Doctor Who IS Craig Murray!

David Hare, David Tennant, Craig & Nadira Murray

Well David Tennant is- Saturday 20th BBC Radio 4 Saturday Play- Murder in Samarkand

David Hare’s witty portrait of an unlikely hero, based on the memoir by Craig Murray. Craig is proud to be sent as Ambassador to Uzbekistan, eager to work hard and also eager for fun. The combination takes him on a dangerous course both professionally and personally, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Starring David Tennant as Craig Murray.

Murray has yet to hear the play and joked: “I’m a bit surprised they couldn’t find a better looking actor.” He added: “Obviously I’m delighted David Tennant was me, it’s a tremendous honour in many ways. I’ve been a big Doctor Who fan all my life.” Hare had put a “huge amount of work” into the play, he added. “It is slightly different from the book because he went to Uzbekistan and interviewed people who were present for key events. To go to Tashkent is extraordinary dedication when you think about it. I think the play is positive towards me, but he’s reached that conclusion himself rather than taking my word for it.”

Murray is portrayed as an intelligent but slightly naive diplomat given the ambassador’s job, aged 43, in Uzbekistan, a country ruled then and now by the human rights-ignoring Islam Karimov. The play is set in 2003 when the “war on terror” was at its height and information obtained by the regime’s torturing of Muslim terror suspects was proving useful to the west.

It is the shocking torture and murder of one victim, who was boiled alive while being beaten, that pushes Murray to make a stand. He gives a lecture accusing the Uzbek regime directly.

Recalled to the Foreign Office, Murray is given a dressing down and told that “moral questions aren’t our business”.

The story of Murray’s personal life is told in parallel to the diplomatic one. While still married, he had fallen in love with a lap dancer, Nadira Alieva, whom he wed last year, and who plays several small roles in the radio play, although not herself.

After his sacking by the Foreign Office in 2004 he stood unsuccessfully for parliament in Blackburn against his nemesis, the foreign secretary, Jack Straw. He now campaigns on human rights and African development issues.

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UN & Amnesty International Say Trafigura Toxic Waste Dumping Led To Deaths

So why did the BBC back down? United Nations-

On the basis of the above considerations and taking into account the immediate impact on public health and the proximity of some of the dumping sites to areas where affected populations reside, the Special Rapporteur considers that there seems to be strong prima facie evidence that the reported deaths and adverse health consequences are related to the dumping of the waste from the Probo Koala. Hence, there are sufficient grounds for considering the actions of relevant stakeholders prior to, during and after the dumping from a human rights perspective, in addition to the consideration of relevant standards in relation to the movement of hazardous wastes and marine pollution.

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the adverse effects of the movement and dumping of toxic and dangerous products and wastes on the enjoyment of human rights, Okechukwu Ibeanu Addendum, Mission to Côte d’Ivoire (4 to 8 August 2008) and the Netherlands (26 to 28 November 2008)

Amnesty International-

In August 2006, toxic waste was brought to Abidjan on board the ship Probo Koala, which had been chartered by oil-trading company, Trafigura. This waste was then dumped in various locations around the city, causing a human rights tragedy. More than 100,000 people sought medical attention for a range of health problems and there were 15 reported deaths.

Also note-

An attempt to defraud victims of the Trafigura toxic waste dump disaster out of $45 million must be stopped, Amnesty International said on Friday in an open letter.

An organization known as the National Coordination of Toxic Waste Victims of Côte d’Ivoire (CNVDT-CI) is falsely claiming to represent some 30,000 victims who brought a court case against Trafigura in the UK. The organization has applied for the $45 million compensation owed to the victims to be transferred to its bank account.

CNVDT-CI will today appeal a decision in the Ivorian courts that blocked it from receiving the compensation awarded in the UK settlement.

In an open letter to Côte d’Ivoire’s Minister of Justice, Mamadou Koné, Amnesty International said that there is no evidence that CNVDT-CI represents the 30,000 victims and described it as a “blatant attempt to perpetrate fraud”.

“This is a barefaced attempt to steal from the victims of this toxic waste scandal,” said Widney Brown, Senior Director, International Law and Policy at Amnesty International. “These people have suffered enough and the Cote d’Ivoire authorities must ensure that justice is done so that the claimants receive the money that is owed to them.”

The $45 million is currently subject to a freezing order and the victims have yet to receive their money.

Ht2 Richard Wilson who also found-

according to CNN, the often-cited “20 experts” who concluded that Trafigura’s waste “did not harm anyone” were not independent – they had all been hired by the company.

Pass it around, they can’t silence all media.

PS. Note especially in the UN report the health effects and deaths as a human rights issue, so when our politicians, particularly Tories and corporations propose repealing the Human Rights Act and tabloids cite ludicrous stories one of the real reasons is to strip victims of such abuses of any protection or redress.

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Early Pilot For BBC’s Treatment Of The BNP

Under Mark Thompson (now there’s a mental image to run screaming from), BBC history repeats itself, first as satire then as policy. Hmmmmm.

Meanwhile, oh no, more leaks than a sieve and while this is a bit underhand… I mean really if you are ashamed of being a hateful nazi then…d’you think that might be telling you something? I would recommend this for the reality of what the BNP contributes to (the BBC giveth and it taketh away).

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ID Yachts

On the BBC story-Will you sign up for a new ID card? the comments are mostly- No! But one stands out for it’s elegance-

I have nothing to hide so why would I not want to have an ID card.

Now as spEak You’re bRanes makes clear the HYS threads are notoriously fuckwit rich but I’d like to think this was some neat conceptual wit at play.

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BBC Report Of Craig Murray’s Evidence

Link or below, will be interesting to hear Craig’s account and hopefully some youtube will emerge.
Read the rest of this entry »

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Make The BBC Call Torture Torture

In this article –CIA ‘amnesty’ dismays campaigners– the BBC adopt various euphemism for torture, they do not call it torture. I would ask you to complain via this online form and request they use the correct language. This is what I wrote:-
Re: CIA ‘amnesty’ dismays campaigners
In this article the reporter chooses not to refer to the techniques used as torture. This is not balance, by any objective assessment of the techniques and by the legal definition as well as basic dictionary definitions the techniques were torture. To not call it that is to be biased towards the Whitehouse’s preferred language. The practices were torture, only the administration’s lawyers and officials argue they are not and as this news is worldwide the opinion of a small number of people from one country -people who were intimately involved in the process and therefore have an incentive to obscure the facts through misuse of language-  should not dictate the BBC’s terminology. Any euphemisms should be put in quotes, the BBC’s language should reflect the legal and universal definitions of torture, therefore the BBC should call it torture. A failure to do so is to propagate a corrupt linguistic meme that has political objectives.

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BBC Threaten Police PR Flacks Jobs

When many important questions remain unresolved about Hillsborough, the BBC offer-

Ninety-six people died in the Hillsborough stadium disaster in 1989, and Liverpool fan David Gillooley believes he would have been among them if not for one woman – police officer Fiona Nichol.

Now tell me that wasn’t set up by the police public relations office with a pliable BBC hack looking for an angle that isn’t too controversial. The police will wonder what they pay their flacks for. Meanwhile HarpyMarx

And now Maria Eagle, junior justice minister, has said that South Yorkshire police should ‘come clean’ about what she described as a “conspiracy to cover up” the force’s culpability for the Hillsborough disaster, in which 96 Liverpool supporters died at an FA Cup semi-final, 20 years ago this week.

Margaret Aspinall, of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, said this was still “a big issue” for the families. “It is quite obvious the police wanted to cover up and accuse everybody else. If they gave us the whole truth now, and are accountable for what they did, it might alleviate some of the pain and hurt we have gone through for 20 years.”
I think the quote from Phil Scraton below in the introduction to his excellent book, Hillsborough, can equally be applied to any death(s) at the hands of the state:

It is a story of those in authority seek to cover their tracks to avoid blame and responsibility. It is a story of how the ‘law’ fails to provide appropriate means of discovery and redress for those who suffer through institutionalised neglect and personal negligence. It is a story of how ordinary people can be subjected to the insensitivity and hostility of agencies which place their professional priorities ahead of the personal needs and collective rights of the bereaved and survivors. (Hillsborough – Phil Scraton, 1999)

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