamo Bay detainee Binyam Mohamed should remain secret in the interests of national security. In February the High Court refused the application of Mr Mohamed and a coalition of media organisations seeking public disclosure of details of his ill-treatment at the hands of the CIA and Pakistani intelligence services. The Court had already found that the British Security Services had colluded in his illegal treatment. After the Foreign Secretary informed the Court that US had threatened to down-grade intelligence sharing with the UK if details were made public, the Court judged that it had no choice but to refrain from publishing details.

However after judgment was delivered, David Miliband immediately went on public record to deny that the statements made by the US Government constituted a threat. It also transpired that no-one had even asked the new Obama administration whether it took the same view as its Bush predecessor. Mr Mohamed, represented by Leigh Day & Co and Reprieve, and backed by a coalition of media organisations, immediately applied to the Court to re-open its judgment on the basis that the Court, deliberately or otherwise, had been misled as to the consequences of disclosing details of the criminal acts against Mr. Mohamed.

Despite repeated requests, Mr Miliband refused to clarify the situation and following oral argument at a hearing on 22 April, Lord Justice Thomas and Mr Justice Lloyd Jones have now announced that they will re-open their judgment. They will publish full reasons for their decision shortly. Mr Miliband is to be given a final opportunity to present evidence to the Court of the true situation if he wishes to continue to seek to suppress the details of Mr Mohamed’s treatment. The Court will then reconsider the question of whether it will publish those details. It is anticipated that the issue will finally be determined in June.

Clive Stafford Smith, Director, of Reprieve, said: “It is long past time that this evidence was made public. How can it be that two governments that purport to uphold the rule of law be working together to cover up crimes committed against Binyam Mohamed?”

Get The Fuck Away From Manchester You New Labour Scum!

Manchester will be the first city where people can voluntarily sign up for an ID card, ministers are set to confirm. Anyone over 16 in the city who holds a UK passport will be able to apply for a card from the autumn at a cost of £60.

“ID cards will deliver real benefits to everyone, including increased protection against criminals, illegal immigrants and terrorists,” the home secretary will say.

Whoa there you racist numpty, you just slipped, nay sandwiched ‘illegal immigrants‘ between ‘criminals‘ & ‘terrorists‘. So it’s not enough to use bullshit fear mongering to sell your stupid authoritarian scheme you have to trawl for votes from BNP possibles. Protection ‘against… illegal immigrants‘? What, they might break down your door at night, kidnap you, imprison you for months then beat you up in the back of a van and fly you to a hostile regime, oh no wait that would be the Border Agency. Which um answers to er…you, so who protects us, citizen’s and migrants, from them? And thank you for that linguistic tribalism, that we might, as one, be protected against illegal immigrants as if we all naturally agree that people who are here without all the due paperwork are dangerous and to be shunned. Of course bigots often do that, assume everyone else is just as retarded as they are. Way to take the high ground against the fascists, jump in the shit with them and argue over who can be the most hateful.

And we’ll just leave the ‘voluntarily‘ bit, fish in a barrel really that level of witless fibbing especially after y’know, the million dead on war lies, just par for the course for these grifters.

And then there’s Manchester, my home city, Manchester and you think using it as a guinea pig for ID cards is a smart move? Tooling up the plod for Peterloo II are we? We ain’t going out like that. Let it be your stupid scheme’s graveyard. Take it away Percy

‘Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number –
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you –
Ye are many – they are few.’

Update: Oh for the love of crumpets it gets farcically worse, in time they want Snappy Snaps taking our fingerprints! In other words with the scheme not even in operation it is already being privatised. Welcome to the neoliberal Big Brother-

High Street retailers have rejected security fears about giving them the job of fingerprinting and photographing people applying for identity cards. The Home Office has axed plans to set up ID card enrolment centres and instead wants pharmacies, post offices and photographic shops to do the work. Trade bodies representing chains such as Boots and Snappy Snaps told the BBC they can be trusted with the data. It came as it was confirmed that ID cards would be piloted in Manchester.

During the pilot Manchester residents who want an ID card will be able to apply for it online and then attend the city’s passport office for fingerprinting, photograph and possible interview. During the two year pilot phase they will not be able to register for cards at local shops and post offices.

Campaign group NO2ID dismissed the Manchester pilot as a “publicity stunt” aimed at distracting attention from what it claims is a £250m increase in the cost of the project.

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Ghost CIA Dungeon Near Szymany, Poland

Der Spiegel digs up more about the torture program as manifested in Poland (along with the missile ‘shield’ another reason Krystian Zimerman won’t be playing in the Empire no more, boycott divestment sanctions…) and still no UK journo will ask Blair of his knowledge of this ‘prison’ bearing in mind-

Prime Minister Tony Blair told Poland’s then-Prime Minister Leszek Miller to keep the information secret, even from his own government.


New Evidence of Torture Prison in Poland

By John Goetz and Britta Sandberg

The current debate in the US on the “special interrogation methods” sanctioned by the Bush administration could soon reach Europe. It has long been clear that the CIA used the Szymany military airbase in Poland for extraordinary renditions. Now there is evidence of a secret prison nearby.

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Craig Murray Gives Evidence Of UK Torture Role Tomorrow


Thatcher Room
Portcullis House
Tuesday 28 April 1.45pm
Formal Evidence Session on UK Complicity in Torture
Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights
Witness: Craig Murray, former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan
(currently Rector of the University of Dundee).

In 2004, Craig Murray told us that:

– The British Government was complicit in the most vicious forms of torture
– He had been the victim of a lurid smear campaign initiated by New Labour
– The government was lying about all this

In 2004, much of the public and media was not willing to accept that the government would cooperate with torture or with false allegations against an innocent man. Many still had trust in the basic honesty and decency of government.

The evidence that Craig Murray was telling the truth about torture has now become overwhelming, including from the case of Binyam Mohammed. The UK “benefited” continually from intelligence passed on from the CIA waterboarding programme and from torture in countries including Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Egypt.

Craig Murray suffered the most high profile sacking of any British Ambassador for a century. But in 2005 the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee refused to hear him in evidence, despite allowing Jack Straw to appear and attack him.

Astonishingly, this is the first time Craig Murray will ever have been allowed to give formal evidence in the UK on his grave allegations, and be questioned on the truth of his testimony.

As the Scotland Yard investigation proceeds into MI5 and MI6 collusion in 16 cases of torture, Craig Murray will argue that it is not the security service operatives, but the Ministers who set the policy – and specifically Jack Straw – who should be facing criminal charges.

Contact: Craig Murray on 07979 691085 or craigmurray@mail.ru
Transcript of Craig Murray’s formal evidence statement is at

Budget Shmudget

A Very Public Sociologist does a nice response.

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Land of Hope & Glory


It was only a short sentence, at sea amongst much officious and self-righteous government boilerplate that they abhor torture, blah blah blah, but all those words are easy, all those words are lies. Falling effortlessly from the mouths of people working for the government that tortures. Because all of that cannot be true when this is claimed-

UK authorities deny collusion but say interrogating suspects in foreign prisons yields valuable intelligence.

The cognitive dissonance is striking, how do journalists write this with a straight face, the lie is there to be seen by any intelligent person, they say this-

“The UK’s position on torture is clear. We abhor torture. We don’t participate, solicit, encourage or condone it. We unreservedly condemn extraordinary rendition for torture,” [the FCO] said a statement.


UK authorities deny collusion but say interrogating suspects in foreign prisons yields valuable intelligence.

Yep read it again, unpack it, this is what it means-

The only reason to incarcerate prisoners abroad is so people can be tortured outside of UK jurisdiction. It creates plausible deniability and that anything done to them was the work of foreign intelligence services, not ours.

Torture does not produce good information or ‘intelligence’, what it is for is to terrorise people and produce ‘intelligence’ that fits a pre-existing policy agenda.

When you use torture it indicates you are seeking false information, creating through the use of torture justifications for war and repression. That it continues is a warning that the lies that facilitated the invasion of Iraq will continue to be produced to enable more war crimes.

In admitting its use of torture the government admits it is participating in the terrorising of people, both the immediate victim and the wider population at large. This was the same rationale for people being publicly hanged, drawn and quartered, it is to terrorise one’s opponents and entrench state power with the most terrible acts humans can do to each other.

Our government just admitted it (again) and it was reported by the BBC and…nothing, nothing happened. It was just a short sentence, contradicted by the official spokespeople. But we use torture.

The FCO are subtly, in barely noticed documents, admitting it, as Craig Murray found (mark your calendars for April 28th, success! He is giving evidence in the commons). Yet the media bother to feed us spokespeople giving out pointless, clearly false statements to soothe our national ego. Which the BBC helps with, check the news sniffer revision of this story, it began as-

UK torture collusion ‘widespread’

Until it became the rather less alarming-

Police probe torture allegations

Yes, now you see, what possible small amount of probably mistaken naughtiness is being properly investigate by the boys in blue and all is well with Albion! Evil is confronted and surely will be found to be non existent or if there is even the smallest amount shall be punished…and let’s face it, it’s probably the fault of foreigners, swarthy ones at that. As if our fine spooks would ever be so depraved, that’s what other people do, not good old us. We even have TV shows called Spooks to make it all exciting and help recruitment to this fine profession. God Bless the Queen! Cry ‘God for Harry, England and Saint George!’ Put on your Union Jack underwear and feel the tingle of our blessed righteousness! New Labour doesn’t torture! Her Majesty’s Government doesn’t torture! Great Britain doesn’t torture!

…We just make sure people are tortured, watch it, suggest questions, lend them the odd pair of pliers when they are short, then happily use the ‘product’ gained from their screaming bloody ragged mouths to make out brave boys and girls feel good about killing more bloody foreigners in their own bloody countries. We’re protecting freedom!

Amen Ma’am! God save our gracious Queen, Long live our noble Queen, God save the Queen. Send her victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us. God save the Queen!

One of the key features of Fabricating Terrorism II, is the case of Farid Hilali. The case demonstrates that the UK security/intelligence officials were complicit in the rendition and  torture of individuals as early as two years prior to 9/11. This fact suggests that the unlawful activities of the UK authorities are systematic, rather than rare abuses.

Below there are 28 case studies mostly detailing the experiences of British citizens and British residents granted asylum which illustrate the manner in which they have passed through a subterranean system of kidnappings, ghosted to ‘black sites’, suffering abuse and torture.

-Fabricating Terrorism II – British Complicity in Renditions and Torture (PDF) from CagedPrisoners.com

We don’t have the excuse Bush made us do it anymore, just as Obama no longer has that excuse. The cancer has metastasised, torture is unbound and the State never can resist the taste of absolute power. And that is what torture is, absolute control of a human being and the fear of it becomes a tool for absolute control of a population.

It was only a short sentence and no one really batted an eyelid when the BBC conveyed the government’s use of torture.

While Los spoke, the terrible Spectre fell shuddring before him
Watching his time with glowing eyes to leap upon his prey
Los opend the Furnaces in fear. the Spectre saw to Babel & Shinar
Across all Europe & Asia. he saw the tortures of the Victims.
He saw now from the ou[t]side what he before saw & felt from within
He saw that Los was the sole, uncontrolld Lord of the Furnaces
Groaning he kneeld before Los’s iron-shod feet on London Stone,
Hungring & thirsting for Los’s life yet pretending obedience.
While Los pursud his speech in threatnings loud & fierce.

-William Blake, JERUSALEM: The Emanation of The Giant Albion

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Police State Plc

I think things might be quite bad when the former head of Britain’s domestic spooks/secret police says the UK is a police state, in an interview published outside the country in another language!-

Dame Stella Rimington, the former head of MI5, has accused the Government of exploiting people’s fear of terrorism to restrict civil rights.

Ministers risked handing a victory to terrorists who want people to “live in fear and under a police state”, said the former spy, who retired as Director General of the Security Service in 1996.

Dame Stella, 73, has been a harsh critic of the Government’s policies, including attempts to extend pre-charge detention for terror suspects to 42 days and its controversial ID cards plan.

“Since I have retired I feel more at liberty to be against certain decisions of the Government, especially the attempt to pass laws which interfere with people’s privacy,” said Dame Stella, in an interview with the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia.

“It would be better that the Government recognised that there are risks, rather than frightening people in order to be able to pass laws which restrict civil liberties, which is precisely one of the objects of terrorism: that we live in fear and under a police state.”

Dame Stella said that America was even more to blame and had acted as a recruiting sergeant for extremists, through harsh anti-terror measures that have been accused of breaching human rights law.

“The US has gone too far with Guantanamo and the tortures. MI5 does not do that,” she said. [erm, yes it does, nice try Stella]

“Furthermore, it has achieved the opposite effect: there are more and more suicide terrorists finding a greater justification.”

A report by a panel of leading judges and lawyers, published yesterday, appeared to confirm Dame Stella’s view, warning that measures to tackle terrorism have undermined international human rights laws.

The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) found that “many states have fallen into a trap set by terrorists”, by introducing anti-terrorism measures which undermined the very values they sought to protect. Many such measures were imposed on a temporary basis but ended up becoming permanent features of law and practice, it said. It condemned the use of torture, disappearances, and arbitrary and secret detention.

The criminalisation of photography is becoming total and coverage of police misdeeds might become impossible, ACPO is a private company outside of public scrutiny and …well look the things is with the crisis of neoliberalism destroying jobs people have a hard enough time just keeping a roof over their heads let alone be active in political protest against a police state so…the crisis is the vehicle for pushing through these measures because even fewer people are able to resist them for purely financial reasons. If however it gets so bad people have nothing to lose the battle against state security forces will be even harder now we have so many laws that police can always find a way of detaining you if they are so ordered or inclined to do so. They are now allowed to hack into your computer without a warrant, not to mention lethal weapons/mobile electrical torture devices called Tasers are now being issued to most police under the veil of them being ‘non-lethal’, the order boosting Taser Inc’s stock price. So there’s some good news eh?

New Labour Backs Off Hushing Up Expenses

(ht2 Harpymarx) Yep after sneaking out the news under cover of their runway bullshit they have failed to keep it sufficiently low key to pull it off, NL claim they had a deal with the tories, which the tories deny (except they ‘decided’ against it and ‘changed’ their whip so that means, er yes they were gonna help out until rumbled). One thing for sure attention paid to this, put paid to this, can’t leave ’em alone for minute-

Ministers have shelved plans to exempt MPs’ expenses details from the Freedom of Information Act, after the Tories and Lib Dems said they would fight it.

The High Court ruled last year that details of claims made under the second homes allowance, including receipts, should be published in the interests of transparency. Campaigners had denounced the planned Commons vote as effectively overturning the High Court ruling and said MPs were trying to exempt themselves from a law had they created.

Freedom of information campaigners welcomed the decision, saying the proposal to limit disclosure would have made MPs the only public officials immune from public scrutiny. But they warned it was not the end of the matter and similar plans could resurface in future. Maurice Frankel, director of the Campaign for Freedom of Information said: “Some MPs are clearly desperate to prevent the release of past expenses claims which are likely to have exceeded what could reasonably be justified to the public.”

An internet campaign by MySociety urging MPs to vote against the change attracted more than 6,000 supporters on the Facebook website. Peter Facey, of pressure group Unlock Democracy, warned if the vote had gone ahead it would have had “a catastrophic impact on the reputation of Parliament.” He urged the Commons to publish all expenses details “at the earliest opportunity”.

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New Labour Use Runway Betrayal To Cover Up Expense Secrecy Bid

You can’t leave them alone for a friggin’ minute, John McDonnell’s protest notwithstanding they did their predicted runway scam but also while everyone was horrified at that they pulled a sneaky one for their own corrupt wallets-

The government is to exempt details of all MPs’ and peers’ expenses from being disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act, and nullify all past requests by journalists and campaigners to get them published.

The decision was announced in a parliamentary order today published at the same time as the government announced controversial decisions on the third runway at Heathrow and compensation for millions of Equitable Life policyholders.

Harriet Harman, the leader of the house, is to use a special parliamentary order that can become law within 24 hours after being debated by MPs and peers next week.

It comes just as MPs were about to be forced, following a victory by campaigners at an information tribunal, to publish 1.2m expenses receipts, covering the period between 2005 and 2008.

So let ’em know they are rumbled-



(2 Faced) Conspiracy To Commit Murder

Former British Ambassador Craig Murray reports

Brown is appeasing domestic horror at the Israeli massacre in Gaza by calling for a ceasefire. Meanwhile British diplomats on the United Nations Security Council are under direct instructions to offer “tacit support” to United States’ efforts to block a ceasefire.

I have been told this directly by a former colleague in the UK Mission to the United Nations.

(ht2 The Misanthropist’s Muse)

Rogue Mail

So even as the crisis caused by privatisation, deregulation and ‘flexible’ labour mounts New Labour figure it best to part privatise the postal service-

The Royal Mail will be partially privatised as part of a range of measures to protect its long-term future, Lord Mandelson announced today. The business secretary said the government had already had an expression of interest from the Dutch postal company TNT and that part-privatisation was necessary to ensure the continuation of the universal postal service.

He also said the government would take on a share of the Royal Mail’s massive £7bn pension deficit. Publishing Richard Hooper’s report into the future of the Royal Mail, Mandelson said its conclusions made “sober reading” and ministers would be accepting its three key recommendations.

Hooper said the Royal Mail should form a “strategic minority partnership” with a private company, the government should take responsibility for reducing the pension deficit, and the service should be regulated by Ofcom, the communications regulator, not Postcomm, the postal services regulator.

So questions, pension deficit? Hmm how did that happen-

According to new calculations reported in telegraph.co.uk today by Independent pension consultant, John Ralfe who bases his estimate on data available from the Royal Mail’s March accounts,Royal Mail’s pension deficit could rise from £2.9bn to £5bn by the end of September. As of March the Royal Mail had pension assets of £23.9bn and liabilities of £26.8bn, giving a deficit of £2.9bn. However, by the end of September Mr Ralfe estimates the value of its assets will have fallen to approximately £21bn, with liabilities amounting to £26bn, giving a £5bn deficit.

The £23.9bn figure comprised; £11bn of equities, £10bn of bonds, property of £2.7bn and £200m held or invested elsewhere. Estimated liabilities at the end of September of £21.1bn are based on a 15pc fall in equities to £9.5bn, bonds down 10pc to £9bn, and a £200m fall in property to £2.4bn. Other investments are assumed to have remained unchanged at £200m.

The estimated figure reflects ongoing turmoil in the stockmarket, but won’t include the shares bloodbath seen earlier this month. But for the fact that the fund shifted £4bn out of equities and into bonds last year, the numbers would have been even worse. The country’s 200 largest corporate pension schemes had lost more than £45bn in value since the end of August, due to the sharp stockmarket sell-off.

So that would be the same neoliberal polices causing the deficit which in turn is reason to pursue neoliberal polices of privatisation and…deregulation, yes Royal Mail CEO Adam Crozier is a zealous disciple of the dogma-

Adam Crozier, Royal Mail’s chief executive, said the shackles needed to be lifted from the group to enable it to compete against private-sector competition, which was creaming off the lucrative business mail contracts that had traditionally supported the universal service. “We need the market to be deregulated to allow us to compete, not just against other postal companies but other communications companies. We have probably lost more direct-marketing business to Google than to [private postal operator] TNT,” he said.

Crozier said Royal Mail would not turn its back on its obligations: “The universal service is a huge asset for Royal Mail and for the nation as a whole. It is part of the fabric of our society and is vitally important both to social cohesion and to the UK economy … It is vital that we have a real debate about how the universal service can be financed.”

Now then how come those businesses could cream off the juicy contracts? Because the postal system was deregulated beginning 2006 thus allowing the creaming off to start and weaken the Royal Mail, in other words a long game of privatisation each step creating a problem that according to the church of the free market could only be solved by going further along with their plans, a neat scam. Now this big ol’ report was authored by Richard Hooper, so you’ll be reassured to know he has massive experience in the postal service, well he’s written and received letters, what more do you need?

Richard Hooper is currently Chairman of Artilium plc and a non-executive Director at YELL Group plc. He stood down as Chairman of Informa plc in May 2007. He was Deputy Chairman of the Office of Communications (Ofcom) between 2002 and 2005 and Chairman of the Radio Authority for three years until 2003. Previous directorships include non-executive director of MAI plc (1993-6), non-executive director of United News & Media (1996-7), non-executive director of Superscape plc (2000-2) and non-executive Chairman of IMS Group plc (1997-2002). He was also Director, Prestel, at Post Office Telecommunications (1980-81) and Chief Executive Value Added Systems and Services, BT (1982-86).

Mr Hooper was a founder member of the radio authority in 1991, his interests are far more diverse. After completing the BBC’s general training course he worked in radio and was one of the producers behind the launch of the Open University.

After leaving the BBC, he was involved in the creation of pre-internet electronic information service Prestel, had a stint at BT running Yellow Pages and fronted doomed pan-European satellite TV company Super Channel. He then went on to be consultant before returning to the fray proper in his role at the radio authority.

So once again we have an asked & answered consultation/report process, they already know what the end result is to be- privatisation, deregulation, they get a suitable suit to write up a report which the government than waves about as evidence of the rightness of its policies. A circular process creating a downward spiral into neoliberal oblivion that even this current crash will not deter, institutionalised as they all are by decades of orthodoxy that has until recently made them all incredibly rich even as it impoverished others. In fact that aspect- seeing the hell below them- makes them more desperate than ever to hold onto the means to stay insulated from our struggles. And it’s certainly worked for Crozier-

Royal Mail was accused of “rewarding failure” after disclosing that its chief executive, Adam Crozier, was given a 26 per cent pay rise last year, taking his total package to £1.25 million.

Despite the loss of twice-daily postal deliveries and the closure of thousands of post offices, Mr Crozier, who has just been embroiled in the worst postal strike in 20 years, received a performance bonus of £469,000. His salary was £629,000 and he had £158,000 in pension and benefits. The pay increase was almost 10 times the 2.9 per cent awarded to other staff in the year to March 2007.

A Deliberate & Deadly Confusion

Confusion over the rules on NHS care for failed asylum seekers means people are being turned away from hospitals and GP practices, a report says.Trusts are currently told to decide if people should be treated on a case by case basis.

But an online article for the British Medical Journal reports trusts are making “appalling” decisions and denying people free care. The Department of Health says the situation is under review.

I would venture to suggest that the ‘review’ is one of those very long ongoing processes that is to allow the government not explicitly to say to the NHS- Do not treat failed asylum seekers (which = negating the Hippocratic oath and well, kill people) and to ‘let the trust decide’ is again a way of having responsibility displaced when people are killed by withholding of treatment. We already have deported a cancer patient who subsequently died-

Ama Sumani suffered from malignant myeloma and was receiving kidney dialysis at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, but was deported after her UK visa expired.

Her removal from hospital by immigration officials in January was described as “atrocious barbarism” by the leading medical journal the Lancet.

A pending appeal reveals their real disposition towards basic humanitarianism-

In April, a High Court judge ruled in the case of a Palestinian who claimed denying care for his chronic liver disease breached his human rights, saying banning failed asylum seekers from receiving free NHS treatment was unlawful. However, the Department of Health was given permission to appeal, and the case is due to be heard in November.

So whatever their current fudge we can deduce they are moving towards denying treatment to those people deemed ‘illegal’ as if killing someone classed in such a way is acceptable, they are…untermensch. The BMJ article (behind a paywall dammit -work arounds or emailed texts gratefully received- extract here) quoted by the BBC has some specific instances and it is hard not to conclude the personal prejudices and incipient officious cruelty of gatekeepers to treatment played into the decisions-

Adam Hundt, the lawyer who represented the Palestinian man, said he had been contacted by many doctors who were confused about what they should do. He told the BMJ: “They are telling me they’d been led to believe they didn’t have any choice about who they can treat.

“Some managers are interpreting the rules too restrictively and are saying unless someone is at death’s door you shouldn’t treat them unless they pay. This is wrong.”

He said he has learnt of some “appalling decisions”, such as expectant mothers being wrongly told they would not be cared for if they turned up to hospital in labour.

He added: “Three of my clients – including a child – have died after treatment was refused.” Mr Hundt said he was not directly linking the deaths with the decisions, but added: “We’ll never know whether they would have died anyway or not, but they weren’t given the chance to survive.”

The student group Medsin are pursuing with FOIA requests a government consultation that was dropped in 2004-

The government began a consultation in 2004 on whether failed asylum seekers should be eligible for free GP care, but never published its responses. Now Medsin, a student health group, has used the Freedom of Information Act to track down half of those who provided submissions, and found three quarters of healthcare providers were concerned denying care would put them in breach of their professional responsibilities.

So again they are basically using consultations and reviews to duck the issue -for years- and in the vacuum give a nod and wink to management of hard pressed trusts to take the decisions knowing full well the financial pressures the government impose on those hospitals.

A spokesman for the Department of Health said a review was under way, but there was no date set for publication.

And just to remind you the chief executive of the Border and Immigration Agency is Lin Homer a NuLabour apparatchik who was involved in overseeing voting ‘discrepancies’ in Birmingham. Seems fraud was a gateway drug to widespread mistreatment of human beings and best of all she loves privatisation!- Outsourcing Abuse: the use and misuse of state-sanctioned force during the detention and removal of asylum seekers (pdf).

Take some action:-

Amnesty International UK on Asylum the National Coalition Of Anti-Deportation Campaigns