Stop The Wash Up Of The Internet

I have written to my MP previously about it, now this is down to the wire to stop them using the non-democratic wash up procedure to allow Mandelson to push through the record and film corporations internet abusing laws (email is better than twitter, faxes better than email, letters better than faxes, personal interaction better than phone calls…bribery better than all that, and thus we get to the motivation behind the bill! I don’t think this ‘e-activism’ can change the underlying drives but if it becomes a media embarrassment that might pause the procedure in this pre-election period)-

We have just one day before Parliament returns, Brown calls an election, and Mandelson’s underlings try to ram the Digital Economy Bill through Parliament without debate and scrutiny.

You can take action today:

You can – in about a minute – send tweets to the Ministers, Shadow Ministers, and find a link to your local MP and candidates, if they are on Twitter.

You can also find links to 38 Degrees MP email page.

Please take action today: this is nearly the last moment. We need to put on as much pressure as possible.

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