Tories Are Bigoted Authoritarians, There Is Nothing Liberal Or Democratic About Them

To prove they are not Tory-Lite and as duplicitous as any other party the Lib Dems have to reject any deal with Cameron, instead they and Labour should agree a coalition that works towards an election under a new PR system within two years. Tories supported apartheid, they legalised homophobia, they are backed by non dom financiers who profit from crisis. They are home to Christian fundamentalists and anti-science, anti-choice irrational, dishonest, Machiavellian grifters. 56.4% of voters want progressive government, to make a deal with minority conservative rule betrays every one of the Lib Dems supporters progressive ideals and democratic instincts. Unless it’s all about power and being comfortably middle class while cuts rain down on the poorest and infirm. We are about to see what Nick Clegg is made of.

Two Pints Of Lager & Some Eco-Socialism With Human Rights Please

Ok, not actually my polling station  but the one in the village next along, does this increase turnout? And will booze enhance the Left’s chances, hmmm. Anyways, my 14 year old niece asked ‘is that where poll dances go on?’ Has neoliberal enabled/feminism subverting raunch culture destroyed political awareness in the young…Discuss. So it was fortuitous that my plans meant we then proceeded to my polling station where I took her in to show her the exciting wonders of voting (turnout was ‘ok’ according to the poll people), then told her why it was important (one day we might get a government that works for us not the ruling class, one day, but we have to do more than vote for that. Why did she have to be 18  to vote she asked, I said they don’t think teenagers should be represented even though at 16 you can go and die for some politician’s ambitions. Lowering it to 16 seemed to be our preferred option. Why did we go into a a little hide/booth? So the vote is secret and we cannot be intimidated, at least in that moment we can’t. Then I told her that the result was not going to be good,  Dave’s an aristocrat, we’ll never get a living wage under him as she related how she was paid four-ish quid -inc. tips- an hour for casual waitressing work, I got £1.85 and hour in my first factory job, back when £1.85 really meant something… ah the 80’s, hmmm).

Plaid just phoned, that’s showing some moxy, yes they could rely on my support in this election, Good Luck. (They did answer 100% on Stop The War’s survey).

Meanwhile Andy Worthington let me know he has put together a list of 149 MPs who supported human rights in the last year and he noted 2% of Tories supported the EDMs, 26% of Labour MPs and 70% of Lib Dems. So click the link (I will repeat the list at the bottom of this post too). Also today on his blog he is having a fund-raising special- a supporter has pledged to match all donations to support his work over the next 48 hours. So really now is the absolutely best time to chuck him some cash, go to his blog and click the paypal button and know your  money for his essential work will magically be doubled.

Andy Worthington:- For anyone wondering how to vote in the General Election today, who may have noticed the resounding silence on the election trail regarding Britain’s commitment to human rights since the 9/11 attacks, I’ve compiled the following list of 149 MPs (out of 650 in total), who have signed up to two important Early Day Motions in the last 12 months.

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Vote To Deny A Working Tory Majority

It’s rearguard action time and at best all we get is the lesser of neoliberal evil but as Greece is showing corporate capital plans to attack and refusing to go quietly might mitigate their ambitions. Tory target seats, Grauniad Tactical voting guide, if you are in one, vote for the appropriate party to deny a Conservative victory (if your conscience allows). If the price of the war crimes engaged in by New Labour is a Tory government then to be honest we still get off a fuck of a lot lighter than around 1.2 to 1.5 million Iraqis and Afghans, so y’know have some perspective in your wailing and gnashing of teeth, because whoever wins welfare & healthcare will continue to be privatised & the ‘clients’ treated appallingly and migrants will still be imprisoned without trial. Torture will continue to practised and covered up, global capital will still be genuflected to and my brother will still be shipping out for Afghanistan this weekend.

People Worth Voting For: Caroline Lucas

We need reform of the electoral system and a clean-up of Parliament.

But we need to elect MPs who will change Parliament for good now.

We need voices of dissent in Parliament – not ‘Yes- men’ (and women) who are ‘on-message’ the whole time and controlled by party whips.

We need voices that are prepared to challenge and question.

We need voices that believe that change is possible.

We need voices that are different.

Derek Wall-

…the Party is increasingly confident of electing our first MP. Caroline is fighting it on a strong left programme of no cuts, no Trident, troops out of Afghanistan, no ID cards and job creation through a New Green Deal Programme. Taxes on the rich need to go up and we need to stop bowing down to the City of London.

Brief Bio-

Caroline was elected as one of the Green Party’s first MEPs in June 1999 to represent the South East of England region.

She was re-elected with an increased vote share in 2004. Caroline joined the Green Party in 1986 and has held many positions including National Press Officer (1987-89) and Co-Chair (1989-90).

She won the party’s second County Council seat in 1993 and served on Oxfordshire County Council until 1997. She was elected Principal Speaker each year from 2003 to 2005 and again in 2007. In 2008 she was elected Party Leader.

At a time when Green issues have risen up the political agenda dramatically, Caroline’s work has not gone unnoticed. She has received a number of accolades for her work.

Caroline received the Michael Kay Award from the RSPCA in 2006 for her outstanding contribution to European animal welfare and BBC Wildlife listed Caroline in their ‘Top 50 Conservationists’.

In 2007 and 2009, Caroline was voted Politician of the Year by Observer readers in their annual Ethical Awards and in 2008 was judged one of the Guardian’s top “eco-heroes.”


Fair pensions and care for older people- Greens think it’s unfair that people who have worked hard all their lives are eventually denied the pension they were promised, leaving many facing poverty and hardship.

Tackling the economic crisis – regulate the banks- Greens in Parliament will fight for a fair financial deal, with community banks, credit unions and mutuals providing realistic loans to families and small and local businesses.

Responding to climate change with a million new jobs- Greens think it’s unfair that the government stands by while unemployment skyrockets. We are fighting for an investment package to create over a million new jobs in low-carbon industries within 2-3 years.

Saving the NHS- The Green Party think it’s unfair that quality of care suffers when hospitals and surgeries are treated like profit-driven businesses rather than public services. It’s unfair that taxpayers fork out over £1bn every year on NHS private finance schemes.

Better public transport – affordable and reliable- If elected, Caroline will fight for a fair deal on public transport that benefits both climate and commuters.

A fair deal for young people – and their parents- Greens think it’s unfair that young people hanging around are seen as a problem, when all too often they simply have nowhere to go – and activities for young people are being reduced across the country.

Disability rights – an end to discrimination- Greens think it’s unfair that despite the Disability Discrimination Act, 11 million disabled people still face discrimination, disempowerment and exclusion in education, employment and public services as well as in social, cultural and political life.

Equalities- Greens think it unfair that individuals and groups with the most power in society claim their full quota of rights for themselves, whilst those with less power find their rights denied. Greens in Parliament would fight for all groups who find themselves discriminated against, are enabled to flourish.

People Worth Voting For: John McDonnell

A consensus checklist of what constitutes real change is emerging from many sources. Securing jobs by intervening in manufacturing and restoring trade union rights; securing homes by a mass local authority house-building programme; stopping the squandering of public resources by ending the privatisation of public services; reasserting the government’s green credentials with no third runway; for young people freezing, as the first step towards abolishing, student fees; for pensioners restoring the link between pensions and earnings; halting the attacks on welfare; paying for our programme by fair taxation and cutting out the waste on the likes of Trident renewal and ID cards; and making government ruthlessly clean, open and fair with immediate electoral reform.

PS. These below are worth a look although right now tactical stop Tory voting may alter choices, a list of 100 top marginals. Candidates the Labour Representation Committee are backing-

Diane Abbott (Hackney North & Stoke Newington), Ronnie Campbell (Blyth Valley), Martin Caton (Gower), Mark Chiverton (Isle of Wight), Katy Clark (North Ayrshire & Arran), Jeremy Corbyn (Islington North), John Cryer (Leyton & Wanstead), David Drew(Stroud), Sarah Evans (North West Hampshire), Paul Flynn (Newport West), Nia Griffith (Llanelli), David Hamilton (Midlothian), Gary Heather(Tunbridge Wells), David Heyes (Ashton-under-Lyne), Kevin Hind (Bury St Edmunds), Kelvin Hopkins (Luton North), Donna Hutton (Clwyd West), Ian Lavery (Wansbeck), John McDonnell (Hayes & Harlington), Michael Meacher(Oldham West & Royton), Austin Mitchell (Great Grimsby), John Morgan(Rutland & Melton), Katrina Murray (Dundee East), Gordon Prentice(Pendle), Linda Riordan (Halifax), Phil Sawford (Kettering), Lee Skevington(Yeovil), Dennis Skinner (Bolsover), Mike Wood (Batley & Spen)

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People Worth Voting For: Salma Yaqoob

If we want change, we have to engage. As the great anti-slavery campaigner Fredrick Douglas said, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom, and deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground, they want rain without thunder and lightning.” That struggle is waged outside parliament, for example, by workers in trade unions campaigning for decent wages and conditions, by people trying to raise awareness and solidarity about climate change, or Third World Debt, or Palestine.

But that struggle can also waged inside Parliament as well. One of the great weaknesses of the anti-war movement was that while we had plenty of supporters on the streets, we had few inside the House of Commons. That needs to change. Parliament needs to be more representative of the people.

On May 6 this country will elect a new parliament. If you want Britain to be more committed to values of peace, justice and equality, you need to put politicians into parliament who will advocate on your behalf. But in order to vote you have got to be registered to vote. The closing date to register is April 20. The General Election is an opportunity to effect change. My advice would be, don’t waste it.

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People Worth Voting For: Derek Wall

“British politics has hit an all time low in the eyes of the public.  And for good reason. Our politicians betrayed us by uncritically following America into illegal wars, causing untold pain and suffering to families here and abroad.  They sat idly by as the banks recklessly gambled billions on the financial markets, creating the conditions for the current recession.  Too many have become tainted and discredited by sleaze and expenses abuse.

We need politicians who put the common good before themselves and their party.  Derek Wall is such a person.  He has a passionate commitment to social justice, both here and abroad. He has a long record of campaigning for a cleaner, healthier and balanced environment.

I am proud to support him and I urge you to do likewise.It’s no good just complaining about our current crop of MP’s.  It’s time to change them!Please give Derek Wall your full support and help elect an MP you could feel proud of.” – Salma Yaqoob, Respect Party leader and Birmingham Councillor.

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