BBC Find New Role As Serco & The UKBA’s PR Pimp

A tour of Yarl’s Wood-

I was given a guided tour by Dawn Elaine, the Serco manager, who runs the centre.

I saw no obvious signs of distress amongst residents. But then there were a lot of closed doors.

Positive steps have been taken since Serco took over, including a new school. It’s a lovely airy chalet-style building away from the main block.

The report mentions the recent abuse but not the ongoing hunger strike and does not talk to or report testimony from any of the victims of the abuse instead the reporter vaguely probes the manager who denies it and it is left there. If I was in the media relations department of either Serco or UKBA I would be livid, the BBC have just stolen my job, why employ people to bullshit for Yarl’s Wood when the BBC volunteers to do it? The detention centres and the UKBA have already been found to be racist and institutionally incapable of performing a humane function (precisely because they are not meant to by the tabloid appeasing race baiting New Labour govt.) and deliberately operating a complaints system designed to stifle complaints. And this is known, reports have been published but nothing changes except…the migrant gulag steps up its PR war. Hutton really did make the BBC obedient. And this I love-

I asked her if she would come down heavy-handedly on anyone who did cross that line? “Absolutely,” she said. “It would not be tolerated. They would not stay as part of the team.”

*I asked her if she was thoroughly wonderful and she admitted that yes, she was.* Hard hitting investigative journalism eh?

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