Consistent On Torture

For a government that uses and covers up torture it is only to be expected they also enable it around the world and despises its survivors. We cannot change this until the situation is honestly admitted, we are still far from that thanks to govt. & media efforts to hide and excuse human rights abuse based in racism, profit and…vanity. The essential role of a nationalist or tribal vanity that somehow we are exceptional or better than others makes the true picture of our actions both too unsettling for many to bear and also inspires denial rather than engagement.

Torture survivors seeking sanctuary in Britain are being wrongly held in government detention centres, despite independent medical evidence supporting claims of brutal violence against them in their home countries.

According to Home Office guidelines, in cases where there is evidence that a person seeking asylum has been tortured they should be detained only in “exceptional circumstances”. But medical charities that carry out hundreds of independent assessments of torture survivors every year have accused the government of routinely ignoring their reports, with victims held in detention centres until their asylum claims are heard – and, in almost every case, rejected.

Sonya Sceats, a spokeswoman for one charity that carries out medical assessments for the government, told the Observer: “It’s very clear there is a systemic and increasing problem here. The corollary of their dismissal of independent medical evidence is that the protection [asylum] claim is invariably rejected and this means a survivor of torture is at risk of being returned to further torture or at risk of detention.”


12 Responses to “Consistent On Torture”

  1. earwicga Says:

    Did you also see Diane Abbott’s article today?

  2. earwicga Says:

    A ha! Nice to know somebody reads earwicga 🙂

  3. jim Says:

    Dianne Abbott: criticises private education for years then has a change of heart and uses it to the sum of at least 10k per year. Us peasants will have to make do with a lesser service whilst the new rich make merry. Not fooling me.

  4. RickB Says:

    She is right on Yarl’s Wood, her conduct as an MP & media figure is a different matter and I am not generally a fan of hers.

  5. jim Says:

    Fair enough!

  6. earwicga Says:

    jim – you’re back! Where’ve you been, I missed you 😉

    • jim Says:

      Yes, thanks for that. I’ve got a bit frustrated with the political process (or lack of it) lately so I thought I’d cool off a bit. I’ve done a bit of veg planting and a little metal detecting on the beaches but more important than anything i’ve said is that tonight Newport County have been promoted from the blue square south to the blue square premier (old conference) as most of us know it. All the best to everyone.

  7. libhomo Says:

    Isn’t one of the reasons that the US and UK governments resist asylum is that they are colluding with the torturers?

  8. RickB Says:

    Yes, allowing asylum gives people more visible safe harbour from the torturers who are at times working as outsourced contractors for our govts. The UKBA are notorious for declaring countries as safe when they are not just as rendered people were placed in countries the govts pretend don’t use torture and that wasn’t the reason for placing them there. It’s also a very obvious real manifestation of the evils of govts foreign polices, they tell their domestic audience how great they are while acting as criminals overseas, when people come from there they are witness to the realpolitik brutality of how the great & good really operate.

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