People Worth Voting For: Derek Wall

“British politics has hit an all time low in the eyes of the public.  And for good reason. Our politicians betrayed us by uncritically following America into illegal wars, causing untold pain and suffering to families here and abroad.  They sat idly by as the banks recklessly gambled billions on the financial markets, creating the conditions for the current recession.  Too many have become tainted and discredited by sleaze and expenses abuse.

We need politicians who put the common good before themselves and their party.  Derek Wall is such a person.  He has a passionate commitment to social justice, both here and abroad. He has a long record of campaigning for a cleaner, healthier and balanced environment.

I am proud to support him and I urge you to do likewise.It’s no good just complaining about our current crop of MP’s.  It’s time to change them!Please give Derek Wall your full support and help elect an MP you could feel proud of.” – Salma Yaqoob, Respect Party leader and Birmingham Councillor.

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6 Responses to “People Worth Voting For: Derek Wall”

  1. Mike Says:

    Sorry, I’ve given up on the concept of a ‘common good’. These days I just see a very selfish and self-delusional species who simply extrapolate their own good and label it the ‘common good’.

    It’s no good just complaining about our current crop of MP’s. It’s time to change them!

    I agree with the first sentence, but not the second.

    Changing politicians will change next to nothing except the terminology the next set of abusers use to justify their personal tyranny of egotism.

    Stop waiting for someone else (especially ‘leaders’) to supply ‘The Answer’ and create your own answer to your own problems and get on with living as best you can.

    Having annoyed all the lefties I’m off back to my misanthropic individualism – Max Stirner lives!

  2. RickB Says:

    I see it as better MP’s make changing the system feasible, you change the system in order to create better conditions for survival, govt is not going away and if it did corporations and backwater would run our cities, so make it as less authoritarian as possible and progressive as possible, the default setting of power is for it to reside wholly in the ruling class, and to be honest I can serfdom round the corner at this rate, if we can avoid that then at least our own answers have a chance to exist.

  3. Derek Wall Says:

    thanks for this, just got an endorsement from Wicklow councillor Pat Kavanagh which also means a lot to me.

    and if you are interested in ‘common’ take a look at Elinor Ostrom whose work is great…bit more useful than super Max.

  4. RickB Says:

    Good luck Derek, as endorsements go I can’t guarantee it mine means much to the voters of Windsor, but I’d certainly be very happy to see you in Westminster. I wish I had such a good choice in my constituency!

  5. Derek Wall Says:

    Thanks for your encouragement and as soon as the election is over I will get back to politics…Hugo Blanco is over in september and getting his tour together will involve a lot of energy on my part.

  6. RickB Says:

    ‘as the election is over I will get back to politics’ as sure a description of the next four weeks as any!

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