Spoilt Cowardly Bigots

Professional footballers have refused to appear in a campaign video against homophobia because they fear being ridiculed for taking a stand against one of the sport’s most stubborn taboos,The Independent has learnt. Both players and agents declined a request by the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) to take part in a video which was to use high- profile players as figureheads in the association’s drive against anti-gay prejudice.

6 Responses to “Spoilt Cowardly Bigots”

  1. libhomo Says:

    Us Americans tend to think that soccer is boring, not hateful.

    • RickB Says:

      Football/soccer is both! The big change was when it became financialised, players and clubs no longer were connected to the fans or the society that was changing. As remote as corporations and just as uninterested in anything but profit.

      • jim Says:

        You are watching the wrong level of football. Welsh league football is sometimes excellent to watch. Clubs such as Caernarfon Town, Bangor City, Caersws et al the standard is good. My team, Newport County in blue square south is top of the table. Long may they remain.

  2. Bina Says:

    The other kind of football also has homophobia coming out the ears:


    Which is why it’s amazing how many of these macho-men frequent gay bars in their off hours. Without any of their teammates, it goes without saying.

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