Irene Khan on Gita Sahgal

An important post @ Earwicga, Irene Khan was on Woman’s Hour and inevitably was asked about Gita Sahgal and Amnesty, despite Sahgal saying she has been bringing up these issues internally at Amnesty repeatedly (although she changes these details from interview to interview) Khan says-

I hired Gita and she worked with me for six years. While I was there those concerns did not come to light.  She didn’t ever express them to me so I can’t comment on her specific case or what’s happened since I left.

It is also worth noting Khan is hated by the decent/neocon axis, those same people (pro-war and to varying degrees soft on torture, pro torture and who for a while have viewed Moazzam Begg as a prime target) who are taking full advantage of Sahgal’s campaign to attack Amnesty by ‘supporting’ her, support she does not disassociate herself from.

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