The Met Police Are Protecting A Killer They Know The Name Of

I wonder…if Officer E, the killer of Blair Peach, is named and if god forbid some member of the public foolishly follows the incitement by the right wing media (who never fail to side with the police oh the irony) to take an eye for an eye and enacts vigilante justice on the officer then the police can write a report about it, sit on that for 31 years and then release it but refuse to name or prosecute the murderer. Seems barbaric and wrong doesn’t it?

Also see Harpy– the illegal weapons, the Nazi regalia and the Police commander reiterating that police are allowed to murder people in a riot.

One Response to “The Met Police Are Protecting A Killer They Know The Name Of”

  1. RickB Says:

    The six officers were Alan Murray—now a lecturer in corporate social responsibility at Sheffield University—Anthony Richardson, Raymond White, Michael Freestone, James Scottow and Anthony Lake.

    In case it isn’t clear, treating them how they treated Peach is wrong, they should be tried in open court.

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