The Re-Activation, Return & Relocation of The Mask of Anarchy!

After a fallow period The Mask of Anarchy blog, formerly of blogspot has returned, but like a Time Lord or franchise reboot it has changed, it has moved! The Mask is now calling WordPress its home (and to reassure his readers, yes already he is laying into Mad Mel P.), so amend your records, put on your link clicking shoes and head over to-

Welcome back!


4 Responses to “The Re-Activation, Return & Relocation of The Mask of Anarchy!”

  1. krova Says:

    Thanks! Now, let’s see if I can keep this up a bit longer than my last attempt at poking a stick at the wing-nut brigade…..bring it on….you too Phillips.

  2. RickB Says:

    Fixed, I suspect with elections looming you won’t be short of outrages for the short term at least.

  3. krova Says:

    It will be outrage a go-go, no doubt.

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