BNP Continue To Be Not At All Racist

A new piece of tat is added to their awful online souvenir shop-

(from Lancaster Unity) Queen Elizabeth I’s Blackamoore Expulsion Order It is not widely known that between 1596 and 1601, Queen Elizabeth I ordered the expulsion of all non-indigenous Third World people, whom she called “blackamoores” from Britain. Now, for the first time ever, Excalibur is proud to exclusively offer reproductions of the original expulsion orders…Both original handwritten orders have been reproduced in full on fine quality thick paper, suitable for framing or display.

Hmm, now why would a totally not-at-all-racist party be selling that so proudly?????

3 Responses to “BNP Continue To Be Not At All Racist”

  1. libhomo Says:

    The BNP and our teabaggers are difficult to tell apart.

  2. RickB Says:

    And we now have our own teabaggers

    Hannan will probably invite Beck to speak at a Tory conference at this rate.

  3. otto Says:

    The teabaggers are the absolute guarantee that GOP doesn’t make power in 2012. So bring ’em on, let ’em make all the noise they like and The Hawaiian gets the second mandate (which ain’t that great, just least worst).

    US citizens are really really crap at protest marches (Allez France for that). The US has become so supine that they’ve forgotten how to make an effective point and those that run the shop just let them makes the leetle leetle squeaks like wot they do. Then continue to take their money. The end.

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