Go on, press the button, it’s easy. You’ve been trained in such a way that makes it very easy, that directs your libido into desiring the kill, to ‘Get Some’. And don’t worry, the acculturation in the Homeland is such that whatever you do you will be the Good Guy. And thus the cycle continues, mass murderers become respected and get the next bit of mass murder going. The counter narrative is already launched, that’s if it is even still on the news agenda and anyway they are censoring it for the sensitive folks back home. What then of the other side, when they’ve mown down your friends, family, given themselves medals and treat you like shit, gonna do something? You’ll have to realise that your act won’t reach the people in the Homeland, they won’t understand you as a human being who made a stand, who couldn’t take anymore who couldn’t live with the anger, grief and the need stop the pain in your head, you’ll be an insurgent, a terrorist, a fundamentalist. Heroes use $16 million gunships (that’s a stimulus to the economy, saving jobs, providing careers in science, engineering and psychology), when you improvise whatever you can get your hands on, that’s terrorism. And that act will stiffen the resolve of the righteous forces of freedom, they are protecting the folks back home from your violence. They’ll be parades for them, at your funeral a drone will Hellfire all your friends and family, I mean who else would go to the funeral of a terrorist than other terrorists? Get Some. And best of all, best of all even the caring sharing reasonable liberal journalists will deny the holocaust of deaths (especially the half a million starved children even before the WMD lies did their work), Lancet & Orb are verboten, because the Good Guys don’t do that even as they wring their hands. So war has not changed, it is series of unfolding atrocities and people who want a nice life will not get in too much of the way of that, it’s just not polite. Do your duty, don’t think too hard, value nice things that a nice salary will buy you and one day maybe when you hear rotors overhead, hope that your gang, your tribe are in the cockpit, so don’t go to protests, don’t pray to the wrong god, don’t resist an occupation that murders and tortures your friends and family. When they say they are Good Guys believe them and serve them, whatever they do to you, maybe they foreclose your home, or bulldoze your home, deny you medicine in a letter or at a checkpoint, because that’s freedom. Find the most powerful gang and join it and hope your life is not at the other end of a button push.


Standing at the window
A farmer’s wife in Oxford shire
Glances at the clock; it’s nearly time for tea
She doesn’t see
The phantom in the hedgerow dip its wings
Doesn’t hear the engine sing
But in the cockpit’s techno glow
Behind the Ray Ban shine
The kid from Cleveland
In the comfort of routine
Scans his dials and smiles
Secure in the beauty of military life
There is no right or wrong
Only tin cans and cordite and white cliffs
And blue skies and flight flight flight
The beauty of military life
No questions only orders and flight, only flight
What a beautiful sight in his wild blue dream
The eternal child leafs through his war magazine
And his kind Uncle Sam feeds ten trillion in change
Into the total entertainment combat video game
And up here in the stands
The fans are going wild
The cheerleaders flip
When you wiggle your hip
And we all like the bit when you take
The jeans from the refrigerator and
Then the bad guy gets hit
And were you struck by the satisfying way
The swimsuit sticks to her skin
Like BB gun days
When knives pierce autumn leaves
But that’s okay see the children bleed
It’ll look great on the TV
And in Tripoli another ordinary wife
Stares at the dripping her old man hadn’t
Time to fix
Too busy mixing politics and rhythm
In the street below

27 Responses to “Easy”

  1. Mike Says:

    Just how fucked up is it possible for the human species to get?

    Isn’t the Collateral Murder video just a source of inspiration and joy about human nature?

    There’s no wonder I’m so misanthropic. I can’t think of anything that is worth saying about the whole shitty state of affairs.

  2. otto Says:

    I watched it last night. Is that a camera with a zoom lens or a mobile rocket launcher? Fuck it….let’s go with the rocket launcher!

    The kids get riddled with 30mm cannon shot, but it’s the dead’s fault cos they shouldn’t bring children onto a battleground, ya knowz.

    I’m all out of words for these fuckers. All out. That’s what they wanted, isn’t it?

  3. Mike Says:

    And the ‘hostile intent’ isn’t just for military murderers. Civilian murderers excel at using it too:


  4. RickB Says:

    When I watched it last night there were children in the other room so had to be reminded to moderate my exclamations. On the RPG stuff, they basically know the right stuff to say on the comms to get clearance to fire, to satisfy ROE, they had a hard-on to Get Some. If it weren’t for the Reuters journos this would not even be being seen, so just ask yourselves how many other ‘dozen insurgents killed in Iraq’ were the same set up. Wikileaks also have an Afghan vid to come. Love the defenders of the massacre popping up all over, in case people still need an answer to dumb questions like ‘How do war crimes happen, how did Hitler’ etc. Finding Amused to Death a perfect soundtrack tonight.

    • Mike Says:

      I also wonder how many times ‘clearance to fire’ has actually being denied, and if the person giving permission has access to real time video feeds from the choppers?

      • RickB Says:

        My understanding is when you have pilots they trust them to view the scene and ask for permission (if ROE require it). I’m sure clearance is denied at times but as this shows the criteria are not what we would recognise as making any sense, plus with keywords, forces know they can get permission. Much is a judgement call, judge, jury and executioner.

  5. dasrot Says:

    Excellent post. I’m disturbed that the military are focusing in on the initial engagement. What was the most disturbing for me about the whole disgraceful incident, was when they opened fire on the Iraqis trying to help a wounded man and get him to hospital. That is the most flagrant abuse of human rights I have ever witnessed and any attempt to downplay this by the US military only underlines their utter contempt for human life.

  6. RickB Says:

    I suppose really contempt for human life is an occupational requirement.

  7. JP Says:

    This incident, like others, will be explained by the use of terms like, “a few bad apples”, “heat of battle”, “faulty intelligence”, “unfortunate decision”, “aberration”, “atypical incident”, “isolated error in judgement”……….all worn out cliche’s that will be trotted out and extracted from a PR playbook. No matter what the spin, the only one I find the least bit credible is “faulty intelligence”, a derivative of “military intelligence”, the ultimate oxymoron that is the singular driving force of US Foreign Policy. The masses will be appeased and the storm will pass.

    • RickB Says:

      Hey JP, nice to see you,
      Yes, already those plays are out in the media, this is where it all closes ranks and so called liberal papers such as the NYT show that when it comes to matters pertaining to imperialism they have one line, we are fundamentally good and at worst this is mistake or , yes -a bad apple- a tweet from Maddow showed she knew of it but did not indicate she would definitely cover it but it is definitely not the lead (also she is pretty conservative on ‘national security’) yes, the storm will pass and even now those cross hairs are on some other target about to get the clearance to fire. But if it passes with no struggle maybe one day those crosshairs will be on a domestic protest.

      • JP Says:

        The repetition of the scenes and neverending atrocities does get old. When I try to guess “What will be next?” I ask myself, “What would Charles Manson do!?” and the correlation to what the US and their lackeys do is frighteningly high.

        • RickB Says:

          As The Corporation book/film found if such an organisation was a person they would be diagnosed as a psychopath and the same for realpolitik ‘national security’ and foreign policy (when Robin Cook here tried his ethical foreign policy he was attacked from all parties). As with the UK when you are an empire it is a daily necessity to commit atrocities to maintain control/capital, not that post imperial is any paragon of virtue (that lackey role) but at least the possibilities open up a bit, no empire can afford to be moral or treat subjects as human with inviolable rights. What still sticks with me from that video is how easy it was made to wipe out a dozen humans by the technology and training, and it will get easier while at the same time incentives will increase (competition for resources ect). Another clip I almost used was-

          But now we got weapons
          Of the chemical dust
          If fire them we’re forced to
          Then fire them we must
          One push of the button
          And a shot the world wide
          And you never ask questions
          When God’s on your side.

          In a many dark hour
          I’ve been thinkin’ about this
          That Jesus Christ
          Was betrayed by a kiss
          But I can’t think for you
          You’ll have to decide
          Whether Judas Iscariot
          Had God on his side.

          So now as I’m leavin’
          I’m weary as Hell
          The confusion I’m feelin’
          Ain’t no tongue can tell
          The words fill my head
          And fall to the floor
          If God’s on our side
          He’ll stop the next war.

  8. otto Says:


    the 1st commenter at the New Yorker article makes interesting observations too:

    “…It may be useful to note that this video is not from a helicopter but most likely from a fixed-wing AC-130 which fires from the left side. That’s why it constantly circles, why the gunners discuss the “azimuth limit” which automatically prevents the gun from shooting the wings as the plane banks, and why the victims seem to pay no attention to the aircraft. The significance is that the aircraft was much further away than a helicopter might have been. The men on the ground probably only saw planes up in the sky over Baghdad with no clue that they were in the crosshairs. Also, some have speculated that the gunner and pilots must have seen with their own eyes a much clearer view of the men and their cameras and guns but in fact they were probably seeing only the same b&w image that we are. This was more of a sniper attack from the air than an “engagement.”…”

    • RickB Says:

      Dunno about that, wikileaks say it was from Apache’s, will wait to see if that is a contention, given the totality of that comment it could be seen as concern trolling that sows FUD.

    • ralfast Says:

      I doubt it’s a AC-130, the firing pattern doesn’t fit, but does fit the 30mm chain gun on the Apache. A AC-130 plasters an area with tens of thousands of rounds of 25mm Gatling gun fire plus 105mm howitzer shells. If one of those actually fired on them, they would not be anything remotely resembling a vehicle or bodies.

      The IHADSS system, which is a dual system mounted on the nose and linked directly to a monocle (one of the first so called helmet-mounted-sights) on the left side of the helmet feeds the image superimposed over the eye also serves as the main targeting/recording system. That would allow the Apache to “orbit” (circle the target) without having to point the nose to the target as the gun moves in it’s pivot/mounting pointing to where ever the gunner (or pilot, but the gunner sitting in front usually controls it) is looking at.

      The thing about the Apache is that the Army record (I’ll have to dig them out but I’m sure that there is a PDF somewhere on the net) about Operation Just Cause (which was nothing of the sort btw, just slapping down another rabid dog that bit his master) that the Apache was too powerful for urban warfare and thus exacerbated the possibility of collateral damage. Which makes sense since the Apache was designed to destroy Soviet T-72s in the Fulda Gap.

      • ralfast Says:

        Plus the callsigns are U.S. Army, the Army likes to name all their helicopters after Indian tribes (yes, the irony), so Crazy Horse must be the Apache, Bushmaster probably refers to the Bradley (Bushmaster being the primary weapon of the M2 IFV) and Hotel is probably short for H as in HQ.

        • RickB Says:

          Thanks Rafael for the clarification and details, also the finding the Apache was ‘too powerful for urban warfare’ to me I think there is a racist element to this, very little respect for the occupied Iraqis so ignoring such findings and such loose ROE are in part down to the attitude of supremacy of occupiers lives over the people they ‘liberate’. Now individuals can reject that and try to not act in such ways, but the command and culture I think enforced the attitude, from the White House on down. Imperialism and liberation propaganda do imply a helpless humanity that need to be saved and shown the proper way to be by the kindly strong and righteous empire.

  9. GDAEman Says:

    Yes, “how many other ‘dozen insurgents killed in Iraq’ were the same set up”? Countless.

    • RickB Says:

      Certainly countless if mainstream media have their way, they won’t touch Lancet/Hopkins or the Orb surveys with a barge pole and with in-bedding reporters, sorry embedding, the drive to be independent is blunted.

  10. otto Says:

    It’s not just the title. It’s the way FNM cover the song ironically that keeps me thinking about it.

  11. RickB Says:

    Before Is saw it was ‘Easy’ I though you might be posting ‘We Care A Lot’, like the soundtrack to a gallows musical, could be ‘UnEasy’.

    • otto Says:

      then there’s Stripsearch….

      Digging the Grave…


      Everything’s Ruined……

      (i could continue)

  12. otto Says:

    Malcolm McLaren.

    Oh jeez, this one hits hard. So sad.

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