Dawkins & Hitchens Copy Me

Arrest The Pope, well Game On. While I said it on the 10th March better late than never eh fellas? However I would like for this considered attempt to not become a divisive Dawkos & Hitchites vs. Teh Religious, this is not simply religion that has enabled the paedophile mafia, it is Conservatism, the most potent and dangerous mix of ideologies has been the Right & God (whatever the flavour). That it found its ultimate expression in the abuse of the most defenceless children is entirely in keeping with that mix, it is predation, privilege & greed. The Vatican privileges its priests above the rights of the laity, using god as the cover for rigid hierarchies, since the inception of the church  figures within it warned about this and the abuse of those under the church’s power. This is not news or a surprise and when it is presented as such that indicates immediately the dishonesty and bad faith being engaged in by the leadership. This arrest idea might fall to just being a gimmick, the law is not applied to the elite, but it should be a serious change in the institutional position of religion, the god trump card should not be used to create an exceptional para legal world where rights are dependent on what some man (and it is usually a man) says god told him was right.

And if they do get the Pope, then let’s make Blair the next target, deal? Take it away Beau Bo D’or

6 Responses to “Dawkins & Hitchens Copy Me”

  1. libhomo Says:

    I always like Richard Dawkins.

  2. RickB Says:

    But not even a hat tip from him, tsk tsk!

  3. otto Says:

    Oooooh, you little trendsetter you!

    (I was sitting here trying to work out how to use Billy Bragg’s “dedicated swallower of fascism” line in a cute and elegant way….but i gave up)

  4. RickB Says:

    Well, sincerest form of flattery I suppose…
    Looks like Benny will be the last to know no one respects him anymore, I’d be worried if I was him, if the Vatican establishment reckon him not being pope anymore will rescue them, he might well be safer in a jail cell.
    Nice Bragg!

  5. Jotman Says:

    Good call Rick.

    Do you think the visit will still happen? I imagine if it did go ahead, protests and bad press would be the most significant thing about the visit.

    Furthermore, at the rate new scandals — or new aspects of a larger conspiracy — are being uncovered, the Pope’s image and reputation will, by September, likely be even more tarnished than it is today.

    • RickB Says:

      I can only imagine them cancelling if evidence of a direct link between Ratzinger and an abuser or even a victim is found and proved (but I expect the shredding and burning of paper trails has now been done). Their move to make public the new advice to report to authorities is of course full of loopholes and not even a rule, it is a guideline, but it shows they are a bit rattled though not about to admit this is long term institutional problem. They think they can ride this out, depending on what evidence becomes public, they might be right, media moves on, only courts will pursue over years the necessary actions, the Vatican seeks to present each case as an individual ‘mistake’ or ‘failure’ and not to be linked to any fundamental problem with the Church, they are at pains to avoid patterns being seen and structural reasons being revealed, if they can maintain that lie to enough people of importance they will get away again. I think they are so arrogant they think visits help them, the Vatican is like a millennial old rock band, they will not stop playing their greatest hits even if the fanbase is old and a bit mad by now, plus our establishment have the same attitude as the Vatican (and any ruling class) what happens to the ‘little people’ may be of regret but no reason to think of oneself as a bad person and certainly no reason to start applying the law for the rabble to the great and the good.
      So, failing new more serious scandal the visit will happen and they don’t care about bad press, they answer to a higher authority in their minds. For everyday catholics though I think many are distraught at being associated with what the Vatican does, there is an answer to that, disassociate, form a new catholic group away from the control freak conservatives and treat excommunication as a badge of honour. After all the Vatican for legal reasons claim bishops etc are not employees, yet they have authority over them, they want power but not responsibility.

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