Arrest The Pope

The Pope has direct legal and moral culpability in the covering up, enabling and facilitating of the rape and abuse of thousands of children. Below is a small taste (I would recommend also reading Colm O’Gorman’s Beyond Belief)

Added to the now usual platitudes condemning individual acts of child rape and abuse as “heinous crimes” and expressing the hurt and shock of the Pope upon hearing of such crimes, we are now told that the ‘failures’ are the result of governance issues in the Irish national church.

This is a blatant deceit.

Right across the global church, the only governance structure is one of individual dioceses reporting directly to the Vatican. Failures in governance within the Roman Catholic Church are Vatican failures, not those of any illusory ‘national governance structure’.

The Vatican has fought to ensure it remains unaccountable for the cover up of clerical crimes. If it admits responsibility then it exposes itself to potentially massive financial losses should any court hold it to account for its negligence and inaction.

Globally many thousands of cases have now emerged. In Ireland, the United States and Australia, there is compelling evidence of a cover up which saw offending clerics moved from parish to unsuspecting parish where they devastated countless lives, families and communities as Rome watched from a distance and failed to intervene to protect children despite its moral obligation to do so and clear responsibility as the ultimate governors of this global church.

Even today, after all that has been exposed by those of us who have stood up and spoken out about our experiences of brutalisation, first at the hands of clerical sex offenders and then at the hands of a legalistic, uncaring and punitive hierarchy, the Vatican continues to refuse to act to properly protect children.

As new scandals erupt in Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Nigeria, Pope Benedict has failed to put in place and enforce mandatory global child protection policy across his church.

I recently asked a senior church figure why this was the case. The answer was depressingly familiar. I was told that to put in place global policy underpinned by church law would admit that the Vatican had the responsibility and the power to do so, and expose the Vatican to law suits and potentially massive financial losses for not doing so in the past.

So there you have it. To this very day it would appear the Vatican values its money and its position more than it values the safety of children.

Further to this Ratzinger was Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (formally known as the inquisition) this body was tasked, even before he had full executive control by becoming Pope, of dealing with reports of abuse, and the movement of predatory pedophiles to new parishes rather than report the crimes to local police authorities. Joseph Ratzinger is the leader of a right-wing cabal of religious zealots who control the catholic church, he was instrumental in oppressing liberation theology. Pope Benedict XVI should be arrested for his controlling role in running an international paedophile ring. Nothing else will change this, even now church leaders are telling catholics that they would be anti-christian if they do not donate money to pay off damages from the church’s role in child abuse. The history of the Vatican is full of the most atrocious abuses of power under the guise of godliness, why people think something has stopped when in fact no checks or balances or basic democratic accountability exist within the catholic church is testament to the both the power of religious institutions and the need for metaphysical comfort it exploits in people. Catholics of good conscience should split from the Vatican and help with legal challenges which through court action will bankrupt and destroy this rotten to the core theocracy, which is a far more civilised tactic than the ones the Vatican pursues against adult survivors and children currently being abused. This is not some anti-catholic agenda as the hierarchy wish to spin it as in the media, it is an anti child abuse and corruption agenda. The Vatican has had multiple chances over many years to show it is changing how it operates, it has not, instead it continues to protect its wealth above the human rights of catholics. It is a rotten state and should be consigned to history.

NB. I was brought up in a catholic family, I was sent to a christian brother school, I was hit but no one tried to rape me, I am an atheist although I quite like ‘apostate’ or ‘heretic’ if some fundie Vatican fan wants to call me it.


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  1. libhomo Says:

    The Vatican, was created as the result of a dirty deal between a Pope and Mussolini. They got their toy state, and the fascist got their support for his dictatorship.

  2. ralfast Says:

    I grew up Catholic and not once was I exposed to this debauchery. I drifted from the Church and now I’m glad I’m staying away.

    Yes, agnosticism feels fine to me.

    • RickB Says:

      Yes, churches look far better from a distance! Well it appears in fact that both of us were to some extent lucky.

  3. ralfast Says:

    Of course the path wasn’t an easy one. It started when I first heard of the Crusades. Something just didn’t add up, the words that came from the local priest mouth sounded hallow and distant. Then I experienced a brief Evangelical/Dominionist phase were in I convinced myself the End of the World was Nigh.

    After that I started to shed the old skin year by year. I’m fascinated by religion, from a anthropological/historical/cultural perspective, but my faith, if any, is my own, and I don’t need some Pope, Mullah or Televangelist to tell me what or how to believe.

    • ralfast Says:

      Plus, all that fire and brimstone bullshit simply doesn’t make sense to me, especially when priest and preachers spend their time diddling kids, hating on the other and sponsoring wars of conquest.

      • RickB Says:

        It just doesn’t add up at all, I think human need for the metaphysical plus the authority of churches and schools is what got it past the obvious flaws. Also ruling classes like peasants who are taught not to question so the church became a favoured educator, a perfect marriage of capital that wants submissive workers and an institution that needs unquestioning drones to retain authority and status.

  4. earwicga Says:

    Did you see this (as also tweeted by Colm O’Gorman:

    “Sex abuse scandals in the Roman Catholic Church are proof that that “the Devil is at work inside the Vatican”, according to the Holy See’s chief exorcist.”

    Nothing to do with the Pope. Nothing to see here etc. etc.

    • RickB Says:

      No, Holy fucksticks of lemon cheese! Wow they really are throwing everything out there and hoping some of it sticks to the excuse wall of getting away with it. Maybe they can televise a live exorcism of Pope Benny to raise funds for all the damages they should be paying-
      Day 5 in the Big Father House and Benny is still vomiting green flem and saying ‘your mother cooks socks in Hell’ but who will be voted out as the worst exorcist this Friday? Vote now, all calls cost $100.

    • ralfast Says:

      When in doubt blame the Devil.

    • libhomo Says:

      I’m amazed they would use such astonishingly stupid spin. The Protestants have been saying just that for centuries.

      Who could have infiltrated the Vatican? Whoooooo could it pooooossssibly be? I don’t know….


      Well, isn’t that EXTRA special!

      (Sorry, couldn’t resist throwing in a bit of The Church Lady.)

  5. earwicga Says:

    Yeah – didn’t you know the Pope is a trans man?

  6. RickB Says:

    So, who’s the father? Or is it going to be another ‘it was the holy ghost’ scams?

  7. earwicga Says:

    Roman Polanski.

  8. RickB Says:

    So not Rosemary’s Baby?

  9. earwicga Says:

    Certainly not. I’m talking about real life here, not some silly make believe film.

  10. RickB Says:

    Like that documentary ‘The Exorcist’.

  11. earwicga Says:

    Yes, exactly. I’m glad I have found somebody who understands ‘the truth’.

  12. ralfast Says:

    You went there and back again, then took another drive around the block for good measure!


  13. earwicga Says:

    Libhomo – I didn’t think there was any truth to the claim that celibacy is connected to pedophilia. I would be interested if you know of anything that proves this link.

    I see this claim, as I do the claim that it is the devil in the Vatican to blame as completely disingenuous at best. It is downright disgusting. The Catholic church from the Vatican down has refused to accept that they have deliberately put paedophiles in children’s lives. This isn’t just a historical fact but it continues today and children all over the world daily are at risk from Catholic sanctioned rape.

    RickB mentions Colm O’Gorman’s Beyond Belief, which is an excellent book and clearly sets out how culpability can be clearly placed on the current Pope and the Papacy for many many years. (without permisson being sought) I would like to quote a section from it here:

    And so it went on in case after case. Documented in the [Ferns] report’s pages are horror stories involving the rape and abuse of over one hundred children, and these reflect only the victims who came forward. Each case is a tragedy, a shattered life and a testimony to lies and evasion at the highest levels of the Holy Roman Apostolic Catholic Church.

    We didn’t stand a chance; that we would be raped and abused was inevitable. The Catholic Church knowingly send paedophiles into our churches, our schools, our hospitals, our youth clubs, our communities and even our homes. They sent them with knowledge of the crimes they had committed against other children. And when they abused again they covered it up, denied all knowledge of the abuse, and when they had to, moved them on to new parishes and fresh victims.

    They had the authority of two thousand yars of dogma behind them, the might of the most powerful religious institution on earth. They had their own laws that were written to ensure they were never in the wrong, laws that made a lie the truth and the truth a lie, laws that silenced and intimidated victims and their families. And if that wasn’t enough they had civil lawyers to help them elude responsibility.

    For years, bishops, cardinals and even the Pope made statements suggesting that they didn’t fully appreciate the scale of the problem of clerical sexual abuse. They told us that they’d failed to recognise the nature and seriousness of the crime, seeing it more as a moral issue, a failing on the part of the individual priest. As the scandals erupted in Ireland, bishops told us that they couldn’t speak as one Church, that each was essentially the master of his diocese and reported directly to Rome, with no awareness of what was happening in other dioceses. The Ferns Report exposed those protestations and mealy-mouthed excuses as lies.

    The report also revealed that in 1986, the Archbishop of Dublin, Kevin McNamara, had consulted lawyers to discover what legal liability the Archdiocese might have in cases where its priests has sexually abused children. This was eight years before the first case from that diocese became public knowledge.

    His lawyers advised the Archbishop that if a priest was returned to ministry after receiving some kind of treatment and went on to abuse again, the Church could face legal and financial liabilities. He was also told that a bishop had a duty in law to withdraw a priest from ministry if an investigation established that there was a basis for a complaint.

    The result of this advice was the Archbishop of Dublin took out an insurance policy against legal action. NO ACTION WAS TAKEN TO PROTECT CHILDREN. Additionally, most other dioceses in Ireland had taken out the same insurance, making a lie to the assertion that bishops ‘couldn’t speak as one Church’ and attesting to the fact that money is king in the Catholic Church, and children are not worth protecting.

    There is no excuse that can be given for this. There is no excuse that can be given for the deliberate continuation of these actions worldwide by the Pope.

    • libhomo Says:

      Male celibacy is one of those cultural myths that just refuses to die. It’s as fantasical as unicorns. (The surveys to the contrary are just examples of men lying about sex.)

      The policy of “celibacy” is a policy of lying about sex. That would be dangerous enough. But, it gets worse. The child rapists are given the opportunity to use extortion against the other priests who are having sex with adults in order to receive protection.

      Also, when people believe in the supernatural myth of a celibate priesthood, they are less likely to suspect that priests are pedophiles. It provides an excellent cover. It also has gotten a lot of people to let down their guards.

      • earwicga Says:

        I’m just reading about this in a book by Thomas Doyle and the history of the ‘enforcement’ of celibacy is amazing. There has never been celibacy! Yes there is blackmail (and always has been) and yes it does provide an excellent cover.

        But, celibacy doesn’t cause a priest to sexually abuse a child and neither does it cause the cover-up of sexual abuse and the other practices the Vatican et al engage in to let abusers continue for decades.

        I seriously object to the discussion about the culpability of the CC in their actions being hijacked by discussions on celibacy, and was livid when I listened to Woman’s Hour this morning when they did exactly this. It totally takes the focus off what is the most important issue – the CC from the Pope downwards have and still are actively engaged in allowing clerical sexual abuse.

        • RickB Says:

          Celibacy doesn’t because there is no celibacy, so indeed a red herring. Any discussion that is around that is immediately a total waste of time and a propaganda exercise by apologists.

        • libhomo Says:

          I disagree with your claim that the ideology of “celibacy” doesn’t cause the cover up. It plays a key role in it. Acknowledging this in no way is an effort to downplay the culpability of an institution that really should be put out of business. It’s an effort to get at how the system is set up that perpetuates the abuse.

          Having experienced physical and emotional abuse as a child, I have no sympathy for the abusers and the enablers. After all, every member of the Roman Catholic clergy has the option to leave the church and get a real job.

      • RickB Says:

        I see it as a PR measure that also acts in the ways you detail, creates a climate of control by hierarchies and the predators. This is not a mistake, this must be a desired end state, therefore the Vatican is a mafia for sexual predators.

  14. earwicga Says:

    More here from Colm O’Gorman on the culpability of the Pope:

  15. RickB Says:

    Also in both Beyond Belief and elsewhere you can find that figures in the catholic church have warned of the dangers of paedophilia by priests since its inception so the Vatican acting all surprised is pretty rich given they have documents dating from over a millennium ago that the unique way the church operates holds great danger in terms of child abuse.

    I think the celibacy thing is it gives them cover, ie, no sex here so of course your kids can stay the night, it doesn’t cause it, it acts as PR to suppose priests provide a safe haven. Figures in the church who think it is a cause just shows how wilfully ignorant they wish to remain on the issue of rape culture and paedophilia.

  16. RickB Says:

    The Times go further with their headline-
    Pope knew priest was paedophile but allowed him to continue with ministry

    • earwicga Says:

      There doesn’t seem to be any direct evidence to prove the headline though, yet…

      • RickB Says:

        But that the Times felt confident to go with that headline is significant. (obviously we know Benny knows and covers up abuse but saying that by the media is so far something that is shied away from)

  17. RickB Says:

    Unlikely unless a whistleblower emerges, so far underlings have been persuaded to fall on their sword when necessary, this a millennia old institution and city state that thinks it is god’s posse. The best might be circumstantial evidence, it is simply not credible Benny had no role in abuse policy and executive decisions throughout his career.

  18. otto Says:

    FWIW, yesterdsay the odds on the Pope resigning by July 14th dropped from 12/1 to 3/1 (and yeah, you can actually bet money on this)

    There have been several papal resignations/abdications over history, but only two (C13th and C!5th, i forget the names) are recognized as undoubted. You’re getting this background mainly cos he whole scandal is getting acres of coverage on this continent, firstly cos this is bigtime Catholic region and secondly cos there are some serious contenders for the job from here (incl the Chile dude, the Honduras dude and perhaps the argentina dude who’s too controversial to get the job). There’s even serious talk of the Catholic church splitting down progressive/trad lines (cleavage point being allowing sexual relationships with opposite sex partners). I know it might sound fuddyduddy in 2010, but that would rock da world bigtime round this way.

  19. RickB Says:

    I think a split is necessary as I doubt the conservative mob in Vatican City will put their hands up saying- Yeah, ok you got us, we ran a paedophile mafia.

    Even with strong direct evidence in Germany (and I suspect shredding machines are currently operating at full pelt) I cannot see this Pope giving up his power. And now it’s gone down to 3/1, hardly even worth a flutter dammit! What might swing it is the financial case, if they see ruin in the immediate future then a PR campaign presenting a new pope as the all new Vatican might be mooted. But I would think the right wing establishment in Rome will not take kindly to a progressive pope even now. But they are rattled, even at this early stage they are down to arguing it’s satan and a conspiracy to destroy the church, which sounds like a guilty side step if ever I heard one.

    • earwicga Says:

      The financial case is the only case that has ever been seen by the Vatican and the Papacy.

      • otto Says:

        and let’s face it, they’re not short of a bob or two

        • earwicga Says:

          You wouldn’t adam and eve it, but they are pleading poverty:

          Quinn, the Dublin think-tank director, noted that a few Irish dioceses are openly warning that they’re struggling to pay bills stemming from abuse claims. In the southeast diocese of Kells, the archbishop’s house has had to be remortgaged.

          “The church is asset-rich but cash-poor,” Quinn said, noting that it’s the biggest property owner in Ireland but has comparatively little cash in the bank. He said the Vatican, too, has less money on tap than resides in the endowment fund of a typical top-tier U.S. university.

    • libhomo Says:

      A lot of RCC schools in the US are closing. Financial settlements for past victims are forcing the church to stop subsidizing them. This means less child molestation immediately and weakens the church in the future.

      • earwicga Says:

        But with the drop in numbers of clerics I would have thought there are virtually no clerical staff now in schools, so not sure if it makes any difference in the rates of clerical sexual abuse. But sure does weaken the Church in the future!

        • libhomo Says:

          Priests still have access to children in RCC schools. The fewer children in those schools, the less molestation.

          You are absolutely correct in noting that this will hurt the RCC in the long run, though.

  20. otto Says:

    They can sell some shit, they’ve got loads of cool old books in that there library down under Popey’s main office. I’ve seen that Tom Hanks down there so it must be true.

    Imagine turning up at Antiques Roadshow with a 8th century hand copied monastery bible, all gilt leaf and superduper… in a Tesco’s bag. Poor buggers would spontaneously combust in excitement.

    Cheap as chips!

  21. wyamarus Says:

    As an old and dear pagan friend said to me some 30 years ago regarding a then (presumably) isolated case of clerical diddling in the local Catholic parish… “Unnatural Lives – Unnatural Desires…”.

    • RickB Says:

      In that scenario I wonder is it a chicken/egg thing also?

    • earwicga Says:

      “clerical diddling” is a stupid phrase for what is sexual abuse. And there are a lot of people who are celibate who they don’t cover up child sexual abuse, or commit it. Complete red herring.

      • wyamarus Says:

        Not my choice of phrase, either, but what the local police and diocese came up with after consulting with each other on how to handle the public outrage. The guilty party disappeared to another (undisclosed) parish, and the victim(s) were encouraged to keep quiet about it after having been instructed how damaging any further action would be destructive to “The Faith”and “The Church”. Celibacy may not be at cause for people becoming child molesters, but I do think that the combination of (publicly presumed) celibacy, sexual repression, and the sexually homogeneous living arrangements, along with the common attitude of pre-adolescents not having sexual identities or feelings often manifests in perverse ways.

  22. earwicga Says:

    libhomo –

    I disagree with your claim that the ideology of “celibacy” doesn’t cause the cover up. It plays a key role in it. Acknowledging this in no way is an effort to downplay the culpability of an institution that really should be put out of business. It’s an effort to get at how the system is set up that perpetuates the abuse.

    Can you spell this out to me as I just don’t get where you are coming from on this and as I have written above, I don’t see a connection between celibacy and the deliberate cover up of clerical sexual abuse of children.

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