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  1. libhomo Says:

    Without any specific knowledge, it would seem likely that Labor would lose the seat to the Welsh party.

    It makes me wonder if there will be a “hung parliament.” (funny term) I also wonder why it’s such a big deal in the UK if no one party gets a majority. Coalition governments are perfectly normal in most parliamentary democracies.

  2. RickB Says:

    Given the -lack of- options I am thinking a lib-lab coalition will be the least evil result, and with good individual MP’s winning to sway parliament into a less awful mess.

    And yes, the hung parliament gags will never get old!

  3. earwicga Says:

    I’d rather see a coalition between Labour and SNP/Plaid. I think the single worst result would be an outright win for any party (but especially the tories).

  4. RickB Says:

    Yeah, that would have legs too, the main thing is- no tories, and some coalition that stops NL getting away with murder, there is no good result, all are neoliberal shills, some are worse than that (tory bigots) a hung environment where individual actual left wing and progressive MP’s gain some power.
    I hope Plaid’s progressives get wise to the conservatives lurking under the cover of nationalism too!

  5. dasrot Says:

    Watch as the bullshit hits hyperdrive. The next four weeks are going to be…………..hell.

  6. libhomo Says:

    dasrot: It could be worse. Here in the US, our presidential contests are like that, and they last two years.

  7. RickB Says:

    I think I would have to leave if this lasted two years, this year so far and now this coming four weeks is easily enough.

  8. otto Says:

    from where i’m sitting, it matters little who wins. What u got there Rick?

    1) A bunch of liars right of centre

    2) A bunch of liars a bit further right than the other right of centre guys

    3) A bunch of centrists (a mix of well meaners and liars) that given a bit of power with ally themselves to one of the bunch of rightist liars.

    4) Screaming Lord Sutch.

    Only point 4) will change the UK’s foreign policy.

    • RickB Says:

      Especially because 4) is dead! It’s all an exercise in balancing lesser evilism so is very hard to get excited about, I keep coming back to the poison metaphor, we are just uncertain which chalice the poison will be served to us in, our votes can change the vessel but not the content appreciably. Comes to something when the supposed Labour party is saying ‘cuts deeper than Thatcher’, LibDems Clegg thinks unions are as evil as Goldman Sachs and yes will ally themselves with whichever bunch wins and Tories, who look more like a Public School reunion disco than ever. A hung that excludes tories is the least worst result probably. <which is really not saying much.
      Oh yeah and Labour rammed through the digi bill the same week they announce the election as if to emphasise the contempt they have for public opinion and their confidence corporate media will cover their back. And whoever wins, Mandelson & Blair will still be getting rich as fuck (and Mandelson has said he will work with Tories, he knows how to play the field).

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