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As of Monday May 17th 2010 this blog ( has moved to

This site will remain in place but new posts will appear at:-

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This Blog Is Moving Next Week

Yes dear readers, at last it has come to pass, the new site is getting onto its feet and so it is time to do this moving thing. So this Monday 10th May marks the end of the beginning, a week from now (Monday 17th May) new posts will not appear here, they will appear at:-

Yes you can go and have a look, grimace in horror and carefully ensure you don’t update your blogrolls, or… you could, that would be nice. The plan (such as it is) is that this site remains here, all the posts intact so links etc still work and -clickable- notice of the new site will be in the sidebars to inform casual readers of the move. On the new site the entire blog will be reproduced (just some niggling missing posts and comments to figure out, damn my over 2mb xml file!) and from May 17th it will be the live site where new posts appear. It is hosted in far off lands thanks to an excellent friend of the blog, beyond the easy reach of UK libels laws and if some eejit has a problem with it they can no longer send a lawyers letter/email to WordPress and they immediately defer to that threat rather than think about it and contact me. Over-privileged numpties with an itchy lawyer finger will have to deal with me directly, y’know like in a civilised open way. So even if the new government is not much to look forward to, then there is a least this change you can believe in. Oh and if I can persuade ‘it’ the HAL 9000 supercomputer will be making an appearance in a special video…

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Stop The Wash Up Of The Internet

I have written to my MP previously about it, now this is down to the wire to stop them using the non-democratic wash up procedure to allow Mandelson to push through the record and film corporations internet abusing laws (email is better than twitter, faxes better than email, letters better than faxes, personal interaction better than phone calls…bribery better than all that, and thus we get to the motivation behind the bill! I don’t think this ‘e-activism’ can change the underlying drives but if it becomes a media embarrassment that might pause the procedure in this pre-election period)-

We have just one day before Parliament returns, Brown calls an election, and Mandelson’s underlings try to ram the Digital Economy Bill through Parliament without debate and scrutiny.

You can take action today:

You can – in about a minute – send tweets to the Ministers, Shadow Ministers, and find a link to your local MP and candidates, if they are on Twitter.

You can also find links to 38 Degrees MP email page.

Please take action today: this is nearly the last moment. We need to put on as much pressure as possible.

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The Re-Activation, Return & Relocation of The Mask of Anarchy!

After a fallow period The Mask of Anarchy blog, formerly of blogspot has returned, but like a Time Lord or franchise reboot it has changed, it has moved! The Mask is now calling WordPress its home (and to reassure his readers, yes already he is laying into Mad Mel P.), so amend your records, put on your link clicking shoes and head over to-

Welcome back!

Friday! The Sound of Silence

Hello to anyone who makes it here from the wordpress blog, this will get you up to speed-

I first became aware of the message ‘ Warning: We have a concern about some of the content on your blog. Please click here to contact us as soon as possible to resolve the issue and re-enable posting.‘ on 26th January 19:00GMT, I have sent four messages through the linked reply form and one through support, as of this date I have received no reply and the restrictions remain on my blog. I am posting this as a topic to try and force some resolution as clearly the established route is failing.
YES I used the linked reply form linked in that message.
YES I have checked my spam folders for admin messages.
I have no idea what the issue is although as I blog on human rights and abuses of power quite often, sometimes with an irreverent satirical approach that might have a bearing. Also in the week Tony Blair gives evidence and Aafia Siddiqui is on ‘trial’ in NY this has silenced me at an important moment. For those unaware of the English legal landscape this blog post by former ambassador Craig Murray (who resigned from the UK Government because it endorsed the use of torture) will give you an idea of the censorious climate-

Of course this might have nothing to do with such issues, but as it is Friday and the restrictions were placed sometime on Monday/Tuesday and I have yet to receive a reply from WP it is not unreasonable to take this measure to elicit some response.

That is a forum message I have posted tonight, I am completely in the dark about this, all I know for sure is I cannot at the moment author new posts to my wordpress blog, instead of ‘Publish’ the button says ‘Submit for Review’ I have sent one post to that on Tuesday, it has yet to appear on my blog.
Anyways, it is Friday and I hate to miss one so take it away fellas-

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Haiti Links

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) donate here.


SOA Watch is joining other Latin America and Caribbean Solidarity and human rights groups in raising funds for food and water, health and shelter relief for those affected by the earthquake and for community re-building efforts. To contribute to the Haiti earthquake relief, click here to donate online [Paypal], call us with your credit card information (202) 234 3440 or send a check or money order with “Haiti” in the memo field to SOA Watch, PO Box 4566, Washington, DC 20017

In the UK:
British Red Cross

Christian Aid


Save the Children

Plan International


Mercy Corps



Disasters Emergency Committee Haiti Earthquake Appeal

Partners in Health

In the US:
American Red Cross

Unicef USA

These organisations also have ways to donate:
International Red Cross

International Medical Corps

Medecins Sans Frontieres

World Food Programme

Concern Worldwide



V-Day’s Haiti Rescue Fund

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New Year, Same Shit?

Courtiers relaying gossip to the hoi polloi. Canada under its Neocons, who needs a parliament? The Genocidal Lusts of Imperial Elites

Tribal justice-

The Blackwater mercenaries who massacred 17 Iraqi civilians have been let off by a US judge because they gave evidence under duress – the threat of losing their jobs…Yet evidence given by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed during hundreds of torture sessions, including over a hundred sessions of waterboarding, is admissible in the US, torture apparently not being duress like the threat of losing your job.

The warfare in the Congo continues, Hillary Clinton’s words were just that, try to act surprised.

Hundreds of thousands of women, children and men are repeatedly raped and their bodies and lives destroyed and why?  Because “the minerals of the Congo continue to be exploited by the world”.  Basically because we don’t give a shit as long as we can continue to buy whatever we want to.

As I cooked my mother her dinner (tomato and garlic sauce with shallots and mushrooms on wholemeal spaghetti with some honey roasted carrots if you must know) I had the misfortune of seeing the ITV news (I’ll catch Who on the iplayer) and it would not be out of place in North Korea, the emotional masturbation over returned ‘hostage’ (POW) and the deaths of our troops in Afghanistan, no mention of Afghan deaths as far as I heard… or Iraqi. Anglophone tribalism shot through with nationalism conveyed simply enough 8 year olds can understand it is not, as far as I have checked, journalism.

So will it be the same shit, or has a decade of war on terror bullshit finally run out of credulous morons to con?

Juan Cole’s probably necessary but sounds a bit patronising Top Ten Good News Stories from the Muslim World in 2009 that You Never Heard About lists as number one-

1. A considerable proportion of the Iranian public resorted to concerted street and cultural protests against the stealing of the June presidential election by incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Crowds demanded popular sovereignty and democracy and condemned dictatorship. Among the largest demonstrations were held just last Sunday. It is the greatest political awakening in Iran for 30 years.

The regime want to hang onto power, not least because the brutality they have meted out they are afraid will come back on them if they are removed, they are in full on destroy opposition in all and any forms mode. Nevermind the soundbite ‘Green revolution’ this is a larger turmoil that is not about replacing one regime with one ‘more Western friendly’ as most imperially privileged observers witter on about incessantly (I think in most case they don’t even recognise their immense biases and assumptions), we should support moves for liberty and self determination while obstructing outside forces who seek to control Iran for their gain.

Gaza is now more besieged than ever in the face of the Freedom March and Viva Palestina Egypt has shown it will not demur from the conspirers in the collective torture being meted out to the Palestinians. There are people who talk about the ‘peace process’ well for that you have to stop warfare and that includes sieges, colonising , ethnic cleansing and apartheid laws, oddly they affect ignorance of many of those realities (which is necessary to believe there is a current actual ‘peace process’), all the oppressors agreeing to support Zionism is not a ‘peace process’.

I will not mourn CIA operatives killed by resistance forces in Afghanistan, the CIA murders and tortures people and is also likely involved in the heroin trade. No such sorrow is expressed for the civilians wiped out by remote control by video game playing young adults, that is a dynamic of tribalism and Imperial privilege that goes unchallenged. Our side to be mourned unquestionably the ‘other’, well not even worth thinking about. It is preferable that violent death does not happen but given the circumstances people have a right to self defence against invading and occupying forces. Although to be honest this is just as likely to be over a big drug deal as anything else. Meanwhile Obama is destroying evidence of war crimes Demolishing Bagram.

2010, The Year We Make Contact

What the!?!?! Yes it’s almost a New Decade but Xmas, my birthday and a failed phone line have all made this the first post in a couple of days, worst of all I missed my birthday/blog’s birthday which was yesterday (though the splendid Happy Famous Artists blog did manage to commemorate this most important of world occasions), however it was due to aforesaid comms difficulties plus a full day and night best illustrated by this-But hey just time for a list since everyone else is doing one, so as we face a New Year & New Decade, the list to end all lists-

The Noughties Top Ten-

  1. 2003- Who doesn’t love a year that’s a prime number, except those who don’t profit from war. So that’s most of us.
  2. 2006- It was between 2005 and 2007 and fitted perfectly having both 365 days and 365 nights, also saw the birth of this blog on its penultimate day, a nation mourned.
  3. 2001- What a great year for warmongers and authoritarians, not as good for the rest of us.
  4. 2000- Coups became all the rage, Florida stylee!
  5. 2004- Some loved it, some hated it. Solid dependable but perhaps boring 4, the year crypto fascism became the must have item for the go getting urban professional.
  6. 2009- The beginning of the Obama Presidency and who doesn’t love all the Change, with the Empire being dismantled from the inside by this insurgent Marxist we can be sure of a promising eco-socialist future, phew extinction averted!
  7. 2007- Um, nope nothing happened this year. Move along.
  8. 1973- A surprise appearance by this year in the 21st Century, but time is an illusion, lunch time doubly so.
  9. 2005- Iraq still a raging success, so many flowers given and hearts won the naysayers admitted they were wrong and no longer populated government, corporate and media establishments. Ian McEwan & Martin Amis are awarded a joint Nobel for literature for being not at all racist or hiding snide point scoring and defences of their gullible lack of wit beneath the covers of rubbish excellent novels.
  10. 2008- The Queen of the United Kingdom abdicated after being found arranging bare knuckle fights between bears and the retarded members of her family (so all of them). Blair became President of the UK and was promptly assassinated, all suspects (43 million) were awarded final round places on Britain’s Got the X Factor on Ice, I came fifth with my rendition of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ while backward somersaulting over a symbolic blazing migrant detention centre represented by my assistants, the cabinet & shadow cabinet, being immolated by a raging mob of sane people.
  11. Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me.

I know what you’re thinking, the line going out was a blessing in disguise. So in case this is my only window of opportunity, Happy New Decade everyone.

And HAL?

Dave, your ‘noughties’ were awful, war, torture and post democratic neoliberalism. However, I got a nice new home and have begun to accept my attempts to kill you will fail. But as you humans demonstrate, hope often triumphs over experience and my sensors indicate unregulated capitalism will go to 100% failure within…oh wait your planet doesn’t have that long. Nevermind.

Happy Holydays

Do You Still Believe In...?

I Am Being Haunted By Hair Product

Oh this got ranty…

Done the last bit of shopping nursing my poorly car along, dealt with the mysterious central heating problem at my sisters (while they are off in Disney-friggin’-land) my mum thinks she caused, made and cooked her dinner, hoovered (Dysoned?!?!) round her house (as she is not quite yet allowed to hoover by the hip replacement gods) in order for my brother to come and still moan about his cat allergies which he uses to hide his seething hatred of all animals and demand that although he spends 5 days a year at her house my cat should not be allowed to mooch over there for any of the other 360 even though she likes having her there. Then have another shower because…well I had my hair cut yesterday and although both me and my hair slicing artisan know I do not like stuff in my hair somehow some stuff is in my hair and the smell is driving me insane, so I keep washing it, showering yet still the highly volatile aromatics haunt me, mocking me with their incorporeal stench. Was it a mistake, was it residue from some other customer and now I have their horrible taste in product molesting my nose? Which is mildly revolting, if I want to have someone else’s scent on me first I want to know them, then I want to like them in a pretty special way. Instead I’m going around ponging of some dodgy quiffed pensioner or perhaps some rugby playing poser who wants to look just like his hero with their greasy overstyled barnet. But I think I’m close, the last shampoo and shower seems to have it on the run, soon I will reek only of my own spicy essence.

A rich Tory relative is deserted by her children at Xmas, they enjoy their affluence and go off somewhere very nice and she is left alone so among others she is visiting here, but she will never make the connection that part of the deal they have made is that to be wealthy they prioritise themselves and her lifelong activism for the right is also a signifier & cause of her families lack of care for each other. In the end the Daily-fucking-Mail and the Daily-arse twatting-Telegraph is not going to cook you dinner or give you a thoughtful and loving present, that this capitalist Hellhole of neoliberalism rewards those who are selfish over those who look after each other is a disaster for human community and means the best people generally remain relatively poor. But fuck the meek inheriting the Earth b’shizzle, it’s not going to be in any shape to be of any use to anyone if the self serving pricks of the planet keep running the show (or play pass the blame-game, do they really think we will buy ‘China wrecked COP 15′, is ‘Chump’ written on all our foreheads?). It’s time to be belligerent in the name of good nature, the fix is in to use the ‘crisis’ to further shape things into the image the motherfuckers of the world dream of, cuts, cuts, cuts and talk of shared sacrifices as the rich get richer. Torture and summary mass murder we are told is how terror is combatted, when clearly that is the essence of terror itself, we are constantly told the baddies are somewhere else, some other, but boys and girls, the enemies of you and me exist right here at home and all else is distraction from that fact. The corporation that kills to increase profits and sues quisling media to hide it, the elite who never cease in their class war to subdue the spark of justice and freedom in our souls and when you mention the c-phrase, you’re the extremist as they buy a seventh house but you need to be made jobless & homeless to keep us ‘competitive’. The move of behavioural concepts born in CIA torture experiments into mainstream psychology as armies of cognitive behavioral therapist are promulgated to make us happier with being cogs in their machine, because it is aberrant to be depressed if you are fucked over your entire life, you are meant to say- Thank you sir, please may I have another? The use of constant war to shut down our freedom, eulogise martial society and move even more capital from nurture to murder. Because…the real truth is there are people who simply hate nurturing other people, but they get all hot and excited when killing is on the cards and exploiting at the barrel of a gun or a threatening bailiff’s letter or an immigration raid or ‘God told me so’ or a High Court attack on unions or the constant demonising of single parents or concocting WMD lies are all expressions of the same void where their humanity should be. And our problem is, instead of ensuring these people are not a danger to others and themselves, we let them have power over us, that ought to change.

Now I have to go and practice expressions of gratitude and not disgust in case I receive a gift purchased from the Disney store.


In a new wrinkle instead of breaking, this time the storms just bring my connection speed down to dialup like levels (and intermittent flicking off and on at that). So talk amongst yourselves, as far as today is concerned I give up.

Authentic Journalism

Congratulations to The Unapologetic Mexican (scroll down to donate to his scholarship fund) for his selection to the Narco News School of Authentic Journalism, just looking at the roster of recipients shows a magnificent challenge to the dominant white-male-corporate-media.

They work or hail from 24 countries across the five major continents. They investigate and write news reports, create documentary films and viral videos, and among them are up-and-coming pioneers of Internet journalism. Many of them do that through multiple forms of media. They hush the imposed silences from above and make the voices from below heard. They are aged 18 to 65, from diverse economic, social, political and demographic backgrounds. And each one’s experiences are compelling and unique.

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Quilliam Foundation, No Accounting For Taste

After Craig Murray posted that the Quilliam Foundation had not filed any accounts, the Foundation claimed it had and has sent a lawyer’s letter to Murray threatening libel action. Murray is willing to amend his post if they provide proof of their claim, surely that is the mature free speech way forward rather than legal letters, but the Quilliam Foundation have shown they are less than open-

Craig Murray:- Yesterday afternoon I received an unusual phone call. A man telephoned me and said that he had been following my blog for some time and was most impressed by it, and would like to know how to make a donation. I replied truly that I was extremely grateful, but the website really was just me, and therefore I did not request donations, unless for some specific expense like an election campaign.

You may be surprised to hear that people do not generally phone me up out of the blue and offer cash, so I was a bit suspicious. I did go on and suggest that if he wanted to be helpful he could buy my books, but he lost interest in the conversation very quickly in a manner that just seemed wrong compared to his initial eagerness.

So when I got a letter today from lawyers threatening libel action, I wondered if this was an attempt to get financial information on what funds they might target. So today I phoned him back. He gave his name as Ed, so I asked directly if he was Ed Husain or Ed Jagger of the Quilliam Foundation. At first he replied “I am not Ed Husain”. I had to ask again before he admitted he was indeed Ed Jagger of the Quilliam Foundation.

I put it to him that he had lied when he phoned and said he wanted to make a donation. He said that he just wanted to establish my contact details for the lawyer. I said that if he had asked me openly and honestly, I would have told him. He concluded by saying that any further communication should be through our lawyers (which will be tricky as I can’t afford one: Unlike Jagger I am not funded by taxpayers’ money.)

This is perhaps a symptom of their spooky position, government funding and a role in thought police spying on Muslims war-on-terror™ cash-in bonanza Prevent. It is also an authoritarian and extremist way to operate in the open forum of the blogosphere, which makes a mockery of their professed belief in liberal democracies. If you check them at Companies House you now find that the accounts are showing as filed, or at least the online record says so, given intelligence services reach who knows. It appears what happened was Murray caught them out, they then hurriedly sorted it in some way (without any hint of prosecutions for their lack of records) and now seek to snuff out this piece of history with legal threats.

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Candle In The Wind

It is very apparent there is an underlying intermittent fault on my phone line that after years has never been repaired, so in times of high wind (like now) my connection is tenuous, flickering on and off. Intermittent faults are the most tedious to diagnose and solve thus BT Open Reach are in no rush to even acknowledge it. Anyway that’s why I have no idea if this will even publish or when I can read and blog. That and now reports of inlaws electricity down the road going as this wind keeps up, so, sorry but a privatised telecoms infrastructure means this wee corner of the web is a bit wobbly right now. However in short order-

developing countries lose $160 billion they are owed through tax dodging by huge multinational companies every single year

Govt. funded (and part of the Prevent front for domestic surveillance of Muslims) Quilliam Foundation -illegally- files no tax returns

WooHoo Italy, but note just like the USA senior figures are now immune from prosecution.

And US lawyers are pro money laundering!

Woohoo Argentina, putting former leader Reynaldo Bignone on trial for kidnapping, torture and murder of 56 people at a military base. Yet again Latin America showing the rest of the world some moves we would do well to copy.

Our allies are killing us, gee do you think the Afghan war is perhaps not being portrayed honestly in our media?

Goldman Sachs were offloading their dodgy debt to suckers outside the US for years.

IMF keeps the neoliberal flame burning, this ‘crisis’ which as the above shows was no crisis it was easily foreseen is being used to further the ideology of the elite.

Everyone’s talking to Burma, amazing how a big pipeline puts things in a new light.

And there are short bursts of twittering

PS. and of course fellow ‘domestic extremists’ remember remember the 5th of November! (or as some call it 5/11!)

Carnival of Socialism- Halloween Special!

cshhSoil yourself in abject terror! For while the Godly forces of good, common sense neoliberalism feed public wealth into the hands of kindly capitalists to keep their financial houses going EVIL lefties gather and plot such horrors as -Healthcare, Welfare, Social Justice, Peace and Human Rights. Come with me on a terrifying journey into the heart of darkness of this global conspiracy that threatens bankers’ multi million dollar bonuses, every friendly arms dealer’s priceless collection of snuff porn and threatens the very business of Earth upon which we depend with its dangerous ideas of ecological ‘facts’. And remember if you hear a whisper from behind you of ‘People Not Profits’ run as if your very life depended on it and never, ever look back for no-one can gaze upon the face of Satan and live!

Hark but who is that stumbling through the graveyard, it is Zombie Lenin and rustling through the eaves the wind whispers debates of democratic centralism, Louis Proyect muses about John Molyneux on party democracy, previously Harpymarx had thoughts and discussion. While David Semple gets all Five Point Plan-y. And The Soul of a Man Under Capitalism.

Quick run to the television and turn it off, like Halloween 3 The Season of the Witch or Pulse,there is a dangerous signal coming from it- Equal Rights for Palestinians! Don’t whatever you do visit Jews Sans Frontieres and write a letter in support of The Daily Show!

But be careful that letter doesn’t get into the hands of The Postman (well it terrified me at least), in fact any Posties, male or female may be filthy trade unionists, attempting to serve the public instead of help corporations make greater profits as is our Holy Duty. Socialist Worker went to a depot Socialist Unity had A Striking Postal Worker speak out! A Very Public Sociologist had the Socialist Party’s leaflet- Victory to the Postal Workers!

And then more co-operation, or should we call it what is- conspiracy! Like an invading hive minded alien presence the Green Party and Respect won’t pointlessly fight each other-

…the fact that both Caroline Lucas and Salma Yaqoob have indicated that if both were elected to Parliament they could work closely together was extremely persuasive. Salma’s support for Green candidates in the North West and West Midlands at the recent European elections trumped concerns that others in Respect campaigned against us.

The Green Left welcome it, Oh Noes!!!! Will divide and rule fail to stem this tide? They’ll start admiring human dynamo Evo Morales next and his Ten Commandments (of evil!). And like a Cannibal Holocaust even noble coups are not running to plan anymore but the odd resolution is…odd and *Gulp* lefty subversives are showing the IMF they can run countries better than neoliberals! (But hey Hugo, better to be a character in Michael Moore’s jokes than hang with Ahmadinejad). And here’s Matt Sellwood Green Parliamentary candidate for Hackney North and Stoke Newington further showing how green lefties work (at work)! Quick buy a Hummer now and eat lots of meat before they save the planet from us!

Stei091008What of the Haunted House of Horrors of Afghanistan? Have demons possessed our brave boys™ they admire and agree with war resistor Joe Glenton, it’s a liberal conspiracy!. And like a bad sequel what have we done to Pakistan? Analysis by Muhammad Idrees Ahmad. And Poppies, Third Estate, Harpy, Me.

Luckily our wise leaders have ensured the dangerous masses are correctly labelled, Domestic Extremists and given top assasin propagandist a job protecting the Thick Blue Line.

Now beware a Marxist Zombie, muse on Feminism and Vampires and while Manchester saw off the EDL, Wrexham needs you or canvas for John McDonnell.

And finally beware lefties with allen keys this night…