Two Pints Of Lager & Some Eco-Socialism With Human Rights Please

Ok, not actually my polling station  but the one in the village next along, does this increase turnout? And will booze enhance the Left’s chances, hmmm. Anyways, my 14 year old niece asked ‘is that where poll dances go on?’ Has neoliberal enabled/feminism subverting raunch culture destroyed political awareness in the young…Discuss. So it was fortuitous that my plans meant we then proceeded to my polling station where I took her in to show her the exciting wonders of voting (turnout was ‘ok’ according to the poll people), then told her why it was important (one day we might get a government that works for us not the ruling class, one day, but we have to do more than vote for that. Why did she have to be 18  to vote she asked, I said they don’t think teenagers should be represented even though at 16 you can go and die for some politician’s ambitions. Lowering it to 16 seemed to be our preferred option. Why did we go into a a little hide/booth? So the vote is secret and we cannot be intimidated, at least in that moment we can’t. Then I told her that the result was not going to be good,  Dave’s an aristocrat, we’ll never get a living wage under him as she related how she was paid four-ish quid -inc. tips- an hour for casual waitressing work, I got £1.85 and hour in my first factory job, back when £1.85 really meant something… ah the 80’s, hmmm).

Plaid just phoned, that’s showing some moxy, yes they could rely on my support in this election, Good Luck. (They did answer 100% on Stop The War’s survey).

Meanwhile Andy Worthington let me know he has put together a list of 149 MPs who supported human rights in the last year and he noted 2% of Tories supported the EDMs, 26% of Labour MPs and 70% of Lib Dems. So click the link (I will repeat the list at the bottom of this post too). Also today on his blog he is having a fund-raising special- a supporter has pledged to match all donations to support his work over the next 48 hours. So really now is the absolutely best time to chuck him some cash, go to his blog and click the paypal button and know your  money for his essential work will magically be doubled.

Andy Worthington:- For anyone wondering how to vote in the General Election today, who may have noticed the resounding silence on the election trail regarding Britain’s commitment to human rights since the 9/11 attacks, I’ve compiled the following list of 149 MPs (out of 650 in total), who have signed up to two important Early Day Motions in the last 12 months.

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Vote To Deny A Working Tory Majority

It’s rearguard action time and at best all we get is the lesser of neoliberal evil but as Greece is showing corporate capital plans to attack and refusing to go quietly might mitigate their ambitions. Tory target seats, Grauniad Tactical voting guide, if you are in one, vote for the appropriate party to deny a Conservative victory (if your conscience allows). If the price of the war crimes engaged in by New Labour is a Tory government then to be honest we still get off a fuck of a lot lighter than around 1.2 to 1.5 million Iraqis and Afghans, so y’know have some perspective in your wailing and gnashing of teeth, because whoever wins welfare & healthcare will continue to be privatised & the ‘clients’ treated appallingly and migrants will still be imprisoned without trial. Torture will continue to practised and covered up, global capital will still be genuflected to and my brother will still be shipping out for Afghanistan this weekend.