Makes Fools Of Us All

An April Fool’s really needs a veneer of possibility, of plausibility. Who is going to believe that a violent act caught on video tape and seen by multiple witnesses, many of them police officers, that led to a man’s death and that the perpetrator is known… Who is going to believe that an entire year after that killing absolutely no charges whatsoever have been brought before a court of law. I mean really what kind of immature prank minded joker is going to bother to create an April Fool’s when reality trumps any such malarkey hands down, even a day earlier a trial without a jury found another police officer not guilty of assault, the message being sent is loud and clear- Just when you though video cameras might constrain state violence we are telling you NO, perpetrators shall go free you unwashed serfs. The Establishment and its agents shall not be constrained by the laws we inflict on those beneath us (again with the photography), after all when the cuts come (and they will, one party or another or another) we shall need every weapon available to subdue the population and defend our privilege. Welcome to the Authoritarian End Stage of Neoliberalism you credulous chumps!

Actually one great prank has been perpetrated upon us, Democracy, enjoy that election ‘consensus‘ fans.

6 Responses to “Makes Fools Of Us All”

  1. libhomo Says:

    This sounds like Bloomberg’s NYC.

    • RickB Says:

      Which is roundly reported as a splendid utopia by our mediarati, they do love a billionaire who ‘cleans up the streets’.

      • libhomo Says:

        And, the crime stats are largely fake. They are based on crime reports. I know from person experience how difficult it is to get the NYPD to file a crime report.

        • RickB Says:

          Hope your crime experience was not too bad.

          Wait til they make 911 a premium rate number needing a credit card.

  2. Jotman Says:

    Still no charges?!

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